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Despite its dramatic-sounding name, blood electrification is completely non-invasive, simple and painless method to use. Furthermore, similar methods have a long history of use in traditional healing practices, believe it or not. Some call these devices 'zappers', and they attach to the wrist, where two electrodes are placed on the skin on the pulse points. A low-current of electricity passes through the wrist from one electrode to the other, affecting the blood vein under the skin.

Human blood is not sterile, even in healthy people, as was believed in the past but many types of pathogens live in the blood, inside human blood cells, and also spread to other parts of the body through blood. At least most, if not all, of these pathogens are single-celled organisms (prokaryotic cells), which don't have a protective enzyme shield that more evolved (eukaryotic) cells, such as the human cells, have.

"White cells (leukolytes) kill bacteria and pathogenic fungi by electrocuting them. Discovered by Jacques Schrenzel and Kalr Heinz Krause, Geneva University Hospital, Switzerland, this defense mechanism is triggered as soon as receptors of the white cell detect the microbe's presence. [...] Ejected out of the white cell [an] electronic flux is focused toward the bacteria with oxygen molecules and the microbe dies."
- September 1998, 'Science & Vie' magazine, Issue #972, p. 44, as translated in the Beck Protocol Handbook

Many pathogenic organisms inside human beings are distinctly different from the healthy organisms which exist as part of the human body's vital functioning and in symbiosis with it. Pathogenic organisms, including cancer cells, bacteria, fungi, viruses, worms, ticks, and cell-wall deficient bacteria. All of these thrive in stagnant environments where there is little oxygen and a lot of sugar, where it is damp and warm, where the UV light of the sun can't reach - and something that the pathogen can attach itself to, like mucus, will help. On the other hand, if there are plenty of fluids in the body that stay in movement and transport oxygen into all the tissues, the healthy cells thrive and the pathogens find it difficult to survive. There are exceptions to this rule, like the healthy bacteria, which are needed in specific parts of the human body only, notably in the colon and the intestines. These also have no place in the human blood, however.

By cleaning the blood of pathogenic organisms through blood electrification the immune system is strengthened and able to attend to other problems in the body.

There is an appropriate metaphor for this process, involving a stagnant pond of water. A fish living in this pond is feeling unwell and not very healthy, as the water is full of toxins and lacks oxygen for it to breathe. But once the pond is cleaned up and the water becomes clean and healthy, the fish can start rejuvenating as its body cleanses itself of the toxins with the clean water that has good levels of oxygen. It quickly begins to recover and now swims around happily, feeling energetic.

Our blood can be likened to the stagnant pond, as it's overloaded with toxins, pathogenic organisms and low in oxygen. Nutrients may be lacking too, and dehydration and lack of movement prevent them, as well as hormones, from getting into the cells. Once the body's cells and organs are 'bathed' in clean, oxygenated blood, they can begin to function optimally again. And as the immune system has less pathogens to fight, it's not overburdened anymore and can do its job better.

My personal experience with blood electrification has been an extremely positive one. First, back in 2007, my boyfriend and I just attached 3x 9-volt batteries together, used crocodile clips to attach wires to each end, exposed the metal in the other end of each wire by peeling of the plastic coating, and covered the exposed metal ends in 100% cotton thread. Then we taped those to the two pulse-points on the wrist and let the electricity from the batteries run through. It worked to eliminate both of our colds from then on and we haven't been ill since, apart from swine flu, which took a little longer for me to eliminate. Even then, the blood electrification enabled the fever to go away very quickly, even though the vicious cough took a lot longer to stop.

Dr. Robert Beck (Bob Beck), who invented this non-invasive form of blood electrification, based his invention on the earlier research by Steven Kaali and William Lyman at the Albert Einstein School of Medicine. (See U.S. patent no. 5,188,738 by Kaali et al., 1993) These earlier experiments involved taking blood out of the patient's veins before treating it with electricity and putting it back again.

"A new alternating current process and system for treatment of blood and/or other body fluids and/or synthetic fluids from a donor to a recipient [...] using novel electrically conductive treatment vessels for treating blood [...] with electric field forces of appropriate electric field strength to provide electric current flow through the blood or other body fluids at a magnitude that is biologically compatible but is sufficient to render the bacteria, virus, parasites and/or fungus ineffective to infect or affect normally healthy cells while maintaining the biological usefulness of the blood or other fluids."
- Extract from the above patent

Dr. Robert (Bob) Beck's invention was a more sophisticated device than the my boyfriend and I built first (as described above), notably because it constantly reversed polarity. Bob Beck suggested in his lectures that this was safer for human cells. I'm unaware whether the device we used first was safe or not but it did eliminate colds. We have now bought the proper Bob Beck device from Sota Instruments in Canada (they call it the 'Silver Pulser' because it can also make ionic silver). The schematics for making your own device can be downloaded at

Because blood electrification is a direct method of disabling pathogens, it is more effective than methods focusing on strengthening the immune system alone. Most bacteria (although possibly not intracellular bacteria) which have become resistant to antibiotics can be disabled with blood electrification. Furthermore, blood electrification doesn't have a harmful influence on the beneficial bacteria in the gut, as antibiotics and other antibacterials taken by mouth do, so the body's defences against pathogens remain at full strength.

Blood electrification is not able to kill pathogens, such as candida albicans (yeast) overgrowth in the gut but it can help eliminate much, if not all, of the yeast overgrowth that has spread to the other parts of the body - as candida has a tendency to do when it overgrows.

For dysbiosis of the gut (a.k.a. pathogen overload in the intestines and the colon) the usual natural health route of taking probiotics in the form of supplements and natural foods, such as kefir, should be followed. Antiparasitic natural herbs, foods and supplements may be needed as well for candida and other parasites hiding in the gut, such as worms, etc.

Blood electrification is a very powerful method and there are some important instructions to follow, primarily to do with ensuring that the body doesn't get overburdened with detoxifying the dead pathogens. In the beginning the blood electrification device should only be used for brief intervals, e.g. 15 minutes per day. If you feel fine, you can then gradually increase the duration. In addition, it is very important to drink quite large amounts of water while on this protocol (I drink 3-4 pints of water during a 2h session). You will likely know if you electrified your blood for too long or didn't drink enough water because you will get detoxification symptoms. In my case I start feeling very cold despite wearing many layers of warm clothes and get cold-like symptoms if I try to do too much too quickly and/or if I don't drink enough water. You might also get a full-blown cold with fever that can last for a day or two. But these problems can usually be avoided by following the guidance here.

Note also that you should not do blood electrification while there are any potentially toxic substances in your blood, such as alcohol, nicotine, medications, drugs, laxatives, supplements, etc., because it is possible that the effect of any substances in the blood become magnified and increased due to electroporation. Therefore there is a possibility of an overdose from even low dosages. It is unclear whether this effect can take place at such low levels of electricity but it may do and Bob Beck suggested in his lectures that he had seen it happen.

Warnings: Some people's bodies can be very toxic and too fast detoxification can be dangerous. There is not enough research on blood electrification in relation to specific health problems, presumably because no-one wants to fund such research since there is no profit in it (because the devices can be built cheaply and last a lifetime). Because there is not enough research, most doctors are unlikely to know about it and cannot recommend it to their patients. So I advice you to be careful, especially if you have any underlying conditions. Detoxification can be dangerous for asthmatics, for example, because the possible cleansing reactions include worse-than-usual asthma attacks. Sometimes you can be cleansing and feel well day after day and then suddenly a cleansing reaction appears. So do discuss detoxification methods, your specific health conditions and blood electrification with your doctor, even though the chances are that they will not embrace this method. Unfortunately due to lack of research and limited personal experience I also cannot guarantee the safety of this method. I wrote this article for informational purposes only and I recommend that you research the method carefully yourself and make your own mind about whether it might be safe enough to try or not. Having said that, I personally believe that when done correctly and with care the method is safer than antibiotics for most people.

The reported benefits of blood electrification include the elimination of all most bacteria, viruses and fungi in the blood, and the elimination of related symptoms and reversal of related conditions. The Bob Beck website has testimonials related to brain conditions, depression, ear conditions, energy problems, fatigue, headaches, hearing problems, insect bites, jaw problems, joint conditions, Lyme's disease, memory problems, mental function, pain and parasites. The Beck Protocol Handbook, which is available to download on the above website and is a brilliant source of information on all aspects of blood electrification, suggests that the treatment of the following conditions may greatly benefit from blood electrification: HIV, cancer, Alzheimer's, ulcers, heart disease, autoimmune disorders, irritable bowel syndrome, obsessive compulsive disorder, schizophrenia, multiple sclerosis, etc.

Don't be put off by the fact that Bob Beck looks quite unhealthy in photographs. He was a scientist and didn't lead a particularly healthy life. Before he began blood electrification he was reportedly in a wheelchair due to obesity, but after using the Bob Beck Protocol, which he developed, on himself he lost a lot of weight and got much healthier.

Dr. Robert Beck's schematics on how to build your own blood electrifier, go to > Build Your Own Units (pdf).

For a reliable distributor of ready-built blood electrification units ('Silver Pulser'), go to: Sota Instruments. The cost is currently $280. Their reseller in the UK is Cytodoc.

To see further, supportive natural health remedies and methods for the conditions discussed here, see the Natural Health Remedy Library A-Z.

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