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The Food Matters documentary is highly inspiring watching, and a must-see for anyone interested in health. Some of the highlights of the film are summarized below, but a short-summary will not do justice to the inspiring words spoken by the doctors, nutritionists, and health educators heard directly.

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Orthomolecular medicine, megavitamin therapy, cardiovascular disease, cancer, depression, and problems with mainstream medicine stand out as some of the key topics in this documentary, and the experts featured include: Dr. Victor Zeines, Charlotte Gerson, Phillip Day, David Wolfe and Andrew W Saul.

Food matters can be viewed on 'Food Matters TV', together with many other documentaries, and the trailer is available to watch here: Raw Food Documentaries. The directors are James Colquhoun and Laurentine ten Bosch.


Dr. Victor Zeines, Holistic Dentist and a Nutritionist:

  • How much nutritional value can you get from a food that is at least five days old?
  • You're getting maybe 40% of the nutrients that you need from food if you're lucky.
  • Soils have become new deserts.
  • Even if you lightly steam your food, you will lose enzymes.
  • Think of it as chronic malnutrition. You're not supposed to be tired in the afternoon, you're supposed to be alive and vibrant.
  • Mercury (amalgam) fillings are toxic but dentists are not legally meant to tell that to the patients.

Charlotte Gerson, Founder of the Gerson Institute:

  • One of the major problems is what we do to the soil, the air, and the water and everything we take in our food.
  • Fertilizers are made mainly of NPK (nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium).
  • But the soil requires approximately 52 different minerals. Where are the rest?
  • Deficient soils result in weak plants and then the bugs attack.
  • Even commercial vegetarian food is deficient, toxic food. So we can't help but be deficient and toxic.
  • You cannot heal selectively. If you're truly healed, everything heals.
  • Max Gerson: It is the doctor's duty to activate and reactivate the body's healing mechanism.
  • When you stop putting toxins into the body, they start to come out. Get the toxins out of the tissues and get the nutrients in.
  • If you only change your diet to the point of eating all organic, you are releasing all these poisons, they go into the blood stream and into the liver, and unless you help the liver get rid of it you can cause new damage. It's a mistake, it's half a therapy. The other half of the therapy is: detoxify.
  • We have to get the toxins out to even allow the nutrients to get into the tissues. You can't get two things into one space.
  • A normal, healthy body cannot and will not develop cancer or any other chronic diseases.

Prof. Ian Brighthope, Professor of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine:

  • The soils used, nutrients are drawn out of the soils, and the soils are becoming the new deserts.
  • We need to look at our systems of agriculture and how we are producing food.
  • Raw food should be a part of everybody's diet because of the enzymes.
  • You have the correct the nutritional deficiency from past days also, not only from today.
  • You cannot punish your cells without having to pay for it, sooner or later.
  • 26% of patients who are discharged from hospitals are more malnourished than when they went in. And the reason they go in in 80-90% of cases is related to poor nutrition.
  • Dr. Linus Pauling first suggested that vitamin C could be effective against the common cold. He was a colleague of Albert Einstein (and had 48 PhDs and won two Nobel Prizes), but the problem was that he was getting into the field of clinical medicine without the qualification.
  • Psychological treatments are important but you can't get anywhere with a patient who's got psychiatric and psychological symptomatology if their brain is hungry, starved or poisoned.
  • He has used up to 200,000 mg of Vitamin C intravenously doses per 24-hours on people with no adverse side effects apart from thirst and feeling a little bit 'woozy' in the head.

Phillip Day, an Investigative Journalist and Author:

  • When you cook food, the immune system reacts to it
  • Digestive leukocytosis = white blood cell activity against the cooked food you're eating.
  • The cooking process harms the food.
  • Your body's immune system gets activated from eating cooked food.
  • When you're stressed out, your body is making adrenalin, which is breaking vitamin C. This causes a vulnerability to your cardiovascular system, because of lack of vitamin C.
  • Drugs are necessary, for example, for pain-relief, but more is not necessarily better.
  • I think we can have an ethical drug industry. But we have to start sharpening up the divide between the regulators and the people making the drugs. It's an absolute shambles right now.
  • School shootings in the USA: in most cases the shooter was either on or withdrawing from psychiatric medications.
  • The big mistake is that the cancer industry is continuing to see the tumour as the cancer. But the tumour is not the cancer because they grow back after cutting out the cancer. The reason they grow back is that you have not corrected the underlying metabolic process.
  • If you want to give someone cancer, give them chemotherapy.
  • If you are alive for five years after chemotherapy, they count you as a survivor in the statistics, even if you die the sixth year. Less than 30% of the people really survive chemotherapy.

David Wolfe:

  • Dr. Paul Kouchakoff's research: Diet of more than 51% of cooked food causes a response by the body's immune system.
  • If 51% of every meal is raw you won't get a white blood cell reaction, i.e. your immune system won't be activated with a false alarm.
  • 50% of protein is destroyed when you cook food.
  • Raw protein is liquefied easily, thus digested easily. E.g. spirulina juice gets absorbed straight into the blood.
  • Steak is difficult to liquefy, and thus difficult to digest.
  • Antioxidants are important.
  • Our values are confused, we would rather spend money on a house and a car than feeding ourselves and our children high quality food.
  • Get toxins out through your bowels as quickly as possible: colonics, enemas, herbs that help to move things out.
  • Upon rising, drink lots of water: drink 1-2 litres, before you have any food, coffee, tea, etc. This will help things flow out.
  • Once people know what the solution is, they will act on it. [Spread information!]

Dr. Dan Rogers, Medical Doctor and Naturopathic Doctor:

  • Medicine is good at dealing with acute diseases but drugs don't treat chronic disease, which is a huge problem with today's people.
  • He saw multiple sclerosis, arthritis, lupus, cancer and other dramatic problems disappear.
  • Cardiovascular disease is reversible.
  • Drugs are good for a short-term, life saving intervention.

Andrew W Saul, PhD, Therapeutic Nutrition Specialist and Author:

  • Most people don't know how important vitamins really are.
  • There is no evidence that vitamins are bad for you.
  • The very thing that can help people is being presented as dangerous.
  • There's an assumption that vitamins should be regulated like medicine.
  • The pioneers of using high doses of vitamin C: William J McCormick and Fred R. Klenner, who were curing viral diseases with vitamin C in the 1940s.
  • Vitamin E: fights heart disease, helps heal burns, helps reduce epileptic seizures in teenagers.
  • Vitamin C: Anti-toxin, anti-histamine, anti-viral, helps regulate blood sugar, elevates moods in depressed people.
  • The reason that one vitamin can cure so many illnesses is because a deficiency of one vitamin can cause many illnesses.
  • There are ambiguous results for nutrient research, because many researchers use very low dosages for their studies.
  • Dr. Dean Ornish: Vegetarian, plant-based, high-fibre diet, high on vitamins and nutrients (grown on organic ground) and stress reduction arrests or reverses cardiovascular disease within a year or two.
  • The cause of cardiovascular disease is a failure to take vitamins and a failure to eat right.
  • Even people with advanced cardiovascular disease, when they start taking the nutrients and they change their diet, can reverse the disease without surgery.
  • 106,000 people die yearly in the USA of normal, expected side-effects of pharmaceutical drugs. These are drugs that were properly prescribed, taken according to instructions and not overdoses.
  • In the last 65-75 years of medical literature there are thousands of papers showing that high doses of nutrients cure disease. Some of these papers you don't get to read because they were published in journals that, say, the United States' National Library of Medicine refuses to index. There are medical journals out there that are basically blacklisted.
  • The Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine - last 41 years - 100s of papers - is not indexed.
  • If everyone ate organic, unprocessed food we would probably have an epidemic of health. But the stock market would also tremble. What would happen if everyone was well? There is no money in health.
  • Bill Williams, the founder of the Alcoholics Anonymous, found that [high doses of?] niacin helped for depression and alcoholism. He wanted niacin to be a part of the AA recommendation for alcoholics but by then the AA had already been infiltrated by the medical profession and they rejected it. And to this day they don't recommend vitamin therapy.
  • Niacin: e.g. of a suicidally depressed person. She was advised to take 3,000mg of niacin per day or as much as was needed. She got up to 11,500 mg of niacin per day and the depression disappeared. When she stopped taking niacin the depression came back.
  • Reference: Dr. Hoffer's work with niacin.
  • Large quantities of fresh vegetable juices and organic foods help to reverse cancer: Gerson Nutritional Therapy. Gerson had about 50% cure rate with terminally ill patients, extremely high. With malignant melanoma the Gerson cure rate was spectacular.
  • [The mainstream] cancer research and treatment have been restricted to drugs, surgery, and radiation.
  • Colon cancer is a very serious disease but 100% preventable by having a high-fibre diet and avoiding things that we know aggravate cancer, such as certain additives, food preservatives, environmental chemicals, etc.
  • Vitamin C intravenously show wonderful, uplifting results for cancer patients. There is no damage to healthy cells and people don't lose their hair as with chemo.
  • Why doesn't my doctor know about it? Why is it not in television? Why is it not taught in medical school? The pharmaceutical companies are not going to advocate vitamins, the government doesn't know anything that isn't told by the pharmaceutical companies and other lobbies and the people don't know because they had an education that never had the word 'orthomolecular' in it.
  • High doses of vitamins have been heavily tested, you can find support in literature.
  • There are two divergent fields of medicine doing research: Orthomolecular Medicine and mainstream medicine.
  • If everyone demands nutritional therapy it will become mainstream.
  • People need education, not medication.
  • Even the medical schools that offer nutrition, do not offer megadose nutrition.
  • There is no magic bullet, there is no monotherapy to cure cancer or heart disease, but there is a lifestyle change that prevents, arrests and reverses serious chronic disease.

Jerome Burne, Medical Journalist and Author:

  • Most of the medical journals are supported by drug company advertising.
  • The idea that all drugs are based on evidence and all of the non-drug treatments are a mixture of hope, delusion and placebo effect doesn't stand up to examination.
  • Medicine no longer has a lock on all the information, the internet has changed that.

Facts from the Visuals:

  • It's illegal in most countries to treat cancer with nutrition. The only legal treatments in these countries are surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy.

To ensure complete information, please watch the full documentary. A trailer is available here.

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