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To aid my at-home healing journey I saw different holistic practitioners during my road to health and wanted to compare different approaches, so as to build a more comprehensive understanding of the health challenges I was experiencing. So far I have visited a live blood analyst, a hair mineral analyst, and a traditional Chinese doctor.

I will write a comparative analysis here before, comparing also the costs, which can be quite high, especially when including the price of supplements. I am hoping, however, that some of the findings I am reporting here can be useful so that people can benefit from the wisdom of these practitioners for free, if they cannot afford to visit a holistic health practitioner. On the other hand, a comparison of these different approaches will hopefully help some people to choose better which approach they prefer, demystifying these professions a little bit.

Detailed Account of My Experience with Holistic Practitioners

I did this plan by Dr. McCombs based on his book and free email consultation:

Dr. Jeffrey McCombs: Lifeforce Plan (Anti-Candida Diet). This explanation is more brief than the other articles since I didn't yet have this website then.

First ever holistic health practitioner I saw was a live blood analyst:

Live Blood Testing Results

In parallel, I also got a hair tissue mineral analysis done, which reports on mineral deficiencies and heavy metal build-up in the body, as well as the health of the endocrine system:

Hair Mineral Analysis

And the most recent experience has been with a Chinese Medical Doctor, who provides acupuncture, infra-red light, massage, herbs, and nutritional advice to achieve overall good health, mental balance and well-flowing Chi energy:

Traditional Chinese Medicine Experiment


Raw Food Nutritionist London

chinese herbs, traditional chinese medicine
One day's dosage of Chinese herbs I received from the Traditional Chinese Doctor.

Books By Holistic Health Practitioners

Each naturopath/ health practitioner generally has a specific kind of diet they recommend, as well as supplement advice, and whereas the supplements can vary widely depending on the condition, the ideal diet recommended to different patients normally does not vary that much. So in addition to the above holistic practitioner visit testimonials, I have also provided summaries of some of the most inspiring books written by different natural doctors and health practitioners. I found plenty of advice in these to implement the strategies at home, without ever even seeing the natural health specialist, and I hope you will too.

Dr. Joel Fuhrman: Eat for Health

Dr Marilyn Glenville: Fat in the Middle

Queen Afua: Heal Thyself for Health and Longevity

Paavo Airola: Juice Fasting

Barbara Wren: Cellular Awakening

Peter A. Levine: Healing Trauma

Dr. Stephen Cherniske: Caffeine Blues

Dr. Soram Khalsa: Vitamin D Revolution

Dr. Edward Howell: Enzyme Nutrition

Dr. Arthur Coca: The Pulse Test

Dr. William Philpott: Brain Allergies

Please share below your own best (or worst) holistic practitioner experiences!

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