Make Money from Reporting for CHR!

> Make Money from Reporting for CHR!

Released: 5th December 2014

Would you like to spread the word about the Cheap Health Revolution while earning an income?

You can by becoming a YouTube reporter for this site.

We are looking for people to report in other languages than English, who can create summaries of our articles in their native language and publish these on their own YouTube channels. You, as the reporter, will keep 100% of the advertising profits you generate on YouTube.

You will need to have good command of English also, so as to be able to translate the information contained in the articles well.

Make a brief video introducing yourself (in English), explaining why you are interested in reporting on our articles. Upload the video on YouTube and send us a link to view it. You can send the link to

If we like the video, we will email you back with our approval, and you will have the permission to translate any or all the material on this website into a series of short, approximately two-minute videos, presented in your native language, and not in English. We will also help you with information on how to get good traffic for your videos online.

If you want to cover a long article, you can present it in sections, each section consisting of approximately two minutes of video.

You can present the information in your own words. Each video will have to mention Cheap Health Revolution website and provide a link to the original article in the video description text field below the video itself. The choice of title is up to you and creating a good title will be a key to getting good traffic.

You will have permission to print 'published with consent from the Cheap Health Revolution' on the videos if you wish, provided the videos fit our simple guidelines.

If your video reports receive many views we will post you a free screen-printed "Cheap Health Revolution" t-shirt as a thank you and may consider further collaboration opportunities with you.

Also, once you have generated a series of videos, we can suggest to you further topics for videos, which we know from experience to generate interest in people.

From there, sky is the limit.

If you are the first official reporter selected from your country, you will have the advantage of calling your channel, for example, 'Cheap Health Revolution Croatia', should you choose to do so.

Further information can be provided via email both prior to and after your application.

We look forward to working with you!

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