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Below is a list of my top recommended raw food documentaries, with trailers.

'Simply Raw - Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days', otherwise knows as 'Raw for 30 Days' is one of the most inspiring raw food films, and is a must-see. It is based at the Hippocrates Health Institute, who are some of the pioneers of the modern raw food movement.

'Breakthrough' chronicles the life of Storm and Jinjee Talifero, and their home-schooled, 100% raw food eating children. It is a very interesting, family-oriented approach and the film is a relaxing, reflective watch.

'Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead' sounds like a depressing film but it is the exact opposite: a triumph of juice fasting, the film inspired a whole movement of juice fasters to follow in the footsteps of the star of this movie.

There are also more documentaries with more practical information for both beginning and more advanced raw foodists, such as: 'The Raw for Life Encyclopedia' and 'Free Food and Medicine'. They are not ready diet programs, however, of which there are plenty available to purchase on the internet. Instead, all these documentaries are there to provide inspiration and information, in an attempt to inspire and empower you to design your own health approach.

Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days/ Raw for 30 Days

'Raw for 30 Days' is a brilliant documentary, where a group of diabetics takes on the challenge of eating purely raw food for 30 days, under a doctor's supervision. Very inspiring documentary, with brilliant results. Most of the Type 2 diabetics come off their medicine and all experience fast improvements in their conditions, and one Type 1 diabetic experiences great benefits, although he didn't completely come off insulin.

Not only for diabetics, this documentary is very inspiring and solid piece of evidence of the benefits of a raw food diet.

'Raw for 30 Days' purchase link for instant download.

Food Matters Documentary

Although this is not a raw food film, it is nevertheless very relevant, and useful to watch for anyone interested in nutrition and health, whether raw food or otherwise.

A summary of this documentary is available here.

If you like this, look also for the second documentary by the same crew, titled: 'Hungry for Change".

Holistic Wellness for the Hip Hop Generation

Holistic Wellness for the Hip Hop Generation was at the time of writing this available in its entirety to watch on YouTube.

SupaNova Slom, the son of Queen Afua, interviews many vegan and raw foodist artists, including Erykah Badu and Common. SupaNova Slom was brought up as a high-raw food eater and he is what he terms a 'chlorophyllian' now, where a large part of his daily nutrition consists of chlorophyll, i.e. greens.

The Raw Natural

'The Raw Natural' is a film which has been recently released, in 2012, featuring Evan Strong, who becomes a raw foodist after a tragic accident, to enable him to use his legs again and become a snowboarder.

The focus of the movie is on athletic performance and how raw food can improve it.

The focus of this documentary is on heroic survival and personal strength, and it discusses the benefits raw foods can have on both disabled people and athletics in general.

The documentary features many famous raw foodists, including Gabriel Cousens and David Wolfe, as well as Masaru Emoto (writer of 'Messages in Water'), Juliano, and many professional athletes.


Storm and Jinjee Talifero and their children eat 100% raw food, and in this video discuss their choices, their family life and the benefits of raw food diet in general.

Jinjee also discusses the difference between her raw and cooked food pregnancies.

Although many may say that the Talifero family leads a highly radical lifestyle, I found this documentary a valuable and inspiring watch!

Free Food and Medicine

Markus Rothkranz interviews raw foodists, wild food eaters, people of different walks of life who provide a wealth of information about the medicinal qualities of wild food and herbs.

With a strong emphasis on growing your own food for free, whether you live in an apartment or own a piece of land.

Forks Over Knives

Why and how food causes illness. More information at

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

The link above is to the full-length documentary feature.

A guy goes on a 60-day juice fast while travelling across the USA, to regain his health. On the way he inspires others. This documentary movie has a light-hearted approach to it and it is a very inspiring watch for those wishing to lose weight or to combat migranes and auto-immune diseases.

The fast was performed under the supervision of Dr. Joel Fuhrman, and he features in the documentary as well. Robert Mac, an executive director of this film, and Dr. Fuhrman both work at the Nutritional Research Foundation.

You can also read my review of Dr. Joel Fuhrman's book, entitled: Eat for Health: Lose Weight, Keep It Off, Look Younger, Live Longer; Never Diet Again!

Dr. Fuhrman's website: Dr. Fuhrman

Fat Sick and Nearly Dead website

Food Inc.

About the corruption in the food industry from an Emmy Award-winning director, Robert Kenner.

Raw for Life Encyclopedia - 2 DVD Set

From the makers of "Raw for 30 Days" comes this DVD: Raw for Life Encyclopedia (2 DVD set). It goes into more detail about the Tree of Life retreat and their programmes for diabetics. It interviews many raw food celebrities, and gives plenty of information suitable for beginners as well as more experienced raw foodists. Inspiring watch, with a distinct 'how to' approach.

Edible City: Grow the Revolution

Growing your own food is an essential part of the Raw Food Revolution. This is a very inspiring documentary for those interested in growing their own food, and it features city farms in San Francisco and Berkeley, as well as the struggle to find fresh fruit and vegetables in Oakland. Different community-initiatives are portrayed, and the Cuban organic farming revolution is also briefly presented. A feel-good film about communities coming together to produce foods, and to rebel against growing food prices and processed supermarket monopolies.

"Edible City is a feature-length documentary film that tells the stories of extraordinary people who are digging their hands into the dirt, working to transform their communities and do something truly revolutionary: grow local Good Food Systems that are socially just, environmentally sound, and economically resilient."

Go Raw Now

Ok, I don't actually confess to seeing this documentary - because it's SO cheesy - but I will put the trailer here because it does have some inspiring points to it. And because some people might be more motivated by the mainstream 'rockstar' approach than the more 'down to earth' stuff.

Hungry for Change

From the crew of Food Matters, the second documentary came out in 2012. A good watch, with Jamie Oliver - 'the Naked Chef', Jason Vale - 'the Juice Master', Daniel Vitalis, David Wolfe, many doctors, etc. Focuses especially on sugar and weight loss.

Directors: James Colquhoun, Laurentine Ten Bosch, Carlo Ledesma

Summary of key points, critical reviews and extracts here: Hungry for Change documentary.

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