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The last week of the anxiety diet was ups and downs. I fell off the diet for a while but managed to get back on with an improved diet. I devised a point system which inspires me to do more in a day.

The anxiety diet 'point system' also forces me to read though the list many times a day so the goals get reinforced in my mind and so I can remember to do them more easily. Refer to Week 2 if you want to understand better this works.

The measures I am taking that help alleviate anxiety target the larger goals listed below.

  1. Balancing blood sugar
  2. Getting rid of parasites
  3. Eliminating harmful chemicals from diet
  4. Strengthening the liver
  5. Balancing hormones
  6. Releasing nervous energy
  7. Reducing stress and fatigue
  8. Becoming well-nourished and -mineralised
  9. Improving gut flora (huge impact on moods)
  10. Providing calming and feel-good nutrients to the body
  11. Stimulating the parasympathetic part of the central nervous system

A more practical list of action points to alleviate anxiety is under week 2.

Read also: How to Control Anger to improve moods and to reduce anxiety (general information on moods, not only anger).

I started doing more exercise and quit dairy and eggs last week, because exercise strengthens you in general and dairy and eggs are mucus forming. I can speak clearer and have a fresher breath when I'm off dairy, among other benefits.

My weight has dropped a little, it started off at 57kg and it was going up and down a few kilos for a while. At the start of this (the third) week of this anxiety diet my weight is at 55.5kg.

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Day 15 on the Anxiety Diet

22nd March 2014, Saturday

I slept a lot but didn't feel rested this morning. In fact I felt as if I had hangover, although I hadn't had any alcohol. I have come to recognise this as a typical low blood sugar symptom, although, confusingly, it doesn't show in the blood sugar readings. I think the brown rice I ate last night - although it wasn't a lot - was too much carb for me. It seems that I should stay completely grain free now, including free of brown rice, rye and oats.

This weak feeling disappeared quite quickly after waking up, however.

I did some exercises and stretches upon waking, super-speed, and drank a parasite cleanse drink on an empty belly: 1 teasp wormwood infused in a tea, 1/2 teasp black walnut powder mixed in and 12 crushed cloves.
I also had 60ml of colloidal silver, made with the Sota Instruments' silver pulser machine. The silver also helps with parasites and is a natural antibiotic.

[Later update: I didn't have any reason to believe that I had parasites, but having read a lot about them, I came to believe that we all have them, and it is basic good healthcare to do parasite cleanses every once in a while.]

I have bread and cheese cravings again. Haven't eaten breakfast yet, it's 11am now.

anxiety diet, sweet potato with cashew nut butter and parsley
A good dish to combat anxiety: Sweet potatoes with parsley and avocado salad and cashew nut butter. Tomatoes, olives and onions are included in the salad as well.

Small glass of smoothie: banana, strawberries, pear, lemon zest, hemp seeds, hemp leaf, goji berries, almond flour, water.
Smoothie: Mixed berries, lettuce, water, broccoli, maca, fo-ti, burdock root, liquorice, chia seeds, hemp seeds, hemp leaves, turmeric, goji berries, pumpkin seeds, etc.

Salad: Avocado, lettuce, cucumber, hemp seeds, unwaxed lemon zest, olive oil, cayenne pepper powder, poppy seeds, beetroot sprouts.
A sour apple with cashew nut butter.

New potatoes with skin, boiled broccoli, mushroom sauce (fresh and canned mushrooms, arrowroot powder, pumpkin seed milk, garlic, onion, red chilli, chicken stock, water, olive oil, cayenne pepper, pink Himalayan salt).

Snack: A sour apple with cashew nut butter. Drinks: Tea made of star anise, lemon juice and unwaxed lemon rind - very nice tea!

I felt very good today, it's midnight now and I am still very energetic. Had a temptation to drink alcohol tonight and earlier to eat bread with cheese but those passed quite quickly.

Sat all day at the computer, with two negative ionizers in the room. The ionizers are not very strong at all, though, basic cheap ones, not therapeutic grade. Could this be part of the reason why I was feeling so energetic? We also sleep in this same room, which has the ionizers.

Points today: 62.
Point reference: 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 10, 12, 13, 26, 27, 33, 37, 38, 43, 45, 47, 55.

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Day 16, Anxiety and Sugar-Free Diet


I went to bed last night after midnight and fell asleep probably a little before 1am. I woke up naturally at 7.30am, feeling like I had slept enough. I slept very well and had many more dreams than usual. In total this left me with less than 7 hours of sleep for the night, whereas normally I feel that I need more than 8, perhaps 9 hours to feel properly rested. And even then I don't sometimes feel rested but groggy and don't feel like getting out of bed.

I felt great this morning, completely awake, upbeat and energetic. I just got up and started doing things straight away, and didn't spend hours reading a book or slouching on the sofa. So a sugar free, low-carb diet seems to be a good way to have more time in the day, just because you naturally feel like doing things quicker and doing more productive things.

When I got diagnosed sugar intolerant by the mineral analyst, and was advised not to eat too much sugar by the Chinese Medical Doctor, I did cut down on sugar but kept eating rice and small amounts of foods with added sugar. I thought cutting down would make a difference. And the Chinese doctor even said a little bit of honey should be fine to have.

Then I learned to recognise the weak, low-grade fever feeling as a blood-sugar related problem. I noticed I reacted to mango, chocolate bars, cakes, and once I had low blood sugar, anxiety also quickly followed. An alcoholic drink or a chocolate bar would cause me to have a red face either soon after or the next day, and I would also be much more fatigued. I wasn't able to take stress as well and would also blush from pretty random things (hot flashes) - none of these problems had I had before but they had slowly built up.

My conclusion now is that only a very radical reduction of sugars and carbs made a difference to me - but the difference this made was huge. I am now noticing that I can't have brown rice and I have to be very careful with even natural, good quality complex carbs like fruit. I had an apple today mixed into my breakfast smoothie, together with a bit more maca powder than yesterday (also a carbohydrate), and I started feeling weak soon afterwards. Otherwise the breakfast smoothie was much the same as yesterday, with seeds added for protein, but iceberg lettuce instead of romaine lettuce.

anxiety diet, tuna salad
For most people an anti-anxiety food, tuna salad, ended up making my anxiety worse since I found out that I had an intolerance to tuna. Sour apple slices on the side and an almond milk smoothie pictured.

11am, I just had 1 heaped tbsp of zeolite clay in a glass of water (for heavy metal detox and alkalinity) and now I'm having schizandra berry tea because I have a vague memory that it may help balance blood sugar. Have to research more into this.

And only 10 minutes later the schizandra berry tea seems to have worked: I feel much better now, strength coming back. Although I did eat two teaspoons of sugar-free peanut butter also for protein a little while back, so perhaps it was the combined effect of these two.

I do some very quick and simple exercises these days first thing in the morning to get my blood flowing, which is enjoyable because I am not pushing myself to do anything difficult. I feel as if perhaps it becomes easier to do sports when sugar-free. Suddenly I can do more reps and feel a bit stronger in general.

Lunch: New potatoes with spicy tomato, butter bean and scotch bonnet sauce.

Snack: Sour apple with cashew nut and peanut butter.

Dinner: Spirulina smoothie with lemon and potato crisps.

In the evening I started getting some belly cramps/ ache because of gas in the belly and also some loose stools. This is parasite detox, I think. This woke me up at night as well. I am doing a parasite cleanse out of the principle that everyone has parasites and should do a cleanse. I have also heard that parasites increase sugar cravings so when you are starving the parasites by not eating sugar, you might as well try and kill them off outright by taking herbs as well. It seems the typical detox symptoms of a parasite cleanse are gas in the belly, flatulence and loose stools.

Most of the day today I was sorting out my stuff in the house, getting rid of a lot of old clothes and sorting through books - to throw away and to 'commit to reading'. I have a huge collection of amazing books that I haven't read, and they keep moving with me from place to place. I think this is actually quite a burden so am now either 'committing to reading' them before buying any new books or throwing them away.

Anxiety Diet Points: 50.
Point reference: 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 10, 12, 13, 22, 27, 33, 38, 44, 55.

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Day 17, Anxiety and Sugar-Free Diet


Woke up at 5.30am, got out of bed at 6am, feeling tired. Belly feels almost back to normal today.

Had a lemon water, a smoothie and broccoli sprouts for breakfast. The smoothie had: spirulina, one lemon, schizandra berry, hemp leaves, hemp seeds, turmeric and water.

8.20am: Feeling sleepy on the train.

My day went quite quickly, took a little walk at lunchtime, a very cold day. Yesterday it was hailing! I had lentil and lime soup for lunch, forgot to ask for ingredients and there were carrots in the soup. I picked them all out and didn't seem to get any kind of negative reaction from the soup. Perhaps I can tolerate carrots better now that I am sugar-free and also have abstained from carrots for so long.

I also had some brazil nuts (not raw), pecan nuts (not raw), lots of schizandra berry tea, one cup of rosehip tea, water, and a packet of 'lightly salted' crisps again on the way home.

My neck is very stiff today again. I ordered an electric heat pad for my neck today, in the hope that it can help relax the muscles and get my neck back to normal. I keep massaging it and trying to stretch it, I also corrected my sitting position at work so that there should be minimum tension on my neck and seemed to help first but now it's getting worse again. Even magnesium oil doesn't seem to get through the muscles. So I'm hoping that the heat pad will help. Once I get my neck to relax properly once I hope that stretching and exercise will be enough to maintain it from there.

Energy-wise I felt fine today, just a little headache in the afternoon and now on the train. I don't understand why I don't get a headache when sitting at the computer all day at home, but at work I seem to get it these days.

I bought GABA, rhodiola rosea and chlorella (for antioxidants and chlorophyll) today and will start taking those in addition to B-vitamins and probiotics which I'm already taking.

[Later note: Six months later I noticed that the B-vitamin complex was giving me a headache. I think I had taken too many of them for too long. I'm not sure if the headache I describe in this diary was related or not, but it is quite possible it was due to one of the supplements.]

Dinner: Mixed baby-leaf lettuce and watercress salad with kidney bean and tomato curry sauce.

I've felt extremely tired all evening today. [Later note: My menses were approaching, probably that's why. The hormone levels take a massive dip just before the menses.]

9.30pm: Got a good neck massage from my bf. Will soon take a bath and go to bed. I feel like I really need a good night's sleep. I wonder if this tiredness has to do with the fact that the weather is very cold today, or with the copper detox/ sugar detox/ dairy detox. Hopefully tomorrow I will wake up refreshed. I'm used to quick up and downs in energy when detoxing.

I just read about copper detox and it is linked to estrogen dominance and can cause hypersensitivity and panicky feelings, both of which I have been experiencing in the last months. The stiff neck can also be linked to metal toxicity or detox.

To detoxify copper, some people recommended the Buteyko breathing method (helps to sleep better and less, also helps with anxiety), supplementing with zinc, taking molybdenum, supporting the liver and staying away from grains and copper rich foods, such as pumpkin seeds. (Someone mentions about going to 'Saskatchewan mineral pools' and finding plenty of relief of their toxic metal symptoms from just one soak.) Apparently eating grains slows down the copper detox.

[Later note: In my case the copper detoxification started when my adrenal glands got stronger. Weak adrenal glands are often linked to increased copper toxicity.]

I found someone's post complaining about very painful and stiff neck since detoxifying metals and this person found relief from a high dosage of vitamin D3 (50,000 iu?). Apparently it can be used as a very effective pain killer and works within one hour but one should start with low doses. Not sure if it works for all kinds of pains or not and not sure that it is safe. Research this further before trying, please.

Book reference on copper toxicity/ detox:
"Ann Louise Gittleman: Why Am I Always So Tired?" "Discover how correcting your body's copper imbalance can... keep your body from giving out before your mind does... free you from those midday slumps... give you the energy breakthrough you've been looking for."

22.25pm: Feel better after massage, hot bath, and relaxing music. Now magnesium oil on my neck and shoulders - and sleep... Took 2 capsules of chlorella, 1x vit B complex, 1x probiotic, silver colloid.

Anxiety Diet Points: 70.
Point reference: 2, 5, 4, 6, 7, 12, 13, 17, 23, 27, 37, 39, 40, 43, 44, 46, 49, 55.

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Day 18


I got out of bed at 6am, quite tired and feeling dehydrated. I wonder if the tiredness had to do with porridge for breakfast yesterday, i.e. grains. I also had throat ache this morning and broken skin at the back of my mouth (the latter I thought was linked to eating bread - could it come from all grains, i.e. oat as well?)

Had seven hours of sleep, apparently not enough. Although all through the day I felt quite good at work, though demotivated. The day went slowly.

Juice of two lemons squeezed in water.
Broccoli sprouts
Porridge made in soya milk with berry compote, seeds and goji berries from Crussh. I wonder if the berry compote has sugar in it? [Yes it does.] It tastes quite sour so hopefully not.
Supps: Two chlorella capsules, rhodiola rosea, probiotic, B-vitamin complex.

10.10am: Slightly runny nose and sneezing.

anxiety diet, salmon and potatoes
Salmon, potatoes and lettuce dish with onion gravy. It seems that potatoes agree with me well in small quantities, even though they are starchy, whereas other starchy carbohydrates, such as rice and pasta cause problems.

Mixed baby leaf salad, one avocado, kidney bean and tomato curry sauce from yesterday, olive oil, a little balsamic vinegar on the side for the lettuce.

Snacks and drinks: Brazil nuts, pecan nuts, schizandra berry tea.

Lemon, kale and spirulina smoothie, with hemp leaves, water, and maca powder added.

The antioxidants I had today for liver support were: turmeric, chlorella, spirulina, lemon, broccoli sprouts. Also, all colourful fruit and veg have antioxidants. Chaga mushroom tea would also be a good addition to this as it's a strong antioxidant.

Was tired in the evening again though not as much as yesterday. Stiff neck but again, not as bad. The detailed mineral analysis pack came through in the post. I didn't go to bed until past 11pm, maybe fell asleep at 11.30pm.

Anxiety Diet Points: 66.
Point reference: 2, 3, 6, 7, 12, 13, 14, 15a, 17, 23, 25, 27, 37, 39, 40, 43, 44, 45, 46, 49.

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Day 19


I'm losing weight now, I can see it and feel it.

I'm constipated though, haven't had a bowel movement for the last two days. Not sure why but I have to find a way to correct this - ideally without laxatives. Perhaps because I have been taking so much spirulina... or because I don't eat grains anymore.

Broccoli sprouts
Smoothie: Lemon, avocado, kale, water, maca, hemp leaf, hulled hemp seed, chia seeds, sesame seeds, fo-ti (he shou wu) (Chinese herb), liquorice powder (for balancing the adrenal glands), burdock root (for iron), turmeric (for antioxidants).
Supps: Two chlorella capsules, rhodiola rosea, probiotic, B-vitamin complex.

9.20am, at work, started my menses (period).
Drinking 'Innocent' smoothie 750ml, ingredients: 39% pineapple, 37% bananas, one apple, juice of one orange, 3% coconut milk, lemon juice. This tasted soooo good. Felt like I really needed it. Guess it's the sugar in the fruit that I'm craving.

10.15am: Started getting a tiny little bit of belly ache earlier but after drinking the smoothie there is none. Even though I'm sitting at a computer.

12 noon: Face complexion has become red, slight menstrual pain in the belly.
Had the same smoothie for lunch as at home this morning. It seemed to help a little towards the pain again.

Thai spicy pea soup from Crussh (very nice, with chilli and coconut milk).
Naked apple and date bar.

Between 1-2pm went for a walk to the health food shop and took one zinc capsule (helps to detox copper) and one pain killer at 2pm. The pain in my belly (menstrual pain) had got a lot worse while walking in the cold. In fact I felt so uncomfortable at work (the pain killer didn't work) that I had to leave and take a train home. I took another pain killer on the way and eventually the pain subsided but even when waiting for the train at the freezing cold train station, and when on the train, I felt really weak, in pain and generally unwell.

I was hoping in the morning that perhaps my period pain would have disappeared because of the sugar-free diet and especially because of the copper detox but apparently not yet.

6pm: At home, craving a chocolate bar or a cider so badly. The combined effect of sugar intolerance/ addiction and the menstruation is causing this. The heat pad I ordered came in the post today so I am using it on my neck to relieve muscle tension.

I later had one chocolate bar. I took some supplements and drank some water. Was feeling a bit miserable in general and quite weak as well. The pain in my belly started to come back around 10pm.

I made a big green juice with some tough greens, cucumber, lemon and celery.

Tried to sleep at 11pm after taking a bath but despite the electric heat pad on my belly the pain kept me awake until about 1am, when I took a painkiller and finally fell asleep.

Anxiety Diet Points: 45.
Point reference: 7, 12, 13, 17, 21, 23, 27, 40, 43, 44, 45, 46, 49.

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Day 20, Cheat Day, Self Confidence Diet


Woke up at 6am and didn't feel too bad. The belly ache was gone, and despite sleeping only 5 hours after a tiring day and week, I felt like I'd slept enough. Can't say that I felt especially energetic since the menses are still keeping me feeling a bit unwell but the five hours seemed to be enough sleep for me.

This is very strange and I think it has to do with the energy metabolism of my body becoming better, as shown on the hair mineral analysis. It seems that instead of just gradually increasing energy, I have days when I am very tired and other days when I need less sleep and feel very good. Hopefully, once the copper detox is complete I will have lots of energy.

So first the fatigue I was feeling was attributed to adrenal gland sluggishness (adrenal insufficiency). Now that is fixed, but with the increased internal energy my body has started to perform other tasks, such as detoxifying copper. The toxic heavy metals are likely (hopefully) to follow after copper. I don't know how long this process will last but I guess some months or maybe a year. Hopefully not much more than one year. But as long as I have test results that show good progress I am just happy that my body is cleansing and becoming stronger.

I was also thinking whether the fact that I had a green juice last night contributed to the good energy levels this morning. I should keep making green juices at night for a while instead of dinner and see if it makes a difference to the mornings.

Breakfast: Smoothie: Spirulina, kale, lemon, mixed baby leaf lettuce, fo-ti, burdock root, liquorice, hemp leaf, hemp seed, chia seed, Bragg's liquid amino acids, broccoli, turmeric, water.

Supps: Probiotic (for anti-anxiety), B-vit complex (for anti-anxiety), rhodiola rosea (for anti-anxiety), zinc (to help detoxify copper), selenium (because of a deficiency), digestive enzyme (to help get more nutrients of the smoothie), plenty of D-vitamin (7 drops = 14,000iu?) (for general well-being), 2x chlorella (antioxidant for liver support and chlorophyll for energy).

I had a bit of a cough this morning, probably because of the chocolate bar last night.

8.10am: On the train now, slight belly ache... hopefully it won't get too bad today.

Weight this morning: 55kg (it was 57kg last night).

This ended up being another cheat day. My sugar cravings were quite strong and I always feel sorry for myself during the menses and since I felt so miserable anyway I thought I needed something simple, quick and tasty to eat. So ended up eating a cheese croissant on the way to work, and another one in the evening, as well as a chocolate brownie and some biscuits at work. I worked late, until 8pm, so that's part of the reason. Now I will go back to the diet again, since it has started to produce quite interesting results energy-wise.

I started having belly ache in the morning quite soon after sitting down in front of the computer at work (seems to be the worst position for period pain) and took two pain killers.

Tomato and vegetable soup from Crussh.

Snacks and drinks:
Redbush tea, rosehip and hibiscus tea, water, salt water, brazil nuts.

8.20pm, on the train home:

In terms of anxiety, this diet (when I stick to it) is very successful at least for me personally - but I kind of knew that it would be before beginning it since I had already eaten this way before on and off.

Even a short time of staying away from sugar and carbohydrates has enabled me to tolerate them better. Today I didn't get anxiety symptoms from eating these sugar and carb foods, although I did get a cough immediately and also a little itchy throat.

These days generally I feel much more upbeat, self-confident and calm. I can talk clearer which helps and I don't blush as easily. I can't say that I feel bullet proof yet but much better than at the start of this diet.

How to treat tense muscles while at work:
I also bought some disposable heat pads which you stick on your clothes and they heat the area of your body up for up to 12 hours. I placed one on my right shoulder blade and the muscles that have been receiving the heat are definitely loosening and feeling better. I had the pad on all day at work. The make I bought was Cura-Heat but there are many other ones sold at chemists', for example. Releasing any tension in the neck can help a little bit to feel less stressed out and more relaxed.

If you can't afford to buy a massage or can't get others to give you one as often as you would like, you can at least get some heat pads. I have also been self-massaging my neck and shoulder while taking small breaks from work, and tomorrow I will put a pad on the other shoulder blade. Another good idea for self-massaging your neck are bongers.

Dinner: All I had for dinner at home were some broccoli and beetroot sprouts.

Anxiety Diet Points: 32.
Point reference: 7, 12, 13, 23, 27, 43, 44, 46, 49, 58.

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Day 21, Cheat Day, Anxiety Diet


The Sleep Cycle App shows that I had one sleep cycle between 11pm and 1am during which I didn't really get into proper deep sleep, looks like something woke me up around midnight. Then between 1am and 2.30am I was in very light sleep, and then pretty much awake between 3am and 4am (although I don't remember being awake so I must have been in very light sleep.) Between 4am and 5am I got some sleep but then I had to wake up to take the early train today.

So I would say that I got 6 hours of poor quality sleep last night, no deep sleep at all. Not sure if I slept badly because of yesterday's sugar consumption or because I was a bit cold with not enough covers. Or if something else kept me awake.

What I do know is that I woke up feeling hangover again, although I hadn't drank anything. My eyes are a bit swollen and quite puffy and I feel very tired and dehydrated still quite long time after waking up (it's 7am now and I'm on the train). I normally get puffiness during the menses but this time I didn't get it in the last two days. So I think it is sugar-related, and so is the dehydration. Bad sleep and tiredness are probably related to yesterday's sugar and carb consumption as well.

I went to work an hour early today and took a long walk in the morning from the station to work. I really enjoyed the walk through the park and looking at the birds building nests in the lake. It was a fairly warm morning for this time of the year and very foggy.

Lime, avocado, soya, spinach, etc. smoothie from Crussh. Dairy and sugar free.
Warm banana bread (has wheat and sugar).

Supplements as yesterday.

Butter bean, avocado and parsley mix with quinoa, tzatziki, chickpea pot (had a little dairy).

Snacks and drinks:
Redbush tea, two green teas (caffeinated), rosehip and hibiscus tea, two chocolate biscuits. Cheese and mushroom croissant on the way home from work.

My face was more red than usual today again but generally I feel and look quite well. The redness is due to sugar, carbs, tiredness and caffeine.

It was a good workday, I kept busy so time went quickly. Funnily the kind of numbed-down-by-sugar-carb-and-caffeine -mood suits the work day very well. Whenever I feel more well, refreshed and energetic, it is very hard to motivate myself to work. I just want to be outside or with people and doing things, or working on my own projects. Is that the reason why workplaces promote free croissants, coffee breaks, team lunches and Friday drinks? Because these stimulants and dumbing/ numbing foods put us into the right frame of mind for work - where we are not too inspired so as to want to do more exciting and challenging things?

Might have a cider today and next week supercharge my efforts for this diet. I have to make sure I always have way enough food with me at work so I don't need to snack. And to have filling enough breakfast. And shop for food often enough. This week I struggled with breakfasts because I didn't have enough smoothie ingredients at home. I will add to my list of goals for this diet: 'not buying any take-away or snacks' - I think that is worth 5 points because it is one of the main challenges for me to make this or a similar good diet into a permanent lifestyle. Once I achieve that I can up the challenge and move onto a raw food diet, I hope.

Had two ciders in the evening and drank some water before going to bed around midnight.

Anxiety Diet Points: 26.
Point reference: 6, 12, 13, 23, 24, 26, 43, 44, 45, 46, 49.

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Day 22


Slept from midnight until 8am, woke up naturally, feeling quite dehydrated and a bit sluggish. Got a good start to the day though, went running and did some exercises, as well as lemon water and parasite cleanse.

Breakfast at midday:
Smoothie: Spirulina, 2 lemons, water, hemp leaf, hemp seeds, and chinese herbs and seeds as on the days before, turmeric, etc.
Supps: as yesterday but 7 drops of vit D3 (2,000iu each, total 14,000iu).

Peanut butter from the jar (sugar-free)
Broccoli sprouts
Pack of salted peanuts and Kettle crisps, lightly salted
Blueberry smoothie: Frozen blueberries (no added sugar), a banana, cashew nuts, water, coconut flour, vanilla essence, hemp leaves, turmeric, sesame seeds, hemp seeds, poppy seeds.

6.40pm: I have a headache. It seems that I get headaches when I am eating quite clean and am sugar and dairy free. I wonder if this speeds up the detoxification of copper? Perhaps the headache is linked to detox?

[Later note: Again, I suspect this headache is from the B-vitamin complex. It is not from the cider the night before because I would have had a hangover-headache already in the morning.]

I ended up drinking two large glasses of spritzer (white wine with sparkling water) this evening.

Anxiety Diet Points: 53.
Point reference: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 27, 30, 38, 39, 43, 44, 47, 49, 58.

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Update: Finishing the Anxiety Diet Diary

Monday 31st March 2014

After this I stopped taking detailed notes because I was eating bits of sugary things and also drinking some wine on Saturday. I was generally very good and ate healthy - also followed the diet to some degree, but I think since it is ups and downs there is no point on recording a full diary entry for each day.

So in a way I would say that this specific diet experiment failed a bit - ever since I got my period it was downhill from there. The sugar addiction seems to be quite strong at the moment, not sure if it is linked to copper detox.

But on one hand it has been a success, even in the short time. I have got a little bit closer to understanding what works and what doesn't. If you follow the 'anxiety diet conclusions' link below, you can find a list of all the things I found out worked to eliminate anxiety. I will keep this list updated with the combined findings from all my diet and lifestyle changes.

I am writing this on Monday and today I ate quite a few chocolate sweets at work. However, I didn't get a red face and I didn't feel stressed out at all. I also drank two weak green teas.

[Later note: When I stay away from sugar and carbs for a while, I seem to be able to tolerate them better immediately after. However, every time they cause cravings for more sugar and carbs, and also delayed weight gain. It is very confusing because I can eat badly for a few days and the weight will stay the same. Then the weight-gain comes suddenly a few days later and so do all the other negative symptoms I get from sugar. Also, it takes a little while on the diet before my low blood sugar symptoms disappear and I start feeling stronger. So both ways: quitting carbs, and going back on carbs, there seems to be a delay in the body's response of at least a few days.]

The little bit of alcohol over the weekend affected me strongly again, I would wake up feeling hangover and dehydrated, although the amount of alcohol was small. I did the hangover remedy on each day and felt better, but still tired.

I did lose two kilos of weight on this diet and my belly went quite flat again.

I feel that for the future I have to make a diet for myself that I know I can be comfortable on, which includes some quick, easy and enjoyable snack items. The diet I was trying to follow here felt like a too big step at once to be able to comfortably achieve. I quite happily stay away from bread and rice dishes for now but I need something I can snack on, not only fruit and nuts, although those work fine as one snack option. I think I may include live organic yoghurt or something else which is fatty, perhaps cheese (although I know it is not good for me) to make this diet easier and varied enough. To eat enough fat can apparently be quite important for reducing anxiety.

I originally kept the point system tracking going at the end of this article but removed it later because it didn't really contain too much informational value for the readers. I have a copy of the record if I need to check anything for adding comments later though.

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Caveman Diet (Paleo Diet) - a very good anxiety diet

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