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Brian Rossiter is a 'near fruitarian' and has been a 100% raw food vegan for three years. He agreed to share his amazing healing story with us in this interview. Brian runs a website: Fruit-Powered.com and he also lectures and teaches regularly at the Arnold's Way raw food restaurant in Philadelphia. He is the author of many ebooks, and offers specialist advice to people on raw food recipes and on how to be healthy. In this interview Brian shares his life changing philosophy, raw food tips, and how to be free.

Brian Rossiter, near fruitarian raw food vegan interview
Brian Rossiter teaching a salad dressing class at the Arnold's Way raw food restaurant.

When did you become a raw foodist and why?

I went raw because I felt fantastic after consuming green smoothies for breakfast and then having them twice a day.

I became vegan instinctively, after my body told me it no longer wanted any animal products, thanks to consuming daily green smoothies.

I joined a friend in going wholly raw for all of January 2011. I made it the whole month but didn't truly succeed.

After a few months, I discovered a fruit-based raw food diet, and once I dropped cooked food entirely, I began thriving and rejuvenating. Going raw is the best thing I ever did for myself.

What did you eat before becoming a raw foodist

I ate the standard American diet.

By my late 20s, I began having 200-calorie fruit smoothies for about five breakfasts a week and small salads with dinner a few nights a week. I was also eating plenty of meat in the form of chicken tacos, white chicken chili, chicken wings, burgers and steaks as well as pasta.

From age 27 to 32, I began to feel the effects of an aging body. I simply no longer had the energy of myself from even a year or two earlier.

At 32, I began drinking green smoothies.

What was the transition to raw foods like for you?

My path of green smoothies had led me to a raw vegan diet. When I went raw in January 2011, I went the whole month 100 percent raw. Come February, and for almost 13 months, I ate cooked food—almost exclusively vegan burritos — about three nights a week.

I didn't think I wanted to be 100 percent raw back then, but as 2011 advanced, I began feeling worse rather than feeling better.

I went wholly raw again in December 2011 and learned that I had to give up the burritos for me to feel my best, but in 2013, I would cave for another few burritos over the first eight weeks, with each burrito sometimes spaced out two weeks at times.

"Did I really have to give them up for good or could I have them every once in a while," I wondered. Near the end of February 2012, I went wholly raw and haven't looked back.

(Ulla:) In the first year that you were a raw foodist, you said you felt healthier and near-instant energy, but you also felt brain fog and spacey. But later, being 100% raw and following Douglas Graham's 80/10/10 diet helped you overcome that. Why do you think that was?

The vegan burritos I enjoyed about three nights a week tasted good but didn't treat me well. Ingredients in them overshadowed my then-90-percent-raw diet. My body had simply cleaned out too much, making me sensitive to any foods considered suboptimal, which the burritos were. I had to follow Natural Hygiene and the 80/10/10 Diet perfectly for me to achieve excellent results.

(Ulla:) In your interview in Dr. David Klein's Vibrance Magazine, you say: "For the first time in my life, I am the real me, tuned into who I am, where I am, where I am going and what I want in life." How did you succeed in becoming this new person and how did the raw food diet help?

My goal is to live simply — with humble appreciation for the taste of watermelon, the music of the birds and crickets, the softness of cats, the lure of sunsets — and to serve the world by turning people on to a fruit-based raw food diet.

I've stripped away lots of old distractions and ideas about who I was and how I should live and found peace, clarity, focus and ambition.

What is the raw food scene like where you live?

In Philadelphia, there was no scene that I was aware of in 2011 to mid-2013, when I left the city. In Lansdale, about 20 miles northwest of the city, is where all the action was. I used to live in this small town and met Arnold Kauffman when he moved the raw vegan café 'Arnold's Way' to Lansdale from Manayunk, a Philadelphia neighborhood, in 2002. I was a 24-year-old newspaper reporter at the time.

I came back around to Arnold's Way in May 2010 and have been a fixture in the community ever since at our monthly potlucks. I've given recipe classes at Arnold's Way on several occasions in 2013 and 2014.

Arnold's Way raw food cafe, restaurant, Philadelphia
Arnold's Way group photo by Megan Elizabeth.

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