'Near Fruitarian': Brian Rossiter -
a Story of Natural Healing

Could you explain how you reversed chronic pain naturally?

The good folks at the Egoscue Method — my exercise therapists were Mike Kenny and Joan Adams — showed me how I could bring my body into proper alignment so I could experience not only a pain-free life but begin getting into the best shape of my life. Pete Egoscue's 'Pain Free' is an excellent book, but because I suffered from pain and misalignment (I would later learn, in so many bodily regions), I needed one-on-one care.

Mike was my first trainer, and he showed me how to do simple stretches and exercises for me to begin reversing the chronic back and neck pain and carpal and cubital tunnel syndromes, which affected my fingers. I had lived with this pain for 10 years, and it was getting continually worse. My way back to proper posture and a resultant pain-free life was a zig-zag. It took several months until my body began to strengthen itself from doing these 'e-cises', as they're called, for me to feel comfortable. In time, I improved my posture and gained muscle, leading me to other exercise.

I've been practising the Egoscue Method on a near-daily basis for almost five years. I swear by it — just like a fruit-based diet — and recommend it to everyone!

Are you in perfect health now?

My goal might be perfect health but I'm content never to achieve this. Even if I did everything right, I still have to walk down streets and breathe in fumes from vehicles and contend with other environmental and human-made toxins.

At 37, I am in the healthiest state I've ever been and know that I'm continuing to rejuvenate, feeling younger all the time.

What are the most amazing benefits of raw foods you have felt?

I enjoy being present in the moment and experiencing crystal-clear mental clarity and focus along with boundless energy. My ambition and sense of purpose have risen to levels I've never dreamed of.

Finally, I'm tapping into my potential and am excited to learn and master practices such as meditation to continually unlock my potential.

Are you a fruitarian?

Yes and no. I often interchange the words "fruitarian" and "mostly fruitarian." Fruit comprises the bulk of my calories, but I also eat greens and a healthful amount of nuts and seeds on a regular basis, so "mostly fruitarian" is the term that best describes me.

(Ulla:) Many fruitarians seem to feel brilliant at first and after a few years to become deficient in key nutrients. Do you agree?

Some continually feel extraordinary and others decline in health. I think it's important to read when adopting this lifestyle and get information from a variety of sources you trust. I also think it's important to make supplementation a key focus of study.

I supplement in some key areas — Vitamins D3, B12 and K2 and with barley grass juice powder — to help me stay healthy.

Why is fruit so much better food than anything else for a human, in your opinion?

(Ulla:) Doesn't it cause problems with blood sugar? What do you say to doubters of fruitarianism - is there any proof that it works?

We are designed to run on sugar, and fruit delivers us this fuel in the best-tasting, easiest-to-digest package. If fruit truly were the blood-sugar culprit many in the health-care establishment make it out to be, then it would be impossible for so many Type 2 diabetics such as Toni Allen to reverse her health condition. Tasha Lee, Robby Barbaro and Cyrus Khambatta have Type 1 diabetes but are doing much better on a fruit-based diet than on any other diet they've tried.

All their stories — plus about 70 more — are on my website as part of Fruit-Powered Digest. I'm building a large tapestry of transformation stories so people can be convinced of the powers of a low-fat raw food diet.

Doubters would have to give this diet an honest run for a sustained period of time before being able to cast legitimate doubt. Even if they haven't mastered it after, say, three months — and I wouldn't expect most to — I can just about guarantee that everyone would say they feel better than they did three months ago.

taste of raw food smoothies and salads
One of Brian's books.

Do you ever get cravings for cooked or unhealthy foods?

Not at all. I can still have a sense of appreciation for the smells of some cooked foods, but I know these foods aren't fit for consumption, and I would not entertain the thought of eating them, let alone eating for entertainment over optimal fuel or raw foods.

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To be safe, please consult your health-care provider before attempting self-treatment for health issues.


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