'Near Fruitarian': Brian Rossiter -
a Story of Natural Healing

Is it important to do a high amount of exercise to succeed on a long-term raw food diet?

No. I recommend daily to near-daily activity, and I enjoy the Egoscue Method to keep me loose, strong and feeling fantastic. I think exercising for the sake of pushing limits can be damaging to the body.

I like to approach things based on this question: "What would I do in nature." The main things would be to walk and climb trees for fruit. If we wanted to eat every day, we'd climb trees every day.

I also balance this question with: "What should I do to compensate for the fact that I'm not living in nature." Ultimately, the Egoscue Method's stretches and exercises aren't what we'd do in nature. But, in nature, we wouldn't sit or stand in place most of the day either.

Could you explain a little more about the Egoscue method?

The Egoscue Method is rooted in bodyweight exercises and yoga but introduces its own variations on these disciplines. In quoting Pete Egoscue's 'Pain Free':

"The Egoscue Method fills the stimulus gap created by the sedentary modern environment with a unique program of exercises targeted at muscles and functions that are receiving inadequate or improper motion. [...] Egoscue Method tutorials are designed to return compensating and substituting muscles — those that are performing nondesign functions — to their design roles."

Most 'e-cises' are completed while standing or while laying on a floor. Simple equipment such as steps and boxes are for some 'e-cises', short for "Egoscue Exercises" as the exercises and stretches are called.

Ultimately, the e-cises — including shoulder rotations, hip openers, sit-ups and back arches, or bridge pose, in yoga (I do about 20 e-cises and a few additional bodyweight exercises a day) — help restore the body to correct posture. With this correct posture, our eight load-bearing joints — two shoulders, two hips, two knees and two ankles — return to their proper structural alignment. The result is a body free of pain, able to better prevent and withstand injury and geared for optimal performance in life and in athletics.

How much sleep do you need per night?

About seven-and-a-half hours.

(Ulla:) The high-energy levels other raw-foodists report have so far eluded me. Even when 100% raw I still needed nine-hours of sleep per night and sometimes more. Have you heard of other people having the same problem?

I slept for about six hours a night when I was still eating animal products but also having a lot of fruit, thanks to green smoothies twice a day, in summer 2010. Once raw, I needed more sleep. What I think happens is that raw fooders get in tune with their bodies' energy levels because they no longer mask themselves in caffeine doses, for example. The body finally — finally! — has a break to "clean house." And the body is going to do just this! Honor it and sleep well. The amount of sleep you need might vary in time.

What would be the ideal place in the world to live in?

I thought it might've been Thailand, but living there or in any other land where you're a foreigner presents challenges you cannot anticipate until you've lived there. I would like to check out Hawaii and possibly Florida sometime soon. Ideally, I would love to spend winters in a warm climate.

All this said, viewing a place through rose-colored glasses can make us forget about the beauty before us.

Could you tell us about your book projects?

I launched five books in the first half of 2014. These were: 'A Taste of Raw Food: 7 Days of Smoothies 'n' Salads' and the four-volume 'Mouthwatering Recipes' book series. I have as many as 20 titles I'd like to release but need the time to do so. I have ideas for more recipe books as well as a comprehensive lifestyle book. These would be my next projects.

I took a break from book production of my titles in the second half of 2014 to work with Arnold Kauffman on book projects. One title was released in June 2014, 'Healing Success Stories from Arnold's Way', and another three titles are expected to be launched in the coming weeks and months.

What do you do for a living?

I have a past career in the writing world as a newspaper reporter and copy editor-page designer, publicist and publications editor. For 2014, though, I've pursued a dream in becoming self-employed with my Fruit-Powered venture and expanding my services to include book publishing and editing as well as basic website help for other health educators. I also work a day a week at Arnold's Way. To help me gain the money to build or buy a tiny house, though, I will supplement my income with another job in the next year.

mouthwatering recipe books
Brian Rossiter's 'Mouthwatering Recipes' book series is available from his website.

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