'Near Fruitarian': Brian Rossiter -
a Story of Natural Healing

What advice do you have for someone just starting out on raw foods?

Start by replacing breakfast with green smoothies and commit to making and eating them every day. Commitment is huge.

I had green smoothies for 1,250 days in a row from the day I started until I boarded a plane last year, breaking my streak. I tell people about this streak because I hear time and time again, that people didn't have ripe bananas or ran out of greens. If one makes a commitment to have a calorie- and greens-rich smoothie for breakfast every day for a month, the health change will be seismic. This will inspire further changes in a motivated person who reads voraciously about this lifestyle.

Education and inspiration are so key in helping a person succeed. I'm doing all I can to deliver the best experiences on these fronts on Fruit-Powered.com. I encourage your readers to subscribe for free to my e-magazine, Fruit-Powered Digest, home to 73-and-counting transformation stories plus other articles, tips, recipes and guest stories by leading raw fooders Don Bennett, Korey Constable, Arnold Kauffman, Dr. David Klein, Karen Ranzi and Anne Osborne.

I can see a world where life is valued and peace reigns. Where fruit is plentiful and nature rules. Eating a fruit-based raw vegan diet is the way to get there! Enjoy your fruit! :)

Does raw food lifestyle have to be expensive?

Living on a raw food diet tends to cost more compared with existing on a standard diet, but a true cost comparison should delve beyond strictly food costs. Most fruitarians or mostly fruitarians eat out less, saving money. They also don't partake in many social activities many others do, including drinking and entertainment choices. They also are much less likely to require expensive medical care.

Buying foods from a wholesaler can help shave costs as can just buying cases of bananas instead of bunches.

(Search for food wholesalers who cover your area online or talk to supermarket produce managers about where they get their wholesale produce from.)

Organic is best, but if money is tight, eat conventional produce. I've had to do this at times and am still standing. The thought that organic produce contains no pesticides isn't actually true, at least in the United States. Another way to do it is to eat some conventional and some organic by buying organic staple foods such as bananas and organic greens. This way, the bulk of calories and all delicate, nutrient-rich greens come from organic sources.

Do you have advice for people who are trying to eat raw or high-raw on a budget?

I would suggest making cheap, calorie-rich and widely available bananas the bulk of calories consumed. I would also seek out wholesale markets, especially in cities, and farmer's markets. Also, look for no-frills food-only markets where the lights might be dingy, but the produce is abundant and bottom-dollar. To help increase variety, I also recommend frozen fruits. If you shop around, you'll find great deals at different places on different fruits.

This is up to everyone to try for himself or herself, but I'd much rather eat conventional produce over organic cooked foods.

Could you tell us about your e-magazine - what topics do you cover?

Fruit-Powered Digest is my way to bring an element of the Arnold's Way experience to the world. No, people can't interact face to face with other raw fooders, but they can read informative, inspiring transformation success stories and get pumped up about what they can achieve on a fruit-based diet.

My favorite Arnold's Way experience was learning from those having greater success on a raw food diet than I was having. For a time, I attended potlucks to learn from these folks and to feel inspired.

I recall driving home to Philadelphia late those Saturday nights with such a rush, such energy, that I continued to advance on this diet, refining my approach. I want to deliver a similar kind of feeling in people, and let folks in Wyoming and Kazakhstan and all over the globe know that this diet is for real, that people are leading this lifestyle and that they can reverse cancer or feel their best at 70, too!

The hallmark of Fruit-Powered Digest is its transformation stories. These take the shape of profiles written by me; what I call condensed "interviews" framed by me (not quite interviews but a series of targeted sentence starters designed to steer a conversation with participants); and, finally, guest stories. I'm publishing two of these stories a month after having published four a month for the Digest's second year. Cutting back on these transformation stories enables me to publish tips plus a recipe for each participant.

The Digest also features regular articles by me, occasional guest feature and arts stories by others along with Fun Food Facts, which are light features on the foods raw fooders eat. Of course, regular guest stories by leading raw fooders Don Bennett, Korey Constable, Arnold Kauffman, Dr. David Klein, Karen Ranzi and Anne Osborne bring significant value to this publication. I consider these individuals to be outstanding leaders in this movement, and each has many special qualities to bring to the table.

I'm fortunate to have grown this publication since its small beginnings as a monthly publication with only a few stories. I'm grateful to the whole raw food community. Readers can expect installments, as I call them, of about four stories to monthly issues most weeks of the year.

Could you tell us what your book, Alive!, is about?

When I was about 7, I recall not feeling alive for the first time. I reckon that by then, cooked and otherwise improper food had sufficiently produced in me a foggy feeling that I told my parents that I simply didn't "feel alive." It was like I was in a dreamworld. This feeling came and went. Once I started on my path to raw food, I felt alive "alive," if this makes sense.

The word "alive" taps into something deep and meaningful in all of us, and it is the best word I could think of to name this book, about my twin paths to health (raw food and the Egoscue Method) and a four-step guide to transitioning to a low-fat raw food diet. The book also includes kitchen and home tool recommendations and insight from three Arnold's Way community members: owner Arnold Kauffman, author and YouTube sensation Megan Elizabeth and chef Shaie Dively. About 25 recipes — from smoothies to main courses — are enough to get anyone started.

This four-step guide, which is a slightly modified version of the steps I took to go 100 percent raw, is geared toward helping most raw fooders, who want to transition over a period of time. It's set up in a way that makes this transition as natural and easy as possible. It's designed to produce success in willing readers who have the eye of the tiger to achieve their lifestyle goals.

Quite simply, Alive! is the book I wanted to have during my transition. This is why I wrote it.

alive book brian rossiter
Alive! Book by Brian Rossiter.

You can visit Brian's website at Fruit-Powered.com as well as subscribe to his free raw food e-magazine here. He also offers one-to-one coaching.

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