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This website publishes many free articles on calcification, the different theories explaining it, its causes and natural remedies to combat it. As the popularity of the articles grew, we began to receive more and more questions, and had to create more and more updates to the articles. Eventually the story got so complex that it was necessary to produce a piece of work in a more organised way, in the form of an ebook.

calcification ebook

This website is committed to providing the latest, up-to-date and most effective information on natural health of remedies, while keeping it accessible to all. This ebook can now be pre-ordered for a discounted price of $3.99, though the price will go up once published.

This ebook discusses the conclusions of the best selling books on calcification available on Amazon, testimonials collected from various sources, other websites, including those of medical schools in universities, official government health advice compared with alternative health organisations' advice, and information gathered on this website over many years.

Note: This ebook is currently available for preorder only as it is not yet published.

calcification ebook

If you are struggling with finances, cannot afford this book, but need the information, please email explaining your situation... We will send you the book or extracts of it once the book is published.

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