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I wrote this website for those interested in the health revolution unfolding all over the world. Topics discussed include the raw food diet, low-carb diets, natural health remedies, juice fasting, healthy lifestyle tips, etc. I conduct 30-day trials and write day-to-day testimonials on various methods, addressing issues such as how to release trauma through physical exercise, what is it like to visit a natural health practitioner, summaries of the latest health research, and more. I now know and believe that vibrant health is your birthright.

"Your Body's Ability to Heal is Greater than Anyone Has Permitted You to Believe" - Unknown

There is a health revolution unfolding in world, spread by the internet and fuelled by various pioneers of healthy living. A movement of extreme health enthusiasts is forming and growing in all corners of the world, with various different approaches but also previously unbelievable results.

People of all walks of life are waking up to a better life and a more happy and satisfying lifestyle. This website wishes to be a small part of this health revolution, and a messenger, supporting some of these findings and collecting as much as possible of the information into one place. The lofty ideas of healing illness naturally, and discovering the hidden powers of our bodies and minds, are possible because we - the health enthusiasts of the world collectively - are standing on the shoulders of giants. Various brilliant people, communities, cultures and movements through history have worked tirelessly to keep the healing traditions alive, despite the lack of interest from the main stream for many decades, in some cases centuries. The tide is turning now, however, and the healers and the natural therapists are once again starting to gain recognition from the mainstream.

For the last six years I have dived head-first into exploring what I call the new wave of healthy living. This includes energy medicine, juice fasting, body electricity, biophotons, body detox, trauma release, subconscious mind work, etc. This website was launched a couple years later and is about summarizing healthy lifestyle tips from some of the world's leading doctor's, nutritionists and researchers, and putting those ideas to test in my own 7-100 -day health trials.

I believe that our bodies and minds are capable of a level of health beyond our wildest dreams - and with the help of colloidal liquids, electricity, healthy diet, exercises and many more revolutionary and cutting-edge methods we can not only fight epidemics, such as diabetes, cancer and obesity, as well as lesser health problems, but also gain a new understanding of how many miracles our bodies are capable of when brought back to a holistic balance.

What if you could have a supercharged immune system, vastly enhanced brain function, better intuition and a carefree mind where all bad memories from the past lost their strength? Have you seen the recent movie "Limitless"? Today, with various revolutions underway: the information revolution of the internet; the healthy food revolution; the global political revolution; and the scientific revolution taking place in quantum physics, epigenetics, etc. we are starting to get an inclination that anything is possible.

This website is about reporting, in a straightforward manner, on exciting ideas I have found and keep finding regarding health. The purpose is always to empower people by providing information, summaries and reports on my personal experiences for free, with a clear emphasis on home-remedies and cheap methods for healing. I honestly believe that we live in an era of many revolutions and there is tremendous hope in the air across the globe. There are also enormous challenges and plenty of fear which is why I ask you to study the information on this site, combine it with your own independent research - and, if you like what you find out, spread the word to bring hope to the world community.

Cheap Revolutionary Health

In addition to what I like to call the "food revolution", there are other, revolutionary 'new wave' health discoveries, which literally cost pennies. By 'new wave' I mean that this information has existed for a long time, it just hasn't been widely available, and that it is now experiencing a renaissance.

Many innovators, tireless labor of researchers, folk wisdom, alternative health pioneers, open-minded doctors, and - not the least - the internet, have made the rebirth of the raw food diet and other revolutionary, yet practical healing methods possible.

This information needs to spread far and wide.

But prepare yourself for the information you find on this website often goes against outdated mainstream beliefs. You may have to be prepared to suspend a lot of your disbelief, as a lot of it may seem too good to be true.

The reason you may not have heard of these health methods is because there is no commercial interest in them. This is because either the cheap ingredients or components are too widely available and can't be patented, or because the healing is based on something simple everyone can do at home, e.g. exercises, food, or mind work, and thus there is generally no interest in the world for paying to advertise or gain publicity for these. The world today revolves around money, and what you hear about most tends to be directly linked to commercial interests.

Bear with me as I am in the process of collecting pieces of information from various sources and presenting them to you on this website. I always provide links to original sources, relevant publications and websites, so that you have material to take your own research as far as you like.

I will undertake 30-day trials on various practices which address health and lifestyle issues such as releasing stress and emotional trauma, gaining intuition and opening the third eye (and other energy centres), conditioning the subconscious mind to collaborate with your conscious mind (= harnessing the powers of the other 90% of your brain), purification through fasting, supercharging the immune system with weak electrical currents, thinking your way to happiness (putting the law of attraction to practice), energising the cells through deep breathing, etc.

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For additional sources of inspiration I am also writing summaries of natural health books.

To read a summary of Ulla's personal health journey, click here.

To be safe, please consult your health-care provider before attempting self-treatment for health issues.

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"Your body's ability to heal is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe." - Unknown