Raw Food on a Budget, Week 6

The sixth week of the 100-day raw food on a budget diary - with detailed costs.

A summary of this diet is provided here: 100 days raw food summary.

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Day 36, Raw Food on a Budget

It was very easy not to drink green tea today as I was drinking all different kinds of non-caffeinated herbal teas instead.

I really think not having caffeine makes me have a lot more energy and perhaps the fact that I've been drinking green tea all through this raw food diet experiment has been one reason why I haven't had the explosive energy levels I expecting on this diet.

More on this here: "How and Why to Give Up Caffeine".

[Later update: Caffeine definitely has a HUGE impact on my energy levels. In addition to my article above, you can also read my book review on 'Caffeine Blues' by Dr. Stephen Cherniske. I highly recommend anyone interested in a raw food diet to give up caffeine first. At least try it for a week and if you're not thoroughly convinced that life is better without caffeine you can always go back!]

I started the Trauma Release Exercises (TRE) yesterday and today was the second day of doing them. My body was tired from work and yesterday's exercises (pilates and TRE) and my muscles were also hurting from the mad cleaning I was doing in the flat over the weekend.

Nature looked very beautiful today, which is definitely a sign of higher vibrating energy. I have had this experience before when working with positive affirmations and gratitude. It seems to sometimes happen with raw foods (also negative ionizers seem to help!). Everything gets kind of like a slight glow and you feel very good. Nothing supernatural, just one of those days when everything looks extra beautiful. I'm looking forward to many more moments/ realisations like this on my raw path!

[Later note: I wonder if this feeling could have something to do with higher oxygen levels in the blood, since negative ionizers have been said to enable the red blood cells to hold more oxygen.]

The exact diet and prices of foods for this day are detailed below.

7th November 2011, Monday

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Day 36 - Diet and Budget

- 10ml Floravital (30p)
- Smoothie: a banana (22p), 1/2 cup frozen berries (30p), 1 apple (10p), 1 tbsp bee pollen (34p), 2 romaine lettuce leaves (10p), tap water.
COST: £1.36

- Salad: 6 romaine lettuce leaves (30p), 1/2 organic avocado (£1), 6 brazil nuts (22p), olive oil (13p), soya sauce (3p), 1 orange (25p), 1/3 red bell pepper (20p), 1 plum (33p), 3 dates (15p), 2 small organic tomatoes (34p).
COST: £2.95

- Mixed nuts (£1) and 1 tbsp goji berries (26p)
- Plenty of herbal teas (mostly organic), no caffeine (free at work)
COST: £1.26

- 1/4 of a block of raw cheese (unpasteurised Gorgonzola) (98p) with dehydrated sweet potato 'gratin' (45p).
- 2 small pieces of raw chocolate cake (94p) with 2 tbsp maple syrup (72p)* - 1 date (5p)
COST: £3.14

(* Raw chocolate cake, 20 very small pieces: Base: 1.5 cups of walnuts (£2.25), pink himalayan salt (2p), 10 dates (50p), 1/3 cup of cocoa (cacao) powder (83p), a dash of brandy for taste (not sure if this is raw or not) (25p). Topping: 1 avocado (80p), 1/3 cup of raw cocoa powder (83p), 1 vanilla bean (£1.99), dash of organic vanilla essence (21p), 5 dates (25p), 1/4 cup of maple syrup (£1.20), a dash of brandy for taste (25p). COST: £9.38 or 47p per small piece)

TOTAL COST FOR DAY 36: £8.71 ($13.75, €10.17)

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Day 37 on Raw Foods

8th November 2011, Tuesday

I had to work late today, got home about 9pm. Luckily my bf had made a salad for me, I ate so much and then did the trauma release exercises after. I don't recommend doing them on a full belly, it's not very comfortable!

Was very tired today but for an obvious reason. Sitting in front of a computer for such a long day is very draining.

Day 37, Foods Eaten and Budget

- Smoothie: 2 apples (20p), 1 teasp raw honey (21p), 1 plum (33p), 1 tbsp hemp seeds (13p), 1 tbsp linseeds (flax seeds) (12p), water.
- 20ml Floravital (60p)
COST: £1.59

- Smoothie: 2 apples (20p), 1/2 avocado (40p), 4 broccoli florets (18p), water.
COST: 78p

- 1 bag of mixed cashew nuts and raisins (£1.79), 2 apples (40p).
- Lots of tea: nettle and lemon, rooibos (redbush), peppermint, berry and liquorice tea ('Clipper' organic teas, even the berry tea is from real ingredients and not from flavours like is often the case with berry teas - these ones are extremely nice)
COST: £2.19

- Salad: cucumber (8p), tomato (13p), onion (10p), thyme (2p), ginger (4p), few cashew nuts (18p), soya sauce (2p), green lettuce (20p), sweet potato (10p), coconut flakes (5p), dill (5p), carrot (6p), olive oil (8p).
- Raw dehydrated sweet potato 'gratin' (45p) with 1/4 block of raw cheese (unpasteurised Gorgonzola) (98p).
COST: £2.54

TOTAL COST FOR DAY 37: £7.10 ($11.21, €8.29)

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Day 38 of Raw Food on a Budget

9th November 2011, Wednesday

I couldn't do TRE exercises today, I worked late again and was too tired when I got home at 10pm. I needed to catch up on sleep anyway so I ate, took a bath and went straight to bed.

Later update: I found out later I had a food intolerance to carrots and celery. So this fact may have added to the stress/ tiredness of the day.

Day 38 - What I Ate and How Much I Spent

- Raw porridge (1 cup of soaked oat groats (27p), cinnamon (2p), 6 dates (30p), tap water, 1 tbsp maple syrup (36p))
COST: 95p

- Lots of redbush tea (free at work)
- 2 apples (40p)

- 1 large juice from Crussh ("Green Goddess", with kiwi, spinach, apples, pear, lime, cucumber, celery) (£5.10)
- 1 'Naked' raw snack bar (£1)
COST: £6.10

- Oatmeal porridge as this morning (95p) but with a handful of raisins (15p)
- 3 small pieces of raw chocolate cake (£1.41)
- 4 olives (32p)
COST: £2.83

TOTAL COST FOR DAY 38: £10.28 ($16.23, €12.01)

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Day 39 - One-Day Full Moon Juice Fast

10th November 2011, Thursday

Today I fasted because it was full moon. According to Barbara Wren the full moon puts a great strain on your body, so to help your system along it is good to do a fast at that time. I will try to make this a habit, to fast at each full moon, new moon and equinox. More on this in the juice fasting section of the website.

I had red eyes and headache today but not sure why, possibly because of the computer. I also didn't do the TRE exercises today. I cycled to work and back, one hour in total, and had no problem with energy levels at all. In the evening I was a little bit tired, however, and quite hungry, actually. The grapefruit juice helped.

Later update: The headaches and the red eyes were most likely food intolerance symptoms. The problems I experience today quite likely had to do with one of the juices that had two of the foods that I later found out I couldn't tolerate: tomato and carrots. In addition, it had celeriac, which is the same family of plants as celery, which I also found out I was intolerant of.

Compared to the 7-day fast, when I was on holiday, this was not a live juice fast. All of the juices (listed below) were pasteurised and so in fact not even raw. Actually all carton and bottled juices are pasteurised, unless they were squeezed the same day. This is because the juices need to be preserved somehow and 'killing' the juice by heating it to a high temperature (i.e. pasteurizing) will make it preserve for longer. I recently found out, however, that Marks&Spencer has started to sell unpasteurized fruit juices in plastic bottles.

I know I am committed to sticking to a 100% raw diet but within reason. I could not have fasted today without buying juices, as I would have had to carry too many juices to work and would not have been sure if they would have lasted all day without spoiling (I have very limited fridge space to use at work). I also could not leave work often enough to buy freshly squeezed juices from Crussh and also I could not have afforded it. So I think it is a fair compromise to drink pasteurised juices if necessary to be able to perform the fast.

When you think about it, the tap water I normally drink is not raw anyway but processed, dead, so-called 'heavy water'. So drinking pasteurized juices is not any worse. Same goes for drinking tea, which is obviously not raw either as the water is boiled.

I am looking forward to the day when I can afford to order live spring water as a delivery to home and most likely at that point I will start carrying it to work as well. The bottled waters at shops apparently (according to Ken Rohla) are acidic as well and also not 'live'. When I am finally able to get a spring water delivery at home (make sure to research the company prior to ordering and to find out about all the processes they use) I will then stop drinking tea as well. I may still occasionally have to drink pasteurized juices, however, for the reasons mentioned above.

But even strictly speaking, I would say that my diet is 99.5% raw, which can of course be rounded upwards! Some spices that I eat are also most likely not raw and I can't tell for certain of the nuts. Most of them say 'raw' on the pack but unfortunately that is no guarantee. Also, I'm not sure whether the spirulina and wheatgrass powders are raw or dried at high temperature. But I'm doing the best I can so, as I said, 100% raw on a budget within reason.

Day 39 - "Liquid Diet" - Budget

Lunch... and breakfast at 9.30am at work. I dry-fasted the morning:
- 'James White' organic vegetable juice (with carrot, celeriac, tomato, cucumber, beetroot, lovage, basil) (£3.25)
- 'Del Monte' pineapple juice from concentrate (oranges, blood oranges, pink grapefruit) (£2)
- 'Tropicana' Ruby Breakfast Juice (£2.60)
COST: £7.85

- 1 liter carton of "Just Juice" grapefruit juice from concentrate (99p).

TOTAL COST FOR DAY 39: £8.84 ($13.96, €10.32)

Day 40 - Raw Food Diet

11th November 2011, Friday

I have decided to take some cheat days off the diet, which will be logged separately (see link). This is to study these cravings I keep having and to remind myself that eating cooked foods is overrated.

I wasn't meant to drink alcohol on this diet but decided to have some wine today to be able to relax and talk about some important topics with certain people. The purpose was more to get the other people to relax, I don't think I need alcohol to talk about deep topics and to be straight-forward. In any case, organic wine is raw (although not a budget item, on the contrary, quite pricey!). Some raw foodists also drink vodka as apparently that is usually raw as well.

But I am, in any case, writing this blog entry about battling alcohol addiction, since the social gains are a big part of the addiction. I will try to figure over time how to feel like I don't need alcohol at all anymore.

The wine tasted quite horrible at first go - although it was good wine. The first time that I have ever tasted the alcohol so strongly in wine. The taste was akin to that of vodka or home-distilled alcohol but without the burning sensation you get from strong alcohol. I have previously abstained from alcohol for a period of some four months but did not have the same experience when drinking again. The effect this time must have had something to do with raw foods and cleansing. Perhaps my palette is becoming more sensitive as well.

Although organic and raw, this time alcohol had a foul impact on me. I didn't really enjoy the feeling of drunkenness, although it was a nice evening in good company. I also felt quite down the next day - my energy vibration was obviously low. I think most of the damage of alcohol is caused by dehydration and I seem to get a similar, although not as strong tiredness from other dehydrating substances, notably caffeine. My body didn't experience any physical hangover symptoms, however, apart from tiredness. My skin clearly went worse and my cough worsened.

I think the biggest problems I have with alcohol are that 1) it makes me tired, 2) it takes away my natural, positive mood, and 3) it hinders my brain function. On top of this, it is very expensive.

[Update: I think drinking alcohol had a lot to do with increased cravings and falling off the raw food diet, as did food intolerances, eating TOO FEW calories, and not getting enough micronutrients. More thoughts here: "How to Succeed on a Raw Food Diet".]

Day 40 - Raw Diet Detailed Budget

- 2 small pieces of home-made raw chocolate cake (94p)
- Smoothie: banana (22p), 3 lettuce leaves (15p), 2 dates (9p), 3/4 cup of frozen mixed berries (45p), water.
COST: £1.85

- Smoothie: banana (22p), 3 lettuce leaves (15p), 3 broccoli florets (14p), 2 tbsp goji berries (42p), water, 2 dates (9p).
COST: £1.02

- Salad: 1/2 tomato (7p), 6 large romaine lettuce leaves (30p), 1 tbsp capers (15p), 1 small avocado (40p), 1 apple (10p), lemon juice (8p), olive oil (8p), salt (1p), pepper (1p), 3 dates (15p), 1 organic green pepper (20p).
- 1/2 bottle of organic white wine (raw) (£4.97) mixed in with 1/2 bottle of sparkling perrier water (60p).
COST: £7.12

TOTAL COST FOR DAY 40: £9.99 ($15.77, €11.67)

Total Money Spent on Raw Food Week Six

Total spent in Week 6 (in five days): £44.92 ($70.93, €52.46)
Average per day: £8.98 ($14.18, €10.38)

A summary of this diet is provided here: 100 days raw food summary.

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