High Raw Diet Diary - Additional Notes

I am here including some notes on the initial ideas I had on this high raw diet, but which are not so relevant anymore. I just don't want to throw the notes away as I, and someone else, may find them useful in the future. Some readers may also be curious about why I chose to go against these ideas although initially reporting that they would be part of my next raw food diet.

All my health trials, including the raw food diets from day 1 are chronicled and linked to in the article below. There are trauma release exercises, juice fasts, gluten and dairy free diets, naturopathic analyses, etc.:
My Natural Health Journey

What I Will Improve on This Time...

There were a few things I did last time, which I wish to correct now:

  • I was eating raw dairy, which may have contributed to the mucous problems and allergy symptoms. This time I will be dairy free.
  • I was drinking lots of caffeine, which was contributing to tiredness and compromising hydration and the immune system (cold symptoms)
  • I was drinking 'dead water', i.e. tap water. This time I will drink live spring water to as large extent as possible (but will have tap water occasionally and for teas).
  • Last time I ate a high-fat raw diet, with plenty of nuts, olive oil, etc. This time I will not limit my fat intake too much but will try to make sure that it is not my main source of calories.
  • I will not be 100% raw this time, but will allow myself to drink pasteurized fruit juices and coconut water (for easy calories) and, for dinner, I will allow cooked sweet potato, cooked yam, cooked wild rice and some other complex carbohydrate grains (e.g. millet, quinoa).
  • I will have one cheat day per week, or if I skip it one week, then I can have two cheat days the next week, etc. Basically, 52 cheat days per year. This is a more-realistic long-term lifestyle than being 100% raw for a limited period of time.
  • I will incorporate some exercise. During my previous trial I was cycling to work but the range of movement in cycling is limited. This time I will include some form of whole-body exercise every day, whether it means running home from work, pilates and trauma-release exercises, or just a few movements and stretches on the floor. This is to prevent stagnation in the body and to increase energy.
  • I have now tested myself for mineral deficiencies and will supplement for these. I will also add other supplements for energy, de-stressing and supporting the adrenal glands. Although these will not be raw.
  • I will include green superfood powders, such as spirulina and chlorella every day.
  • I will also drink 1-2 green juices every day, because the micronutrients are very important (as argued by Dr. Joel Fuhrman).
  • I will try to ensure I eat enough calories.
  • I will not record a detailed spending this time, as it takes too much of my time. My diary will instead focus on recording my progress, feelings, ideas, and following how well I stick to the planned diet. I will also re-evaluate the plan on a weekly basis, to see if there is room for improvement and/or if it is too strict.
  • I will endeavour to soak all nuts and seeds to make them easier to digest
  • I will endeavour to include plenty of sprouts
  • I will limit my salt intake and increase magnesium and potassium
  • I will monitor my energy levels in relation to the amount of green juices drunken (especially the next day)
  • Endeavour to always have protein (such as hemp protein powder, bee pollen) or fibre with any form of sugar to prevent blood sugar imbalances. E.g. fruits naturally have fibre in them but if drinking fruit juice (most of the fibre removed), it might be helpful to add some protein.

Follow the link to read my article where I reason why it is better to be high raw instead of 100% raw.

High Energy

High energy has been a little elusive goal so far on my raw food diet experiments. I believe caffeine and the inclusion of dairy have hindered my process in this. Also, possibly not eating enough (not getting enough calories), as well as my allergy, has stopped me from achieving high levels of energy on the raw food diet so far. Having now quit drinking caffeine, I will soon embark on a new and improved raw food diet, where dairy is excluded and certain supplements are included to help support the adrenal glands and the transportation of nutrients into the cells.

In his book: 'Caffeine Blues', Stephen Cherniske writes as follows:

"To recover your natural energy, you must take three important steps: Eliminate caffeine abuse, boost your nutritional intake, and develop a habit of regular exercise." (p. 339)

He argues quite convincingly why this the case (explained in more detail in the book review, link above).

Taking Stephen Cherniske's advice in addition to other knowledge I have accumulated on the topic, these are the supplements and other ideas I will endeavour to incorporate as much as possible in an attempt to reach high levels of energy and joie de vivre: [Update: I have now given up on the idea of taking these supplements, as I found out that my adrenal glands are sluggish. I am thus concentrating for supplements for those, as well as certain deficiencies found out by the naturopaths. I may return to some of these supplements later, however.]

  • An organic, food-based multivitamin supplement to decrease the possibility of deficiencies. [Update: I struggle to find a good enough multivitamin to be worth its while. Instead I am taking a multimineral liquid supplement and trying to balance most of the vitamins from the foods I eat.]
  • St. John's Wort (herbal supplement, which raises serotonin levels). [Update: I am worried whether this is a stimulant to the dopamine receptors so will drink occasionally but not therapeutically or regularly.]
  • Ginkgo biloba (increases memory retention and concentration) for 1-3 months. [Update: Will drink this as a tea occasionally.]
  • Gotu kola (rebuilds mental stamina, increses mental ability, improves memory and learning retention, helps overcome the negative effects of stress and fatigue), taken first dairly for two weeks and after as needed
  • 5-HTP (an amino acid and a building block of serotonin, the 'happy hormone')
  • Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10 or ubiquinone) (essential for cellular respiration, gives greater feelings of vigor) [Update: This may be quite important as it fights inflammation, but expensive, so I won't take it for now.]
  • AKG (Alpha Ketoglutaric Acid) (improves stamina, respiratory efficiency, i.e. the body can extract more oxygen from each breath resulting in significant energy benefits. Also helps the body produce GABA, which has an anti-stress effect producing feelings of calm attention.)
  • Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine). [I am taking a multi-vitamin-B supplement.]
  • Chromium (enhances energy). [Definitely taking as I had a deficiency.]
  • Potassium and magnesium aspartate (antifatigue effects). [I am of two minds about potassium but I think it is easy to get from raw food. I use magnesium spray on my muscles on days when I feel tired.]
  • Siberian and Panax Ginseng. [Stimulating, I will not take now because of the adrenal glans.]
  • DHEA (Helps maintain youthful energy and strength. To test the DHEA levels before supplementing is important. This is a powerful hormone, take in small amounts only!) [Update: I am hoping to correct my energy levels without the need for this hormone supplement.]
  • Ensuring enough magnesium and iron either from supplements or from food. [I will take an iron supplement at least in the beginning until my iron levels become optimal.]
  • Vitamin D (actually a hormone). [Hoping to get this mostly from the sun or from the sunbed. May consider a high-quality supplement also.]

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