2016 Diet Summary

This diet plan started off as a high-raw diet and then veered away from it. But many important discoveries were made, e.g. regarding copper, hyperthyroidism, food intolerances, anxiety, dairy, grains, etc. This page provides a concise summary of the most important findings each day, as well as the conclusions in quick-to-read format. The diet and the diary is ongoing and will be updated here sporadically, when possible. The objective is to transition into a long-term, healthiest possible diet, whether it be raw or not...

Summary of Introduction

  • Diet goals: 50%+ raw, affordable, long-term eating plan/ lifestyle developed, where not much food preparation is required, suitable for a busy lifestyle.
  • Monitoring of food intolerances is important.
  • Plenty of mostly vegan protein is important.
  • Dairy does not suit me.
  • I cannot digest too much raw insoluble fiber.
  • I am still fighting the suspected aspergillus chronic sinus infection.

Health problems solved during the year prior to this diet:

  • Headaches were tension headaches, to do with stress and neck tension. Later note: Also, they have much to do with the sinuses, and cold food and being cold makes them worse.
  • My chronic cough was caused by dairy and alcohol. As long as I stay away from these (and grains?) I don't seem to have the cough.
  • Red eyes: Eating enough protein and iron seems to overcome these, and steam breathing oregano oil and water vapours seems to help as well, so there is probably a link to the sinus infection.
  • Dehydration was caused by eating too much insoluble fiber in raw form.
  • Oregano oil (steamed in water and breathed in) together with dairy-free diet seems to be able to clear the suspected aspergillus infection from my sinuses, gradually.
  • Sugar intolerance: As part of my aspergillus infection was cleared, I became able to tolerate sugar and fruit much better. Therefore the sugar intolerance was caused by the mold, which feeds on sugar and excretes toxic wastes as it eats.

New Discoveries Made During This Diet

  • I seem to not tolerate peanuts, tomatoes, or blueberries well. Almost everything that I have eaten large amounts of in the past, on a regular basis and for many years, seems to be not tolerated so well by my body.
  • Anxiety and hyperthyroid symptoms were drastically lessened after one month of copper supplementation, combined additional supplementes, as well as avoidance of zinc, certain B vitamins, and C-vitamin in supplement form.
  • As a result of the above finding, I have come to believe that zinc supplementation caused my hyperthyroid symptoms and anxiety, which I have been suffering from for the last three years. Therefore I don't trust ARL Labs' hair mineral analysis anymore and have decided to be extremely careful with supplements in general.
  • I couldn't tolerate something in the pea soup (on day 3), possibly mustard. Also found many other foods on this diet I don't seem to be able to tolerate well.
  • Menstrual cramps: Seem to be linked to anemia. Iron supplementation; dairy-free, grain-free, protein-rich, vegan diet; and possibly copper supplementation seem to help. Alternatively, juice fasts and raw food diet help as well.
  • High (vegetarian) protein diet and/or the supplementation with copper, iron, etc., seems to make me sleep better, and reduce the problems I have been experiencing with my eyes.
  • I get sinus headaches, which can be quickly eliminated by oregano essntial oil & water steam breathing. Being cold, and eating cold foods, can make the sinus problems worse. Puffy eyes seems to be linked to sinus problems and dairy.
  • Chronic cough and puffy face caused by alcohol and dairy. I don't usually suffer from the cough anymore since I'm dairy-free.
  • Aconbury Sprouts delivers large trays of pea shoots, sprouts and wheatgrass to your door.
  • Bought a powerful negative ionizer, testing it.
  • I can tolerate small amounts of caffeine again (from decaf green tea) without getting dehydration and other symptoms I used to get.

Week 1: January 2016

Day 1:
Weight: 57-59kg, raw courgette didn't digest well, sat heavy on my stomach and despite 2 digestive enzymes became very thirsty, eating canned kidney beans makes me feel good (protein and iron), I cannot sleep if the room is too hot. First day dairy- and gluten-free.

Day 2:
Felt light in the morning, found an intolerance to sugar-free peanut butter (or to lemongrass tea - needs retesting), green juice for breakfast, ozonated water, protein cravings. Perhaps my wheat cravings from the past were protein cravings? Many negative symptoms in the afternoon which seemed to come from cherry tomatoes, thyroid calming tincture helped against heart palpitations.

Explanation on my sub-clinical hypethyroidism.

Day 3:
My room seemed to have a nice 'radiant' light this morning - I usually take this as a sign that I have higher vibrating energy levels. Felt good in the morning: balanced, upbeat, clearer eyes than usual, I look healthier. Eating food from the fridge was too cold - made me feel cold and gave me a cough. It is important for raw foodists to think about their body temperature - the body is used to getting lots of heat from food. Something in the pea soup caused an allergy symptom, suspect mustard. Smoothie made out of mixed frozen berries (eaten warm) made me feel unwell.

Day 4:
I sleep better when eating this way. Felt positive, optimistic, and literally 'warm and fuzzy' when waking up in the morning. Weight has dropped to 55kg - is the quick weight loss a sign of reduced inflammation and losing of related water weight? Free of gluten, dairy and eggs which all have a reputation of causing inflammation. Still congested sinuses, mucus. Anxiousness may be linked to stomach upset. Same pea soup caused anxiety again, GABA and 'thyroid calm' tincture helped.

Day 5:
Face beginning to look more fresh. Long day at work, teaching, sleep deprived and very tired in the evening. Pain in the right side of my lower back - kidney pain related to detoxification? Not vegan anymore: Ate out: fish, potatoes, etc., including butter. Probably butter caused me to cough straight away. Next day I had bags under my eyes, and red & more dull-looking eyes. Dairy really doesn't suit me. Did potatoes (nightshade) contribute?

Day 6 - Menstrual period started:
Felt nice this morning again, and had lots of dreams. Later, due to menses starting: anxiety, slight headache, neck tension, throat-ache, fever-like-symptoms, feeling out of balance, cravings, tired, stomach-ache, nausea, feeling cold, bloatedness, feel crumpy & irritable, concentration is difficult, gas. Took painkillers.

Day 7:
Second day of menses, very loose stools. Had to take painkillers. Strong sugar cravings, not satisfied by fruit juice. Ate sugar, and - accidentally - a little bit of wheat in licorice - got a cough from it. Almost full moon (menses almost in sync). Drank alcohol.

Day 8:
Felt well in the morning and slept well. Some negative symptoms left from the menstrual period but not much. Drank alcohol, working on a deadline.

Day 4:
Cough and puffy face in the morning, blame alcohol. I feel that the experiment has failed due to being too busy with studies.

*** Gap in notes ***

Friday, 29th January 2016:
Ate a pizza two days ago, after being dairy-free for a long time. It seemed to affect me long-term, and probably caused me to feel like I couldn't breathe properly this day.

Saturday, 30th Jan:
Took hemp protein powder for the first time in ages. Berry smoothie made me feel unwell, suspect that these specific frozen mixed berries are not good for me. No supplements. Felt well for most of the day, with fresh feeling in my chest and arms. No cravings for dairy or pastries - did the protein breakfast help? Possible intolerance to sweet potato - needs retesting.

Sunday, 31st Jan:
Eyes are clear, face a bit puffy (inflamed?), detoxing dairy from days ago. Phlegmy. Potato crisps made me feel a bit 'inflamed'. No fresh feeling today, feeling tired and lazy.

*** Break in notes ***

Tuesday, 16th February:
Many interesting things to report. Feel much better without gluten and dairy. Starch cravings are different from sugar cravings. Met with Gareth Edwards, raw food nutritionist, who recommended alkaline food in balance with acidic foods (only alkaline is not good). Got a delivery of fresh wheatgrass and sprouts from Aconbury Sprouts. Began to drink bottled spring water. Cleared out my flat for three days, KonMari style. I can eat more fiber than I thought, happy. My typical favourite salad. Found more foods I can't tolerate. Hemp protein may be problematic for stools elimination. 59kg. Starting to look healthier but still puffy and red eyes, blocked nose. Sinus headache. The zinc I took previously may have started my anxiety and hyperthyroid problems. I'm losing faith on hair mineral analysis. I have creaky bones and joints. Grey-greenish urine.

Starting a Supplement Plan for Overcoming Hyperthyroidism

Wednesday, 17th February:
Diarrhea, possibly caused by the supplements. Maybe felt a tiny bit stronger than usual at work today. Red and hurting eyes, some flu-like symptoms.

Thursday, 18th February:
Puffy eyes, still red and hurting eyes also. Feel tired, flegmatic, moody - probably because next day my menses started. Felt better towards the evening.

Friday, 19th February - Menses:
Felt upbeat in the morning. Flu- and fever-like feelings all day. Loose stools, gas, dizziness, slight stomach ache, later diarrhea. Menses started, first day. Feeling phlegmy without having eaten anything that causes it. I was starting to look more fresh in my face due to the good, alkaline, high-raw eating in the recents days, but now the menses gave me a setback. Cravings: Menses usually make me feel miserable, which makes me want 'instant joy' in the form of sugary, fatty junk food. Addiction to anything is able to affect us stronger if we are unhappy/ uncomfortable/ bored on a certain day or generally in life. Made it through the day without painkillers, and without help from grounding etc., though I had to stay lying down all day. New remedies/methods that seem to help to eliminate menstrual pain: iron (definitely), maybe copper, vegan protein, alkaline eating, gluten- and dairy-free diet. I managed to stay away from junk food despite the cravings.

Saturday, 20th February:
No pain today but feel very tired. Less menstrual flow than usual. Iron and copper may have helped to increase my energy levels later in the day. Sinus detox.

Sunday, 21st February:
Felt good all day, not tired. Had a negative ionizer on in the room the night before. Slept well.

Tuesday, 23rd February:
Felt stronger than usual this day and the day before: stronger nervous system, eyes don't get as red or hurt as much, tiredness and stress don't affect me as badly as usual. Will stop eating spirulina for a while because of iodine. Still dairy-free, alcohol-free, following the hyperthyroid supplement regime. Ate falafels that had breadcrumbs and they caused my gums to hurt.

Wednesday, 24th February:
Been feeling more strong and confident than usual. Breadcrumbs in falafels caused my gums to hurt (again) and my eyes started watering and going red. The falafels also made me feel tired, and in the evening I had a stiff and achy neck. Seems like something in bread flour (not necessarily gluten) is causing red eyes and stiff neck problems for me.

Thursday, 25th February:
Reducing dose of magnesium and calcium, as I got slight diarrhea today again.

Friday, 26th Feb:
Felt tired in the morning. Swollen eyes again, likely to do with sinusitis. Ate salad and side dishes at a restaurant, butter in the dish caused sinus problems and a cough. Eyes badly hurting, headache, suspect these might be caused by butter.

Saturday, 27th February:
Hangover. Iodine in salt does not cause my eye puffiness. Confirmed that headache was sinus headache, clears immediately with oregano oil steam breathing. Cold makes the sinuses and headache worse, even cold food. I can eat dates again, they don't cause problems (due to sugar) as they used to. Was able to work late and enjoy it without needing alcohol to help focus.

Sunday, 28th February:
Optimistic upbeat feeling in the morning, after having many dreams. Alcohol stops me from having dreams. Was the good feeling this morning caused by something I did yesterday, e.g. lots of sinus cleansing or supplements taken in the evening? Eyes are puffy again, maybe because of sugar eaten yesterday? 'Does this suit my ideal lifestyle?' is a good motivation sentence.

*** Break in notes ***

Friday, 4th March:
Seems that copper and other supplements are alleviating my hyperthyroid symptoms! Copper deficiency may be the cause of hyperthyroidism at least for some people. I was able to present confidently yesterday, without too much stress. Less brain fog. Blushing came back though, probably because of wine drunken yesterday. Wine really does not suit me in many ways. I feel warmer, stress doesn't affect me as badly as usual. Feel stronger in general. Last week was a drawing workshop week, so my diet was less perfect, but quite good still. Not red eyes but dull-looking and puffy. Less vision problems perhaps - they may be linked to wheat flour. My stomach has been bloated on and off, therefore stopping all grains, including sorghum breakfast cereal. A dream at night felt like an emotional clear-out. I don't trust the hair mineral analysis process by ARL Labs anymore, zinc supplementation may have caused my hyperthyroidism. No more diarrhea or constipation. Felt anxious in the evening.

Tuesday, 8th March:
Woke up with a warm and content feeling. Had caffeine for the first time in about one year (if cacao doesn't count): decaf green tea, which still has a little caffeine in it. I seem to be able to tolerate it much better than before, my body is getting stronger. I ate lots of protein in the last two days - was that the reason why I slept so well?

Thursday, 24th March - after Menses:
One month on the hyperthyroid supplement regime complete. Not as many hyperthyroid symptoms, less anxiety, can handle stress better. Reducing the supplements, but still taking iron, copper, vitamin D (and later added boron as well). Still some loose stools and gas, want to see if leaving out magnesium will overcome the problem. Menses last week were much easier, and lot less painful, I didn't need painkillers. What seems to help: iron water, high protein, dairy-free, grain-free, maybe copper. New realization: Link between copper and anemia. Less raw food eaten recently, but still quite healthy diet, lots of vegan and vegetarian protein. I've been more relaxed about sugar. I feel stronger but don't look as radiant and healthy as on raw food diets and juice fasts. Wine seems to make me put on weight very quickly. I'm 61kg, heavier than for a very long time. Less problems with puffy and red eyes, though they are not completely gone. Started doing muscle exercises. Being dairy-free is hugely beneficial for me. Two weeks holiday from university for Easter.

Saturday, 26th March - Easter weekend:
I seem to enjoy alcohol less - are supplements and protein changing me? I also don't crave pastries and cheese anymore like I used to. Key to me transitioning to raw foods may be to eat fairly large quantities of nuts and seeds, which I was trying to avoid before on my raw food trials.

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