High Raw Diet - Week 4

The fourth week of the high raw diet starting, some moodiness manifesting but feeling quite well generally. The weight loss is still non-existent but I am close to my ideal weight anyway and am purposefully eating cooked complex carbs everyday so as not to lose too much weight.

I feel energetic now, on Monday, but let's see how the week pans out. Started taking some new herbs, so far fo-ti and liquorice, and I will keep a list of the herbs and their beneficial properties here: Foods That Heal (work in progress).

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The plan and general notes on this diet: 2013 Raw Food Diet

Day 22 - High Raw Diet

Monday, 15th April 2013

Woke up at 7am. Weight 60kg. Took a warm shower, followed by skin brush, and a cold shower.

Vitamineral greens and hemp protein powder One litre cafetiere of chaga mushroom tea, mixed with a teasp of liquorice root powder and 1/2 teasp fo-ti root powder (ho shou wu).
One banana.

AM snacks at work:
A banana, an apple.
Pistachio nuts (probably not raw)
Redbush tea made with teabags and tap water

Salad from Marks and Spencer, made of lettuce, baby greens, cucumber, radish, cherry tomato. Home-made dressing: balsamic vinegar (not raw) and figs (dried, possibly not raw).
Berry smoothie (pasteurised)
Apple and raspberry juice (pasteurised)

PM snacks:
Some smoothie and juice as above
Redbush tea

I suddenly felt very irritable and emotionally out of balance at work, in the afternoon. The feeling just hit me out of nowhere and had nothing to do with work as it was a very relaxing day where I just listened to talks on the internet while working on the computer - no meetings, boss on holiday. After one or two hours I started feeling normal again. This could have either been caused by yesterday's beer or perhaps some ingredient in the food I ate out (MSG?) or it could be emotional detox. It could be a food intolerance reaction as well. It was an unusual type of feeling.

Small cup of boiled wild rice (black rice) with lemon juice and two dips bought from the market made from wholefood ingredients and partially raw: 1) artichoke and chilli, and 2) black olive tapenade.
Fresh juice made from two bunches of mint and apples (too much mint!)

In the evening I felt quite good - not any more tired than usual after workday. I had a slight headache though. Exercise today: cycling to work and back as usual, through the city centre, and trauma release exercises at home.

I was listening to more Dr. Robert Morse again today at work and I'm very tempted to buy some of his supplements: i.e. the lymphatic drainage herbal tincture, kidney formula, and heal-all tea. He seems to know what he is talking about. It would also be fun to get the iridology report from him. He does some sample analyses on YouTube and he seems quite convincing. It is not cheap though and there may be a long wait. The tinctures are cheap but the consultancy is not.

Day 23 - High Raw Diet

Tuesday, 16th April 2013

Woke up at 7am.

Home-made smoothie: as usual, the ingredients (roughly): apple, green lettuce (I think from frozen this time), maca, dates, frozen mixed berries, chia seeds, goji berries, water.
Chaga mushroom, fo-ti and liquorice tea (made from dried wholefood ingredients (not raw, tea made with boiled tap water).

Salad with artichoke-and-chilli, and olive tapenade dressings (partly raw and bought from the Sunday market). Salad ingredients: lettuce, green olives (not raw), strawberries, pineapple chunks (raw and not from a can).

PM snacks:
Apple and raspberry juice (pasteurised)
Berry smoothie (pasteurised)

I went out with some people and had some cooked chips (french fries) with mayonnaise and ketchup, as well as 2.5 beers. I have the 'rule' during this diet that whenever I am eating with other people I am allowed to eat and drink whatever I like. So this time it was definitely not healthy at all!

Bedtime: 10pm?

Day 24 - High Raw Diet - Cheat Day

Wednesday, 17th April 2013

Woke up at 7am, quite well rested. Although I could feel the dehydration from the beers last night - it is not a good idea to drink alcohol before going to sleep.
I have decided to take my weekly cheat day today so I can eat whatever I like.

The juice of two oranges
Smoothie: Two small apples, one large leaf of collard greens, dates, chia seeds, goji berries, frozen raspberries, maca, water.
Chaga mushroom, liquorice and fo-ti tea (not raw).

AM Snacks: A banana

A salad from Marks & Spencers with different types of lettuce and baby greens, cooked green beans, one boiled egg, some tuna (not very nice), boiled new potatoes.
One cheese scone (cooked, with dairy and white flour)
Two small taster pieces of chocolate.

Had a cough today, not unexpectedly since I had cheese and gluten at lunch. But I also had a cough this morning, due to the chips and beer last night. Otherwise I am feeling quite good, I guess the detox symptoms have stopped for a while since my diet has been less pure.

PM snacks:
A little bit of apple and raspberry juice (pasteurised)
A berry smoothie (pasteurised)

A salmon dinner, potatoes, vegetables...
Some liquorice sweets (no added sugar or wheat)
Some live spring water

Had a cough again after the dinner. I drank some liquorice and chaga mushroom tea and it helped for the cough. (Tea always helps for my cough for some digestion-related reason...)

I am considering buying Dr. Robert Morse's assessment of my health and his recommended herbal tincture supplements. I have been listening to him a lot on YouTube recently and he seems to have an interesting approach. He believes in fruitarianism but doesn't recommend a pure fruit diet to anyone - he thinks we should eat high fruit, but good quality fruit, and some vegetables, not too much fat and protein in the form of amino acids, not animal protein. He thinks cleaning the lymph and strengthening the kidney is key and problems with these underlie a lot of disease symptoms. He thinks grapefruits, melons and berries and brilliant for detoxifying and then greens and vegetables can be used for building strength. The bit in his philosophy which I'm not quite sure about is where he advices against mineral supplementation and digestive enzymes. In my opinion it seems, by contrast, that a lot of good has been achieved by those supplements. Of course it is always better to get them from the natural foods, so in that way I guess I would agree with him. He recommends a raw food diet and thinks animal products and dairy are extremely detrimental to health. He also seems to be very proficient in iridology - you can see examples of his readings on YouTube.

The live spring water delivery came today from Cool Clear Water. I will be drinking mostly that instead of tap water from now on!

I have a very stiff neck today, some slight pain as a result as well. Dr. Morse says this is lymphatic congestion related but surely also has to do with lack of exercise and sitting in front of computer all day at work.

Bed: 10pm

Day 25 - High Raw Diet - Back on High Raw Food


I didn't really have much breakfast - just a banana and supplements, and maybe some chaga mushroom and liquorice tea if I remember right (writing this a day later).

I bought a pasteurised berry smoothie from the shop (I keep drinking these a lot, they are from Marks and Spencer's and there is no dairy or sugar added, and the ingredients are all 'clean'). I had this for breakfast at work.

Lunch: A cherry-tomato, red cabbage and lettuce salad from Marks & Spencer, the dressing thrown out and replaced with olive oil and pink Himalayan salt - and avocado also added.

PM snack:
Pink grapefruit juice (pasteurized), redbush tea (from teabags and with tap water).

Evening snack:
Pistachio nuts (probably not raw)

I stayed late at work to get some of my personal stuff done, cycled home at about 10pm. At home I had a little bit of black rice, reheated on a frying pan without oil - just water. Raw cashew and coconut oil butter added, as well as black olive tapenade and artichoke paste (both partly-raw). This was a very small portion of food. I also had the juice of one organic lemon mixed in water.

I went to bed around midnight - very tired.

Days like these, however, are not that good in the sense that I am not eating enough micronutrient-dense, raw and alkaline foods. A good green juice somewhere and a better, home-made salad would have helped a lot. It is all quite healthy, but it could be a lot better still.

Day 26 - High Raw Diet


I got my menses today and had to stay home from work because I felt so weak and had belly ache. I managed to control the belly ache by breathing in vitex essential oils regularly and using my grounding mat while sitting at the computer. I managed to get through the day without painkillers, which I'm very happy about. Strangely, a hot bath didn't help this time although it normally does. For the record, as well, my menstrual pain usually gets extremely bad without pain killers - just recently I have found some different ways to naturally reduce the pain - these are listed here: How to Cure Menstrual Pain Naturally

I noticed that quite often when I eat (or in the past when I used to drink green tea or coffee) the menstrual pain gets worse. Today I confirmed it again - I made a lentil soup around 3pm for late lunch - and the pain got worse immediately. Then I went to sleep on my grounding sheets for two hours - I fell asleep deep and woke up feeling better. I also drank a glass of live spring water before going for my 'nap' because I though maybe the soup was acidic and the water would help to alkalise me and reduce the inflammation - i.e. the menstrual pain. Grounding sheets also are meant to have an alkalising effect. Lying down with my belly on the conductive sheet (with skin contact) seemed to help the pain.

I know I'm meant to be on a raw food diet and lentil soup is cooked but I listened to Jameth Sheridan recently who said that lentils and pulses are very important to help women's hormonal problems. He also said that they should not be eaten raw. So I thought I would try a lentil soup - pretty healthy anyway, and vegan, gluten-free, and made without stock or other additives. In my case, however, the immediate effect was not helpful at all.

I didn't get any cold-like symptoms or bloatedness and tiredness on the days before the menses this time, apart from some air in my belly yesterday. It is definitely the cleaner diet helping.

I am starting to be converted more and more towards eating a lot of fruit as a raw foodist. The reasons being that 1) Dr. Robert Morse seems quite convincing, saying that fruit is the most purifying fruit. He also says that it is very hard to be healthy on fruit alone and the quality of fruit matters a lot - also you would have to live a very clean and spiritual existence otherwise for it to work, I guess, it is almost one of those other-dimensional things. Anyway, the point being that lots of good quality fruit is very cleansing and good for us, but you do need to eat your greens and take your herbal tinctures and medicines to get your body in balance in the first place. Personally, I am not for fruitarianism at all - have heard of too many people who got sick that way - but I like the idea of a high-fruit raw food diet. The second reason 2) is that when I was on a juice fast in the past I felt the best I have ever felt in terms of what I ate.

But the main question is what kind of fruit to eat in the Northern climate to make sure it is high quality and alkaline? Most of the tropical fruit is pretty much out of the question, although in the summer you can get quite good organic oranges, bananas, and other basic fruit in London from Spain, Africa, even as far as South America, etc. But how to know that these don't have artificial ripeners or other things added to them? How to know that the English apples are not injected with sugar or other things? Has the imported fruit ripened under the sun or how? Dr. Morse says that unripe fruit is acidic and pineapple for example, according to him, is acidic always if not picked freshly from the tree. But on the other hand, my experience during juice fasting was that the fruit in early spring in England available in normal vegetable stalls (non organic) as well as pasteurized fruit juices - which should probably be most acidic of all fruits - were fine and gave me good results and healing. So am not quite sure where I stand on this. Of course I believe that fresh fruit is far superior, but what if you can't get fresh?

My beginning of an answer to this question is that berries are the fruit of the North and the more berries one can eat the better. A good approach would seem to be to eat more organic fruits, including tropical ones, in the summer, and more berries, high micronutrient vegetables and herbs in the winter, as a raw foodist.

But whatabout dried berries - are they alkaline? And frozen berries? Pasteurized juice makes my raw food cleansing diet easier right now but should I look to give it up in the long run?

I think perhaps pasteurised fruit juice is fine, and some fruit are also fine non-organic - but it probably takes a bit of research to find out which ones those are. Anything GMO (genetically modified) should be avoided - like non-organic corn or soy-beans in the vegetable and pulse kingdom. I have to find out which fruit is most often GMO and avoid those. I would guess maybe some of the apples in this country. The more fruit one can get organic better, and a bit more emphasis on seasonal fruits is good. But in the Northern climates berries are a brilliant option to replace some of the fruit with. I will have to send Dr. Morse a question regarding this, because the melons he recommends as one of the most cleansing foods, for example, are very hard to get good quality in England in the summer, let alone in the winter.

Furthermore, my childhood home is in Finland, and I would like to device a raw food eating plan that works well over there. In both, Finland and the UK, even the greens during the winter are from greenhouses and partially grown with artificial lights but perhaps this is not such a bad thing. Young coconuts, a raw food staple in California and elsewhere, are probably not such a good choice to eat here, because they have to travel such a long way and so won't be fresh. It is a shame, really, but there must be replacement foods that can be used! Some of the plants, herbs and foods growing in the north are very powerful as they can withstand the harsher climate, such as the chaga mushroom and some of the more special berries, such as the sea-buckthorn berry and the smaller blueberry. I have also sometimes thought whether some of the needles of the trees could be pressed for juices and oils - I could imagine those having some powerful properties. And those could be picked through the year, even in the dead of winter in the middle of the snow. But once you go as far as Lapland, your options start being limited as everything is frozen and covered in snow. Unless you dig under the snow and know where to find stuff, your vegan food options are pretty slim. But that is why people in Finland prepare for the winter in advance by storing frozen foods in the fridge (berries, mushrooms) in large quantities; storing things like potatoes underground in near-freezing temperature; and by growing greens, sprouts, etc. indoors. Snow, also is a good source of live, natural water, as long as you live in clean nature and not too close to a city or anywhere where air pollution becomes a problem.

Anyway, so I hardly ate anything in the morning - conscious of the fact that it might make the pain worse - I only had some Vitamineral Greens, hemp protein powder, a banana and a little bit of chaga mushroom tea. I thought the tea might help with the inflammation because chaga is very high in antioxidants. This was all around 8am, when I got up, and then I didn't really eat anything until 3pm - just my liquorice sweets (ingredients: pure liquorice, anise flavour - no wheat or sugar added). I snacked on a few organic dried apricots (sulfite free). Then around 3pm I had a couple of SAF raw crackers with semi-raw artichoke paste and red lentil soup a explained above.

Now it is 7.30pm and I'm starting to feel better. I sit at the computer with the earthing mat on my belly under my top. There is no pain anymore right now, just gas, fatigue, and bloatedness. I will feel a lot better tomorrow, I know, it is just today I have to take it very easy. I just drank the juice of two organic oranges and am now drinking pasteurized apple and rhubarb juice.

Whenever I have my period I am very tempted to eat junk food. It's best to resist the temptation, however, because it just makes it all worse. I don't know where the temptation comes from - I guess it has something to do with hormones, acidity linked to the inflammation, or the need for stimulants because of the tiredness.

9.20pm: Feeling well. So happy that I managed to get though this day without more problems. Although I was very lazy all day but that is sometimes important to respect the fact that your body is tired and needs a break.

Day 27 - High Raw Diet - Another Cheat Day


Weight: 59kg

I started the day with a lemon juice and a green juice, which made me feel stronger. I took a hot bath, brushed my skin, and took a cold shower. In the beginning of the day I still felt quite weak and my belly ache was there a little bit. I drank apple and beetroot juice (pasteurised) and ate some raw SAF crackers with artichoke paste (partly raw). I also had some avocado with pieces of dates and pink Himalayan salt with it.

I had a banana before heading out to park - it was sunny - and lay there quite a while. I hadn't really eaten enough since the morning of the day before and I was still feeling quite weak from the periods. I couldn't really face the idea of starting to make food and the idea of eating out became more and more attractive.

So I eventually decided that I wanted to eat a pizza. So me and my boyfriend went to the pub at the corner of the park and had a pizza half-and-half, as well as dessert cakes. We ended up drinking beers as well - I drank a bottle beer and a half-pint.

We walked a bit, came home, and started watching movies. At some point of the evening we went to buy drinks and snacks - cheese crisps, pecan toffee ice cream, red wine and beer... So this ended up being a very unhealthy day...

Later in the night we also had toast with fried eggs and some lentil soup.

Oh well, I just have to not have a cheat day for the next week, since I've already spent an extra one in advance.

Day 28 - High Raw Diet - Another Cheat Day


Weight: 60kg.

Woke up at 10am, I started the day off with a banana, live spring water and grapefruit juice (pasteurised), not feeling hangover but a little tired from the alcohol last night. I took a shower, brushed my skin, and took a cold shower as well. I went out for a walk in the sun and bought some fresh greens from the market. My boyfriend made us a vegetable juice out of bell peppers (many different colours), lemon and ginger. and I followed up with a large green juice, made of parsley, celery, green lettuce, ginger and lemon. So far so good...

I went to lie in the sun in the park and read a book for a while, also thinking about what I might eat in the evening. Well, I decided to eat another pizza and check out the new Italian restaurant on our road! So this makes it the third cheat day of this week! Ooops. Well, what I decided was that I would go on a juice fast from tomorrow morning (Monday) to speed up the detox. Also, as I don't have any cheat days left for the next two weeks, I thought a juice fast would be an easiest way to deal with the situation!

Sometimes a stricter diet is easier. Juice fast is very easy because you don't have to plan the meals ahead, apart from shopping for lots of fruit and veg. And I have a tiring week ahead, a deadline in three weeks and I will have to start working quite a bit of overtime. So juice fast should hopefully help with this as well. But I will have to make sure I find enough time to take enemas - hopefully every day. Otherwise the detox symptoms will hit, like on the previous juice fast.

Evening snack: pecan ice cream from yesterday (non-raw, with dairy) and grapefruit and pineapple juice (pasteurised)

9.30pm, ready for bed. I drank plenty of chaga mushroom tea, and added some liquorice in it as well as fo-ti and burdock root into the teacup. I also just did the trauma release exercises. Tomorrow I have to wake up early, start the juice fast, and I might run home from work as well, depending on how I feel.

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