Natural Health Journey Update - Dec 2015

It is December 27th, 2015 and I thought I would share with you the latest things I've learned regarding my own personal health. Luckily I am feeling much better these days, and resolved some of the health problems I had previously - strangely not so much by following the guidance of any specific diet, doctor, or written advice but mainly through following my body's instincts and by piecing together bits of information from different sources. My road to health seems to be like playing a game whose rules keep constantly changing, or like making a puzzle out of pieces that are found in unexpected places along the road, in very different places. In other words, no 'guru' seems to have shown a clear route to health that works for my unique situation, but instead I have to find my own way through trial and error, utilising a mish-mash of sources and experiments.

protein-rich foodsProtein-rich pea chutney - recipe here.

Important Findings Explored in Separate Articles

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Increased Energy with Increased Carbohydrates

Fiber Can Cause Dehydration, Digestion Problems

Protein Benefits

Having protein on every meal seems to be necessary for me to sustain good energy levels. Some remarks on protein:

  • Better energy levels immediately and the day after eating plenty of protein.
  • Seemingly no difference in whether the protein is from animal source or from beans, nuts, seeds and spirulina, though I haven't tried cutting out eggs completely.
  • Period pain improved on a near-dairy-free but mixed diet, when eating protein and taking iron supplements every day for a month prior to the menstrual period - eating kidney beans and taking an iron supplement seemed to even quickly reduce pain on the day of the period!
  • Possibly better sugar tolerance, less puffiness, less red eyes and better breathing with more iron and protein.

Note that high-protein, low-carb diets don't seem to work for me either, as carbohydrates increase my energy levels as well (see article linked to above). Even the breathing problems I sometimes have seem to be at least partly linked to low energy levels, since both protein and fruit juice seem to help me breathe better (note that alcohol seems to cause tightness in the chest the day after drinking).

Celery Intolerance - Huge Improvements

Ever since I found out that I was intolerant to celery, I have had hardly any problems with the 'fever-like' symptoms, which I used to experience quite often. Other accompanying symptoms were: muscle weakness, very pronounced fatigue, etc. It may not have been only celery that caused these problems, since I get similar symptoms from excess sugar, for example, but quitting celery has definitely made me feel stronger and more able to function normally through everyday life.

I used the pulse test to test for celery intolerance and now I have to avoid most vegetable stock cubes, many soups, and celery salt, as even a small quantity seems to cause problems.

I do wonder whether one of the juice fasts or raw food diets when I was juicing plenty of celery caused me to become intolerant to it.


I recently tested taking more supplements again since I haven't been taking many recently, and I got some stomach ache (from GB3, very likely), headache and fatigue. These could be due to many other reasons as well, and not necessarily caused by the supplements, but generally I have been feeling better without taking supplements.

My thinking now is that too many supplements at once may upset the body's balance, and while they are sometimes necessary, they are probably best used under supervision from a specialist who can monitor their effects at the same time, through blood analysis, etc. Perhaps a live blood analyst or a specialist doctor.

If you are feeling unwell and taking many supplements, it is worth taking a break from all of them for a couple of weeks and seeing whether you feel better. Supplements come in many different qualities, and their effects are individual. If you do choose to take a supplement - or even herbs in medicinal quantities - please test them one at a time to be clear of their effects on your body. But dosage is important - a very low dosage will usually have no effect whatsoever.

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