Cheap Revolutionary Health Ebook

This book came out of a necessity to begin putting in one coherent place, neatly ordered, all the amazing ways we can use to naturally reclaim back our health, free of charge.

cheap revolutionary health ebook

The primary motivation for the research and experiments presented in this book, and the CHR website, was the realization that there are not many organisations out there promoting methods of healing that have no commercial value. Both the pharmaceutical industry and the natural health industry have a vested interest in promoting their own treatments and cures – some of which work fantastically well – but at the same time there are no lobbyists or PR departments for home-based healing methods that are free of charge and/or very cheap.

When it comes to understanding the era we are currently living in, it pays heed to 'follow the money'.

Natural health need not be difficult or expensive, once we have access to the right information. All you need is the information in this book, and the motivation to feel better day-by-day, to get started on a new, more vibrant and healthy life.

The book is organised in 68 short chapters, out of which you can pick and choose the methods that inspire you most. I have taken on the hopefully not-too-ambitious task of summarising each of these proven-to-work methods in a few short paragraphs, in an attempt to provide you with as much information and inspiration as possible, while keeping it to the length of just one book.

I hope that you will find much inspiration and the solutions that you are looking for.

This book contains 68 brief chapters, each introducing you to the benefits of a certain technique, or a trick, to improve your health frugally. Methods suitable for busy lifestyles. Natural, noninvasive and easy techniques. Pick the ones that suit your lifestyle and interests best and begin enjoying the good life!
  • 200 pages of content
  • Tried and tested methods
  • Links to additional information on this website and elsewhere
  • All the best insights from the last ten years of writing the Cheap Health Revolution
  • Many new discoveries, not yet published on this website
  • No willpower needed
  • Free and very cheap methods
  • Suitable for busy lifestyles
  • Amazing health benefits you didn't know about

This book has been revised in February 2020 and is currently in it's third edition.

Lifetime of free updates! If you have purchased a previous edition of this book and would like a free update, email: quoting your original order date and either 1) the email address or 2) the order number you used for the original purchase.

This book is a digital pdf download but can be read in Amazon Kindle even if the purchase is not through Amazon.

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About CHR:

Ulla is the Editor of Cheap Health Revolution, covering natural remedies and health solutions. Read more about Ulla and this website here: "About CHR"


"Your body's ability to heal is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe." - Unknown