How to Control Anger / Cures for Moodiness

Are you moody? Wanna do something about it? Here's how to control anger and moodiness - quick, easy, cheap, natural and wholistic cures for moodiness - helping to balance out your body and get back to your original state of health and well-being - before the modern world imposed its challenges on your mind and body...

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How to Control Anger - #1: Magnesium Oil

"Even a mild deficiency of magnesium can cause increased sensitivity to noise, nervousness, irritability, mental depression, confusion, twitching, trembling, apprehension, and insomnia. Imagine being able to clear these symptoms without dangerous drugs! Magnesium is the premier medicine for depression, sleep disturbances, emotionally disturbed behavior, and neurological diseases because of its strong positive effect in calming and nourishing the nervous system."

Most of the people living in the Western Countries are magnesium deficient. And magnesium is the single most important mineral in our body.

When I discovered magnesium oil (magnesium chloride) some months ago, I found it made me feel more relaxed within 30 mins-1 hour. I felt more relaxed in my mind and in my muscles as well. I used a high-potency magnesium oil I bought from a pharmacist and applied it all over my body. It worked wonders. And I had such a good night's sleep afterwards.

I have kept applying it every once in a while. It does sting my skin, and leaves it kind of salty feeling, which some people may find annoying. If it stings or burns too much, just put it on the legs, or whichever body part feels most able to withstand it. Personally I don't mind it too much and I just put it on before going to bed.

(The packaging claimed that if the oil stings, it is a sign that you are badly magnesium deficient. Not sure if this is true or not.)

Brent King suggests a wholefood alternative to magnesium oil - nigari flakes in a bath tub. You can read more here: "Magnesium Oil"

According to him, you can buy nigari flakes very cheaply in most Asian stores, as they are used for making tofu, and they are a good source of magnesium chloride. Brent has plenty more information on magnesium oil on his website.

This is a good explanation on the benefits of magnesium oil from 'Hyperion Herbs TV' on YouTube:

Key benefits of magnesium as discussed on the above video:

  • Immediate stress reduction
  • Almost immediate relaxation
  • Improved sleep
  • Feel-good hormone endorphine depends on magnesium for its production
  • Important mineral for the body, affecting all body functions
  • Helps keep obesity genes at check
  • Helps with insulin
  • Activates various enzymes
  • Helps detoxify heavy metals
  • Helps escort toxic chemicals from the body
  • Boosts your natural production of DHEA - an important hormone linked to youthful vigor

Another way to increase your magnesium levels is by swimming in the sea! Wild swimming in general exposes your body to many minerals, oxygenated water, and other goodies. Even rivers contain magnesium, although less than the sea.

Cures for Moodiness/ How to Control Anger - #2: Brain allergies

You might be surprised to find out that allergies (intolerances) to food and chemicals can cause endless types of moods and mental issues.

Perhaps you think of snappiness, high-temper, or a negative worldview as 'a part of your personality' and conclude that it might be difficult to change. In reality, however, this is often caused by something in your environment, or something you regularly eat.

Food intolerance reactions typically come with a delay of a few hours to three days, which makes it difficult to make a connection between the cause and the symptom.

" reactions [can] make people anxious and depressed or have other physical and mental symptoms."
- Dr. Philpott in 'Brain Allergies' (book review to come)
"We should be diagnosing paranoia caused by wheat allergy, dissociation as a manifestation of a sensitivity to eggs, catatonia as a manifestation of mold or hydrocarbon allergy, and so forth."
- Dr. Philpott in 'Brain Allergies'

"60-70% percent of symptoms diagnosed as psychosomatic are in fact undiagnosed maladaptive reactions to foods, chemicals and inhalants." - Dr. Philpott

how to control anger, cures for moodiness, anger therapy, diet and mood, mood disorder
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"The emotional symptoms evoked on exposure to foods and commonly met chemicals range from mild central-nervous-system symptoms such as weakness, dizziness, blurred vision, anxiety and depression, [to] paranoid delusions, and visual and auditory hallucination."
- Dr. Philpott

These bold claims are just the beginning of the book Brain Allergies by Dr. Philpott and he goes on to explain that behind some of the most dangerous and difficult mental illnesses there may be simple causes that are fairly easy to correct: food and chemical sensitivities coupled with nutrient deficiencies.

The simple cures he uses on his patients are: eliminating any allergens from food and the environment of the patient, finding out vitamin and mineral deficiencies and supplementing these, as well as magnetic therapy. Sometimes, to get over a serious reaction, he uses oxygen therapy as well.

Luckily there is an easy home-test - called the "pulse test" - you can do for food and chemical allergens, which costs nothing. It requires a little discipline to follow through but will be very beneficial for most health seekers. I found out, for example, that I was allergic to carrots, which gave me chest pain, a stressed-out feeling, and a heavy heart beat.

My experience with food intolerances

Quick method to home-test for allergies

In addition, this book may be of interest:
"Diet, Crime and Delinquency" by Alexander Schauss

It is also important to assess mineral and other nutrient deficiencies. Personally, so far, I have just supplemented with magnesium oil (or magnesium flakes in the bath) and trusted my diet for the rest. But you may choose to contact a naturopath or a doctor for finding out what tests are available.

[Update: I now also now suspect that I have chromium deficiency, which causes inability to handle stress, anxiousness and fatigue. It is also linked to toxic overload in the pancreas, which, in turn, is linked to food intolerances.]

Dr. Lawrence Philpott recommends contacting an 'orthomolecular-ecologic' doctor, who will focus on balancing out vitamins, minerals, trace elements, essential fatty acids, enzymes, amino acids, and hormones.

A micronutrient-rich diet, such as what Dr. Joel Fuhrman recommends, should help with many deficiencies, as well.

My hair mineral analysis report

[Update: As a results of the above hair mineral analysis I found out that I was deficient in many minerals but also that I suffer from sluggish adrenal glands which makes it harder to tolerate stress. Almost everyone has some degree of this problem - it is worth researching 'adrenal fatigue' to understand this more.]

Book summary and review: Brain Allergies by Dr. Philpott

Cures for Moodiness/ How to Control Anger - #3: Green Juices

"I would go so far as to say that if a community, a country, or even the world consumes chlorophyll consistently (1-2 times a day): we would see an end to world famine, dis-ease and war."
- Queen Afua in 'Heal Thyself for Health and Longevity'

Green juices do put you on more mellow moods. Perhaps because they address vitamin and mineral deficiencies and you feel better, or perhaps because your body gets a rush of enzymes and life force into it. Or maybe it is the alkalinity. I have heard it mentioned before that acidic people are more angry.
But according to many, there is another reason for this: chlorophyll, the green pigment of the plants, gives you a natural high.

In fact, eating green ticks almost all the other boxes on this list of natural cures for moodiness, because greens also contain plenty of magnesium, fibre to help with blood sugar swings, stimulates your mind without caffeine, and helps transporting oxygen into your system.

Below is a thread from the "" forums, titled: 'Green Juice = Euphoria' ( ):

"[question] I juiced some collard, kale, carrots, celery, radishes, parsley...about 12 oz (1/3 litres) of juice and I got a rush like a runner's high.
"I mean I got a buzz from green juice - never expected that."
"[answer] I know exactly what you're talking about. Green juices just make you happy and energetic. I think it's from absorbing all the needed nutrients. It's the real deal as far as energy drinks go. I get a bit addicted on juice feasting just b/c the high is so great!"
"[answer 2] ... there was a guy who drank juiced parsley every morning and night, and he claimed to have sustained [...] amazing energy..."

I have written plenty more on this website about the benefits of greens. But to start off with, visit: "My favourite green smoothie recipe" to learn how to make sweet tasting green SMOOTHIES, which taste amazing.

Green JUICES, however, generally have a higher content of chlorophyll than green smoothies, and to make one that tastes good is quite easy: just juice approximately 4-5 apples in a juicer with a bunch of dark green lettuce or spinach. It will taste pretty much like freshly squeezed apple juice.

An alternative, tangy recipe for a green juice is to juice one lemon, including the rind, with a bunch of coriander (cilantro) and some apples or pears. You can also add cayenne pepper if you like it spicy hot.

You may also like: My Live Green Juice Fast

Benefits of Wheatgrass Juice (and Chlorophyll)

Cures for Moodiness/ How to Control Anger - #4: Eliminate all processed sugar

This piece of advice especially applies to you if you tend to get grumpy when you're hungry.

Eliminate all processed sugar and artificial sweeteners - especially soft drinks - and additives from your diet. This includes artificial colours, preservatives, as well as all added, chemical ingredients on the label. If it is too difficult to eliminate these completely, just reduce the amount eaten and learn to become more aware of how they affect your moods.

Blood sugar imbalances can make anyone crazy. Anything that raises your blood sugar too quickly will cause it to come crashing down afterwards, which causes tiredness and moodiness, among many other problems.

Eat only sugar from whole-food sources - such as fruit, dates, and berries - and combine it with fibre or protein. After a while, see how it affects you. You may be able to start eating maple syrup, or some other more natural forms of concentrated sugar. Sometimes you may have to address underlying issues, such as candida, before blood sugar balance can be achieved.

I recommend the book 'Fat Around the Middle' by Marilyn Glenville for anyone who needs to better understand blood sugar imbalance and its far-reaching effects on the body.

It is also important to be aware that many drugs have side effects which may not be very well known or reported. So if you're on prescription drugs, consider that they might contribute to your moods. Get a registered doctor, who is experienced in natural, preventative medicine to help you wean off the drugs.

These may be of interest:
Carbohydrate Intolerance
How to Stop Sugar Cravings Nature of Sugar Addiction

Cures for Moodiness/ How to Control Anger - #5: Quitting Caffeine

I know it is hard to believe... but the little innocent caffeine addiction, that is so widely accepted, has a much more radical effect on people than any of us think.

This is from my own report on how it feels to quit caffeine:

"The benefits I experienced from quitting caffeine were unexpected, and much more profound than I thought. Increased energy is the classic benefit but the greatest change came with my moods. I hadn't realised that I had an underlying anxiety - caused by caffeine.
"The way this manifested was that I would periodically get very sad without knowing the reason for it. As far back as I remember, already as a youth, I would occasionally get sad and worried about something. Now, whereas those feelings are quite natural, the difference was that I would suddenly feel sad or worried for no reason. I would say that after quitting caffeine my emotions stayed the same - although I do feel happy and upbeat more - but it is the unexplained feelings of anxiety that disappear. I am now able to take stressful situations better [...] and my energy, as well as the levels of relaxation and happiness, are generally a notch higher. I have more energy in the morning and all throughout the day. The frequent energy slumps during the day, which were caused by caffeine, are gone as well."

From the book: Caffeine Blues:
"Invariably what surprised my patients was the profound difference they felt. As sleep improves, you would expect an increase in energy, but the ripple effect of benefits also included decreased pain, better mood, decreased reliance on prescription and over-the-counter drugs, enhanced immune function, and improvements in memory and learning. Most important, patients reported 'feeling themselves' again." - Stephen Cherniske
"One client who kicked the caffeine habit recently told me: 'It's as though a cloud has been lifted from my body and mind. I had no idea that I was such an angry and frustrated person.' That's because cortisol has a powerful effect on personality [and caffeine elevates cortisol levels]."
- Stephen Cherniske
Cures for moodiness, how to control anger, controlling anger, bipolar teen, diet and mood
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Cures for Moodiness/ How to Control Anger - #6: Alkaline Foods

According to David Wolfe, alkaline foods are foods that contain the minerals calcium and magnesium, whereas acid foods contain the mineral potassium.

"When we're in an acidic state we're moody, we're upset, we're reactive, we can find a rage and anger, and then inside our body that can become illnesses, it can become certain types of mutated cells and cysts, it could become a disturbed metabolism, disturbed digestion, it can be pain in our body - all of those things. When we get alkaline [...] we're relaxed. We calm down. Roots, seeds and muscles are acidic..."
- 'David Wolfe Explains Acid-Alkaline Balance"

By 'roots', 'seeds', and 'muscles' he means, for example: potatoes (root), steak (muscle), and peas (seed). Or in a hamburger: bun (made from wheat - a seed), burger (muscle), and potato chips (French fries - root).

Read also: The Truth About Alkaline and Acid Foods - Clearing Out Confusion

Cures for Moodiness/ How to Control Anger - #7: Exercise

This is a bit of an obvious one. But for the record, exercise increases the levels of oxygen in your body, detoxes you through sweating, gets your blood pumping, and - importantly - releases endorphins in your brain, making you feel happy, relaxed, confident and energized.

Cures for Moodiness/ How to Control Anger - #8: Trauma Release

Trauma is perhaps blamed for more moodiness than necessary in today's world. But, on the other hand, we can all do with some subconscious cleaning as the modern life imposes many traumatic experiences on us regularly. Some level of trauma is just a part of life and David Berceli has devised a system that unblocks the trauma stored in your muscles as small knots of tension. There are many other mind-body-work systems, which have been reported to help many people.

It is a new, revolutionary idea that trauma can be released through physical exercise but it is gaining a lot of popularity and credit.

I often have a problem with breathing deeply, but after doing the TRE exercises, I can always breathe my lungs full easily. So there must be something to it. But I take my time and do the exercises for almost one hour at a time.

Trauma release exercises help with people's moods, and have also been reported to work for more serious problems, such as post-traumatic stress disorder: My 30-Day Experiment on Trauma Release Exercises

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