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The juice fast last week has done me good but I took a few days' break while cycling and walking on the seaside. During the weekend trip I ended up eating quite well, still drinking green juices, taking plenty of good supplements, but drinking alcohol as well. This was clearly against the hormone diet plan so I just published brief notes on those days.

My menses started on day 28 of the cycle, and I was very surprised to find that this time the pain was much-reduced and I generally felt much better than usual. I didn't expect such quick results, especially considering that I took quite a few days off when I didn't follow the diet plan 100%.

I still had pain on days 1 and 2 of the cycle but not enough to have to take painkillers or to stay in bed all day. Usually I am either heavily on pain-killers and still feeling fatigued, food cravings and bloated - or I don't take pain-killers and use natural cures but stay in bed for two days. These promising results on the diet give me hope that, as long as I stick to the diet, by next month my menstrual cramps may be history!

The introduction to the women's hormone-balancing diet, supplements and lifestyle plan is here, last week's diary here, and read also: natural remedies for menstrual cramps.

Summary of this diet diary is provided here.

Only Partially Following the Diet for Six Days

Tuesday, 26th August, 2014 - Day 11 of Diet
Day 22 of Menstrual Cycle

I was planning to return to juice fast today, having fasted for five days last week. But started getting massive cravings for fats as which may have to do with hormones. I decided to just ride these feelings and take notes, without trying to force myself to juice fast. I will take notes on how I feel throughout the menses and then resume the juice fast after.

hormone diet, fat cravings, avocado salad, mozzarella salad
Fat cravings have hit me hard this week...
Later note: I ended up drinking alcohol many of these days and ate only partly healthily. I kept taking supplements and making juices as well as 99% of the time staying away from bread and sugar. But because of the alcohol, I decided that these days did not follow the hormone diet plan and have erased most the notes, just leaving some bits that talk directly about hormones or are otherwise important to note.

During the weekend trip in the last few days I was quite careful not to eat bread or sugar, but there might have been some sugar in the sauces, as we did eat out a lot. On the downside, I did have some deep-fried food, some alcohol and dairy as well, though not very much. One meal at the Indian restaurant had white rice. Apart from that, I mainly ate fresh seafood, cooked vegetables, salad and water.

I'm about a week away from the start of my period now so I can expect a major energy-drop in a few days' time, because both estrogen and progesterone are going to drop suddenly in preparation for menstruation. I will try to eat healthy through this period but usually this time of the cycle I find it almost impossible to resist the cravings.

My belly is starting to feel like the menses are on their way... No pain yet, just different feelings and also some gas.

I Started to feel a bit out of balance physically. I have huge cravings for cheese and fatty foods. I suspect now that I have low estrogen symptoms - perhaps extra fat would help produce more estrogen and that's why I am craving it? Eating some pistachio and cashew nuts and they taste so good!

If I indeed have too low estrogen levels, as Dr. Lawrence Wilson's website seems to indicate, the general advice on the internet to correct this is:

  • Eat animal protein sources because most of those are rich in hormones, including estrogen
  • Eat plant foods rich in natural estrogens
  • Cut out foods that inhibit estrogen
  • Take aphrodisiac herbs and foods
  • Drink a lot of water

I took a quiz on the Hormone Cure Book -website, and according to this test I have BOTH, low and high estrogen; and BOTH, low and high cortisol; low thyroid hormones; low progesterone; and unlikely but possibly high androgen hormones.

5pm: Feel quite tired, a bit down and unable to concentrate well. I also feel quite cold.

6.30pm: My pulse is 82bpm and I have a heavy heartbeat in the gut. That means I definitely ate something that I have a food intolerance to. I suspect the mozzarella cheese, it is known to be very difficult to digest. I also have a 'thick'-feeling in my throat, and a slight throat ache too. It may be that the fatigue and the slight depression symptoms earlier were because of the food intolerance reaction, and not necessarily hormones.

Wednesday, 27th August, 2014 - Day 12 of Diet
Day 23 of Menstrual Cycle

Only partial notes are recorded on this day as I was off the diet.

Feeling ok but not too well today, my chest feels heavy and I feel a bit moody.

1pm: Pulse 75bpm and itchy throat. I measured this too late but it still seems like a little elevated pulse. I suspect if I measured earlier after eating cheese it would have been higher. Seems that I have an intolerance to either mozzarella cheese or cheddar cheese.

3pm: Just finished doing very tough leg muscle exercises for 20 minutes, then had a post-workout spirulina drink (1 tbsp spirulina, 1 lemon, water, 1 teasp kelp) in the Vitamix, and took a cold shower. Altogether this took 45minutes. Now my muscles feel exhausted but otherwise I feel fine.

4pm: Fat cravings again and just feeling hungry in general. I had a small piece of organic mature cheddar cheese and will see if it raises my pulse. I will measure my pulse every 30 minutes until 1.5 hours have passed. This is the pulse test method of testing for food intolerance.
I also ate cashew nuts, almonds, pistachio nuts and some blue cheese (St. Agur).
Feeling a bit cold despite having loads of clothes on. It feels like an 'internal cold'.

4.30pm: Pulse: 73bpm
5.10pm: Pulse: 75bpm
5.30pm: Pulse: 80bpm - Definitely an intolerance reaction.
6pm: Pulse 86bpm.
6.20pm: Pulse 88bpm. I feel very uncomfortable now and have heart palpitations.
6.50pm: Pulse 86bpm (going back down now).

Judging from my pulse count, I either have food intolerance to the organic cheddar cheese or to St Agur blue cheese - or both. I suspect it's the cheddar cheese since I didn't eat blue cheese yesterday and had the same reaction. Seems like the intolerance reaction takes about 2hours to show up in the pulse, which is longer than I thought it was. Food intolerance reactions always come with a delay - the pulse raises between 15 minutes and 2 hours after eating the offending food and other symptoms can come straight away or even many days later. Read more about this method and about food intolerances in general here.

Generally my energy levels are quite good today (maybe I'm not sleepy partly because of the food allergy stress reaction). But I also have some feelings in my lower belly which entail menses starting.

Thursday, 28th August, 2014 - Day 13 of Diet
Day 24 of Menstrual Cycle

Only partial notes are recorded on this day as I was off the diet.

I couldn't sleep last night until about 1.30am. I felt like I had something weighing on my mind, although it wasn't very specific things. Kind of vague things.

I was reading Stephen Gilligan's book: 'The Courage to Love', which may sound 'cheesy' but it is actually a very good book from a famous psychotherapist. He is a lot more than a psychotherapist, however, and has been called a 'deep soul therapist'. He has another book as well about trance and hypnosis. I'm only in the beginning of the book so don't feel like I can explain his approach yet since I don't understand it yet, but what was very interesting was what I read yesterday. It is directly relevant to this 'heaviness' I have been feeling in my solar plexus area just where the chest plate of the ribcage ends. Sometimes the heaviness is higher, almost at the heart and sometimes a bit lower. I thought it might be either indigestion, or as the Chinese Doctor explains it, weak stomach Chi.

Stephen Gilligan explains that we all have a 'soft spot' which is where the life energy flows through us. As the energy flows, it brings all emotions of human life with it: joy, happiness, anger, sadness, etc. If we block these feelings by not paying attention to them, distracting ourselves, or numbing our feelings down by alcohol, drugs, medication, or junk foods, the life energy can't flow as well anymore. And we start feeling different types of discomfort in this area. And to stop numbing oneself and to reconnect with the feelings of the 'soft spot' reawakens the mystery of life in us. "Attempts to ignore or violate the tender soft spot create suffering. When the suffering is properly attended to, it will yield transformation and growth." Anyway, this is what I was meditating on when I couldn't sleep last night, as I was (from before reading the book) aware of some painful aspects of life's emotions coming over my body. These were not painful emotions that had very specific or very good reasons, just emotions that come and go without much explanation. Often they seem to come at night. It makes me really want to work on meditation and improving the 'felt sense' more.

Saturday, 30th August, 2014
Day 26 of Menstrual Cycle

Only partial notes are recorded on this day as I was off the diet.

Woke up at 6am, tried to sleep some more but got out of bed at 7am as I wasn't sleepy. I don't feel specifically well-rested though.

My face looks very puffy this morning, I suspect it's to do with hormones. Still no sign of my menses, but every day my lower belly feels like it is doing something, or it has a slight ache.
I felt a bit dehydrated through the night and had to keep waking up to drink water, and now I still feel quite dehydrated in the morning.

10.50am: Woke up again after having gone back to sleep, feel very groggy now, have a slight headache, my face looks very swollen, bags under my eyes, and some gas in my belly.

I have a headache now and still not feeling 100%. My legs are still hurting from the exercise, three days later (!), not as badly as yesterday but enough to make it a little bit difficult to walk and to go up the stairs. My neck also feels stiff.

hormone diet, fat cravings, avocado salad, mozzarella salad
One of the green juices I was drinking this week, with basil leaves, turmeric, cayenne pepper and chives on top.

Sunday, 31st August, 2014
Day 27 of Menstrual Cycle

I just checked, and my menstrual cycles this year have ranged between 25-30 days. Still no sign of menses, though, but I keep having some air movements, gas, and slight ache in my lower belly, so something is going on.
I felt quite dizzy this morning when getting out of bed as well.

4.50pm: Feeling very tired and sleepy, went for a walk.

Back on the Hormone-Balancing Diet, Day 7, Menses Start

Monday, 1st September, 2014
Day 1 of Menstrual Cycle

Woke up at 8.30am. Looks like the menses might be starting. No pain yet.

I'm starting to feel quite rough. First I felt a bit nauseous, then got loose stools, pain starting gradually, feel worn down and tired, also feel cold and irritable.

9.50am: Smoothie, about 750ml: Mixed berries, lettuce, 1 teasp Siberian ginseng, 2 teasp marshmallow root, 2 teasp turmeric, 1 tbsp hemp seeds, 1 heaped tbsp hemp leaf powder, 1 tbsp dried dandelion.

Supplements: Vit K, vit A, enzyme, probiotic, chromium, Endo-Dren adrenal glandular, 7 drops of vit D3.

10.05am: Feel a bit better now after taking the supps and the herbs. Also just put three drops of Vitex berry essential oil (from Living Libations) on my wrists.

10.15am: Feels like the pain is maybe reducing a little bit. I have my feet on a heat pad which feels very good and I'm sitting up at my desk, trying to lean back so as to keep the belly area as 'straight' as possible and not crunched. But I suddenly started feeling really spacey, must be the herbs and supps, it never happens just because of the menses. Maybe the Vitex Berry oil... it has made me feel a bit dizzy before.

10.36am: Took two charcoal capsules to try to remove gas from my belly (apparently drinking a capful of peppermint cordial would work well for this purpose as well). Also took Vitex Agnus Castus tincture in spring water.

11am: Ok I have absolutely no pain now, but the proper menstrual flow hasn't started yet either, just spotting. I also just took 8x Chinese Doctor's 'happy pills' which are meant to support the liver. I also put transdermal magnesium oil on my belly, lower back and thighs because it helps to relax muscles. Now drinking chaga mushroom and dandelion tea. Chaga is a very powerful antioxidant and will help fight inflammation that may be causing pain, and dandelion supports the liver and reduces menstrual discomfort.

By the way, I still have a little bit of ache left on my legs from exercise five days ago!

The moon is at the first quarter now after new moon, so my menses are almost as far away from the full moon as they can be. In the past my menses have been in sync with the full moon, which is said to be a good sign.

12.50pm: The pain is coming back a little bit now. I took another adrenal glandular, GB3, vit K, probiotic and enzyme. Also took B12 as well. Drank the juice of two lemons mixed with spring water.

1.15pm: Just massaged the adrenal gland, kidney and liver acupressure points on both of my feet. Some of these spots felt a bit sore. The slight pain I had momentarily disappeared while massaging, and my face heated up. I also massaged the uterus and ovaries points, which are not on the bottom of the foot but on the sides. The uterus point felt the most sore of all, on both feet. Definitely feel better.

1.30pm: Drinking marshmallow and liquorice root tea, made from dry powder of each. Also, took 1 teasp of kelp powder with water to support the thyroid.
1.40pm: The pain seems to be completely gone again. Feeling a bit spacey and slightly dizzy now.
So far I haven't had any cravings today which is unusual but I just started feeling very tired.

3.50pm: Slept a bit and was lying down on the bed for the last two hours. I feel more weak now, a little in pain but not much. I have that kind of nervous energy feeling in all my limbs, chest, upper back, neck and head. The whole body feels tense and bordering on shaky. I feel a bit too hot and slightly nauseous. Generally I just feel, weak, irritable and unwell. I also have a bad taste in my mouth now, typical of the menses. The amount of flow is still just spotting. My belly is very bloated and I can hear the air moving when I massage it. I can feel a hard swollen bit, which is probably intestine, on the right-hand side just by the hip bone.

During the menses it is important to: stay warm; not drink any cold drinks or eat cold food; keep moving or exercise if you are not feeling too weak; reduce stress; rest; support the liver, the adrenal glands, the uterus, the ovaries, the kidneys and the thyroid; maintain good blood sugar balance (don't eat sugar or refined carbohydrates); eat easy-to-digest foods; stay well-hydrated; massage the acupuncture points of your feet targeting adrenal glands, ovaries, uterus, kidneys, and the liver; don't crunch the belly; stay away from electrical equipment if they seem to make your pain worse; don't do anything stressful and observe your body's feelings and needs; don't do any hard-to-digest foods; drink smoothies, green juices and lemon water.

4pm: Put two more drops of vitex essential oil on my wrists.

4.50pm: Had home-made brown rice and salmon curry dish, the curry base was lots of onions. So tasty! I ate only a small portion although I was very hungry, because I am worried that too much digestive work for my body now will compromise its delicate balance, trying to cope with the menses.
Supplements: Vitex drops, one adrenal glandular, chromium, enzyme.

Did 20 minutes of trauma release exercises, because I thought that the tremors would move the air and 'massage' the belly. I didn't feel like I could do any other type of exercise, the TREs are relaxing enough. Afterwards I feel like a little bit of the nervous energy got released.

5pm: Feeling quite a bit better now, no pain.
Took a third probiotic for the day (3.5 Billion microorganisms per capsule) and 2x more A-vitamin (5,000 IU per capsule).
5.10pm: Feel almost back to normal, apart from a bloated belly. Happy! :)

6pm: Took a bath and seems like it made me feel a bit worse. I wonder if I should get a shower filter, worried about the chloride and copper in the water. Alternatively, the shampoo and conditioner I used were quite chemical, maybe they weakened me. I have some belly ache now and some gas. Still feel too hot and the belly is very bloated. Feel a little nauseous too.
Brushed my skin in the bath to move lymph.
Drank a cup of tea made of the angelica herb. Magnesium oil on the skin as before.
Ate a nectarine, which was extremely tasty.
Making chaga mushroom, dandelion and marshmallow tea again.

Weight: This morning I weighed 56kg and now I weigh 58kg!

Did some yoga movements, skipping the hormone-affecting moves because I'm not sure you are allowed to do those during menstruation. Also did the Five Tibetan Rites; exercises.

9pm: Slept on the sofa until now. Still some belly ache, but tolerable, feel tired but ok. More menstrual flow now. Will go to bed. I feel a little happy that I managed to get through today without painkillers, but I'm wondering whether I will wake up at some point at night in a lot of pain. Will sleep with the grounding sheet wrapped around my belly which should help.

Day 8, Hormone Diet, Day 2 on Menstrual Cycle

Tuesday, 2nd September, 2014
Day 2 of Menstrual Cycle

Last night I had pure nightmares for the first half of the night. (I think it has to do with my body struggling and putting me in low vibrations.) I sweated a lot as well and had a bad taste in my mouth when waking up, as usual during the menses. It is as if the body has to do more detoxing overnight than usual.

Woke up at 8.30 with a little worse menstrual pain than yesterday. Went for a 20-minute run/ walk outside along the river. I thought that would completely eliminate the pain but it only helped a little bit (although it's possible that it improved the whole day). Then I had a smoothie, supplements and took a bath, and the pain left. Still feel a little uncomfortable afterwards, and the pain is trying to come back slightly but I'm much better than when I woke up.

I am very phlegmy today, keep blowing my nose and sneezing. I often get cold-symptoms during the menses.

Breakfast before running: Juice of two lemons with spring water (to help cleanse liver, strongly alkalizing, slight pain-killer effect).

Breakfast smoothie after the run: Mixed berries melted from frozen (B-vitamins and antioxidants, reduce inflammation), piece of cucumber (fibre and nutrients), spring water, 1 tbsp dandelion (for liver), 1 tbsp hemp leaf powder (for oxygenation of the blood; clorophyll), 1 tbsp hemp seeds (for protein), 1 teasp turmeric (antioxidant), dash of cayenne pepper, 1 teasp siberian ginseng (to support adrenal glands), 1/2 teasp liquorice powder (to support adrenal glands), 1/2 teasp dried lemon peel powder (for hormone balance), 1/2 teasp fennel seed powder (hormone-boosting, estrogenic).

Supplements: Vit K (for hormone balance), vit A (for hormone balance), adrenal glandular (to strengthen adrenal glands), chromium (to help blood sugar balance), enzyme (to ease digestion and strengthen pancreas), probiotic (to improve gut health, B12 (to correct deficiency), GB3 (from ARL labs, ingredients: pancreatin (an enzyme), black radish root, ox bile extract; to strengthen the pancreas, the gallbladder and the liver), vitamin D3 (for general health and pain killer effect).

11am: Drinking chaga mushroom (reduces inflammation - antioxidant) and angelica (relaxes uterine muscles, balances hormones, etc.) tea. No pain, a little fatigued.

11.50am: Drank a glass of spring water with 1/2 teasp pink Himalayan salt. (To support the adrenal glands, to improve immunity, possibly to aid hydration). One nectarine.

1.30pm: Spinach-omelette made with garlic, cayenne pepper, salt and olive oil. Rocket salad, three grapes. Supplements: rhodiola tincture, vitex agnus castus tincture, enzyme.
My nose is very runny now and very much the same as if I had a cold. I have a red nose and have to keep tissues with me all the time. My throat also makes me feel a bit congested.

2.30pm: Had 100ml (half a small glass) of apple and ginger juice.
My nose is so runny now, I have to keep blowing it every 5 minutes, it's tickly and congested.
Not much menstrual flow since the morning, just a little bit. Quite a lot of flow during the night though. I think the worst might be over in terms of menstrual cramps and pain.

5.20pm: Seems like the cold symptoms are getting a bit less severe. My nose is still runny and I have a bit of a throat ache. Slightest pain left in the lower belly but not much.

7pm: Dinner: Mashed potato, rocket salad, capers, hemp seeds, cayenne pepper, olive oil, salt, pepper.
Two plums.

8.30pm: Still sneezing but less. Nose red and runny but getting better. No more menstrual pain! Took another vitamin K and a probiotic.

11pm: Going to bed. Had a little bit of mashed potato with hot chilli sauce.

Day 9, Hormone Diet

Wednesday, 3rd September, 2014
Day 3 of Menstrual Cycle

Well, the menstrual cramps and pain are definitely gone, so I made it through easily without painkillers this time! Wow, very happy about this. Hopefully by next month there will be no discomfort whatsoever.

The runny nose is getting better too, though my nose is still runny, blocked and my throat is a bit swollen, too.

I started getting some heart-palpitations last night but they disappeared very quickly. I think the no-sugar diet is making me less likely to get anxiety. I have previously noticed the same thing.

Weight this morning: 55kg, back to where I started before the juice fast.

Woke up at about 9.30am, slept about 12.5 hours. Seems like I still need a lot of rest, but that's ok.

Breakfast: Two fried eggs, rocket, salt, pepper, olive oil.
Supplements: Probiotic on empty belly, adrenal glandular, vit K, vit A, chromium, B12.

2.50pm: Nose was still tickly and runny quite badly so I boiled some water, put lavender, eucalyptus and tea tree essential oils in it, and kept breathing the steam in under a towel. This helped quite a bit and I feel better now.
Took a probiotic

3.50: Home-made salmon curry with brown rice.

10.10pm: I had two plums, two apricots, a small handful of cashew nuts, and lemon water between the curry and now.
Still have a blocked nose, keep blowing my nose every once in a while.

Did some yoga moves and the Five Tibetan Rites. Also did the Spinal Twist for the first time in my life. The hair mineral analysis came back a couple of days ago and they recommended I do the Spinal Twist. There are instructions for how to do it here: drlwilson.com/articles/SPINAL TWIST.htm.

I thought the exercise felt easy and not very effective, but when I was sleeping I felt a 'click' in my spine and in the morning my back was a bit sore in the middle, like it had been exercised. So I think the exercise might be more powerful than it feels.

Dr. Lawrence Wilson and some You Tube Videos claim that the spinal twist can be as good or better than a chiropractor for some people when done correctly and they also say that it will help the energy flow along your spine better.

I'm gonna keep doing it - I hope it will resolve the slight sciatica pain I've had on my right side for 10 months now. It's not real pain, it just shows up if I sit badly or sleep on the train, or if I sit on the sofa too long or if I do certain exercise movements (bending forwards or backwards).

Summary of Hormone Balancing Progress So Far

  • Five-day green juice fast, supplements, herbs and a 19-day sugar-and-grain-free diet seem to have gone a long way towards healing my menstrual cramp pain. This is despite cheating on the diet a little bit during a few days.
  • The length of menstrual flow reduced from seven days to five-and-a-half days.
  • I am sure the alcohol would have had a negative impact on my period cramps, although less sugary alcohol would be less bad. Its weakening influence on the liver is very harmful, however.
  • Not sure that eating dairy had too much of a negative influence. Following my body's message to eat more fat may have even helped, because fat is needed to produce hormones. But the quality of fat that I ate could have been better. I.e. unpasteurized, organic and live cheese would have been healthier, or even vegan alternatives: raw organic nuts and cheeses, avocados (which I did eat), etc. Regardless of the possible benefit to hormone balance, most cheese, including some raw ones, don't seem to agree with me at all, because I get food intolerance symptoms and mucus.
  • The live green juice fast most likely helped as it has done before, although I was surprised that such a short juice fast would have made a difference.
  • Supplements and herbs seemed to be quite a powerful help.
  • Not eating too much during the menses most likely helped too.
  • Outcome: menstrual pain drastically reduced in a short time, menstrual flow lessened, during-the-menses cravings almost non-existent, which usually are very strong. Bloatedness perhaps was worse than before. Gas and diarrhea reduced. Fatigue the same as usual, probably quite a bit less irritability and general feeling of unwell. No pain-killers needed, no grounding sheet needed (apart from during the night), no progesterone cream needed. Dehydration symptoms were still there.
  • I seem to have no PMS to speak of - this takes place in the two weeks before the menses - apart from some water retention (puffiness), fat cravings, dizziness and some gas and slight ache in the lower belly that comes and goes. Some of these symptoms may well have had to do with what I was eating at the time. I didn't use to have PMS either, though.
  • Still don't know if I suffer from low estrogen or high estrogen or both, but I am focusing on supporting the body to naturally balance its hormones out.
Later note: Generally, I have found effective remedies to be: juice fasting (alkalising?), grounding sheets wrapped around the stomach, plenty of wild yam cream (but maybe not natural), strong angelica herb tea, movement & exercise, heat on the belly, acupressure points. Other methods used above may have had a very powerful effect too.

Books Related to Women's Hormones:

Book: 'The Vitamin Cure for Women's Health Problems' by Helen Saul Case and Andrew Saul:

Book: 'Sacred Woman: A Guide to Healing the Feminine Body, Mind, and Spirit' by Queen Afua:

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