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Last week's menstrual pain was a lot less than usual, so the hormone balancing diet seems to work. I will now continue taking the supplements, as well as do another juice fast, and continue with the rest of the efforts, i.e. exercise etc. I will report on the more important parts of this journey, not writing a full day-to-day diary this time.

Summary of this diet diary is provided here.

Menstrual Cycle Day 4

Thursday, 4th September, 2014
Day 4 of Menstrual Cycle

Woke up at 9.20am.

After waking up and before breakfast my uterus started feeling unhappy. Got slight pain again and started feeling very irritable. This seems to be going away after I had breakfast and the supplements. But I'm feeling very cold again, an internal cold as the flat is quite warm.

Breakfast: Probiotic, and a green juice made of: kale, celery, cucumber, lemon, and very little rocket.
Supplements: Vit K, vit A, chromium, adrenal glandular
Tea: Chaga mushroom and angelica tea.

I still have a blocked and red nose but I don't have to blow my nose as often.

11am: No more pain, uterus getting happier :) But I don't feel 'on-top-of-the-world' yet, still fatigued and a bit worn down by the stuffy nose, ears and throat. This also gives me what feels like the beginnings of a headache.

11.20pm: I got a bit of a nosebleed, I guess it's because of all the mucus drying my nose up.

1.20pm: Lunch: A little bit brown rice and fish curry.
Two eggs fried in cacao butter, mozzarella cheese, romaine lettuce, half a nectarine. An enzyme.

6.30pm: A handful of cashew nuts, water.

In the evening I did more touch muscle-exercises, then spinal twist, trauma release, bath with hydrogen peroxide, skin brushing, magnesium oil on legs.

For dinner I was just snacking on: a kiwi, a half a handful of cashew nuts, two apricots and lemon juice. Took Endo-Dren, chromium, B12, selenium, and an enzyme.

Midnight now, going to bed.

Day 5 of Menstrual Cycle

Friday, 5th September, 2014
Day 5 of Menstrual Cycle

Weight: 55kg.

This was the last day of real menstrual cycle, very light flow, although the following day I still had very slight spotting. So the menstruation lasted in total 5.5 days, shortened from last month's seven days. It is all good news!

From now on I won't write a full daily diary, but will write updates on the supplements I am taking, the diet, juice fast, exercise etc. And of course an update on the next month's menses to see how they go.

During this first week of the menstrual cycle the hormone levels are quite low, and so in my case energy can be quite low as well. Next week, roughly around day 8, estrogen should start rising again until ovulation. This normally seems to make me feel better but other people may feel worse.

hormone diet green juice fast

New Juice Fast Started

Tuesday, 9th September, 2014
Day 9 of Menstrual Cycle

Started another live green juice fast today.

Also started an evening ritual which includes 20 minutes of yoga, including hormone-balancing movements, as well as lung and thyroid strengthening movements. I also do the Five Tibetan Rites and the Spinal Twist.

For couple of days I was drinking tap water but now another spring water delivery has arrived. I am also getting a delivery of herbs, superfoods, botanicals, nuts, seeds, essential oils and foods from Tree Harvest either tomorrow or the day after. I have also started making water Kefir again.

Writing an update to my hair analysis report as I got the results last week. Not too much has changed, although everything seems to be going to the right direction. Copper is still detoxing, adrenal glands still show up a little overactive although the nutritionist suspects they are still tired and in need of support. A lot of emotional frustration is showing up still, which should hopefully clear in the next analysis since I've taken time off from my day job.

Supplements: Currently taking vit A, probiotic, chromium, selenium and B12. I ran out of vit K yesterday but will continue taking it soon. I may take some adrenal or thyroid glandulars once off the juice fast, and will also continue taking enzymes when on solid foods again. I have also ordered Limcomin and Paramin supplements from the hair analysis nutritionist. The first one contains copper, manganese, zinc, magnesium, and vitamins A, C and B6. This product is for raising the sodium-potassium ratio of the mineral analysis and it is also used as an immune-system booster. Paramin, on the other hand, is a calcium-magnesium supplement, which helps to calm the sympathetic nervous system. According to Dr. Lawrence Wilson it will also help to improve the oxidation rate (metabolic rate) which in turn will help with the correct pH balance of the body.

My hormone levels should be slowly rising now, and around day 13-14 should be ovulation (mid-way through the cycle). That's when testosterone will peak for a brief while on the day of ovulation, then all hormone levels will drop the following day and I will probably feel tired, and then hormone levels will start rising again. During the higher hormone levels I normally feel better, whereas other people may feel worse, depending what their hormone levels are.

hormone diet kefir probiotic
The kefir tastes quite sweet and I am worried that maybe the bacteria didn't eat all the sugar...

Day 12 of Menstrual Cycle, Hormone-Balancing Diet

Friday, 12th September, 2014
Day 12 of Menstrual Cycle

Couple days away from ovulation, still green juice fasting, with a little bit of nuts and raisins added, or sugar-free dark chocolate, depending on the day.

I had a bad headache yesterday, starting in the afternoon and getting worse towards the evening. I suspect it was to do with taking either too many or specific kinds of supplements. That day I had D3 vitamin drops, selenium, chromium, rhodiola tincture, epimedium, vitamin A, probiotic, B12, and I think that was all. I definitely didn't have B-vitamin complex or valerian tincture, both of which I have suspected for causing headaches before. I also had a lot of chaga mushroom, angelica and dandelion tea. I really think the headache is supplement-related as I have had the same exact thing before when I wasn't juice fasting, but was trying to be very healthy and eat a low-carb diet. I was taking supplements then as well, however.

Christine Meehan, the hair mineral analysis nutritionist thinks that it might be due to heavy metal detox.

I started taking Paramin and Limcomin supplements today by ARL labs, as recommended by my hair mineral analysis but I am not taking any of the other supplements, and testing whether I get a headache today or not.

Paramin, ingredients per capsule: Vitamin D3 133 IU, calcium 250mg, magnesium 150mg, boron 500mcg, etc.

Limcomin: Vitamin A 170 IU, vitamin C 50mg, vitamin B6 10mg, magnesium 20mg, zinc 8mg, copper 0.75mg, manganese 5mg, etc.

I also have had the classic juice fasting symptom, metallic taste in my mouth, which I hate. I remember now I have had it many times before when fasting (and possibly when eating raw foods) but I didn't know what to call it then. It makes me feel like I need to eat something to get the taste out.

I am also doing the 'evening ritual' exercises every night, Yoga, Five Tibetan Rites, and the Spinal Twist.

I can't say I feel comfortable on this juice fast. I do, in a way that it will be easy to keep this going temporarily. My energy is good and I have almost no complaints, apart from the metallic taste in my mouth, coated tongue, and some back ache but the back ache is not detox related, it's from the way I've been sitting. But I don't feel comfortable in that the metallic taste bothers me and at the moment I feel a little tense and hungry.

They say hunger is a sign of cellular detoxification but I want to understand how to feel comfortable on a very healthy diet in the long-term. Short-term this is easy to do but I wouldn't want to continue this long-term. Hopefully it's a detox phase and eventually I will feel very balanced and good. The psychological aspect is definitely involved as well.

Benefits so far: Potential hormonal benefits (which we'll find out around day 28 when my menses start), less puffy face, good energy levels, more balanced moods, feel a little more mindful and focused.

Weight: 55kg.

Later note: According to some reports, the metallic taste may be a sign of the body being too alkaline.

Hormone Diet - Day 13 of Menstrual Cycle

Saturday, 13th September, 2014
Day 13 of Menstrual Cycle
Day 5 on Green Juice Fast

Slept so much last night, some 11 hours. Had nightmares all through the night. I've read nightmares can be a detox reaction.

Last night I got cravings for alcoholic drinks, I felt like I wanted to go and eat out and have a couple of drinks. I thought of writing that 'the juice fast makes me feel unrelaxed'. But then I thought about my situation, and tried to pay attention to my body's and mind's feelings. I realized that it wasn't the juice fast that was making me feel unrelaxed, but I was just feeling unrelaxed because I had been sitting in front of the computer all day. So I decided to stop working and just relax for the evening. I did the usual yoga etc, and relaxed for the rest of the evening, always being careful to check back with myself to see if I was really enjoying what I was doing or just doing it out of habit and mechanically. Mindfulness. This approach worked and I didn't crave for alcohol in the slightest for the rest of the evening. So I guess behind cravings there are often emotional triggers, that have nothing to do with the foods.

I didn't have headaches yesterday despite taking 3x Paramin and 3x Lincomin supplements. I'm quite certain that the headache is due to some of the other supplements, either because they are bad quality, or because they speed up detox too much (e.g. of heavy metals), or because I have been taking too much. Today I am taking Paramin, Lincomin, EndoDren (x1), and probiotics, and will see how I feel.

I was eating non-organic cashew nuts and almonds yesterday, and woke up at night with a very mucussy throat. Today I am eating only organic (and partly raw) nuts, hopefully they won't cause mucus.

Just drank chaga mushroom, angelica and dandelion tea, as well as hibiscus tea, and took the supplements. Feel like a very slight headache afterwards. And I'm feeling a bit sleepy as well.

After drinking the kefir, which I think may have been too sugary, I started getting huge cravings for solid foods. And junk foods, and fatty foods. I resisted, but am annoyed about this taste of 'greens' in my mouth, which might also be the metallic taste, not sure. It seems difficult to get rid of it, even eating some nuts and goji berries didn't help. Perhaps the kefir grains have still not recovered completely from their travel here by post, or perhaps I am following bad kefir instructions. It would make sense that the sugary kefir caused my cravings. Otherwise I feel well, though.

Day 20 of Menstrual Cycle

Saturday, 20th September, 2014
Day 20 of Menstrual Cycle

Ok, a week's gone by, quite a bit to report.

  • I came off the juice fast on Day 5, because I was getting a very strong signal from my body to eat fat. This could be just fat cravings, OR a sign from my body that I need to eat it. I decided to follow this urge.
  • The 'taste of greens' or 'metallic taste' or whatever it was, persisted for about two days after I came off the juice fast, even though I wasn't drinking very many green juices.
  • I had to stop taking vitamin E and GB3 (pancreatic enzymes) because both seem to be possibly contributing to my headaches. It could be bad quality supplements or too many supplements. I doubt it is because of the type of supplement, since so many different supplements seem to be causing it, and haven't before. I also stopped taking vitamin D3 for the same reason.
  • I read 'Yoga of Eating' by Charles Eisenstein, and had some very important realizations about my approach to health, and how I should change my approach.
  • It seems to me that I have got to the point on my health journey where I know what foods make me feel good. Raw foods and fasting give me balanced mind, and some warm teas, vegetable foods from wholefoods, quinoa, etc. seem to work well also. Dairy and sugar don't work, and I have to be very careful with the amount and type of fruit I eat. Dairy gives me mucus and a bad taste in my mouth and too much fat gives me spots.
  • I ordered lots of superfoods and herbs, as listed in the beginning of this diet plan, but when I took lots of them one day, I got a bad headache. I suspect too many strong superfoods and herbs together with supplements may also give me a headache. I think it may be good to keep the proportion of these somehow related to the amount of food eaten, and not take too many at once. Another possibility is heavy metal contamination, which according to Mike Adams is very common in superfoods, especially those purchased from Amazon, or those imported from China. But many other superfoods are contaminated as well, he says. Thus I am leaving the herbs now for a while, perhaps introducing them back slowly, and checking my reactions and also pulse for food allergy reactions.
  • Despite knowing what works in terms of eating, I seem to have an emotional obstacle to eating that way long-term. I don't think it is as straight-forward as cravings, it is more a feeling that I am not free to live my life, that I don't want to constantly have to think about food so much, and that I can't relax without sometimes relaxing and going out to eat in a restaurant, etc. This is the main point I need to understand and tackle, why do I feel like that.
  • I have decided to try a hypnosis tape for quitting alcohol for good. Seems like it interferes with my health too much. The problem is that I have made it a habit for myself to drink if I want to relax or if I don't feel well emotionally. And this lies in the subconscious mind. So to not feel deprived without alcohol, I will try to change the conditioning of my subconscious mind. If it works, I will do the same to stop liking bread and processed foods as well. I will write a separate article on self-hypnosis.
  • I don't know what all this means for my hormones, it is a part in the hormone balancing diet experiment where I am quite confused. I will report where I go from here. I worry about not being able to take all the supplements and superfoods that I was planning to take, because of headaches. Once my menses come, I will reassess from there. Perhaps the fasting, live water, and yoga moves have helped, not sure.
  • I am flying to Finland next week and suspect the airplane travelling to negatively affect my fluid balance. Thus I am worried also about the menses becoming more painful. Since I will be travelling, I won't be able to care for myself as well as last month. I will take some herbs with me but depending on the situation, I might have to take pain killers. I will keep reporting what happens...

I have just written: Why Can the Raw Food Diet Make You Feel Worse? This article reflects some of the thoughts on my health journey so far.

Later note: I later had many realizations in relation to the confusions outlined here. The principal topic of confusion seems to be: why don't I feel comfortable eating a very clean raw food diet or juice fasting long-term? Some findings:
  • Many of these diets were too low in carbohydrates - e.g. the green juice fast and some other low-carb or no-sugar diets.
  • Many of these diets required a lot of effort to keep up - special ingredients, lots of preparing of foods, no restaurant options and as a result less social life. All these aspects can cause stress (and headaches): What Causes Stress?
  • Food intolerances that I had were not eliminated on these diets.
My menses came on day 28 of the cycle and I was happy to find out that there was almost no pain! Continue reading...

Books Related to Women's Hormones:

Book: 'The Vitamin Cure for Women's Health Problems' by Helen Saul Case and Andrew Saul:

Book: 'Sacred Woman: A Guide to Healing the Feminine Body, Mind, and Spirit' by Queen Afua:

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