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Jason Vale, the "Juice Master" set up a health experiment where eight people were chosen to undertake a 28-day juice fast. The results were quite amazing and the participants were able to reverse many health conditions.

The experiment took place at the 'Juicy Oasis' health resort in Portugal, and was supervised by doctors. Below is a summary of some of the key points made in the very inspiring documentary: 'Superjuice Me'. The full documentary can be seen on Food Matters TV online.

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Experts speaking in this documentary include: Jason Vale; Charlotte Gerson of the Gerson Institute; James Colquhoun; Jay Kordich, 'the Father of Juicing'; Jon Gabriel; Cherie Calbom, the 'Juice Lady'; Philip McCluskey; Dwight Lundell; Leigh Erin Connealy and Dr. Malcolm Kendrick, the author of 'the Great Cholesterol Con'.

Benefits of Juice Fasting

During the documentary, and in the end credits, different people report the following benefits from 28-day juice fasting:

  • Weight loss
  • Cholesterol lowered
  • Blood sugar lowered
  • Blood pressure lowered
  • Lower back, shoulder, neck and kidney pain gone away
  • Body fat percentage reduced
  • Food cravings gone
  • Ulcerative colitis bettered (especially cabbage juice helped) or eliminated
  • Allergies improved and kept under control
  • Asthma symptoms drastically improved
  • Exercise tolerance improved
  • Felt more energized
  • Felt happier
  • Crohn's Disease symptoms went away and got off medication
  • It was a "life changing experience"
  • Hypoglycaemia reversed
  • Sleep apnea went away
  • Felt younger
  • Diabetes reversed
  • Felt amazing
  • Lupus improved
  • Frequent chest infections gone
  • Free from pain
  • Got off a lot of medication
  • Incurable disease: polycystic ovaries cured
  • Overcame epilepsy, asthma, irritable bowel syndrome and eczema.
  • Could think clearer and see clearer.
  • Psoriasis, asthma, hay fever, eczema cleared up (Jason Vale).
  • Skin improvements
  • Fibromyalgia improvements.

See also the list of juice fasting benefits I experienced.

Why Does Juice Fasting Provide Health Benefits?

What juicing does to your body, according to the experts in the documentary:

  • You clean the water where the cells bathe.
  • All chronic diseases are caused either by a deficiency or a toxicity. Understanding the cause will allow you to find the cure.
  • The solution is to detoxify and flood the body with nutrients.
  • Even if you lightly steam your food, you will lose enzymes.
  • People are chronically malnourished. You're not supposed to be tired in the afternoon, you're supposed to be alive and vibrant. Juices provide nourishment.
  • Fruit and vegetable juices are over 85% pure organic liquid fuel. Only this fuel essentially feeds the body because insoluble fibre can't feed the body.
  • Juice is one of the main things that removes toxicity from the body.

Addictive 'Foods'

The participants started getting junk food cravings during the early days of the juice fast. Jay Kordich explained that what they are really missing is a drug-like food, not nutrition. Added fat, sugar and salt are addictive foods and cause the natural satisfaction from foods to disappear.

Jason Vale calls the food industry the 'Big Food'. He confesses that he used to be a junk food addict with 'a massive sweet tooth' and according to Jason food is a huge cause of addiction in today's world.

A big part of the problem, Cherie Calbom says, is that what people are mostly eating are: corn, soy, wheat, sugar and chemicals. These foods don't contain life, she says. James Colquhoun adds that preservatives and additives are some of the worst things you can put into your body.

Most people are overfed and undernourished, Jason Vale says. Morbidly obese people are starving.

Anything that says 100% fat free is most likely loaded with sugar. And anything that says 100% sugar free is usually loaded with artificial sweeteners. (Jason Vale)

If someone told you to eat bananas, it would be easy for you to eat some and then stop eating them. But white refined sugar, fat, chocolate, alcohol and coffee are difficult to eat in moderation - they are addictive. If the thought of not eating something fills you with abnormal fear, that is a sign that you are hooked. (Jason Vale)

Jon Gabriel adds that artificial sweeteners and flavour enhancers, e.g. MSG, make you put on weight because they are addictive and make you want to eat more.

Why Does Juice Fasting Work for So Many Different Problems?

Maybe there aren't thousands of different diseases - maybe there is only one disease and one real solution, Jason Vale proposes.

Dwight Lundell, the author of "The Cure for Heart Disease" states that the mechanism of all our chronic diseases is inflammation. Toxins cause injury and injury causes inflammation.

Ultimately, what causes inflammation are the things we eat, Dwight Lundell explains.

The best way to get energy and to lose weight, according to Jon Gabriel, is to alkalize and to reduce inflammation.

Many diseases are a manifestation of something, they are imbalances: from eating man-made foods, from toxins, from stress and from emotional issues. (Jon Gabriel)

If the majority of diseases are caused by diet and lifestyle, then diet and lifestyle should make it better, Jason Vale says.

You will never know how good you will feel... Juice everyday and your life changes. (Cherie Calbom)

Jason Vale gets asked if people get enough protein and calcium on a 28-day juice fast, and he confirms that enough amino acids (protein building blocks) and calcium can be gained from the juices.

Jon Gabriel: If you're on an island you will find fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and animal protein. You can eat as much as you like with no problems. The other stuff causes hormonal and chemical chaos in your body.

The final message from Jason Vale is to tell the viewers to eat no-label foods.

Remove toxicities and replace the deficiencies and the body heals itself, he says.

Jon Vale's juice fasting packages are available on his website: Superjuiceme.com. He offers a 28-day juice fasting app for smart phones, a juice plan DVD pack, wall planners and shopping lists, started juicing packs, and of course the full 28-day retreat at his 'Juicy Oasis' in Portugal.

You can watch the documentary in full either at Superjuiceme.com or FoodmattersTV.com.

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