Tony Wright and G Gynn: Left in the Dark

Activating the Right Brain Hemisphere: Pineal Gland/ DMT/ The Third Eye/ The Subconscious Mind

To reactivate and to support the function of the often-called 'creative', right side of the brain, Graham Gynn and Tony Wright propose a raw food diet consisting primarily of fruit, supplementing with melatonin, possibly a low-dose intake of DMT and other drugs, meditation, sleep reduction and something called 'transcranial magnetic stimulation' (TMS), which is a research/ treatment tool where weak electromagnetic currents and magnetic fields are used to stimulate different parts of the brain.

"To summarize then, the restoration of an individual's consciousness system would need to include a combination of the following approaches:
  1. Rebuilding and restoring the neural structure by including the important nutritional elements of a primate diet.
  2. Putting in the optimal biochemistry to lift function: this would include monoamine oxidase inhibitors, such as those found in passion flower tea and figs, and also melatonin to boost the pineal and inhibit steroids. There may even be a need for chemicals such as DMT (at a clinically determined level) to re-activate the second system.
  3. Engaging in techniques such as meditation and sleeping less to reduce left hemisphere dominance.
  4. Possible short-term use of high-tech processes like Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation to allow the right hemisphere some time free from suppression.
"This combination of approaches would stimulate the pineal [gland] to produce more melatonin, pinoline and possibly DMT. More melatonin means greater suppression of steroids, like testosterone, and this will have two further effects. It will block or reduce the ongoing damage caused by too much neurotransmitter activity. This would initiate a reversal of the neuro-endocrine damage that began in those distant days when we were cut off from the forest biochemistry." (p. 187-188)

Some of these suggestions are by other health writers flagged as harmful, so I would suggest good amount of research before trying any of these suggestions. Research also what it means to activate the pineal gland and to open the third eye as these may result in extreme experiences, such as hallucinations and spiritual/ psychedelic experiences of various kinds.

DMT is the active ingredient in ayahuasca, which is one of the strongest psychedelic drugs known to man (traditional natural brew made by the natives in the Colombian Amazon). It has been used by shamans for communing with the spirit worlds and has also been experimented with by Westeners with mixed results. DMT in the brew remains inactive unless combined with a plant which contains monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOI). For a gentler influence, the author of the website 'Food for Consciousness' recommends combining Passion Flower Tea with St. John's Wort, to make 'happy tea'. This has certain beneficial properties for the neurotransmitters in the brain. This is her recommendation for a low-level dosage of ayahuasca:

"To increase the effect you can move on to supplementing with small daily doses of ayahuasca brew. This can be made up by boiling up two herbs - banisteriopsis caapi and psychotria viridis - together with the juice of an acid fruit such as oranges for several hours. The banisteriopsis contains MAOI's, the psychotria DMT. One tablespoonful of a weak brew first thing in the morning is a good starting point. It is important not to consume animal, dairy, soy or fermented products at the same time. In large doses ayahuasca can produce very dramatic effects including visions and a substantially altered sense of perception but in these small doses it just wakens the brain up a little, enhancing mood, creativity, inspiration, visual perception, and practical effectiveness."

- Source: "Reactivating the Pineal Gland"

There seems to be a clear link between the capabilities of the right hemisphere and those of the subconscious mind. Harry Carpenter's 'The Genie Within' is a very interesting book on the topic and teaches one how to 'communicate' with the subconscious mind and how to make use of its creative powers, enhanced memory, etc. There seem to be many connections between people's ability to access the subconscious mind and their ability to manifest (Law of Attraction).

Alpha brainwaves, which are produced during meditation, in the state between sleep and awakening, while watching TV, etc. are linked to ability to access subconscious mind. What this means, is that learning, subconscious mind programming, suggestion, and manifestation are all made easier when in an alpha brain state. Alpha brainwave meditation cd's such as Holosync are based on this idea. Furthermore, Carpenter maintains in his book that self-limiting beliefs, such as 'I don't deserve to be wealthy' are held within the subconscious mind, and once these limiting beliefs are removed, manifesting wealth becomes easier as the conscious and the subconscious minds are able to collaborate and work together. As Jerry and Abraham Hicks write in their book: 'Ask and It Is Given': "Thoughts are things" and the thoughts of the subconscious mind are stronger in energy than those of the conscious mind.

While the authors of 'Left in the Dark', as well as many others, claim that our pineal gland is not currently producing enough melatonin, and thus recommend supplementation, Stephen Cherniske warns about the side-effects of melatonin in his book "DHEA Breakthrough":

"... popular press and the health industry tend to oversimplify issues. They oversimplify the complexities of human physiology [...] It happened with melatonin. Here is a hormone produced in microgram amounts by the pineal gland, and millions of Americans are now taking a hundred times that amount in a pill. No one knows what long-term effects overdosing with melatonin will have on the pineal gland. After all, high-dose intake of other hormones usually produces some suppression of glandular function, and some melatonin users are now experiencing symptoms of depression and short-term memory loss." (Stephen Cherniske, M.D.: The DHEA Breakthrough)

So whenever supplementing with hormones, whether melatonin, DHEA, human growth hormone, or other neuroactive substances, such as DMT, cautiousness and research into the topic is advisable! Although Stephen Cherniske does not in the above book seem to advice against melatonin, but just for using a safe dosage, there is another aspect where his point of view seems to radically differ from that of Graham Gynn and Tony Wright: Cherniske advises supplementing with DHEA, which is a steroid hormone and capable of increasing testosterone and other hormone levels for both men and women, which in turn have been shown to result in greater energy and other fairly drastic health benefits. Gynn and Wright, on the other hand, advice adhering to a fruitarian diet for the opposite aim that steroid inhibitors are thus ingested in large quantities. Whether we should enhance or dampen the effects of our naturally occurring steroids, then, remains an open question.

Other substances with mind-altering qualities mentioned in Tony Wright's and Graham Gynn's book are MDMA (ecstasy) and ketamine (horse tranquilliser).

"Research into their properties has discovered that they have the ability to reset the brain in some way (by updating the left hemisphere's conditioned reality perhaps). Ketamine has been found to be particularly effective in 'rebooting' the brain in instances when clinically unhelpful responses, particularly depression, are resistant to change. Further research into the activity of MDMA has found that is causes a brain surge of oxytocin - the hormone that helps to bond couples, and mothers to babies - a factor no doubt responsible for the overt changes in behaviour that is the hallmark of this drug. The fact that MDMA has the capacity to instantly and, in many cases, permanently transform the conditioning and cultural beliefs responsible for enmity, aggression and violence deserves thorough consideration. It is also significant that these types of drugs can relieve depression and induce joy. Whilst we are certainly not suggesting that humans are deficient in MDMA, it is likely that we are clinically deficient in key neurochemicals that have some similar properties."
(p. 156-157)

To take ketamine to restart one's brain seems like a drastic approach (!), not dissimilar to being hit by a lightning, which can also in some rare instances cause beneficial changes to the brain and behaviour, e.g. new and sudden creative abilities. Interesting anecdote, however.
MDMA, on the other hand, the key ingredient in ecstasy, has been shown to have some long-term benefits (e.g. in releasing traumatic memories) but it also has the danger of causing severe depression if used in too large quantities, or too regularly.

It is also worth mentioning here that some raw foodists, notably David Wolfe and Ken Rohla, assign third-eye opening properties to ORMUS gold and other ORMUS elements. In supplement form, these can also be extremely powerful, perhaps even similar to DMT, and have to be taken with caution. But the good news is that ORMUS elements occur naturally in plant foods grown in mineral-rich soils, so it is possible to get subtle, natural benefits by eating foods grown in well-nourished soils. To build the soil to be mineral-rich, one needs to feed it volcanic rock powders, probiotics, worms and other beneficial organic materials. This is also called high-brix gardening, because the mineral readings of the plants are taken by something called a refractometer, which gives a 'brix reading' indicating the mineral-content of the plant. (A google search for 'high-brix gardens' brings up plenty of interesting information.)

"Lose your mind and come to your senses"
- Fritz Perls (quoted on p. 111)

Please note, that some of these practices may be dangerous and I cannot recommend the use of any chemicals at all. Natural way is best. Everyone is responsible for their own health and this information is meant only for creative dialogue, not for practical purposes. I also do not advocate breaking any laws, natural or human but if you wish to do so, it is your choice.

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To be safe, please consult your health-care provider before attempting self-treatment for health issues.


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