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Natural Health Remedy Library, organized by the complaint. Please note that if you choose to help your body heal by using any of these remedies, it is important that you still have to seek help with a qualified health advisor, such as a doctor, as well, because everyone's body is unique. It is good to take responsibility for your own health but make sure that you are informed by many different sources, before taking action.

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AIDS remedies according to Orthomolecular Medicine: "Vitamins, Minerals Reduce AIDS Mortality: Ignoring Supplements Means Unnecessary Deaths" (external link).

"AIDS: A Treatable Combination of Nutritional Deficiencies" (external link)

Dr. Andrew Saul's article regarding a natural health remedy for AIDS: "Treating AIDS with Nutrition" (external link)

Also, the Bob Beck Protocol and blood electrification have been claimed to successfully treat HIV patients. (See lectures of these powerful natural treatments on YouTube.)

In this podcast Dr. McCombs makes a link between candida and AIDS: "Is it AIDS or Is It Candida? Dr. Jeffrey McCombs Diagnoses the Problem at How Positive Are You"

Please note also that a mycoplasma infection may be a causative factor in AIDS.

See also: Natural health remedy for HIV and viral infections.

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Abdominal Bloating

Bloated stomach can be caused, for example, by food intolerances, candida, parasites, stress and intestinal dysbiosis. Click on the links for natural health remedy suggestions for each condition.

How to Lose Stomach Fat, which discusses, among other things, how stress is linked to bloated belly, as well as various means of remedying both bloatedness and abdominal fat.

Read also: Natural health remedies for abdominal fat.

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Abdominal Fat

This article explains how abdominal fat is a matter of diet, not only exercise. The stress hormone cortisol plays a key part.

Read also: Natural health remedies for bloated belly.

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Acid Reflux

Read: Acid Reflux, Hiatal Hernia, Heartburn on for natural health remedies for acid reflux (heartburn).


According to Dr. Mercola, the majority of acne cases can be healed by dietary means, namely by low-carbohydrate diet: 'Simple Ways to Stop Acne Naturally' (external link).

Intestinal dysbiosis and food intolerance can cause acne as well.

Dr Vincent Bellonzi says that sugar is a major cause of acne, because it damages collagen.

Ann Wigmore states that wheatgrass juice cures acne and removes scars.

For acne and other scars, MSM may be useful (ref. David Wolfe).

See also: natural health remedies for skin conditions.

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There are many natural health remedies that can help overcome addiction...

My article on the Nature of Sugar Addiction addresses the nature of addiction generally, with many natural health remedies to help overcome addiction.

In addition I recommend the Recovery 2.0 lecture series by Tommy Rosen, which covers addiction from many different angles of natural healing. Some of the experts shown on the page have free lectures and interviews on YouTube on the topic of addiction.

This article on CNN suggests that the psilocybin in psychedelic mushrooms may help against addictions.

addiction remedy

Mona Harrison worked with long-term heroin, cocaine and alcohol addicts at Johns Hopkins University and found that they generally did not want to drink water. But when she did get them to drink especially good quality water, she saw good results in reducing addictions. More here.

Read: "Orthomolecular Treatment of Addictions" on

Note that food intolerances can cause addiction to foods but also to other substances, e.g. alcohol or cigarettes.

"Addictions have two components. One is hunger, our need for substances that our body uses for normal functions. We may remain hungry because we are not getting the nourishment our body requires. We keep eating until we get it. Those of us who listen body and understand its messages can identify a craving for specific foods that contain what our body needs. Others are not so sensitive, and may continue to eat foods that do not supply the missing ingredients. The hunger remains until the need is filled.

"The second component of addictions is withdrawal. Withdrawal symptoms suggest that allergies may be present [...] Often, withdrawal symptoms are so severe that it seems preferable to continue being addicted. Another drink 'cures' the hangover. At first, a fix brings a 'high'. Eventually, each fix only prevents the 'low' of withdrawal. [...]

"Fats help with both components of addiction. Fats provide essential fatty acids (EFAs) that are necessary nutrients. Fats also slow down the stomach emptying time, leading to better protein digestion, resulting in fewer potential allergens (antigens).

"EFAs help build membranes better able to keep antigens from being absorbed into our body. They should be part of any nutritional treatment program used to help addicts.

"Johanna Budwig, who researched fats in the 1950s, suggests that EFAs help treat addictive behaviors, including tobacco, alcohol, and drug addictions, as well as addictions to sex and violence [...] EFAs increase the amount of tension that a person is able to bear. This is because electrical properties of EFAs heighten the capacity for electric tension across our membranes (membrane potentials). They keep the brain and nerve function more stable under stress and tension. They help make it easier for people not to 'fly off the handle' at the small provocations, the day-to-day frustrations that lead to the use of alcohol, drugs, and addictive behaviors in the first place.

"To treat addictions, a completely balanced, highly nutritious food supply is necessary. A high dose multi-mineral-multivitamin supplement is appropriate. In particular, large doses of vitamin C, other antioxidants, and niacin help to detoxify the body, and minimize withdrawal symptoms. Food allergies/addictions, yeast infections, and other addictive triggers must also be identified and treated."

- Udo Erasmus, in 'Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill, pp. 356-357

Read also: natural health remedy to alcoholism, addiction to cigarettes and sugar addiction.

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Addiction to Cigarettes/ Tobacco

To become free of cigarette addiction I recommend: Allen Carr's book: The Easyway to Quit Smoking. This book is revolutionary, in that it does not try to make you quit through fear but through understanding (and feeling) that you don't actually want it or need it. It will help you recognise the feeling of addiction, at which point it will lose most of its hold on you. This book also kind of hypnotises you into quitting and it works if you follow the instructions carefully. I quit smoking after reading this book and so did many other people I know, despite having tried to quit hundreds of times before.

In addition, you could use subliminal hypnosis tapes, where you only hear music/sounds but the hypnotic suggestions are so quiet that you can't consciously hear them. This has been said to result in more effective hypnosis. I didn't try the stopping smoking audio because I already stopped smoking by using Allen Carr's book method but I have used Brain Sync's audios for other things, attracting wealth, increasing positive thinking and reducing stress - and quite surprisingly, they seem to work small miracles when I do them regularly.

stop smoking subliminal hypnosis audio link

Note that Dr. William Philpott states in his book 'Brain Allergies' that the desire to smoke is an allergy symptom and can cause mental health issues among other things. He also states: "Tobacco is close to being a universal allergen for the human race." (p. 107) I don't know whether he is referring to the tobacco plant itself or the hundreds of chemicals added to cigarettes.

Note that some people believe that tobacco itself - the clean plant without anything added - can be medicinal, but is largely unavailable in the western world.

"Tobacco in its natural form dilates the capillaries, allows someone to go deep, and is 27 percent mineral," Wolfe reported, "the longest lived peoples in the world are tobacco smokers."

But he went on to point out that typical chemically-laced cigarette tobacco introduces 4,000 toxic chemicals into the system. "Tobacco has nothing to do with lung cancer. It’s the chemicals breathed through plastic that are responsible."

Wolfe pointed to the misuse and abuse of tobacco and cacao beans as examples of what happens when sacredness is undermined by improper production and consumption: "The human addicts, the plant doesn't cause the addiction. Chemical stuff is designed to addict... The organic substance is sprayed with nicotine."

- Shamanic Living Blog

EU Public Health website reports on the different chemical that are added here: "What Goes Into Tobacco Products?". They conclude: "Cigarettes [...] are highly engineered nicotine delivery devices that are mass produced by the major industries by integrated automation."

Buy your own nicotiana seeds to grow 'clean(er)' tobacco: 'Why Homegrown Tobacco'.

Note that others report that the natural plant in itself is still deadly so you will have to research this further and make up your own mind. However, home-grown, natural tobacco will definitely be safer than store-bought cigarettes or tobacco.

See also: natural health remedy entry for addiction.

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ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

According to Dr. Lawrence Wilson, children with ADHD typically are calcium deficient. Bioavailable calcium, according to him, decreases one's sensitivity to stressors of all kinds, including noise, and low calcium contributes to hypersensitivity and nervousness. Calcium is a nervous system relaxant, he says, but many calcium supplements are not able to help the problem since they are not easily utilised by the body. (9) More here: Calcium Toxicity.

According to Dr. Lawrence Wilson, Copper Toxicity can also be a strong influencing factor in ADHD.

Valerian root (herb) has been reported to be beneficial to calm ADHD symptoms. It can be taken in capsule or tincture form.

Dr. Mercola highlights the importance of good gut health in overcoming ADHD. Read: natural health remedies for intestinal dysbiosis.

Read also: "Treating ADHD with Vitamin B-3 (Niacinamide)" (external link). B vitamins are essential for healthy nervous system function.

Note that according to Dr. William Philpott, food intolerances can cause ADHD-like symptoms.

Read an orthomolecular medicine viewpoint here: "Nutritional Aspects of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder" (external link).

Useful reading also (book): "Dr. Hoffer's ABC of Natural Nutrition for Children with Learning Disabilities, Behavioral Disorders, and Mental State Dysfunctions" by Dr. Abram Hoffer.

The following article may also prove very useful in fighting ADHD, although written from a slightly different angle: How to Control Anger/ Cures for Moodiness.

Note that systemic candida infection can also cause symptoms similar to attention deficit disorder (ADD).

See also natural health remedy entries for anxiety, nervousness and mental health problems.

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Adrenal Fatigue

I healed my adrenal insufficiency, a milder problem than adrenal fatigue, with the help of Hair Mineral Analysis. In addition, the best source of information I have found is Dr. James Wilson's Book: Adrenal Fatigue, the 21st Century Stress Syndrome and his website:

See also the natural health remedy entries for adrenal insufficiency and burnout.

There is much information about adrenal fatigue - some of which is contradicting - and some medical professionals don't acknowledge the existence of this conditions. Many specialist doctors and naturopath on the contrary state that most of the Western World may actually suffer from this. It is a condition of fundamental exhaustion of the body, its glands, where the hormones are out of balance, stress becomes much more difficult to tolerate, and the main symptom is tiredness. All stimulants make this condition worse and can contribute to/ cause adrenal fatigue.

The key to healing adrenal fatigue is reducing stress and eliminating stimulants. Supplements such as recommended by hair mineral analyst naturopaths and Dr. James Wilson (as above) can help. There are many different types of stress on the body, including bad diet, anything frustrating, lack of enjoyment in life, taking life too seriously, being an overachiever, lack of exercise, etc. Read more at: Natural health remedies to stress.

One of my readers wrote to me with an observation that a diet too low in good quality sugar and fat can make adrenal fatigue worse. He also noticed that heat affected his chronic tiredness very much, whereas cold showers made him feel much better. His theory is that heat can be very straining to the body especially if you have adrenal fatigue. His full story is here: Testimonial: Brain Fog, Adrenal Fatigue, Inflammation, Acidity. He also observed that keeping the blood sugar in balance was key to feeling better with adrenal fatigue.

In my case eating more natural rock salt seemed to help, and eliminating food intolerances was an extremely important part towards healing better. My adrenal fatigue diagnosis came through the hair mineral analysis and the supplements they gave me seemed to help at first and clearly gave me more energy - especially the adrenal glandulars. However, some months later I developed quite high levels of anxiety, which I found out were strongly linked to the adrenal glandulars... I now wonder whether they are a type of stimulant as well. Many people seem to think they are safe and once the anxiety faded over time I didn't feel worse for having taken them. But I soon came to realize that many supplements that gave me more energy - even if they were meant to help the body and not burden it like stimulants - prevented me from sleeping or heightened my anxiety. These included: B12 vitamin, C-vitamin in megadoses, sometimes the blood electrification, etc. Stronger stimulants such as caffeine and sugar I had had to eliminate to a large degree long before since I couldn't tolerate them anymore. Anyway, it is a long story, which you can read in more detail at: My Natural Health Journey.

My current understanding of adrenal fatigue is that the key things that help are: eliminating stress in its wider meaning (which I explain here); having a varied diet of mainly wholefoods and alkaline foods; possibly adding natural salt to the diet; eliminating food intolerances (it made a huge difference to me); eliminating stimulants and being careful with supplements; ensuring enough good quality protein, fats and carbohydrates; addressing any inflammation/infections and other burdens on the body; moving the body; and enjoying life (not having too strict diets or other demands on yourself.) Anything that makes you happy and healthy will help: for someone it might be social relationships, for another walks in nature and sunshine, and for another person it might be having a challenging and rewarding job or a hobby.

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Adrenal Insufficiency

A milder version of adrenal fatigue or adrenal exhaustion, aka burnout. Read the entry here on adrenal fatigue as well as the article: Natural Remedies for Adrenal Insufficiency.

See also the natural health remedies for adrenal fatigue and burnout.

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Aggression, Aggressiveness

Dr. Lawrence Wilson thinks that copper toxicity can play an important part in making people more aggressive.

One of the major causes of aggressiveness is, of course, alcohol.

Chemical and food sensitivities can cause aggressiveness as well, according to Dr. William Philpott. Use the pulse test to check for food intolerances at home.

Dr. Andrew W. Saul's article on natural remedies for Allergies here.

Read also: Brain Allergies by Dr. Philpott; "Diet, Crime and Delinquency" (book) by Alexander Schauss; and How to Control Anger.

View on Amazon:

See also the natural health remedy entries for anger, alcoholism and mental health problems.

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Dr. Joel Wallach in his book: 'Rare Earths, Forbidden Cures' provides newspaper article -copies and mentions of people who lived to 100-260 years of age and remained in good health throughout their lives. He is of the opinion that the natural human lifespan is between 120-140 years. The primary cause for premature aging according to him are mineral deficiencies. The good news is that he doesn't attribute a specific diet to longevity, as he points out that people seem to thrive on - and prefer - very different diets. For a long, healthy life he recommends ionic mineral supplementation, vitamin supplementation, ensuring that the body has sufficient amounts of essential amino acids (plus arginine, taurine and tyrosine) and essential fatty acids (EFAs), as well as avoidance of cooked vegetable fats and sugar.

Dr. Brian Clement is of the opinion that raw vegan diet is key to stopping aging: See How to Stop the Aging Process. Others recommend a partially-cooked food vegetarian diet or a paleolithic diet.

In his book, 'Longevity, Enjoying Long Life Without Limits', Clement discusses the natural health remedies to fight aging, as follows: positive attitude, active mind and brain, keeping well-hydrated, exercising, sleeping and resting well, being free from stress, having an active sex life, and actively using your five senses.

In addition, good conscience, enjoying life, a good and uplifting social life, a feeling of purpose, sense of humour, staying in movement, spending as much time as possible in nature and living free of toxins are instrumental to remaining healthy and young. In other words, everything that makes you live happier BOTH short-term and long-term, will probably also prolong your life and keep you young longer.

Read also, Dr Mercola: 'How Intermittent Fasting Can Help You Live Healthier, Longer'. There are also many proponents of calorie restriction who believe that it is another natural health remedy against aging. For sure, overeating is a likely cause of (or a strong contributor to) the many so-called 'diseases of the rich', which include all the top killer diseases of the Western world.

Dr Mercola states on his website that oxidative therapies can be used as a potent anti-aging strategy. These include vitamin C supplementation (whether ascorbic acid counts as vitamin C is debated), ozone therapies, hydrochloric acid treatments performed by doctors, and anything else that can increase the levels of oxygen in the body.

Read also David Wolfe's book: Longevity Now (summary here).

The so-called 'Blue Zones' are areas which are recognised by Western scientists as the areas where people live the longest. According to Dan Buettner's book on the topic, the Blue Zones are: Okinawa, Japan; Sardinia (Barbagia region), Italy; Loma Linda community in California; Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica; and the Greek island of Ikaria.

There are claims by many others that very long-lived people exist in remote locations away from the public eye, especially in Asia and they are generally said to live on mountains in different parts of the world. If mountains really are best locations for living longer, it could be due to mineralised water and food (especially in volcanic locations), due to calmer life from less oxygen in the air, due to life-giving energy being more concentrated on (or attracted to) the mountains (some say this is why pyramids were built all around the world), or something else.

David Wolfe states calcification to be a major cause of disease and aging, and proposes remedies. Scroll to the bottom of the article for more articles on the topic.

Barbara Wren speaks passionately about dehydration - and how that is extremely detrimental to physical, mental and spiritual energy. The summary of her book 'Cellular Awakening: How Your Body Holds and Creates Light' can be read at the above link. See also the natural health remedies for dehydration.

Other relevant books:

You may also like to read about telomeres and the latest research into how to stop them from shortening, although personally I would not buy into the very expensive supplements purpoted to have an effect on DNA telomere length and thus longevity.

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If you react especially badly to alcohol, it is worth considering whether you have histamine intolerance. Get a check-up with your doctor also to ensure that your liver and other inner organs are healthy.

This article: "Treatment Protocol for Alcoholism" recommends the following natural remedies for alcoholism: vitamin C to saturation (10-20g per day or more); B-50 complex tablet (50mg of each of the major B-vitamins 6x daily, niacin (B3) especially important); L-glutamine (2-3g, decreases physiological cravings for sugar and alcohol); lecithin (helps to mobilize fats out of the liver); chromium polynicotinate (200-400mcg daily); a good, high-potency multi-vitamin & multimineral supplement, containing 400mg of magnesium and the antioxidants carotene and d-alpha tocopherol; and spiritual support.

The above article also states that many if not most alcoholics are hypoglycemic and that vitamin B3 especially may help against the depression that alcoholics may be feeling.

Read: "The Vitamin Cure for Alcoholism: Orthomolecular Treatment of Additions" on

Dr. Andrew Saul explains in Food Matters that Bill Williams, the founder of the Alcoholics Anonymous, found that [high doses of?] niacin helped for depression and alcoholism. He wanted niacin to be a part of the AA recommendation for alcoholics but by then the AA had already been infiltrated by the medical profession and they rejected it. And to this day they don't recommend vitamin therapy.

"A Protocol for Alcohol by Andrew W. Saul" (external link).

GABA deficiency can cause alcoholism, headaches, palpitations, low libido, manic behavior, anxiety and recklessness, the Health Works Collective website reports [Update: unfortunately the page I was referring to has now been taken down - the article used to be called "10 Ways to Overcome Your Anxiety and Panic Attacks Drug Companies Won't Tell You About"].

GABA's role in the body is to calm the firing nerves of our nervous systems and long-term stress can interfere with the production of this neurotransmitter, the article says. The writer recommends 500-1000 mg a day of GABA in supplement form, or to eat more foods that increase its production, i.e. nuts, bananas, broccoli, spinach, green tea, citrus fruit and rice bran.

Note that it is difficult to purchase GABA in Europe since EU has banned its sales. It is legal in the USA, however, and some people choose to order it online for home delivery.

Read also the natural health remedy entries on: blood sugar imbalance, addiction and depression.

Read also: Hangover Remedies.

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"Allergies are one of the most often missed, most often mis-diagnosed, most poorly addressed treatable conditions in the world. Allergies are estimated to affect between 20 and 40% of affluent populations (and an unmeasured percentage of people around the world); and probably most individuals have some kind of mild allergies and food incompatibilities.

"Allergic reactions are our body's response to the repeated entrance of a foreign protein, or synthetic compound (an antigen) into our body. The most common route of their introduction is through our digestive system. [...]

"Symptoms of allergies may appear immediately on contact or may be delayed, for minutes, hours, or up to about four days. If symptoms of allergy are immediate, their source is easy to identify and eliminate. Sources of delayed symptoms are more difficult to pinpoint and avoid, because we forget what we ate a few days ago. [...]

"Allergies place an enormous burden on our immune system. Their load on this system makes us more susceptible to other environmental factors: toxic metals, toxic gases, physical and mental stress, and infections by virus, fungus, bacteria, and protozoa. [...]

"Some allergies can be helped with nutrient enrichment, adrenal support, or certain herbs. A supplement of digestive enzymes can be remarkably helpful, by improving digestion and minimizing the absorption of allergy-triggering, incompletely digested protein components of foods. [...]

"Severe allergies can be treated with a clearing program of powdered nutrients for 10 days. Such as program provides all essential nutrients, but no allergens. During clearing, there may be symptoms of withdrawal from foods we are addicted to: weakness, tiredness, headaches, aches, and pains in one or more parts of our body, or mood swings. After 10 days on this powdered program, most symptoms of allergic reactions have run their course and been cleared out [...]

"The clearing program is followed by a careful introduction of single foods, one every 4 days, and symptoms are recorded in a journal. Foods that produce no symptoms are incorporated into the program of allowable food choices. Foods or food combinations that produce no symptoms are incorporated into this program of allowable food choices. [...] Each time allergic reactions occur, one can fall back on the powdered clearing program for a few days, then try new foods again. [...]

"Few people take the time necessary to systematically develop their own compatible food program unless severe symptoms force them to do so [...]

"A program of compatible foods must be both complete (contain all essential nutrients in optimum quantities) and allergy-free. One can use the powdered nutrient program to make up for nutritional gaps that result from food restrictions due to allergic responses. Such a food program heals, because it eliminates digestive, absorptive, and deficiency problems, and prevents the damaging immune and metabolic reactions that result from consuming incompatible foods."

- Udo Erasmus, in 'Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill', pp. 353-354

A cheap home remedy for food intolerances is testing your pulse - these are different from allergies, however but the same method may be helpful. In addition, eliminating foods that you are intolerant to in itself provides a powerful natural health remedy to strengthen your immune system and thus fight allergies as well.

Fasting and then introducing each food one by one and noting down the reactions over four days before introducing another food has been recommended by Dr. William Philpott in his book 'Brain Allergies'.

David Wolfe says that he cured his allergies by taking a teaspoon of pink Himalayan salt in a glass of water every day. Read: Benefits of Natural Salt.

Strengthening the immune system is key to overcoming environmental, chemical and food allergies and different methods for doing this include: eliminating toxins, taking in plenty of antioxidants, drinking plenty of water, having a high micronutrient diet, blood electrification with Sota Instruments devices, and generally strengthening and detoxifying the body. Exercise and clean air will most likely be very helpful as well.

There are many reports online on how people cured their allergies by following a raw food diet. Eliminating sugar has also been said to help, probably because this generally enhances the immune system.

Intestinal dysbiosis can be one of the underlying causes of allergies, as can leaky gut syndrome. This is often caused by candida overgrowth, so candida infections can indirectly cause allergies.

Central Nervous System Allergy (external link, pdf). This article puts forward the proposition that all allergies start in the central nervous system (CNS).

Some people reported online that a water fast cleared their food allergies/ intolerances. I tried this - water fasted for seven days - but found that it didn't help in my case.

See also the natural health remedy entries on food allergies, food intolerance, leaky gut syndrome.

Read also: 'Allergies: How To Avoid Them' on

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Alzheimer's Disease

Read: Diabetes Type 3: Alzheimer's Disease for general information and natural remedies based on recent research findings on Alzheimer's disease. The researchers propose that the cause of Alzheimer's disease may be very similar to that of diabetes. Read also: natural health remedies for diabetes.

Doctor Mercola writes here that studies on mice have shown ashwaganda, also known as Indian ginseng, to reverse Alzheimer's Disease. This superfood is widely available in health food stores and online these days, however, Dr. Mercola gives no indication of the dosage needed. Increase the dosage gradually and research safe dosages of ashwaganda. Mercola lists additional ways to help brain health and reduce the impact of Alzheimer's - these include: high-antioxidant diet and curcumin (found in turmeric).

Dr. Mercola also reports that people with Alzheimer's have a high level of inflammation in their brain.

David Wolfe writes (3) that royal jelly (a bee product) is so effective in the regulation of nerve impulses between nerve fibres "that it is known to help those suffering from Alzheimer's disease." He also mentions that free-radical damage is linked to Alzheimer's disease, and that one of the things able to combat the free radicals are goji berries, because of their choline content.

Some research into the benefits of the following may be useful: coconut oil, raw food diet, omega 3s, vitamins D3 and B12, mercury detoxification, detoxification in general, ensuring good hormone balance (especially T3) with full spectrum blood analysis, stopping prescription medications, correcting vitamin and mineral deficiencies, clearing food allergies and infections, and multivitamins. There are suggestions on the internet that these might be helpful in reversing Alzheimer's. reports that vitamin E may slow the decline in Alzheimer's patients and enable them to function better in daily life.

Dr. Andrew W. Saul's article on Alzheimer's Disease here.

'FightingAlzheimers' has a video on YouTube: "Alzheimer's Disease, How I Stopped and Reversed It".

Glutamates, such as MSG, have also been linked to Alzheimers as they are dangerous excitotoxins to the brain cells. Russell Blaylock has a lot to say on this topic.

According to the journal of the American Pharmacists Association webpage (Effects of Estrogen on Cognition, Mood and Degenerative Brain Diseases), increasing estrogen levels can help with Alzheimer's Disease, although this approach has been disputed and criticised by others.

"Vitamins Help Prevent Alzheimer's Disease..."

Please note also that a mycoplasma infection may be a causative factor in Alzheimer's.

Read also the natural health remedy entries for dementia, inflammation, mental health problems, calcification and diabetes.

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"Dr. Grabowski contends that many patients diagnosed with iron-deficiency anemia, early-stage multiple-sclerosis, and various immunodeficiency disorders actually have unrecognised copper deficiency. Fortunately, this is correctable via supplementation..." - Erik L. Goldman: "Copper Deficiency May Underlie Osteoporosis, Anemia and Neurogenerative Disorders" on

Pernicious anemia is caused by vitamin B12 deficiency - read more here: B12 Energy Vitamin. In addition, importantly, copper supplementation may be crucial to ensure that the body can utilise iron properly. This interesting finding is discussed in an article suggesting a link between copper deficiency, pernicious anemia and hyperthyroidism. If you suffer from anxiety, heart palpitations, insomnia, difficulty in handling stress, nervousness, etc., it is especially worth reading this article.

David Wolfe recommends the following as a natural health remedy for anemia: dandelion, parsley, spinach, spirulina, greens, cacao, seaweeds, artichoke, yacon, red-colored fruit: cherries, berries, pomegranates, red-flesh figs.

Also food intolerances, such as lactose or gluten intolerance, can cause anemia.

Even if a doctor doesn't diagnose you as anaemic, check your ferritin levels. My ferritin (iron storage) levels were reported as normal by my doctor, yet I found out via researching the topic myself that my levels were far from ideal. Low ferritin levels cause tiredness and decreased physical strength.

The problem with iron supplements is that they can feed candida. Anyone with anemia or low ferritin levels should first of all take care of their gut health, to ensure that the iron and other nutrients from foods can be absorbed properly. This can be done by eating fermented foods, eating organic foods, avoiding meat that has been treated with antibiotics and salads that have been washed in chloride solutions, as both of these can further worsen any candida problem. Of course, the likely candida yeast overgrowth has to be dealt with as well. Essential fatty acids are important to include into the diet as well to improve iron levels. If you suffer from anemia or show low ferritin in tests, check also the health of your thyroid and liver as these are typical linked problems.

Note that anemia may make menstrual cramps worse. In my experience, liquid iron supplements by Spatone help to reduce menstrual cramps, and copper supplementation may help further.

In summary, to overcome anemia, ensure a healthy bacterial balance in the gut, essential fatty acids (EFAs) in the diet, and good liver health. Also read the above articles on copper and vitamin B12.

Read also: "Low Ferritin" article by Scott Webb at

See also the natural health remedy entries, as relevant: irritable bowel syndrome, intestinal dysbiosis, liver weakness, , anxiety.

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how to control anger
Copyright: Pelagos. To purchase the full-resolution version use the contact form below.

Note that according to Chinese Medicine liver weakness causes anger and vice versa. Anger can be resolved with the help of a good psychotherapist, while the other anger-causing issues are also ruled out, i.e. nutritional causes, trauma, stress and frustration, liver weakness, and three issues discussed in the book 'Brain Allergies' by Dr. William Philpott: heavy metal toxicity, food and chemical intolerances, and nutrient deficiencies. The book provides case studies of patients with extreme anger and how it got resolved. Note that alcohol is probably the leading cause of anger and arguments between couples, not only when under the influence but also on hangover days, because alcohol is a depressant and depletes B-vitamins. Note that cheap alcoholic drinks with sugar and chemicals may be much worse than 'cleaner' drinks such as spirits.

Most importantly, read: How to control anger - natural health remedies.

See also the natural health remedies for: liver weakness, aggressiveness.

See also remedies for linked problems, as relevant: alcoholism, hangover remedies, blood sugar imbalance, sugar addiction, addictions, mental health problems.

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"Vitamin E is the safest, cheapest and most effective solution to angina", states

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"Vitamin Supplementation Prevents Anorexia" (external link).

See also, as relevant, the natural health remedy entries on: depression, mental health problems, anxiety.

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Dietary remedies for anxiety and nervousness.

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GABA deficiency can cause alcoholism, headaches, palpitations, low libido, manic behavior, anxiety and recklessness, the Health Works Collective website reports [Update: unfortunately the page I was referring to has now been taken down - the article used to be called "10 Ways to Overcome Your Anxiety and Panic Attacks Drug Companies Won't Tell You About"]

GABA's role in the body is to calm the firing nerves of our nervous systems and long-term stress can interfere with the production of this neurotransmitter, the article says. The writer recommends 500-1000 mg a day of GABA in supplement form, or to eat more foods that increase its production, i.e. nuts, bananas, broccoli, spinach, green tea, citrus fruit and rice bran.

It is important to ensure healthy blood sugar levels since too high or low blood sugar can cause anxiety, read: "How and Why to Balance Blood Sugar".

It is also important to consider trauma as an underlying cause of anxiety - trauma can be caused by seemingly 'small' things, such as an operation or falling off a bike when you are a child. Life is traumatic by nature and to start releasing these stuck emotional patterns, read: Peter A Levine, Waking the Tiger, Healing Trauma and Trauma Release Exercises.

With anxiety, there may be both mental and physical (nutritional) reasons for it. To understand how profoundly mineral deficiencies, heavy metal toxicities and food sensitivities can affect our emotional health, read the books: Brain Allergies by William Philpott and 'Diet, Crime and Delinquency' by Alexander Schauss.

To address the mental and emotional side of anxiety, it is important to try and understand why the anxiety arises. Keep in mind that hormonal issues may be linked to this as well. A good psychotherapist/phychiatrist may be extremely helpful, and Dr. Brian Clement of the Hippocrates Health Institute emphasizes the importance of psychotherapy in healing - all visitors to the Institute meet with a psychotherapist.

Low self-esteem, consciously or subconsciously, can have a lot to do with anxiety, and emotional freedom technique (EFT), self-hypnosis, hypnotherapy, subliminal messages and guided visualisations can be very useful. To increase the good-mood promoting brain chemicals naturally, meditation and other 'parasympathetic nervous system' -activities are advised. It is under debate whether high or low serotonin levels cause depression and other low moods. Balancing your hormones is crucial but to top up the feel-good brain chemicals naturally, look to exercise, doing (healthy) things that make you happy, decreasing stress, and being quite uncompromising about how you want to live your life.

Aphrodisiac herbs and foods that promote sex hormones can be very helpful in promoting health, vitality and happiness, since sex hormones are the most important health hormones, according to David Wolfe. Detoxifying heavy metals can allow you to overcome estrogen dominance. On the other hand, increasing your metabolic rate and ensuring that your endocrine system and liver are strong can boost hormone levels and bring confidence and vitality.

Happiness and confidence are also very closely linked with gut health, so strong probiotics, such as kefir, should definitely be taken in the case of anxiety. Please also read the entry here on intestinal dysbiosis as it can cause anxiety.

Read more about the serotonin controversy here.

Psilocybin, a naturally occurring psychedelic compound in 'magic mushrooms', i.e. psychedelic mushrooms, has been shown by Prof David Nutt and Dr. Carhart-Harris of Imperial College London to reduce the problems of anxiety, obsessive-compulsive-disorder (OCD), depression and other mental health problems. The explanation is that such problems are connected with excessive connectivity of the brain. This over-connectivity causes depressed people to become excessively focused on negative thoughts. Psilocybin allows people to escape these thoughts, by first forcing people to confront themselves. "Only by losing the self, can you find the self", Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris says. Prof. Nutt thinks psilocybin as a treatment of depression could be a game-changer, in that just one or two dosages could make a difference. Source: CNN: "How Magic Mushroom Chemical Could Free the Mind of Depression, Addictions"

Robert Piper reports here that he healed his anxiety and stomach problems through meditation and martial arts, with the help of a Taoist monk.

Read also: "How to Deal With Anxiety Using Your Vagus Nerve" by Bill A Walker

Anxiety is linked to low energy, and especially low energy of the cells. This explains why hypoglycaemia often underlies anxiety. Read more on the Hypoglycemic Health Association website ( Hypoglycemia.asn.acu ).

The above website also explains that glycerin can stop an anxiety attack because it stops the stress hormones, notably adrenalin, from being produced as a response to low blood sugar. Glycerin is able to provide energy to cells without being recognized as sugar by the pancreas. Thus insulin is not triggered and drop in blood sugar and the subsequent adrenalin surge are also not triggered.

Others note that the excess adrenalin reaction is not always triggered by low blood sugar, but can also be triggered by past severe trauma. The link between adrenalin and anxiety seems clear, however, and the link between hypoglycaemia and anxiety seems to be a common occurrence.

Dr. Andrew W. Saul's report on Anxiety here.

My personal experience with anxiety and a list of methods that helped to alleviate it are provided in the following articles: Anxiety Diet, Anxiety Diet Diary and Anxiety Diet Conclusions. It seems now that the anxiety I was experiencing may have been linked to copper detoxification, copper deficiency, hyperthyroidism. However, my anxiety-symptoms were definitely linked to food allergies and/or intolerances. Typical symptoms that I had included: heart palpitations, hot flushes, fatigue, sour moods/ irritability, general feeling of nervousness/ unease, flu-like symptoms, etc.

I also suspect that an aspergillus mold infection, which I was diagnosed with earlier by a nutritionist, may be a linked problem, wearing down my nervous system. Aspergillus and some other pathogenic organisms that are able to infect the body produce neurotoxins as by-products of their metabolism, which can seriously burden the body and the nervous system. Some powerful solutions are discussed here: Parasites in Humans.

Note that toxic byproducts of candida, aspergillus mold and other infectious organisms can cause anxiety. and their readers report as the best natural anxiety remedies: 1) cold showers, 2) rhodiola, 3) apple cider vinegar and with an equal amount of votes: supplement Sam E, 5-HTP, L-Theanine, Holy basil and iodine.

Someone on Earthclinic reports that becoming more alkaline (pH balancing) helped a lot against anxiety, together with green and multimineral supplements. Two people report that Acetyl L-Carnitine helped them, though correct dosage is important (not too high). It is worth looking into protein (amino acids) from foods rather than taking the synthetic supplements (which begin with L-) since there are some reports about the synthetic ones being dangerous. Eating more protein can be helpful to fight anxiety also.

Note also that for some people 5-HTP can worsen anxiety significantly - serotonin can be anxiety-causing also. Other reported side-effects from 5-HTP include headaches and nausea.

Two people on the above site report that their anxiety was caused by acid reflux and healed by avoiding reflux-triggering foods (like chilli and coffee) and antacids.

Many people find that problems with the gut and/or digestion are linked with anxity, and healing the gut removes symptoms of anxiety also. The gut has been recently nicknamed 'the second brain' since certain neurotransmitters have receptors in the intestines - therefore it makes sense that intestinal health affects our moods. Read: gut and psychology syndrome, IBS, and digestive problems.

Potential genetic causes of anxiety: "A Genetic Cause of Pain and Anxiety - COMT, MAO and MTHFR" by Dr Rostenberg of Red Mountain Natural Medicine

Jason, a reader of this website points out that overmethylation can cause anxiety and taking niacin can help reduce anxiety.

Read also the natural health remedy entries on: nervousness, jitters, and nervous system disorders, trauma, hypoglycaemia, mental health problems.

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This is the problem of calcification and hardening of the arteries. Charles Walters says that this is bad calcium accumulation due to not enough magnesium in the body to keep the calcium bioavailable and moving. (10) Read also: Calcium Toxicity and David Wolfe on Calcification.

Note the difference between arteriosclerosis and atherosclerosis: where the latter is the most common type of the former - so the concepts are similar but not the same.

Book: Dr. Matthias Rath: "Why Animals Don't Get Heart Attacks... But People Do!" (free download). This book includes a chapter on atherosclerosis, entitled: "Atherosclerosis, Heart Attack and Stroke".

Alzheimer's Disease is thought to be caused by arteriosclerosis of the brain.

See also the natural health remedy entries on calcifications and heart disease.

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According to Dr. Brian Clement (7), the following natural health remedies can help asthma: avoid extremely cold climates, breathe fresh air, keep the windows open in your house, ozone-treated air (controversial), oxygen-rich foods (raw foods), herbal remedies (3-5 drops of pure eucalyptus oil in water twice per day; spearmint/ wintergreen drops on your pillowcase and tea tree drops the following night as they help to de-congest the lungs), exercise. He warns that some foods induce and aggravate asthma, among the most dangerous being: milk, flour, eggs, cooked white potatoes, seafood and nuts, as well as food additives, such as MSG.

On the other hand, it may be that some asthmatics are sensitive to the above foods and some are not.

During my visit to a Chinese Doctor, she explained her belief that asthma was caused by dehydration. The symptoms of asthma, she said, are helped by a sugar- and dairy -free diet since these are dehydrating and mucus-producing. Dr. Tan had earlier explained to me that sugar, stress and other things dehydrate you and dehydration causes everything fluid in your body to become sticky - the result is phlegm.

Leaky gut syndrome may be behind asthma.

Read: "Asthma Treatment That Works" (external link). This article promotes the use of high doses of vitamin C for asthma treatment (orthomolecular medicine approach), plus some secondary remedies.

"How Quitting Dairy Cured My Asthma" - You Tube Video.

Note that magnesium supplementation may help asthma symptoms, as it is said to relax the muscles of the lungs and therefore help relieve shortness of breath. Benefits of Magnesium.

According to Barbara Wren, asthma is specifically a problem of acidic body and the oxygen not being able to get into the cells. She also links dehydration to allergies of all types and says that histamine (which causes allergy symptoms) cannot be produced unless you are dehydrated.

GreenMedInfo reports that turmeric extract improves asthma patients who are on medication.

"Asthma is almost always allergy-based. The offending allergen may come from food or water, affecting our respiratory system indirectly by absorption into our body through our digestive tract, or it may be airborne (pollen, bacteria, molds, dander, dust mites, etc.), affecting our lungs and breathing passages directly. [...]

"... an allergy treatment and/or clearing diet should be followed with careful introduction of foods free of allergy response for the individual. Water may need to be filtered to remove chlorine, other toxic materials, and allergens. Air may need to be filtered to remove airborne allergens and noxious fumes and odors."

- Udo Erasmus, in 'Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill', p. 355

Doctor Mercola agrees that unfiltered tap water may be especially harmful to asthmatics:

"While chlorine is right at the heart of this matter, there is an even larger threat to your health. It is important to understand that when chlorine interacts with organic matter found in your water, disinfection byproducts (DBPs) form. And these DBPs are far more toxic than the chlorine itself. In fact, DBPs are responsible for the vast majority of the toxic effects of chlorinated water… toxic effects that can potentially lead to: Increased cancer, asthma, and skin irritation risks, Respiratory irritation and fatigue, Weakening of your immune system."

Note that aspergillus (mold) infection can be a feature or some say even the primary cause of asthma.

Capsaicin in chilli peppers is an irritant for humans, at least in large quantity. It's an active ingredient in pepper sprays and can shut down the lungs. Asthmatics should avoid these and experiment with avoidance of other plant foods of the 'nightshade' family too, since they may cause inflammation at least in some people who are sensitive to them.

The supplement NAC (N-acetyl L-cysteine) has been reported to help asthmatics. It is a modified version of the amino acid L-cysteine. and others report that it helps the body form glutathione, which is a powerful antioxidant. Other claimed health-benefits of NAC supplementation include: treats obstructive lung disease, treats certain psychiatric disorders, makes thick mucus thinner, etc. Herbwisdom states: "Acetylcysteine works to treat bronchitis, ear infections, help relieve hangover symptoms, help with symptoms of Lou Gehrig’s disease and heart disease, lower cholesterol, reduce cancer treatment side effects, help with polycystic ovary syndrome, increase immunity against certain strains of influenza, help increase energy and allow the body to recover faster after a sports injury." (Source)

Note that histamine intolerance has been linked to asthma.

See also the natural health remedy entries for allergies, food intolerance.

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Aspergillus Infection/ Aspergillosis

To diagnose an aspergillus infection a live blood analysis and an infectious disease specialist (doctor) can help. I personally got an x-ray done which showed no aspergillus but I still presented with many of the symptoms and my live blood analyst did find aspergillus.

This is said to be a fairly common mold infection and can cause symptoms of respiratory problems, asthma, acid reflux, fatigue, anxiety, heart palpitations, sinusitis, mucus, flu-like symptoms, twitching, night sweats, allergies, toxicity, reproductive system complications, vision problems, swollen lymph nodes, face flushing, hot flashes, thyroid and adrenal gland problems, coughing, memory loss, brain fog, depression, nausea, abdominal pains, coated tongue, headaches, dizziness, loss of hearing, nose bleeds, rashes, hair loss, muscle stiffness, etc. The mold spores are said to be neurotoxic. Many more serious problems have also been associated with aspergillus by some, e.g. autoimmune disease, cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, Lyme's disease, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, dementia, PTSD, high blood pressure, infertility, miscarriage, seizures, heart attack, etc.

Note that aspergillus can be a harsh infection, causing serious symptoms, however in my case (if I really have it) it seems to be a very mild version, causing long-term health problems rather than an immediate emergency.

I was diagnosed with aspergillus some years back by the live blood analysis. Assuming I still have this infection, which would make sense seeing the list of symptoms, I have started to experiment with drinking ozonated water and blood electrification to eliminate this mold from my body. Both of these have been said to be very effective in helping to clear the symptoms and to reduce mold overgrowth. After two weeks on 2h of blood electrification per day (using Sota Instruments' silver pulser), and daily nasal rinses with ozone water, I developed a strong cough. This lasted for some 2-3 days, and a few more to completely stop coughing. Afterwards I found that I was not quite so sensitive to sugar anymore, and took the cough to be a symptom that much of the infection was clearing.

There is information on the benefits of ozone therapies in Ed McCabe's book: 'Flood Your Body with Oxygen' and Sota Instruments sells a water ozonator for $350 + shipping.

Isopathic remedies have been reported to work for aspergillus as well. Some homeopathic practitioners offer isopathic therapies, and more information is provided, for example, in this book: "The Four Steps to Isopathic Therapy" by Konrad Werthman. It can be bought from

Update: A combination of blood electrification, ozonated water, sinus rinse with ozonated water (similar to neti pot), Chinese herbs and exercise seem to be working well for me. After two weeks on these remedies (2h of blood electrification per day, 1-4 pints of ozonated water, etc.) I got a deep, phlegmy cough and it felt like my lungs started cleansing. I stopped the blood electrification and Chinese herbs then but continued with the rest. I also got throat ache and a hoarse voice (presumably because of the pathogens being eliminated irritating the throat) but no other cold symptoms. I also started blowing yellow thick mucus from deep inside my throat.

The sinus rinse hurt in the beginning, indicating infection, but soon became easier. These remedies altogether, but especially the ozone water, seemed to clearly give me more energy. So I believe these remedies to be very effective. However, the process takes a while, and I still have mucus in both my lungs and my sinuses. After a break from the blood electrification and the herbs, I am now continuing with those. I already feel much better but still need to keep going and fighting this infection. I will return to report on any updates.

Note that I don't know if sinus rinse (neti pot) with ozonated water is safe, I never heard of anyone else doing this, I just decided to try. Usually sinus rinse is done with boiled and cooled, salted water, and this method may be equally effective. I have in the past experimented also with a little bit of silver colloid sinus rinse, which seemed to work well too, although I didn't continue it for very long.

Oil of oregano (essential oil) has been reported by many to be a very effective remedy against aspergillus, and it's a strong natural anti-viral also. One can breathe it in from the vapours of boiled water or take it as capsules. I also found it to be effective - you can read my report here: Aspergillus Treatment.

McCombs' candida-fighting diet and supplements claim to help with mold infections also.

Note that mineral supplementation and other ways of strengthening the immune system (and the body in general) can be very helpful when fighting infections. Certain vitamins (wholefood-based), especially vitamin C in its true, natural form (not ascorbic acid) will be helpful also.

See also more information on infections, sinus infections, cough and parasites, generally.

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder



Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride reversed her son's autism by changing his diet and getting him on good quality (therapeutic grade) probiotics. As a result of this experience, she created the GAPS diet for food allergies and other symptoms of leaky gut, learning disorders, psychological disorders, eczema and asthma.

According to Dr. Lawrence Wilson, Copper Toxicity can be a strong influencing factor in autism.

If you can locate the video of the 'Autism Reversed' lecture the directors of the Hippocrates Health Institute, it will most likely discuss potent natural remedies in overcoming autism. I haven't seen it because the video link seems to be currently down, but on a YouTube video Dr. Brian Clement states that autism is happening because of heavy metal poisoning in the environment, toxic chemicals and fire retardants in clothing, as well as exposure to all the other toxic chemicals.

Waking Times reports in this article that autism is caused by toxins, bad gut bacteria, nutritional deficiencies and certain vaccines.

Food intolerance has been reported to be a very important aspect to address in a person who suffers from autism.

Read: Autism Helped by Digestive Enzymes. This article speaks explains how gluten- and casein-free diet, as well as plant-based non-enteric coated digestive enzymes can help with autism.

Read also the natural health remedy entries for mental health problems, nervous system disorders, intestinal dysbiosis.

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Autoimmune Disorders

"There is an intriguing but not fully understood connection between stress, caffeine, and autoimmune disorders, such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and MS", states Stephen Cherniske in Caffeine Blues (book).

Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, as interviewed by Dr. Mercola (6) states the following:

"What people don't understand is that we all - 100 percent of humans - have in our bodies antibodies to deal with multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral slerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, lupus, [alopecia, psoriasis] or any other autoimmune condition."

"Autoimmunity is born in the gut. That's where it comes from - your gut wall. [...] In order to heal any autoimmune condition [...] you have to focus on healing and sealing your gut lining with the GAPS Nutritional Protocol. And you have to focus on [...] normalizing your gut flora. You have to drive out the pathogens from the gut flora and replace them with the beneficial flora. Then a lot of healing will happen..." - Dr. McBride

Also, according to Dr. Robert Rowen, ozone therapy is very beneficial for 'immune diseases', Dr. Mercola reports (6).

Note that candida overgrowth can cause autoimmune disorders, according to Chiropractor and candida expert Jeffrey McCombs.

See also the natural health remedy entries for: gut and psychology syndrome (GAPS)

Autoimmune diseases, including thyroid problems (hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism), are linked to inflammation.

Garrett L. Smith reports on the Weston Price Foundation website that everyone with an autoimmune condition should avoid eating the 'nightshade' group of vegetables: white potatos, peppers, chillies, aubergines (egg plants), tomatoes, goji berries, ashwaghanda and paprika. An intolerance to these is common, and can cause inflammation, edema, chronic pain, anxiety, nervous system probelms, insomnia, and a wide variety of dilapidating symptoms. Those with arthritis and chronic pain conditions should avoid them, Smith says, and asthmatics should avoid peppers due to capsaicin.

The 'autoimmune protocol' or 'autoimmune paleo' (AIP) diet has been specifically formulated for those with autoimmune diseases. The diet starts off as a paleolithic diet, but also restricts nuts, seeds, chocolate, eggs, nightshades and some culinary herbs. The primary aim of the diet is to reduce inflammation in the intestines. Some people have found relief by following a more generic paleo diet and others feel better on the GAPS diet (gut and psychology syndrome).

Read also the articles regarding food intolerance.

"The Everything Guide to the Autoimmune Diet: Restore Your Immune System and Manage Chronic Illness with Healing, Nourishing Foods" by Dr. Jeffrey McCombs

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