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(25-day raw food diet, day 5, continues...)

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I made small portions of raw pickles to test which ones are nice before wasting ingredients. Pickles, as well as other soaked, marinated and fermented foods seem to be key to eating tasty food while doing a raw food challenge.

11.30am Lunch:
Had a clementine, and a salad: green lettuce, daikon radish (grated), apple (grated), sweetcorn (raw also, like everything else), sugar snap peas in pods, freshly ground pumpkin seeds, black sesame seeds, red bell pepper.
Took different supplements from yesterday: limcomin and paramin, one capsule each.

The daikon radish tasted very wrong. Maybe my taste buds are adjusting to be more sensitive as a result of this raw food challenge. I don't normally notice strange tastes in vegetables. So far daikon radish, certain avocados, banana and the red bell pepper have had a very strange taste. I suspect this means that these specific fruits and vegetables happen to be bad quality, and suddenly I can taste the difference, since I cut out strong flavours and taste-bud-numbing foods, like salt, spices and starches.

I got a delivery from Oliveology.co.uk, who sell good quality Greek (cold-pressed) olive oil, stored in a stainless steel container. I didn't try the oil yet (will use very sparingly!) but tried a few Kalamata olives, which first tasted really nice and sweet, but later had a kind of a bitter after-taste. I paid approximately £12 for the oil (750ml) and £5 for the olives, plus £5 postage. I ate about 7 olives.

13.50pm: Just came back from shopping outside, and feel very tired again. Had to take a 45-minute power-nap on the sofa.

I don't like feeling this tired. And because I don't usually feel this tired on a juice fast, which is meant to be a more intense form of detoxification, I am worried whether my body is finding it difficult to digest the food on this raw food challenge. Perhaps it is more difficult to get all the nutrients out because of all the fibre (and cooking may break and soften the fibre?).

Yesterday I felt good soon after drinking the juice, which is extremely easy to digest.

Well, whatever it takes I will stick to the raw food challenge, and I hope that I will feel much better soon. There are definite benefits at the same time, though, i.e. better flexibility, quick weight loss (but this is obvious since I'm eating so little) and the nice feelings in my body and mind yesterday.

Ate about 8 organic prunes (from Tree Harvest) (may be not raw).
Slight headache, feeling worn out, face feels overheated and is red.

Snacked on a few more prunes throughout the evening. Got slight low blood sugar feelings so took my pulse to see if there was a food intolerance reaction but there wasn't.

I got a bit stressed out in the late afternoon, and got my adrenaline going. My face went red again, and afterwards I felt very weak and worn out, with achy arms and legs, as well as slight headache and stiff slightly achy neck. I used to get this reaction at work, and I always got it more easily when I had been eating too much sugar, simple carbs or alcohol. I was hoping to feel stronger by now but either this raw diet is too sugary - or I am still suffering blood sugar imbalances from the carbs and sugar I ate before this diet over the holidays.

6pm: Smoothie: 1tbsp spirulina, one pink grapefruit, water. I made this to try and feel better, to balance my blood sugar with the protein in spirulina (Note: Spirulina has a very high protein-content.)

I'm taking a hot bath to try to relax myself and then I will use the blood electrification for an hour or so... It helped once against this feeling, which seems like low blood sugar, but may in fact have to do with parasites (e.g. bacteria in the blood) since those generally thrive on sugar too. In other words, high sugar-, dairy- and carb-content food may feed parasites, which may in turn make me feel very weak and not able to withstand stress, somehow.

19.20pm: Blood electrification starts (did it for 45 minutes).
The blood electrification made me feel much better. I will have to make this a key part of this raw food diet - incorporating it every day, since it seemed again to help me with my sugar intolerance problems.

I feel good now, there is just a little bit of tenseness around my head - like the beginnings of a headache. Not really tired anymore.
I drank three pints of water during and soon after the blood electrification.

10pm: Had a couple of handfuls of fresh blueberries.
Did a little yoga, Five Tibetan Rites, and the Spine Twist.

10.05pm: Angelica oil on the forehead and temples - it did make me a little sleepy after about half an hour or so but then I woke up again.

Note: I haven't felt cold today after the electricity treatment, but the house is warmer too.

I keep having a little cough with some phlegm coming up from my lungs.

Went to bed at about midnight, put angelica essential oil on my forehead which seemed to put me to sleep fairly quickly.

Day 6 - Raw Food Challenge

9th January 2015, Friday

Woke up late today, at 11am!

Last night I woke up at 2am not being able to sleep. I had restless feet. I usually only get this problem 1) if I am very dehydrated or 2) if I have eaten too much sugar/ simple carbohydrates. I was awake until at least 4am, possibly longer, as I couldn't sleep. But showering my feet with cold water and changing to a lighter (less warm) cover finally helped.

When I did sleep, however, I felt like I was sleeping quite deep. I didn't wake up to the cars around 5am like I usually do. So cutting out the supplements has possibly helped. I suspect the culprit is C-vitamin megadosing, but will wait for a couple more days before reintroducing B12, C-vitamin and iron one-by-one.

Raw Food, Fruit and Blood Sugar, Part I

While lying awake, I was thinking about this raw food challenge and sugar. I thought 'since I'm getting restless feet, I must be eating too high sugar on this diet'. But later I remembered that I had quite a few dried prunes which I suspect were not raw, but heat-dried. And I seemed to get 'low blood sugar' -related symptoms after eating prunes. So perhaps it is true that any heat-treated or processed sugar will be a problem in terms of blood sugar, whereas raw, wholefood sugar sources won't, at least as easily.

In addition, I suspect that the blood sugar problems I have been having are strongly linked with parasites as well, since the blood electrification seems to help straight away.

Someone on Curezone also reported that he fixed 90% of his blood sugar problems with 'zapping' (I assume this meant the 'magnetic pulser'), which is a technology related to blood electrification and also part of the Bob Beck Protocol.

I saw an interesting video posted on Twitter, under #rawfood. It was: "Healing Hypoglycaemia and Blood Sugar Issues with 'DoubleDRaw'" and it can be viewed on YouTube, on the 'Its Detox Time' channel. In this video DoubleDRaw states that:

  • He healed his diabetes with a high-fruit raw food diet.
  • His dad who had type 1 diabetes was able to control his blood sugar on high-fruit raw food diet.
  • High minerals and low-fat are important for blood sugar balance.
  • High-sugar and high-fat is the absolute worst combination for diabetics.
  • Fructose is good when taken in raw wholefood form, from plants, but bad when cooked or processed.
  • The correct balance of sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium is important for balanced blood sugar.
  • The adrenal gland, pancreas and liver health is crucial for healthy blood sugar levels.

(Update: see also Part II on 'Raw Food, Fruit and Blood Sugar' here)

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