Spirulina Revolution - Interview with Robert Henrikson

I am excited to interview Robert Henrikson, who, together with his team, pioneered spirulina farming in the USA in the late 1970s. He recognized the potential of this blue-green algae, which has since become known world-wide as a nutrient-dense 'food of the future' and a superfood. Spirulina and other algaes have been shown to prevent and reverse many illnesses and they hold great promise in the future to be used in energy production as well as in a variety of consumer materials.

In this interview Robert Henrikson, the CEO of 'Smart Microfarms', discusses growing spirulina at home, its health benefits, his work in promoting microfarms, as well as his vision for what spirulina can do in the future.

growing spirulina, robert henrikson
Robert Henrikson at a spirulina microfarm.

How can spirulina change the world?

Algae is the foundation of life on our planet, nature's original life form.

A fast-growing microscopic blue-green algae, spirulina produces more than 20 times more food protein than other land plants such as soy, using far less water, land and energy than conventional crops. Spirulina can be grown on infertile land and alkaline and brackish water, not competing for valuable fertile land and fresh water needed by most food crops.

By growing algae as an environmentally sound nutrient-dense food, feed and biofertilizer resource, we can address global concerns of climate change, drought, fresh water shortage and soil depletion and help regreen the Earth with more awesome carbon sequestering forests.

Why is spirulina called a superfood?

Beyond spirulina's 60% digestible protein, highest beta-carotene, B-12, iron, trace minerals and GLA essential fatty acid, is a rainbow of pigments, phycocyanin, polysaccharides and phytonutrients. This is the nutrient-dense superfood we need for protection everyday!

growing spirulina, robert henrikson

What are spirulina's health benefits?

35 years of customer experience and published scientific research shows spirulina offers six health benefits in a 3-gram serving per day:

  • Promotes and stimulates immune system protection
  • Restores and enhances beneficial intestinal flora
  • Enhances body's own natural healing responses
  • Strengthens neuro-protection and promotes anti-aging
  • Detoxifies pollutants, heavy metals, radioactive compounds
  • Improves eye and cellular health with antioxidants

What is an ideal, recommended daily amount of spirulina?

Spirulina is a concentrated whole food. From 3 grams (6 tablets or a teaspoon of powder) up to 5-10 grams per day.

(Ulla:) How much spirulina do you eat?

I've been eating about 5 grams (10 tablets or one tablespoon of powder) of spirulina every day for over 30 years. I read the scientific research, and I know what it means.

In the past two years I've been eating fresh frozen spirulina from my own spirulina microfarm, sharing it with family, friends and associates.

Can spirulina be used to produce energy?

Spirulina is 60% protein, only 5% lipid (fats). There are over 100,000 species of algae, and some algae with 20-50% lipid content are better choices for hydrocarbon extraction for producing energy.

Spirulina is for eating for more personal energy and better health, not for burning for fuel energy. Spirulina's remarkable phytonutrients are far too valuable to burn.

(Ulla:) But whatabout other forms of algae?

Biofuels from algae are not commercially viable yet. Realistically, algae biofuels could still be 10 years or more from having any impact at all on the global energy equation.

Spirulina Revolution

"We need a revolution to transform our food system"
- Robert Henrikson

The revolution we need is in our minds about the food choices we make, and how we produce, market and distribute food.

We need to eat healthy nutrient-dense foods, not unhealthy empty processed foods.

We need foods grown efficiently, producing more nutrient value with less land, less water, less energy, less toxic chemicals, and less damaging to our environment and other beings.

Microalgae like spirulina fit these criteria and can help transform our food system.

(Ulla:) How can people ensure that they are buying spirulina and other algae free of heavy metal contamination?

Really this is an issue for all foods we eat.

Do you know where your food comes from and how it is grown? Are product manufacturers disclosing the source on the label or not? Do the grower's websites disclose the growing environment, water source and quality, product specifications and safety assurances?

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To be safe, please consult your health-care provider before attempting self-treatment for health issues.


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