Trauma Release Exercises Diary

Trauma Release Exercises - Day 13 - Thursday

I've been getting sore muscles from the deep tremors that I have been experiencing and decided to take Wednesday off from doing the trauma release to let my body and mind recoup. It is funny, I can just lie on the ground and relax while my body does all the exercising for me!

Now it's Thursday evening. The trauma release exercises today continued vibrating along the spine, and what felt like very deep tremors. I again found that the better I could relax my muscles the better the tremors worked. My head tilted back as my neck arched and lower back got some rapid vibrations. It felt a bit uncomfortable for the neck, slightly painful, but the pain went as soon as I relaxed myself again.

It is worth noting that I can stop all the shakes, body positions, and movements at any point when I choose to. When the body shakes or arches you let it happen. But you can always stop with no problems. And when you get up and walk about you might feel tired or light-headed but you won't get the shakes. And the light-headedness doesn't last very long.

Regarding the tiredness, though... I recommend doing the exercises in the evening before bedtime, because as I am writing this, I'm starting to feel very tired... It's 9.30pm and I'm ready for bath and bed.

I decided to take Friday off as well. I think I may start doing the exercises every other day.

Trauma Releasing Exercises - Day 14 - Sunday 10th March 2013

Saturday: I was feeling nice kinds of energy movements in my body and I thought I should just let my body rework the energies in peace, so I skipped the trauma release exercises again.

Sunday: Did all seven trauma release exercises at 6pm, got less tremors than usual initially but then quite powerful movements and shakes affecting the stomach muscles (tremors at the lower back), legs and hips, and the neck. Both shoulders got their attention as well, as usual. After the exercises my legs were hurting already, and during the exercises I had to take breaks and breathe because my stomach muscles were getting worked so much!

Trauma Release Exercises - Days 15 & 16 - Monday and Tuesday

Monday: I started getting strong shakes already at the beginning of the last trauma release exercise. Normally the first two minutes are non-shaking but this time as soon as I lay on the floor and took the first position, the tremors started. It is starting to feel quite hard work to do the final exercise because it works my muscles so much.

Tuesday: I enjoyed the trauma release exercises today, quite good tremors, working the stomach muscles again but the focus of the tremors changing around enough not to be too tiring.

I got David Berceli's latest book, Trauma Releasing Exercises, today. So far I've only read his older book: "The Revolutionary Trauma Release Process".

This is the moment in this specific health challenge that I start getting bored with doing the trauma release exercises. It's not that I think they don't work - I'm quite confident that they do work in fact - it's just that in every challenge there comes a point when the excitement of the new fades and you get bored and it becomes more difficult to continue. Once you get through that phase, however, you can get into the phase where it becomes routine, and not difficult at all. That's when you start being able to reap most benefits, because you learn to easily repeat the routine every time without even thinking too much about it... I hope I will reach this point during the 30 days - and I should do - but only if I find a good practical time of the day to do them.

Trauma Releasing Exercises - Day 17 - Saturday

Right now it seems to make sense to me do the trauma release exercises in the morning, when rested. I'm sure they work fine whenever you manage to get tremors, even if you're doing them tired in the evening after work.

But I can feel the exercises more when doing them when rested, in the morning. I feel a bit raw and sensitive after doing them, just as someone described in the comments below.

I think I definitely have some trauma/ tension lodged in my upper body, because when I did the fifth exercise, which is done standing up and shakes your upper body, I started feeling a little emotional today. Nothing major, but since I was more rested and able to feel my body more I noticed it. I think feeling a bit 'raw and sensitive' is a good description for this feeling.

And I felt stressed out this morning but now I feel completely fine, more balanced and actually I also have a slight buzzing sensation in my chest and upper arms - again, this description was used by another commenter below. I notice it more now.

I definitely feel that something in my upper body is being slowly released and it makes me very happy, because I have long felt a kind of blockage in the middle of my rib cage. Or actually, I think it is pretty much where the solar plexus is. And maybe the whole chest area as well. Another sign of this release is the fact that I can always breathe deeper after doing the trauma release exercises, even right at the beginning. This is becoming very interesting now but I wonder if 30 days will be enough to release everything.

[Later note: I don't think 30 days was enough although I got clear benefits and also some realisations about past hurts - this was possibly to do with the fact that I was reading a lot about trauma as well during this time. I seemed to get more benefits when doing the exercises more regularly, but when I started to do the exercises less and less regularly, the psychological benefits also became less pronounced.]

If I had done the trauma release exercises when tired, I probably wouldn't have noticed any of this. I might try from now on to TRE exercise in the mornings, before going to work. This might be difficult, however, because I find it really hard to motivate myself to exercise in the mornings during weekdays. But I feel that it would be very good if I could do that.

I got shakes with every exercise this time, and one could say that each trauma release exercise started giving slightly different feelings in my body. I had deep tremors at the lower back again and it feels quite tough to do the exercises when that happens. Not emotionally, just physically, because it works the stomach muscles so much. I tried to turn on my side and the tremors continued, so that might be a solution. But the tremors became different so I kept doing a combination of both. Generally I just take it and work the muscles, stopping for a bit and taking a deep breath in between.

Funny thing is that the tremors during the last exercise kind of stopped just before 15 minutes was up and my timer starting playing - as if the body is getting used to the timing. It is a similar thing as waking up in the morning just some two minutes before the alarm clock, if you have regular sleeping times (this has been happening to me recently also).

[Update: This seems to happen sometimes to me with the exercises. Even recently after a long pause between doing the exercises, I did just the last exercise and when the tremors stopped I sat up and felt a kind of subtle lightness and joy wash over me, and a few seconds later the 15-minute alarm went off.]

Trauma Release Exercises - Day 18 - Wednesday

The trauma release exercises seem to be different every day. And the tremors seem to get faster and smaller in movement as time goes by. It feels like a deeper release. Today I got lots of the back-arching tremors that tension all your muscles - and I also got these in my neck and even the head. It felt good, as if there was something that needed releasing stuck in the head/ heart area, at the centre of the body.

I was talking to a friend of mine about these exercises and she mentioned that she read a book many years back, which was called something similar to "Body Memory". She said that the book was about how traumatic experiences and feelings get caught in the body and force the body into a certain pattern of behaviour which causes injuries etc. Sounds like something interesting to read which might help to understand how and why these exercises work the way they do - what actually happens in the body during the trauma release exercises?

Following the lead, I found two books that - on a quick glance - looked like possibly interesting reads:
"Freedom from Body Memory" by Jonathan A. Tripodi and
"The Body Remembers" by Babette Rothschild

Thursday: I woke up at 6am, almost three hours before I have to leave for work. I would have plenty of time to do the TRE exercises this morning but I decided against it because my back muscles feel quite sore. I think I should start doing some stretching after the trauma release exercises.

Trauma Release Exercises - Day 19 - Monday

Today I woke up early and did the trauma release exercises before leaving for work. I was very happy about that - it prepared me well for the day. I didn't start feeling tired until late afternoon and even then it wasn't too bad.

I also became a raw foodist again today, although not 100% and not for a specific duration. I will try to be high raw for a longer period of time now [didn't work]. You can follow this diary here: 2013 Raw Food Diet

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