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(Updated 14th April 2019) Our Editor, Ulla Tervo, began to write about her health trials in 2009. This website was created in 2011. Most of the website has been written by Ulla but many people have helped along the way, therefore the credit for this website goes to the CHR Team, which includes the many people who volunteer their help on a part-time basis.

Ulla works full-time as an Architect and lives in the UK. She grew up in Northern Finland but studied Philosophy and Architecture in various universities in London (UK) but also in the University of California, Berkeley (USA).

The website creates some income 1) from advertisements, 2) from the ebook and 3) from affiliate links to books and products which we consider useful, however, not enough income is generated yet to cover the running costs (i.e. the domain, hosting, and mailing list service).

The purpose of Cheap Health Revolution is to provide information and to inspire you. Ulla started the website to share her own health journey. Some of the methods discussed on the website are extreme and Ulla herself took some wrong turns along her the way, for example, by taking too many of the wrong supplements, drinking too many pasteurized fruit juices, and by eating too few calories at times during extreme diets. We hope that you can learn from our mistakes through reading, without having to actually experience these set-backs. We are also excited to share the many profound realizations we’ve made along the way.

The purpose of the website is to disseminate information honestly. Therefore – importantly – this is not a website of instructions. Both, the successes and setbacks have been portrayed. It is a website which introduces you to certain new topics, as well as to new aspects of topics you already know of. However, some things we will be mistaken about. Many of the methods and topics we discuss do not have enough research behind them – yet. We are not doctors or qualified health professionals but are enthusiastic researchers and explorers of natural health, with decades of both personal and learned experience. We offer information, however, not advise, and it is up to you to decide what to do with it. If you have any existing medical conditions or are taking medication, you should ensure that any life- or dietary changes don’t interfere with those before trying. Always consult with your doctor also and then use your own judgment.

People of all walks of life are waking up to a better life and a more happy and satisfying lifestyle. This website wishes to be a small part of this health revolution, and a messenger, supporting some of these findings and collecting as much as possible of the information into one place. The lofty ideas of healing illness naturally, and discovering the hidden powers of our bodies and minds, are possible because the health enthusiasts of the world, collectively, are 'standing on the shoulders of giants'. Various brilliant people, communities, cultures, movements, writers, researchers, doctors, natural health care professionals and therapists through history have worked tirelessly to understand natural healing.

This website is about reporting, in a straightforward manner, on exciting ideas we have found and keep finding regarding health. The purpose is always to empower people by providing information for free, with a clear emphasis on home-remedies and cheap methods for healing. We honestly believe that we live in an era of many revolutions and there is tremendous hope in the air across the globe. There are also enormous challenges and plenty of fear which is why I ask you to study the information on this site, combine it with your own independent research and your doctor's advise - and, if you like what you find out, spread the word to bring hope to the world community.

If there is anything you would like clarification on, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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