Healthy and Cheap Recipes

Here I publish healthy and cheap recipes, as I discover them. The main focus will be as categories below: healthy recipes, vegetarian recipes, vegan recipes, raw food recipes, smoothie recipes, fresh juices, gluten-free recipes, healthy bread, dairy-free recipes, low carbohydrate recipes, raw food protein recipes, fermented foods, healthy desserts and sugar-free sweets.. This page is work in progress so some categories are not active yet, but as I have time to make dishes and photograph them, I will post them here. For now, scroll down to the healthy cheap recipes section.

Below I have and will provide recipes which use healthier alternatives to sugar, pasteurised dairy, white flour, gluten, vegetable oil, etc. The emphasis will always be on affordable, fairly quick to make, healthy recipes, as this is what I rate as good, practical, everyday recipes. For complicated gourmet recipes, or meat dishes, you will have to head elsewhere as I am not an expert on those.

There are many raw food gourmet recipe books, such as the Cafe Gratitude cook book, which provide good options for those special occasions when you still want to serve gluten and dairy free, fresh raw dishes. Some dishes I recommend below are not raw, but all of them are healthy.

Gluten and Dairy-Free Recipes

Healthy Bread

Vegan Recipes

To come soon:

Quinoa Dish
Banana Cake

Raw Food Recipes

See also: 'raw food protein recipes' below.

Alkaline Recipes

Protein-Rich Meals

Smoothie Recipes

Fresh Juice Recipes

Raw Food Protein Recipes

See also: 'raw food recipes' above.

Fermented Foods

Healthy Desserts

Sugar-Free Sweets

Sugar-free, sweet but healthy recipes can be made using stevia, licorice, xylitol, dried fruit (e.g. dates), or apple juice as sweetener.

Healthy Travel Snacks

Side Dishes

Wild-Foraged Recipes

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Cheap, Healthy Recipes

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