Dr. Brian Clement: How to Stop Aging

How to stop the aging process -lecture by Dr. Brian Clement, the Director of the pioneering health research centre and resort, the Hippocrates Health Institute. I have below transcribed key parts of this lecture from a You Tube video and the original video is also linked to.

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Dr. Brian Clement explains in this lecture how all aging and disease is in some way caused by free radicals, and how plant-based raw foods have healing agents in them. Amazing nuggets of wisdom here. Clement also discusses the reasons why most of us won't go raw despite all the scientific evidence of the healing effects, as well as the importance of weight training, drinking enough healthy fluids, and the healing hormones, enzymes, phytonutrients and energy present in raw foods. He also recommends green juices and sprout juices.

Dr. Brian Clement: How to Stop the Aging Process

[03:44] "[Chicken] for a number of years we've known to be far more cancer-causing than even red meat... [...]

"Three days ago I agreed that next year I will probably go on an international tour [...] tryinna convert people back to normality, after 50 years of research at Cornell showed us that the number one cause of all cancers happen to be the consumption of dairy foods. More so than even meat, can you imagine that?

"Those of us who remain vital and healthy and young live primarily - if not in total initially when we're fighting disease - on 100% raw vegan diet.

"Now the best students I have who acknowledge the common sense of that, are the youngest students. A lot of you are certainly addicted and corrupted, that's a horrible combination. [...] A lot of us are brain dead. So somehow you think that because you've read other things from other people who are equally as addicted as you, who are purportedly experts, that when you cook something you get more out of it. [...]

"Every single creature on this earth, every single animal except humans and the poor animals we've domesticated, eat a 100% raw food diet. They don't cook food, they don't prepare food, they certainly don't put pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, genetic modification - and grow it in sand and call it soil. They certainly don't put spray and preservatives on it afterward, or irradiate it. [...] And by the way the average wild creature lives seven times the length of their maturity. So if a bird takes a year to mature, they will live seven years. If the human's average life maturity is 20, we should be living 20 x 7. How many of you think are gonna live a 140 years? [...]

"So the reality is we are way out of step. Hippocrates for now half a century have shown how to step beyond. Because we don't only get ill people, we get the most ill people. After they've taken the rounds and they've ran out of insurance money and they've been [...] to the 'top' institutions with the 'top' specialists and after they've extracted copious amounts of money from them, said to them: 'There's nothing more that can be done.' That's usually when they call Hippocrates. [...]

"... starting with our founder by the way. Who was told [...] that she literally had six months to live, stage 4 colon cancer, in 1952. And she, thank god, remembered what grandma would have done back in Lithuania as a village doctor - and healed herself - and had the chutzpah to say: 'Wait a minute, I gotta tell other people about this.' [...]

"Now the truth of the matter is we watch what it takes for people to heal a catastrophic disease. Can you imagine if you were smart enough to do this before you contract the catastrophic disease? Or before you wanna have a baby? And the husband and wife literally clean up their body and eat nourishing food and think positive thought so that we don't have autistic children, or diabetic children, or, god forbid, what I see daily: children with cancer. [...]

"So living food is what we suggest because it's food containing high frequency. What that means in English: It has energy in it. [...] ... if you are a living being [...] you're also electrical beings. You're energy. Don't you think you should ask the question: 'Where do I maintain or gain that energy from?'. Well, like all the other creatures on this earth, except poor domestic animals [...], basically we should get it from food. That's why we have mouths, that's why we have intestinal tracts, elimination paths.

"Because our bodies were built - as we show for 54 years [with] hundreds of thousands of people, some of the sickest in the world - to eat raw food. It gives you lifeforce, it gives you energy. We're gonna show you that over here on the side is really what you get from that raw food that you can't receive from any other food: hormones, oxygen, phytonutrients and enzymes.[...]

"Your body's very sophisticated messaging system, the way the cells communicate with one another, is this chemistry we call hormones. Your endocrine system - glands - produce many of these hormones but they also require hormones to be ingested by you. Those hormones that you should be ingesting come from plant-based food.

"Now, once you cook that food, those hormones no longer exist. So what I'm saying, to go through this again, is the way your cells communicate is through hormones. The way you're supposed to consistently have hormones, until the day you die, is by consuming raw, plant-based food. If you don't - which I certainly didn't for the first part of my life, and most of you haven't - our cells can't communicate, so they start to do really weird things, like become fat cells if you're lucky, or, if you're sort of lucky, arthritic cells... if you're not lucky they become cancer cells. Because cells that do not know what they should be doing, begin to wander, begin to spin in the wrong direction, begin to collide, and then in medical offices we'd say: 'what has happened, is we discovered a mass'. [...]

"Then we have oxygen. A long time ago before anyone in this auditorium was born we knew that oxygen was essential for vitamins, minerals and proteins to be digested into the human cell. [More here.] The only place that we receive oxygen from naturally is from raw food. Once you cook a food guess what leaves it: the oxygen. And that nice odour that you smell and call fragrance is actually the oxygen molecule leaving the food. So I always have to tell this joke: [...] Breathe heavily over your pot as you're cooking, 'cause that's the most nutrition you're gonna get. [...]

"Oxygen also, as it increases in the body - Otto Warburg told us in 1940 when he won the Nobel Prize - reduces the potential for every ill and disease, including cancer. You will have less cancer if you have more oxygen. And you will also have less viruses, less mold, less yeast, less fungus and less bacteria. [...]

"I am at the very beginning of writing a three-volume academic series called 'Food is Medicine'. Somebody approached me a year and a half ago and said: 'Brian, you're always spewing out these statistics and writing a little bit about them in your books, tell me where you get that information.' Bottom line is: I'm writing a lot about phytochemicals... If I wrote everything that I found so far, my research assistant in California and I, this would be a 30,000-page book. [...] I have to spend an awful a lot of time on planes and nights and weekends reading all this research and now harvesting from thousands and thousands and thousands of international studies, enough to put in three volumes and about thousand pages. [...] Most important aspect of that is phytochemicals.

"Phytonutrients were first discovered in 1948 but sort of overlooked. The birth, or rebirth, of phytochemicals came in 1992 [...] ... educated doctors in Johns Hopkins who said, after an extensive study, 'the most effective anti-cancer agent we have ever discovered in oncological history, the study of cancer, is from broccoli sprouts'. Now can you imagine that? This is Johns Hopkins who's funded by the pharmaceutical industry who said the most important anti-cancer medicine we've ever found is from a broccoli sprout. And at that point, everyone went completely nuts in the biological research community and now there has been thousands of studies done globally and they have found that every single raw living plant, every single raw living plant, that's edible has a different type of chemistry in it that prevents and eliminates different types of diseases and, guess what, their added side effect, aging.

"And, it is clear to us at Hippocrates after, thank god, Johns Hopkins, and then a legacy of others, began this research, why our programme has been so dynamically effective in every single form of disease and anti-aging.

"The last one is enzymes, and we talked about the body being electric, and need lifeforce. This is ultimately where we get the lifeforce from in the food. If you know anything about enzymes, where they improperly and incorrectly and incompletely teach us about enzymes in university, they tell us that they're proteins. Well that's only a very small part of the story. That's like taking the shell of an almond and eating it, forgetting to eat the almond.

"Bottom line is: an enzyme, although the exterior shell is a protein, what it does is carry electric to your electric body. And so, what we see, is that when we carry more electric - bioelectric, as we call it, biological electric - to the human cell, the human cell increases its electromagnetic frequency. So that in and around it, it has a major, major, major shield. Let's go slow 'cause I'm gonna tell you about the mechanism where aging and disease occurs. And that major, big electric shield prevents free radicals from killing healthy cells, which is ultimately the cause of all aging and disease.

"Every single disease is free radicals. When you do something bad - smoke cigarettes, eat meat, lay around, get lazy, don't exercise, be negative - all the many many things that we do to get ourselves sick, they do not directly- cigarettes don't directly cause lung cancer, they cause what? Free radicals. But if we have this electricity in and around all our healthy cells to shield it from this electric that's gonna come and kill it, called a free radical, guess what? We don't get sick and we don't age.

"So bottom line is, this a different kind of hope than our president talked about - that's an important hope - but this hope is physiologically important, see. The hope of receiving hormones, oxygen, phytochemicals and enzymes. And it's not something that's hard to aspire to and achieve.

"It is hard to get over your addictions and your habitual lifestyle, I know. It is hard to make changes. And even though most, if not all of you, got exactly what I said - because it's laid out very precisely and clearly, and I stand with major research behind this - you will go out of here and not employ this. Because ultimately, the very first thing I said to you tonight is how all of us get well, it's very first and foremost psychological.

"And until you and I and everyone else individually are willing and ready to honor and respect our lives, and to live with integrity enough to show ourselves that we honor and respect our lives, we are walking sickness magnets. And not only are we going to be emotionally and physiologically sick but we also are going to contribute to the global human or humanity of sickness we have out there today. The massive hysteria.

"The next magazine that we're putting together [...] is titled 'Truth'. [...] And I'm going to tell you in my perception what truth really is. And sadly, most of our minds are like conveyor belts and with very narrow, small perceptions. And these conveyor belts come along and all we take from that conveyor belt is what our little tiny narrow perceptions are capable of understanding. And no wonder humanity finds itself at the brinks of disaster today, where we live on a planet and treat it like a cesspool. [...]

"... you changing yourself, honoring yourself, respecting yourself and thanking god everyday for what you have. And once you are ready to do that, you will effect those in your family, your community and, eventually, the ripple effect, your humanity. And if we don't have the wherewithal to do that, I petition you to spend your full effort on getting to that place of self-respect. Because the lack of self-respect is what you see going on out there in this very sick society that we have today.

"It is more accepted today to lie and to do the shortcut than it is to be truthful and go the right way. And we honor things that are not honorable and we don't honor what is honorable. It's just amazing to me.

"You have people convincing you of things that are completely fantasy that you'd rather believe than think on your own - as I spoke earlier: 'We live longer than we've ever lived', ha ha ha. Silly, really silly. [...]

"It's time that we awaken as people, it's time we come back to the place of our birthright and that place is to have happiness and health and prosperity - not greed, not control, but prosperity. And it's time that we have at least enough self respect that we want our children and their children, and hopefully their children, to live in a different world than we live in. It's not good enough to send Greenpeace a check occasionally or when you're looking the other way, give a dollar to the poor woman or man that's living on the streets of America, because our system without compassion doesn't help them anymore. [...]

"And we, basically, have to awaken. And don't think that this is going to be something that's done from up > down, it's gotta be [from] you > out. And every great movement in the history of humanity has been one woman or one man standing with truth and integrity and been unwavering in their commitment to self-respect and honor. There is never, ever the time that's not the way that things come back to normalcy. And so I challenge you right here in South Florida to do this. We have cushy lives compared to most people, you know that. And the truth of the matter is, maybe it's time to have lives of significance, not just lives of comfort. So let's take a deep breath now, [it was] getting a little tense here for a minute. It's just my nature. Another deep breath and we'll answer questions for the remainder of the time that we have here together [...]

[Answering a question:]

"This all started with me in 1980 when I became a Director of Hippocrates. Literally at that point I thought that if you change the diet that people would all get well and be perfectly fine. And then I started to notice, when I got myself into the position of Directorship, that my idea wasn't always turning out to be so. And so, reluctantly, but certainly with enough background, I brought on the ward our very first psychotherapist [...]

"And I watched this little dynamic woman radically and immediately change people's lives. And from that point forward my foremost objective in Hippocrates was always to bring a person that I would consider gifted in psychotherapy.

"I cannot even count the number of times, it's literally thousands of times, I've seen that that pinnacle time that the psychotherapist spends with an individual being the turning point in their survival. As a matter of fact, if it's not done with a psychotherapist, you individually must do that for a turning point in your survival. It's that simple. Everything hinges upon that conveyor-belt and your level of openness.

"Is your perception large and accepting or small and incapable? And if you have a small and incapable potential, that's how your possibility to be healthy, young, vital, and [to] recover, is. So it's quite simple. [...] So I don't think any serious health centre can be a serious health centre without psychotherapy... [...]

[28:46-36:00, Lots of politics at this point about United Nations, World Health Organisation, Codex in USA and Canada, controlling the population through food and medicine, propaganda machine of the media, World Trade Organisation, manipulating grain prices which has caused starvation, Douche Act protecting the right to take nutritional supplements, Quackery Report of 1981 to eradicate all but pharmaceutical and medical healthcare, Clinton Miller, POP - 'Protect Organic Power' -campaign, which is to protect organic produce against Codex (popcampaign.org).]

[Answering another question:]

"I think that bones and joints can redevelop but the most important single element is resistant exercise. It's not putting more blood cells there, it is doing what the human body has always done, and that's 'work under resistance'. We are the first [since] five or so generations [that are] not farming, that we're not lifting weight, 12 hours a day. And so how I say this with such authority, over the last four decades, I've never seen a woman get well [from osteoporosis?] eating exactly like I tell them but if she does [the] exact thing I tell every one of them, to lift weight, every one of them get well. Some of the staff here remember Phyllis last year, 94 years old, within a matter of six weeks, increased her bone density 0 to 21%. That was the best example I've ever seen in all the years I've done the work. [If] you don't lift weight you're gonna have a problem. [...]

[video cuts forward]

"People do not drink enough. And I'm sort of a pragmatic character. I used to get really angry at the guests because we told them the statistics: If you're not an athlete or living in Arizona in the summertime, for every pound you require half an ounce of healthy fluid. [...] So if you weight 200 pounds how many ounces is that? 100 Ounces. Pure water, or juices, made out of organic fruit etc., so you require it. If you live in Arizona you may need double that. In the middle of August when it's zero humidity and maybe you're walking outside... but that's average.

"But then I realized after one night my wife and I were laying in bed, as we do every night, and read scientific journals, there was a little tiny [...] article [...] where they said, now we've discovered from MRI's that 40% of the population lack the ability to know they're thirsty. So I felt really bad for being angry at all these people and I realized that 40% [...] So, that's the big problem there. So 60% of us are dehydrated, 40% of us [...] don't even have the ability to know we're thirsty. So this has to be pragmatic and calculated. You have to make a chart [...] In the morning before we leave the house, we drink a quart and a half of fluid. Every day, seven days a week [...] And then you should have a mid-morning drink, before lunch drink, mid-afternoon drink, before dinner drink, and try - especially as we mature - to stop drinking three hours or so before you go to bed. And the exception is, if it's the middle of August and you've just taken a walk out here in Florida, disregard what I just said or you may go to bed dehydrated. But the truth of the matter is, that's the general rule.

"Also certain kinds of fluids hydrate the body better than other fluids. We're blessed here to get coconut water. I don't eat a lot of the meat and certainly don't take the coconut oil, not a good idea, but if you can drink of coconut water, incredibly good, I can't think of anything better. [...] Raw juices with their [...] enzymes, phytochemicals and all the things we spoke about tonight, literally hydrate the body better than most water does. [...]

"A few years ago a Swiss company approached me and asked me to write a book on Longevity [...] and it's not about nutrition as much as it's about all the aspects of Longevity. [...] Two-thirds of our oxygen comes from water consumption. So let's go back to where this question started: 60% of us dehydrated and 2/3 of the oxygen that humans are supposed to acquire should come from water. Whoah. So why are we walking around half-braindead, sick, lethargic, is [because] we don't even have enough oxygen because we're not drinking enough water.

"Number one thing you need to put in the green juice is greens. Parsley, watercress, collard greens, kale, celery, cucumber... [...] Now, remember, when I am home and have enough sprouts I don't put inferior vegetables in the green drink. Vegetables are dramatically inferior compared to a sprout. A sprout is 10-20-30x more nutritious and filled with nutrition, enzymes and all the things we spoke about [...] But at Hippocrates, because we realized [that] people [were] eating pork chops before they came, quite often, and carrot cake, under the auspices it was organic. Basically, we know we need to transition them, not to the strong stuff, we give them the softer stuff like that."

- Transcribed from a video of a talk by Dr. Brian Clement, Director of Hippocrates Health Institute, Florida, USA. The lecture was entitled 'How to Stop the Aging Process' and was delivered at the Caldwell Theatre, Boca Raton, Florida on 22nd March 2010.

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