Is Law of Attraction Real?

I have often in the past asked myself, is law of attraction real? Really? In my experience, it does work. But there are many things that will also stop it from working. On the other hand certain practices and lifestyles can help speed up the manifestation of your dreams. The key to avoiding frustration with the Law of Attraction is to understand a few important key principles about how it works first.

"As above, so below. Everything happening around you is only a reflection of what is going on inside you. If you want the world to change, you have to change."
- p. 23, Sunfood Diet Success System, David Wolfe

The Law of Attraction is a principle of energy. Einstein showed that everything is energy when he came up with E=mc2. This famous mathematical principle means that energy = mass x (speed of light x speed of light). In other words, anything with mass (mass = weight), can turn into fast-moving energy. Or put another way: weight is energy. Einstein's famous formula can be taken to mean that everything is ultimately energy - there is nothing that is not energy, or at least capable of transforming into energy.

Law of attraction claims that 'thoughts are things'. Just like electricity, which is invisible, can affect the objects in the world, so can thoughts. Radiation, ultraviolet light, x-rays, smells, bacteria, air (wind), and many other things in the world are either invisible (or so small that we can't see them) yet can have powerful impact on the world around them. Perhaps thoughts have an effect on the physical world too, even though we don't clearly understand how or why.

Once we read a little more about the recent discoveries of quantum physics and the subconscious mind - and once we spend time with our own thoughts to understand what motivates us better - we will begin to have a deeper understanding of the power of thinking. There are many famous people, including millionaires, movie stars and spiritual masters who state that the secret behind their success and/or happiness is the power of their focused thought.

An Experiment to Prove the Law of Attraction to Yourself

I don't know if this experiment depends on your personal 'manifestation' powers, which in turn are determined by specific things discussed below. I haven't tried this experiment myself yet but it seems like a very powerful way to determine for yourself whether thoughts can affect the physical world or not.

This is based on Masaru Emoto's experiment, a version of which is also shown on the below You Tube Video.

Take two jars and put some cooked rice in both. Write the words 'thank you' to the side of one jar, and words 'you fool' into the other jar. 'I love you' and 'I hate you' would probably work equally well. These label have powerful influence on their surroundings because our minds attach strong emotions to these words, thus there is a certain energy vibration created.

The next step of the experiment: Spend 30 seconds each day with each jar, speaking and/or directing thoughts at them. To the 'thank you' jar you will keep saying the most positive things you can imagine. And to the 'you fool' jar you will say very negative things.

After 30 days, there should be a clear difference in the condition of the rice in each jar, proving that the law of attraction works. However, the guy in the video below reported that it took him over two months to start getting results, but he shows the jars finally on day 147 and there is a clear result. Watching other videos on the same topic on You Tube, it seems like using smaller jars and smaller amounts of rice might allow you to see results quicker.

If you decide to try this experiment, let me know what the results were!

The Placebo Effect and the Law of Attraction

Most likely you will be aware of the placebo effect, where our beliefs change the response of our body. In medical research typically one group of test-subjects is given a real medicine pill and another group are given a sugar pill. Both groups are told that they have been given the real drug as well as what the expected benefits and side effects will be. As a result, very often, the placebo group shows symptoms of side-effects of a drug, and/or positive effects of it, even though they have not actually received the drug. They just believe they have. This is a very commonly known phenomenon in the research communities. To me this is also a clear sign of the power of the mind, although many researchers would probably prefer to think that the symptoms and effects in the placebo group are imaginary. Nevertheless, many of the effects can be measured by medical tests in both test groups.

But I also believe that the placebo effect can have the reverse effect. If you strongly believe that something won't work, it will make it a lot less likely to work.

The Power of the Subconscious Mind

A lot of the functioning of our minds is unconscious. Our brains cause the muscles to stretch and contract when we walk, without us having to think about it. Walking becomes automatic after we first learn to do it. It also performs complex calculations which allow us to cross the road without being hit by an approaching car. The subconscious mind stores memories and brings them up when these memories are triggered.

The subconscious also filters our vision, so that we pay attention to certain things in our environment quicker than other things. It keeps us breathing, and it triggers adrenaline and other hormones to be secreted by our glands, when we need extra strength to run away from danger, for example, or when we need to fight.

The power of the subconscious mind has been appreciated by psychologists for a long time, especially when it comes to the power of traumatic experiences to influence our world-view and happiness. But the subconscious mind holds a lot of positive strength within it as well as old hurts.

Many spiritual people believe the subconscious mind to be our link to the spirit world, or the universal energy, which some call God. There is also some debate about whether subconscious mind resides in our brains only, or whether it is present elsewhere in the body as well. Some people believe that it is present in every single cell of our body, and others believe it to have something to do with complex and sophisticated energy fields that surround us.

MIT researchers have shown that every cell of our body has a faint light source. These particles of light present in the human body have come to be called biophotons. These light sources might be universal energy present in every cell and they might what links the subconscious mind to the collective wisdom of the universe. Or they might not. In any case the human body and its energy bodies are extremely complex and fairly little of their functioning is yet understood.

is law of attraction real, summer sky
The significance of the subconscious mind in terms of manifestation and the law of attraction? Your subconscious beliefs can override your conscious efforts to make thoughts become things. If you say to yourself everyday, "I am rich, I am wealthy" but really, deep down in your mind you believe that you will always struggle with money, perhaps because of deep cultural conditioning ever since you were a child - then the money will probably not become manifest. But it is possible to change your subconscious beliefs as well as the conscious ones.

This applies to everything. If you believe you are going to lose a board-game, or if you are afraid of losing because you will be embarrassed, you will probably surround your energy field with thoughts of failure and you will draw bad luck to yourself. This phenomenon has otherwise been called 'self-confidence'. You are what you think you are.

If you are feeling unconfident, condition your subconscious beliefs to feel otherwise. It may also help to avoid situations which trigger your negative feelings. Some of these triggers can be powerful, and they might have to be released one by one over time and plenty of focused thought. As long as you are feeling insecure, you will act unconfident. Put yourself in situations where you feel good about yourself and confident. And work on high vibrations and positivity.

How to Make Positive Thinking Work

There are many methods to help you focus your thoughts, both conscious and subconscious. Some of the following practices, when done regularly, can be a powerful help:
  • Guided Visualisation
  • Self-Hypnosis
  • Subliminal Recordings (e.g. Kelly Howell)
  • Positive Affirmations

In addition, what is important is to keep yourself in high vibrations as much as possible, because high vibrations attract more high vibrations. What this means in practice is that you have to keep yourself happy as much as possible. Surround yourself with beauty and things you like, avoid situations that make you unhappy, associate with people who support you and whose company you enjoy, etc. I have found so far that true happiness, for me, comes from staying healthy, spending time with family and good friends, exercising, being in nature, helping others, pursuing my interests and other simple but powerful things in life.

I used to think that partying, drinking alcohol and dining in restaurants made me happy but now I consider those fleeting moments of fake happiness, with a long-term effect of lowered vibration and the net-effect of less happiness. I'm not saying you should never go out and party but observe yourself and see what makes you truly happy, in the long-term. If you can party without toxins, then it will most certainly be vibration-raising.

There are also universal ways to raise your vibration that work for everyone, for example: genuine laughter, spending time in nature, purifying your body through fasting and clean foods, etc.

David Wolfe explains in his book, the Sunfood Diet Success System, how the raw food diet can raise your vibrations. My personal experience is that, surprisingly, both raw foods and juice fasting can make your mind feel very different very quickly, if done correctly. I felt more upbeat, less moody, more optimistic, more inspired, and more clever when I was trying out these strict, very clean diets. This might explain the fasting traditions that are still practised by some religions for spiritual benefits.

You can record the positive affirmations yourself and listen to them regularly. Alternatively, you can purchase ready-made recordings. You can write affirmations on stickers and put them on the walls, mirrors, cupboard doors, and other places in your home, where you see them regularly. Or you could memorise a script and go through it in your mind every day one or more times.

I made a five-minute recording of positive sentences on my mobile phone, and for a while listened to those every morning, and many evenings as well, on my headphones. After listening to them for once or twice every day, for maybe a month, I started feeling very different. I felt more happy and positive, and I thought I started seeing more opportunities around me. It is difficult to explain the effect because certain things that took place might have happened anyway. But it is the feeling I get after a long period of sticking to the affirmations that convinces me that something is at play.

I wrote down some of my fears and then wrote the opposite of each down. I wrote the good things down in the present-tense and as if I already had those things, e.g. "I am happy, healthy, wealthy and have the life of my dreams."

The 'instructions' for making positive affirmations work, which are very important to keep in mind, are discussed in various books on the topic, for example "Ask and It Is Given" by Esther and Jerry Hicks, these are what I find important:
  • State your intention in the positive.
  • Don't ask for what you don't want. Ask for what you do want.
  • Stay in positive vibrations as much as possible. It can be hard to keep your energies from dropping but with practice it gets easier. It is sometimes easier to raise vibrations by doing something you love, instead of forcing yourself to meditate when you don't feel like it, for example.
  • State what you want as if you already have it.
  • If you attach emotion to the affirmation, the effect becomes stronger (although I don't normally do this).
  • Visualizing your desired goal also helps to strengthen the effect.
  • Practice positive affirmations regularly and for a long time.
  • Keep clear of negative influences that make you feel bad.
  • Work on your subconscious beliefs to align them with what kind of life you want.
  • Avoid toxins, junk food, and other negatively vibrating things.
  • Watch what you say as well as what you think through the day.
  • Don't sit back and wait for your life to change, work on actively changing it. To some degree the Law of Attraction works by giving you more opportunities, but you still have to grab those and make them bring fruit.

So, for example, if you wanted to quit smoking, it wouldn't help to say "I have quit smoking" everyday. I also wouldn't necessarily help to say "I will be free of cigarettes." Something like: "I am free of cigarettes" or "I love being free of cigarettes" or "I am vibrantly healthy and my lungs and whole body are cleaner and stronger every day" might work better.

Raising Your Vibration Will Improve the Lives of Those Around You

David Wolfe seems to think that the only way we can create anything good in the world is by working on ourselves. This will make more sense if one believes in the Esther and Jerry Hicks' maxim that high vibrating energy attracts more high vibrations, whereas low vibes attract more of themselves.

is law of attraction real, summer sky
According to this idea all unhappiness and stress is creating bad luck and suffering in the world, whereas positive thoughts and emotions (especially) create all manner of goodness. The best solution, then, is to try to increase one's own energy and vibrate higher (through diet, thoughts, etc.) because this good energy will spread anywhere you go and also influence the whole world.

Read more here: David Wolfe: The Sunfood Diet Success System (book summary).

"Correcting oneself is correcting the whole world. The Sun is simply bright. It does not correct anyone. Because it shines, the whole world is full of light. Transforming yourself is a means of giving light to the whole world." - Ramana Maharshi, a Hindu spiritual master

The Hawaiian Ho'oponopono Shamanistic belief takes this thinking to the extreme. According to them, your thoughts are responsible for everything that happens to anyone. The Shaman in the book claims that he healed a whole ward of mentally ill patients just by thinking.

In other Shamanistic traditions as well, the most powerful medicine men and women were said to be able to heal with the power of thought alone. It has been said that the secret to their success was strong will-power. They had to will the person to heal. But their will must have been different from a normal person's will, somehow.

Is Law of Attraction Real?

There is good reason to believe that Law of Attraction works, although depending on your lifestyle, beliefs, subconscious beliefs, level of health and vibrancy, etc., it may be easier or harder to make it work. But if you can make yourself be happy a lot of the time, can boost your vibration with healthy and live raw foods and fresh vegetable juices, and listen to positive affirmations regularly and for some months, you should start seeing results whoever you are.

Of course I can't claim to know exactly how this complex universal law works and/or how the energies work, but I can tell from my own experience that the Law of Attraction really does seem to work, when following the advice above.

One of the ways I have used the law of attraction has been to make my passwords for various websites positive affirmations. This seems to bring good results too, probably because I end up writing those words over and over again as I check my email, etc.


When your manifestations do become reality, it can happen in a very literal way. If you ask for a house on a beach you might get it on a not very nice beach or in a location that is impossible for you to move to! If you just ask for money, it might come at the expense of someone else's money. I heard of a lady who had tried to manifest a new fridge and she did get it, but it was too big to go through her front door.

So when you ask for things, be very specific, and attach a lot of positive feeling words to the sentences. Do not use sarcasm or metaphors that might have a double meaning! That is why I believe that it's better to record your own affirmations instead of using someone else's, because certain words used on someone else's recordings might not align with your wishes or might even hold negative connotations.

But I also believe that high vibrations always have a stronger energy than negative vibrations, so I do listen to visualizations, guided meditations, chakra meditations and subliminal message tracks made by others. And I have felt and seen good results, slowly but surely :)

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