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This 7 day juice fast detox was done purely on raw, live juices in October 2011 and was the first juice fast of my life.

Queen Afua recommends live juice fasting one day for every year of your life, as this will allow you to clean so effectively that your 'third eye' chakra will open. My goal, thus, is juice fasting for 35 days but it does not have to be done continuously.

The first 7-day live juice fasting experiment was surprisingly easy but did not produce very clear results. I did it to help my body speed up detoxification during a 100-day raw food challenge.

I assume that there was a lot of cleansing going on underneath but I didn't experience many detox symptoms and wasn't aware of many changes in how I felt either. My day-to-day diaries are linked to below, with full costs detailed. For a summary and additional analysis, read on...

Juice Fast on a Budget Diaries

Week 4 includes Saturday and Sunday, days 1 and 2 of the juice fast.
Week 5 includes the rest of the five days (of the 7 day detox juice fast).

I was getting cold-like symptoms, which I thought were detox from the raw food diet, just before starting this 7 day detox juice fast. The fast helped to clear those quickly. It also helped me to give up green tea (my last caffeine source, which I got re-addicted to). My weight dropped from 52kg to 50kg, which I wasn't happy about but I think it will be easy to put back on once off the fast.
7 day detox juice fast

The main (subtle) immediate benefits seem to have been:
- slight 'sparkly' energy feeling inside the body on two occasions
- eyes are slightly clearer
- mouth is a little bit clearer each morning when waking up

I keep a list of all the benefits experienced from all my juice fasts here.

One thing I recommend for anyone doing a juice fast is to measure their pulse according to the instructions in Dr. Coca's Pulse Test. This will enable to eliminate any food allergies and any fast is an especially good time to do this. During the 7-day detox juice fast I did not yet know about measuring my pulse and drank carrot juice, which I later found out I was intolerant to. This would have hindered my progress on the fast.

I am not going to write much more on this juice fast, since it was quite uneventful... nevertheless I believe it must have done me good. It is all about detoxing gently and comfortably, making it easy for your body. If you are interested in more detail, read my day-to-day diary above.

The Future Juice Fasts

I think that my next longer fast should incorporate colonics and some exercise into it, to see the effect on my body. I'd also like to include a coffee enema sometime soon. And, I should try to stay at work throughout the next longer fast, to prove a point. Exciting times to look forward to ... :)

I can't believe this natural health stuff is so easy! And cheap.... I spent more money during the first 7-day detox juice fast than necessary, because I bought a trial delivery of some very expensive organic fruit and vegetables (I didn't realise how little produce I get). Also, I ate a lot of expensive fruit. It is well possible to fast only on cheaper fruit and veg, but I wanted to make it comfortable for myself for the first time around, especially because the fast was straight after my payday!

7 day detox juice fast
Chaga mushroom tea is a very good drink to have during juice fast as it is very high in antioxidants. I like to brew chaga mushroom tea with herbs in a cafetiere.

Ok, hopefully I will be back here soon and continuing on this journey to explosive energy and purification. For now, I will relax for a bit and eat an expansive raw food diet!

Update: 1-Day Fast while Working, Full Moon Fasting

Thursday 10th November, 2011

According to Barbara Wren the best fasting times are during equinoxes as well as during the full and the new moons.

Today I fasted because it was the full moon. Apparently full moon puts a great strain on your body, so to help your system along it is good to do a fast at that time. I will try to make this a habit, to fast at each full moon, new moon and equinox.

I had red eyes and headache today but not sure why, possibly because of the computer. I also didn't do the TRE exercises today. I cycled to work and back, one hour in total, and had no problem with energy levels at all. In the evening I was a little bit tired, however and quite hungry, actually. The grapefruit juice helped.

Compared to the 7-day detox juice fast, while I was on holiday, this was not a live juice fast. All of the juices (listed above) were pasteurised and so in fact not even raw. Actually all carton and bottled juices are pasteurised, unless they were squeezed the same day.

My next juice fasting day will be Friday the 25th November, 2011 - because it will be the new moon, and the body is able to detox better because during the new moon the body's powers are at their highest, apparently.

Update: 1-Day Fast while Working, New Moon Fasting

Friday 26th November, 2011

This one-day juice fast went without problems and seemed to actually help with tiredness and dehydration. I was tired in the morning, having slept only a few hours the night before, but had good energy during the day with no tiredness. I also drank many green teas, which may have contributed, but normally I would feel very bad and dehydrated after this but I seemed fine. Perhaps drinking good quality natural 'water' from fruit juices is a better form of hydration than tap water.

I had absolutely no problem cycling to work and back while on juice fast.

New moon is meant to be the time when your body is at its strongest and able to detoxify better than usual. Perhaps that's why people experience body detox symptoms every month or so... I will keep an eye on the 21-day moon cycle in relation to my detox symptoms of the 100-Day Raw Food Diet. I definitely feel like I'm getting my fair share of detox symptoms in the past few days. But if anything, the fasting has made them better.

Books on Water and Juice Fasting

How to Keep Slim, Healthy and Young with Juice Fasting: The Age-old Way to New You! by Dr. Paavo Airola

The Transformational Power of Fasting: The Way to Spiritual, Physical and Emotional Rejuvenation by Stephen Harrod Buhner

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