How to Create the Honeymoon Effect Everyday

18th October 2014

What is the honeymoon effect and how to create it everyday? A new podcast from Bruce Lipton reveals why your mind may be on autopilot to create more of the same problems you have been struggling with, and methods to change your life.

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In this interview Bruce Lipton gives new insights into the workings of our cells and the mind, and also discusses his own awakening to a new reality. He believes that when you fall in love and experience the 'honeymoon effect', your life changes in all its aspects. You are suddenly experiencing bliss and happiness, in some cases to the extent that you forget to eat. And both you and you new beloved begin to put forward your best behavior. You are mindful of the moments and the usual thoughts and chatter of the conscious mind stop.

Yet the world around you didn't change, just your mind changed, and the way you perceive the world and the way you think and behave changed. Your point of focus changed. This is the topic of his new book: The Honeymoon Effect, and in this podcast he explains how to experience such a state of mind everyday.

Link to the original podcast can be found on "7 Ways to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind". Excerpts from the audio recording are transcribed and explained below.

Please note that the article below is entirely based on paraphrases and quotes of Bruce Lipton's ideas as presented in the above podcast, in order to create a summary of some of the most important points. Any comments not by Bruce Lipton are annotated as such.

Bruce Lipton: 7 Ways to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

"Your subjective experience carries more power than you objective situation" - Steven Cole, Epigenetics Researcher and Professor of Medicine, UCLA

Recent research indicates that memories and characteristics carry on to the next generation. You behaviors also will be carried onto your grandchildren. [Ameer Rosic, the podcast host]

But the point is, your grandchildren can change the genetics. You are not a victim of your genes.

The biggest danger to health of our time is the lack of knowledge and not understanding how we work as biological organisms. This is equal to lack of power.

There is a shift in consciousness underway, which is not a physical evolution, but a consciousness evolution.

We are now on the sixth mass extinction of the world, directly due to human behavior. We are facing extinction. NASA has a big report out stating that the industrial civilization will be totally crushed within 20 years [?]. This means that the world will undergo a most amazing upheaval it has ever experienced within our lifetime.

But life as we experience it is not an accident, we created it.

The Honeymoon Effect is a manifestation you create.

The conscious mind is the creative mind, a source of your wishes, desires and aspirations. Any idea you are projecting into the future is a creative idea.

The subconscious mind is the stimulus-response mind (reflex mind). It is like a database. You don't have to relearn something every time you want to do something, it's a programme. It makes it possible for your to function and think at the same time. The subconscius mind is habitual: 'push the button, play the program'.

"95% of the day our conscious mind is thinking [...]. You are only controlling your neurology, your cognitive behavior 5% of the time with your wishes, your desires, your positive thoughts, and your aspirations." 5% of the time you are thinking you are running an automatic subconscious programme.

Consciousness is the ability to be creative, but consciousness without data has no function. In terms of brain wave frequency, the conscious mind state is alpha.

During the first seven years of development in our lives our brain function is primarily in theta frequency. That's a lower vibration than our consciousness. But theta is like imagination. Children are constantly mixing the real world with the imaginary world. Their mind is operating at that frequency.

The theta state is the state of hypnosis. But why is that relevant?

Because the first seven years of your life is 'download': how to respond to life, how to behave, who you are... You observe your mother, father, community. No conscious effort is put in.

These programmes are not from you, they were programmed into you by your environment.

Whenever your conscious mind is thinking you are playing these 'default' programs (in the subconscious). When the conscious mind is busy, you don't notice your own behavior because it's automatic.

Then you realize, that you are not living your life, you are living a programme. Only 5% of time are we creating a life of our wishes and desires.

Psychology will tell you that 70% or more of your programmes are sabotaging yourself and you can't see it.

We're not victims. We created the crap. But we didn't have awareness of it, we didn't know that we were doing it.

You don't let your conscious mind wander during the Honeymoon Effect. That's why two people in love manifest heaven on earth.

What if you rewrote your subconscious programs and made programs based on your wishes and desires and aspirations.

Being conscious and being mindful does NOT lead to using the subconscious default programmes you get from other people. During the Honeymoon Effect you were both on your best behavior.

When you are in thought you are not being yourself.

During the honeymoon you stayed conscious, later you started playing subconscious programs - in a way you introduced new 'people' into the relationship - other people's programs.

If you change the subconscious program you can live the Honeymoon Effect every day.

The problem is that "the mind is interfacing the world that you perceive and your biology and your behaviors. So the mind is in between the world and you and influences what you see and how you respond".

So we want to change the mind.

An important point: the conscious mind is creative and can learn in so many different ways. It is very bright and smart. The conscious mind can change easily is super-educated from conversation, films, books, etc.

How many people's lives changed after completing a self-help book?

The assumption has been that if we have educated the conscious mind we automatically educated the subconscious mind. That's where the problem comes from. For years we thought the two minds were part of one.

The subconscious mind is NOT the creative mind. It does not learn the same way as the conscious mind learns. It operates in a different way. So how does the subconscious mind learn?

When you were primarily in the low EEG vibrational state of theta-hypnosis the first seven years of your life, you didn't have to work at learning. You recorded [the programs] like a video camera.

There are three ways that the subconscious mind learns:

A) Hypnosis. One of the easiest ways to use hypnosis to change your life is with subliminal tapes. The theta vibration is below the vibration of consciousness, whereas delta is the lowest state which is sleep. Before going to sleep your brain wave frequency starts to slow down. Put on tapes with messages that support what you want and so basically when you go to sleep you will be reprogramming at night.

B) How do you learn after seven years old? Through repetition. Repetition creates habits. Driving a car, learning to work and count are programs. If you want to learn something, habituate it. It then becomes an automatic habit.

C) Belief Change Modifications and Energy Psychology, these are forms of super-learning. There is a list of practitioners who provide these services on Bruce Lipton's website. E.g. Psych-K: you can do this method at home but first you have to learn it with a licensed practitioner.

Both the subliminals and the change of habits take a bit of time, whereas the belief change modifications and energy psychology can create profound change in as short time as five minutes.

The subconscious mind is a million times better computer than the conscious mind.

The fun part of all this is that you don't have to go back and relive the bad experiences. All you have to do is look at your life.

Whatever comes into your life right now that comes easy is a program.

Whatever is hard to get, that you struggle with, reflects that you have a program that supports that conclusion.

With Psych-K, you first check in with your system: is this good to do? About 5% of your behaviors may be compensatory behaviors that cover up worse behaviors. That's why it's good to check with the subconscious mind first to see if you should be changing that program. The developer of this program is Rob Williams.

You can change your beliefs in a few minutes and the change in brain activity can be seen in profoundly altered EEGs.

The Psych-K process works as follows:

You first identify the belief that you want to change. You do muscle-testing to find out whether your mind supports a specific statement.

The subconscious mind (90% of the brain) is the computer that controls muscles' coordination and action. It requires so much computation it's unbelievable to organise the muscles' movement.

If you make a statement, e.g. 'I love myself', the subconscious might say: 'No you don't'. The disharmony of the two minds (state of conflict) weakens all muscles in your body. So much that your eyes won't be able to read as small text as they could before.

So firstly, you use muscle testing to verify what programmes you have, by asking: 'does my subconscious mind support this belief'.

Once identified, you can work on it by creating a new program.

Before you are seven years old, the right and left hemispheres are working together, they are synchronized.

But afterwards, sometime during the day the right hemisphere (intellectual) is more dominant, and other time the left hemisphere (emotional) is more dominant, and they keep changing like the tide. They are not in harmony with each other.

Trying to introduce a new belief into a brain where the two hemispheres are not in sync is resisted by the brain.

But children can 'download' (learn) three languages at the same time. Their mind is in theta and their brain is in hemisync.

Brain Gym or Neurolinguistic Programming exercises, crossing your arms and legs etc., causes your brains to go into hemisync.

The exercises you can do cause both hemispheres of the brain to fire at the same time which causes them to run in synchrony. If you do these exercises and say 'I love myself' you feel any disharmony (with the subconscious) straight away, almost like a static, it's not really smooth, something's wrong. Doing it the 3rd or 4th time you can feel a change. Eventually if you keep doing it there is no resistance to anything. The subconscious mind stops responding.

Did the belief change? Then you muscle-test. Once the belief is changed and when saying 'I love myself' your muscles test strong, the program has been rewritten and stays that way until you change it again.

The hardest part of the process is making a statement that really brings in the results that you are looking for. The subconscious mind is like a five-year old. You have to make a statement that a five-year old would understand.

You also can't project 'will' or 'want', etc. You have to pretend like you have it now, even if it seems absurd. But remember that you are not making true statements, you are instilling a program into your subconscious.

The function of the mind is to make the programme real.

"Let me give you an example because most people have had this experience. [...] Just to give you an insight into conscious, subconscious, and creativity. [...]

"Have you ever sat down when before you actually focused or read anything, something caught your attention and you actually had to look for it? [...]

"Great experience. I tell you what it represents. The moment you flipped open the newspaper - in that second [...] - the subconscious scanned every word on both sides of the newspaper. That's how fast the subconscious is. [...] It scanned every word. [...] What happened?

"In the checking of the words it found words that were relevant to you [...] - whatever it is in your programme - or whatever your career is or whenever you were born [...] It found some set of words that were personal to you.

"Its function was: look at the data, pull out a little 'oh-my-god-here's-something-that's-relevant-to-you', bring it to your attention. The subconscious mind sees it and then it gives you a little nudge: 'There's something over here'.

"The slowness of the conscious mind is reflected in the fact [of] how long [it took for] you to find it. [...]

"And why [is this] relevant? Because just as you said, [when] you open your eyes, you see everything.

"If there are things out there, that can help you get to a destination that your mind isn't keyed into [...], it ignores those things just like the other words on the page. [...]

"But if there is something important to your destination [...], that can lead you where you wanna go [...], there's a key here: you missed it, your conscious mind didn't see it. It's your subconscious that saw everything.

"If the subconscious recognizes that there's something in the field, it will attract you - just like it did in the newspaper - to get [you] to focus on that. And so, in fact, many of us will find ourselves staring at something for a moment [...], absent-minded, going: 'What am I looking for?'

"And again, what it represents is [...] available to you that is relatively connected to you. And your conscious mind was so slow that it doesn't actually understand 'why am I here'. But it knows that there was a reason to be there but it doesn't understand it. Because it can't see it. [...]

"So the significance is: If you put the programs in, your subconscious mind will see everything in your field instantaneously. [...] And the important part of this is not that I just saw this item but [that] it can understand that this item, if understood, will connect you with that item, which will then take you to this other place. So it's like a chess-player, it's seeing three moves down the road, [whereas] the conscious mind hasn't even seen the first item yet! [...]

"If you programme the subconscious appropriately it will lead you and direct you most effectively to your destination, more than your conscious mind could ever do, because your conscious mind is not powerful or fast enough to compute the data."

"What happened to my life is I went from this strange chaotic world which is first described in the 'Biology of Belief' [book] to a world that - I honestly have to say - that if there's heaven, I'm the guy who believes it's here right now! [...]

"If you want joy and love and creativity and experiences and sensation, this why you have a body.

"And it was interesting because I wasn't spiritual when I started my quest of understanding cell biology, I was a molecular biologist, a cell biologist working with genes and proteins and carbohydrates, [etc.]

"When I caught on to the fact that the cell's brain was not the nucleus but the membrane. When I caught onto that and started [...] to recognize that the control of the cell was from the outside environment and each of us has a unique identifying set of receptors on our cells that distinguishes us from each other - this is why we can't exchange body parts because if you put your parts in another body the immune system will read the signs and say 'this is not us' and get rid of it.

"[So] what's us? [...] A set of antennas, protein receptors on the membrane that receives signals and so I realize at that moment [that] the identity is coming through these antennas but the antennae is on the outside surface of the cell! The signal's coming from the outside!

"And what then profoundly changed my life at that moment was that [...] I as an identity am not inside, I'm outside. And, at that moment, not being spiritual but now recognizing 2+2=4, in a sense of mechanics and biology, was that: I must be spiritual, I'm outside!

"Well, if it wasn't for the damn programs that took us off-track, when you're not operating from the programs what you create? Heaven.

"We've wasted a lot of life living other people's programs, destroying the environment in the process, destroying ourselves, leaving 'the Millennials' a view of the world that says: [...] 'I can't even get started on this world and it's all falling apart already' [...]

"Here's the most important thing the Millennials have to know [...]: The world can only go on for as long as a large number of people hold onto the existing system.

"But right at this moment the Millennials constitute a 50% or so of the population! Right, well why is that relevant? Because not holding onto the system, the system can fall any time the Millennials put their stuff together and decide it's time for them to make policy. Meaning: you could use this government and vote out all the crap-heads that are in there right now and put in people that relate to you but most Millennials are unfortunately in a kind of situation that 'poor me, I don't have a job, I can't make money, I can't afford this, all the world is against me'.

And I'm going: Wow, you guys are sitting there with all this potential - it's only potential. You come together, you put your vote in a block. And you change the whole world.

And this is what the evolution is all about. Because the Millennial Generation is not a local generation, they're a global generation, they're the development of the nervous system called the internet.

"That's what prevented the evolution of humanity up until this point because everyone was an individual. But now everybody is connected and that means we are moving in the next evolution. [The individual is] the equivalent of the cell in the body of a super-organism called humanity.

"And right now humanity is suffering from an autoimmune disease; the cells are killing each other. [...] Autoimmune disease in biology means self-destruction [...]

"But it's really the old people that are holding onto the control with their old beliefs, their old 'well what's in it for me' and the Darwinian world, 'survival of the fittest'. [...] That's old world belief that's just killing us.

"And the Millennials are not buying into it. The Millennials are connected. The Millennials have a vision of a global world, where the global intent is to create the garden, to live in that garden.

"The technologies to take us from the piece of crap that we created into the garden is what will be the boom for the Millennial generation. You will create all new industries to return the earth to back into a garden [...]

"Most Millennials perceive themselves as being lost in this system. It's like: No, you don't even see it: In a very short time you so outnumber the other ones that when you decide to enact a control it will be your world. And that's my message for people out there, [...] we are moving into a global world, which means that what happens in my side of the world impacts and alters people on the other side of the world. Therefore, I actually understand how my life could create harmony and their lives will create harmony and when 7 Billion people create harmony the planet will become heaven on earth."

"Change the vision from 'I am the victim' to 'I am the master, I can control my life'."

"You're the culture of creatives and if you are [reading this article] you are already looking outside the box and I want to encourage you to continue doing that because the answers are not in the box."

End of podcast.

Note that Bruce Lipton has a useful list on his website under the 'Other Resources' page, which lists organisations, websites, and other resources for: Conscious Parenting, Education (including Academic Centers), Belief Change and Energy Psychology Modalities, Health and Wellness, Integrative & Functional Medicine, etc.

The Belief Change and Energy Psychology Modalities, which were discussed in the podcast, are listed on the resources page as follows: Psych-K, Core Health, Body Talk Systems, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Holographic Repatterning, Inner Resonance Technologies, Instant Emotional Healing, Neurolink's Neurological Integration System, Silva Ultramind System, The Healing Codes, The Hendricks Institute, NetMindBody, Holosync, Lifeflow Meditation, Embody Truth, Rosen Method, The Body Core System of Natural Healing, The Journey, Eric Pearl and the Reconnective Healing, Rapid Eye Technology, Consciousness 2.0, The Sedona Method, The RIM Method, Metodo One Soul, Emotional Transformation, InnerTalk Technology, ThetaHealing, Transform Your Beliefs, Hypnoenergetics, R.E.A.P.

There is also a list of 'film documentaries with new world visions that include Bruce H Lipton', as well as music, radio, television and book links.

Source: "7 Ways to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind"

Honeymoon Effect Book:

The Honeymoon Effect: The Science of Creating Heaven on Earth by Bruce H Lipton, PhD:

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