Mineral Analysis: Update

Great news! My hair mineral analysis shows good progress since the last test. I have started detoxifying copper in large quantity, my adrenal glands have healed, and my body's energy and strength are better! Digestion has improved and thyroid is slowly getting stronger as well. The main challenge I face at the moment, according to the report, is sugar and carbohydrate sensitivity, which is possibly caused by copper. The recent anxiety symptoms are most likely, according to the lab, caused by copper as well, as it gets released from the tissues and taken out of the body. Thus the copper will temporarily be circulating in the blood and cause detoxification symptoms.

Update: Note that I have now decided to advice people against the hair mineral analysis program, as there are many ways I believe it has harmed my health, while costing a lot of money. I believe the zinc supplementation caused me to have social anxiety for three years (via copper deficiency), the nutritionist insisted that I was hypothyroid when I was hyperthyroid (the opposite), and also, it seems to me that it's impossible to know from a hair sample whether you have e.g. toxic copper or good, nutritious copper coming out of your system. The same would apply to calcium, etc. The large quantities of supplements they recommend seem dangerous. I also disagree about their insistence that people should not eat raw food and that animal products are necessary. They may be for healing certain conditions, but certainly not for everyone.

Summary of Mineral Test Results - Third Test

The brief test results came back on Monday 18th March 2014. This was the third mineral analysis test I have taken with Analytical Research Labs. I took the hair sample and sent it off some 2.5 weeks earlier. I received the supplement chart and detailed report by post from the lab 1.5 weeks after the summary report, so in total it took about four weeks to get the full results back from the nutritionist.

The symptoms I reported at the beginning of this test were: 1) new symptoms, i.e. anxiety, headaches, extreme sugar sensitivity, craving sweets, hot flashes, etc.; 2) existing symptoms: menstrual pain, cough, mucous, allergies, back problems, sinus problems, etc. In addition to these, I reported improved energy levels but still continuing fatigue as well.

"... there are times when a person feels worse or experiences an aggravation of symptoms. As a result of awakening, or activating the body's energy production, changes in body chemistry begin to occur. The correction process may be uneven, the adrenal glands may speed up first and the thyroid gland may speed up later. The kidneys may improve dramatically for the first few months and then some other organ, or there may be toxic metals eliminated. All this happens unevenly and quickly. It is, in part, this process of uneven and rapid adjustment that causes unpleasant reactions."

Below is the mineral analysis sheet I received from the lab. Right-click and select 'view image' to see the image larger.

mineral analysis

Brief summary of the mineral test findings:

  • Copper toxicity and current elimination of toxic copper from tissue storage. May be associated with detox symptoms and sugar intolerance. Elimination of excess copper often is accompanied by an increase in awareness. Not only may the person become aware of physical aches and pains but also emotional conflicts may come into consciousness. Copper increased from 0.8 to 6.0. Continue reading here.
  • An improvement in aerobic metabolism is indicated by the iron level rise from 0.6 to 1.3. Releasing copper may help the hemoglobin molecule in the blood to carry more iron.
  • Increased utilisation of tissue calcium, reduced deposition of calcium into the tissues, a reduction in defensive posture are indicated by calcium level reduction from 239 to 123. This also indicates a general reduction of bad calcium in the tissues. Any calcium level over 40 can still indicate mental depression but in my case this aspect is definitely much reduced.
  • Improved thyroid function is indicated by the calcium/ potassium ratio reduction from 59.75/l to 9.46/l. This is still too high, however, the ideal would be 4.00/l. The fact that both calcium and magnesium levels have decreased also usually indicates improved thyroid function, according to the report.
  • Increased sensitivity to ingestion of sugars and simple carbohydrates. This is the principal concern at the moment and indicated by the calcium/ magnesium ratio increase from 18.38/l to 41.00/l. It is important to continue to eliminate these food items to continue making good progress.
  • Improved chromium retention.
  • Reduction in stress and inflammation is indicated by lowering of sodium/potassium ratio. Still some way to go though.
  • Increase in zinc level represents an improvement in numerous areas, including: improvement in immune system function and protein synthesis. Zinc is essential for the production of enzymes.
  • Magnesium deficiency. Increased sodium/ magnesium ratio shows possible inflammation (contradictory?)
  • Increase in phosphorous level is indicative of an enhanced protein metabolism and protein synthesis. (What is meant by protein synthesis?)
  • Oxidation rate (i.e. metabolic rate) has increased from slow oxidation to mixed/ fast oxidation. This indicates increase thyroid and/or adrenal gland function. This can be a temporary condition due to stress, elimination of a toxic metal or illness. (Oxidiser = metabolic rate.)
  • Sodium level has increased, which usually means that the adrenal glands have got stronger (increased aldosterone secretion). This usually also reflects improved hydrochloric acid in the stomach and the resultant improved protein digestion.
  • Increased sodium also shows an increased ability to transport nutrients into the cells. This should reflect increased energy levels as the nutrients are easier transported across the cell membranes and 'cellular starvation' is lessened. Low sodium levels generally indicate fatigue.

Mineral Analysis - Supplement Programme

Supplements recommended by Dr Wilson based on my retest:

'Stress Pak': To slow down my metabolism and the central nervous system, to reduce excessive thyroid and adrenal function. This supplement includes calcium, vitamin A, vitamin B12, choline, pantothenic acid, methionine, bioflavonoids, zinc, iodine and copper, etc.

I don't think I will be taking this supplement because I think it is strange to first speed up the metabolism (with my previous supplements) and then slow it down. I would rather just see where it naturally ends up where copper detox is complete. Also this supplement has copper within it, which is what I am trying to avoid. (Question to Will Houghton, the Nutritionist)

'Endo A-C': Contains vitamin A, vit C and bioflavonoids. To support the immune system. According to what I have heard, vitamin C is also very important to help the body detoxify copper. It is also an antioxidant so it supports the liver with the massive detox effort.

'Zinc': Necessary mineral for the synthesis and release of insulin and protects against deleterious effects of prolonged stress. (My addition: Zinc is also antagonistic to copper and copper toxic people are normally very deficient in zinc. Zinc has been said to speed up the detoxification of copper as it helps to retain the correct amount of copper in the tissues and not too much. It is also a calming mineral.) 1 capsule 3x per day.

'GB-3': Contains bile acids and other factors. GB-3 acts to enhance the output of bile from the liver and the gallbladder and thus it assists in removing toxic metals - especially copper - from the liver. Bile acids also act as laxatives.

'Paramin': Calcium, magnesium and boron. (My note: It has been said that calcium slows down the detoxification of copper so am not sure if I want to be taking this. I will in any case take magnesium in some form since I am deficient in it.)

The above are in the detailed report from the lab. In addition, Will Houghton, the Nutritionist, recommended these after consulting with Dr. Wilson:

TMG: New addition to the Nutritional Balancing programmes, to support the liver. 1-2 capsules 3x per day.

Selenium: Optional supplement, will take since I am deficient in it. 100mcg 3x per day.

Omega 3s and Vitamin D: Either from eating sardines or in supplement form.

Kelp: Sea minerals and iodine. Why is this recommended? Is it for thyroid support? (Question for Will) 500mg 3x per day, 1-2 doses each time.

"Endo Veggies: Dried vegetable powder to boost vegetable intake." (Optional recommendation) I am very confused about this recommendation since I eat so many vegetables anyway!? (Question for Will) Also it contains carrots which I have an intolerance to as well as green tea extract, which maybe includes caffeine? 2 capsules 3x per day.

Additional supplements I think I should be taking:
Vitamin C to facilitate copper removal from the body.
Molybdenum (mineral) for the same reason.

Update: Note that I have now decided to advice people against the hair mineral analysis program, especially because of the so-called copper detox I describe here. Please read 'Hyperthyroidism Caused by Copper Deficiency?' for more explanation.

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