Ebola Virus Information

Ebola virus information.

ebola virus information

This is a summary of a series of seven talks by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger. Mike has put these series of lectures out for free and requested that people share the information and the files, so that this information is available for people that need it. His emphasis is on being prepared to live in isolation and self-sufficiently, if necessary, strengthening your immune system, using natural anti-viral remedies, etc. He provides important information about what Ebola is, how it spreads, and now anti-bacterial wipes won't help with viruses, etc.

Mike emphasizes that there is no scientifically-proven cure for Ebola, neither vaccines, nor medication, nor natural herbs. However, he points out that not everyone who gets Ebola, dies. Some people survive Ebola, and the intention of his talk is to improve your chances of survival. I felt that this was very important information and worth sharing.

So far seven [18] episodes have been aired on Biodefense.com, and below you will find a summary of points covered by Mike Adams in the total of almost four hours of lectures. The sixth episode is about natural remedies for Ebola, and if you wish to listen to one or more episodes in full, these are some of the most interesting ones in my opinion:

Episode 1: Introduction
Episode 2: Pandemic preparedness
Episode 6: Antiviral herbal remedies vs. Ebola and other viral pandemics
Episode 7: How to stop suppressing your immune system and start building up cellular defences against pandemic infections

Mike Adams says in one of the episodes that he is happy for people to download and share these audio files, so feel free to do so.

How to Survive an Ebola Outbreak

Summary of seven episodes of 'Pandemic Preparedness' aired so far:

  • Hospital is the most dangerous place to go in the case of an epidemic.
  • Taxis are especially dangerous.
  • Surfaces that have been touched by Ebola victims CAN infect you if you touch them. Ebola survives on surfaces for a very long time.
  • You can't trust the mainstream media for covering these diseases correctly.
  • Ebola is rapidly mutating, vaccines will find it hard to keep up with new strains.
  • Why have some people survived exposure to Ebola and others have died?
  • Healthy strong immune system can help.
  • Any body orifices with fluid can get infected, e.g. eyes.
  • You need equipment to support any family members in case they get infected.
  • Don't touch public surfaces without latex gloves, e.g. cash points, door knobs.
  • Ebola is a viral fragment, a chain of proteins, it's not a bacteria, it's many times smaller. So antibacterial wipes won't kill it.
  • You can kill it with ultraviolet light that fragment protein chains and you can kill it with bleach.
  • Ebola can spread in water. Fluoride and chloride in tap water won't kill it.
  • Pandemic can shut down all infrastructure in a short time, e.g. electricity, water, air-conditioning, etc.
  • Have battery-powered radio, hand-cranked radio, food, water, natural medicine, antiviral alternatives. Have enough to help out your family and friends as well.
  • Be prepared to survive for weeks or months in isolation.
  • Isolation is one of the survival strategies. Migrate and isolate. Can you get out of the city? If you stay in a city in a pandemic you will be dead.
  • Food, cover, medicine, personal hygienics. Heat and cool your home.
  • People might want to try and loot your home.
  • Bio-protective suits.
  • Have an evacuation plan, where to go. E.g. a relative out in the country, an RV, etc.
  • Lucky few will be genetically immune to the virus.
  • Many people will die not from the Ebola virus but from secondary effects of the pandemic: lack of food, killed by looters, dehydration, not being able to control the temperature in your home, etc.
  • Starvation is not a good way to boost your immune system. Don't fast and detox in a middle of a pandemic.
  • Be prepared for infrastructure failures.
  • These viral strains are being kept and studied and weaponized.
  • People can carry Ebola without showing symptoms.
  • Medicines, nitrates in processed meats, lack of sunlight, lack of Vitamin D, lack of stamina, lack of physical exercise and food additives weaken the immune system.
  • Garlic, antiviral herbs, colloidal silver can be effective against hospital bugs.
  • Mike Adams is working on permaculture technologies which will be released next year (2015).
  • Acquire and grow antiviral herbs.
  • Carry a flashlight with you everywhere you go.
  • Get out into a small town if you can, learn to be self-sufficient.
  • There are many people who survive Ebola.
  • How Ebola spreads: exists in all your body fluids, including mucus membrane, can live on surfaces for many days, e.g. from coughing. In freezing conditions it can live for years.
  • Viruses are not alive, which makes them more resilient. They invade your cells and overtake your cells' genetic reproduction programming, it's a cellular 'hack'. That's why they can survive so long in air or on open surfaces.
  • If you get Ebola on your hand and scratch your eye then you are infected.
  • Patients who have Ebola can transmit it through aerosols, e.g. spit aerosol.
  • Ebola can be airborne over short distances, can exist on dust particles or on other things in the air.
  • Coughing is a mechanic of spreading the disease.
  • Nothing is proven to beat Ebola, studies have not been done.
  • Natural antiviral medicine: black elderberry extract, star anise, vitamin D, basil, goldenseal, ginger, garlic, echinacea, zinc, support your immune system.
  • The inside of an ambulance or a helicopter might be one of the most dangerous places, because of contamination.
  • Supportive care is important for survival [clean water, clean air, etc.], don't be around any sick people, you don't want to have a flu on top of Ebola. Be out of public places; stay home; good hydration; good quality nutrition; zinc; selenium; sunshine; fresh air; don't eat fried foods, cheese or dairy or anything that stagnates your body; get fresh juice in your body on a daily basis.
  • Experimental: load up on vitamin D, 10,000-20,000 IU per day short-term.
  • Colloidal silver is not at all proven to eliminate Ebola but worth drinking because it might help.
  • Natural News Store - everything they sell is lab-tested and proven to be extremely low in toxic heavy metals, whereas even organic superfoods are often contaminated with heavy metals. Store.naturalnews.com
  • Heavy metals suppress your immune function.
  • We have no way of knowing if superfoods can cure Ebola. No substance on the planet has been clinically proven to eliminate Ebola.
  • Vaccines and medicines for Ebola are also unproven.
  • Very Potent Antiviral herbs...
  • Western herbs: Echinacea tincture, tea or capsules; Black Elderberry (Sambucol) e.g. from Gaia Herbs; Licorice root, helps protect mucus membranes, tincture, capsules, tea; garlic; basil (e.g. home-made pesto); sage; rosemary; peppermint other culinary herbs; cinnamon (bark of a cinnamon tea), make sure it's not artificial, essential oils; comfrey root, don't drink but gargle with; myrrh mouthwash; calendula root, good for internal and external use; eucalyptus oil gargle, mouthwash, topical ointment; lemon balm, drink a few drops of essential oil with hot water; tea tree for topical use, put a few drops in your favourite cream and put around your nose; peppermint mouthwash, tea, smoothies, essential oils added to recipes; red clover, blood cleanser, helps your blood eliminate toxins, boost immune system; sage, decoction, fresh tea; ginger; clove bud.
  • Get a 'how to' book on preparations of herbal extracts - for tea, ointment, decoctions, alcohol extract, etc.
  • E.g. Chocolate, peppermint, avocado, cacao, coconut water superfood smoothie is super-delicious.
  • Have your own small garden and grow as many of these herbs as you can, or even on a window cill, use immediately upon harvesting. Most potent herbs are the ones you grow yourself, and when taken fresh.
  • Oregano oil = must have, take with you everywhere you travel. It's a potent food poisoning remedy, e.g. Mike takes a full dropperful. It treats viral pneumonia and kills a lot of bacteria. Gargle, drink, inhale as vapour, use topically, use on spider bites. It denatures proteins in spider bites and even brown-recluse spider bites may be helped.
  • Add a few drops of cinnamon into a bowl of boiling water and inhale the vapour. Also eucalyptus, tea tree in small quantity, peppermint, oregano. Helps support respiratory and sinus health. Helps against airborne diseases.
  • Astralagus (adaptogenic) helps your immune system modulate itself.
  • Goldenseal is antibacterial, not necessarily antiviral.
  • The more pungent the oils of the herb, the better.
  • South American herb: Una de Gato (Cat's Claw) take as tincture, capsules, tea.
  • "Blood heat" formula to cool the blood. It is designed to treat an acute infection (when the patient's blood is very 'hot'): Xi Jiao Di Huang Tang (could provide a remedy for Ebola): Sheng Di Huang (raw rehmannia, restores cellular hydration, Ebola sufferers suffer from chronic dehydration), Xi Jiao (traditionally rhino horn, nowadays buffalo horn, creates extreme 'cold' - metaphorically), Chi Shao (Red peony root), Mu Dan Pi (Mu Dan Root Bark, secondary ingredient of this formula). Not a preventive formula, can't take on a daily basis, can be dangerous if you are not in the state of extreme blood 'heat'.
  • Shui Niu Jiao (Buffalo horn), Xuan Shen, Da Qing Ye, Zi Cao (red peony), Sheng Di Huang.
  • Chinese medicine can potentially save many lives in the case of a pandemic epidemic.
  • Especially essential oils can be very powerful, nature's medicine chest.
  • Yarrow is a potentially miraculous, life-saving herb to stop bleeding. Use internally and externally.
  • Amazon.com is known for selling counterfeit herbs.
  • Be careful about buying herbs from China or South America.
  • Middle Eastern and Indian foods and food stores have many antiviral spices in them.
  • Vitamin D and zinc are staples of antiviral protection. Vit D is crucial for protection against influenza and tuberculosis, also important against cancer. Zinc accelerates skin healing, prevents some pathogens from being able to get into your tissues in the respiratory system.
  • Incubation time of this Ebola strain currently circulating is 21 days. People look very well until day 17-18. Someone could be walking around with Ebola for two weeks without anyone noticing.
  • Boost your immune system: Vitamin D from sunshine, physical work and labour, zinc, selenium, magnesium, fresh foods, plant-based foods, quite a bit of raw but doesn't have to be all raw, fresh juice, a little meat is ok, switch to natural care products.
  • What suppresses the immune system: processed foods, processed salt, sedentary lifestyle, medications, GMO oils (corn oil, canola oil, soy bean oil), GMO foods, additives (MSG, hydrolyzed vegetable proteins, etc.), pasteurized foods (e.g. Naked juice), chemical sweeteners, taste-enhancers, other chemicals, chemicals in personal care products, fabric softeners, washing powder, toxic sunscreens, perfumes, colognes, chemical solvents in your garage, weed-killers, pesticides, herbicides, cleaning products, lack of sleep, air pollution, toxic heavy metals, emotional stresses.
  • 24-48 hours after strenuous exertion, like hard exercise, your immune system will be compromised.
  • Stop eating things are made in a factory and/or come in a box. Buy fresh produce. Grow as much as you can yourself. Eat beans and rice as staples. Buy organic. Do some sprouting and juicing.
  • Using essential oils as perfumes is safe.
  • Use natural, green products for cleaning, personal care, etc.
  • Gyms can spread bacteria and viruses.
  • Indoor air quality is crucial. Have a lot of plants around you, they are living air filters. HEPA air filters (e.g. IQ Air), viruses can latch onto dust particles.
  • Beware of heavy metal contamination in superfoods.
  • You can't automatically trust certified organic food when it comes to toxic heavy metals. But in USA, Canada and Europe fresh produce is usually very clean. Anything grown in China tends to be heavily contaminated. Be wary of any chemicals coming from China.
  • Lowheavymetalsverified.org
  • Emotional stress makes you deplete nutrients, replace them with e.g. food-based vitamins like 'Megafood'. Take more when you are under stress.

Source: Biodefense.com, Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews.com

Personally, I would have thought that blood electrification as taught by Bob Beck might also be a powerful help against Ebola, since some people say that it can cure HIV, and since I used it successfully on myself when I had swine flu.

Read also: Is Vitamin C an Ebola Cure in Megadoses? (Link below.) This article also provides other possible Ebola-fighting methods you may wish to research.

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