Hot Flashes Natural Remedies

This article discusses hot flashes natural remedies. Hot flashes can also be called hot flushes, and are a typical symptom of either menopause, or other female hormonal imbalances. However, men can get hot flashes too, and this has usually been attributed to a severe testosterone deficiency, and thus can be linked to andropause or androgen deprivation therapies.

Hot flushes can be a very debilitating problem and cause social anxiety and other problems. Luckily there are simple solutions to find relief. This condition can stop people from wanting to interact with others, and much amazing talent is wasted as hormonal imbalances stop people from wanting to speak, socialize or perform in public. In the Western world reddening of the face - blushing - is not yet well understood or socially accepted, and people's reactions to this condition can be very unfair, ranging from making fun of the person with the condition, to avoiding them because they think red face is a sign of mental problems, or thinking that the person with the red face is 'weak'. Obviously, careers and relationships can suffer from such preconceptions.

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Next time you see someone with hot flashes, offer them a glass of cold water and explain that you know it is a condition of hormonal imbalance, and nothing else. If you work with people with hot flashes, direct them to this article and ensure that their work space and meeting rooms are well ventilated and fans are available to make the person more comfortable. Never oblige anyone to eat cake, eat sugary foods or drink alcohol as part of their job or a social occasion. Ideally you could provide protein snack alternatives to sugary foods, for those who choose to avoid sugar for hormonal and other health reasons.

The symptoms of hot flashes from my own experience include body temperature regulation difficulties, i.e. getting too hot and too cold very easily. The hot flash itself causes the face, the ears and in some people the neck and chest to go very red and the skin to feel hot. Anxiety symptoms, sweating, confusion, nervousness, and symptoms of panic, such as heart palpitations, can occur also. After the hot flash, the body can feel very exhausted and tired. Hot flashes get a psychological component, and thus can be brought on by a trigger, such as talking to other people, slightly stressful meetings, other stressors, feeling embarrassed, etc. Some very common physical triggers are going from fairly cold air to hot/warm air, drinking caffeine or anything dehydrating, drinking alcohol, eating sugar, eating processed carbohydrates, drinking or eating something hot, using a hair dryer with hot air, etc.

Hot Flashes Natural Remedies

Immediate relief from a hot flash:

  1. Drink cold water
  2. Cool the body down by cold air from a fan, going to a colder room or outside, reducing clothing.
  3. Apply a cool pack to hot areas, e.g. a cold gel pack, or use a cold water bottle.
  4. There are also cool sprays, such as Magicool, which are probably very chemical. Perhaps you could make your own cool spray, a natural version, by mixing cooling essential oils and water.
  5. Use ice or frozen foods on your cheeks and neck just as you start feeling a hot flash coming on. This should stop it in its tracks. You may wish to carry a mini cool-box with you with some ice cubes wrapped in thin towels.
  6. If you are surrounded by other people, explain to them that you feel a hot flash coming, and that you need to go outside to cool down.

How to prevent hot flashes each day at a time:

  1. Check whether you have histamine intolerance (follow the link to learn more + to find a free online test). Facial flushes when drinking alcohol are a typical symptom.
  2. Quit drinking alcohol for a month and see if symptoms improve.
  3. Check whether you have high blood pressure and take steps to eliminate it if relevant.
  4. Avoid sugar. I noticed that my hot flashes were brought on by eating cake, muffins, or biscuits at work. Since then I have noticed that anything sugary can bring this on. Sugar also causes anxiety, as explained to me by the Chinese Doctor.
  5. You may have to be very careful with carbohydrates in general, not eating too much, especially cooked starchy ones. Read: Sugar/carbohydrate Intolerance. Fruit and raw starchy foods (e.g. bananas, sweet potatoes) are healthier and should be better tolerated, unless you have an intolerance or a stealth infection, for example.
  6. Consider that the hot flashes may be brought on by food allergies/ intolerances. If intolerances are suspected taking digestive enzymes before meals may help, as well as following other recommendations in the linked post.
  7. Keep blood sugar stable by following the advice in this article.
  8. Use the pulse test to eliminate food allergies, as these can also cause hot flashes.
  9. Wear layered clothing so that you can go through the day without ever feeling too hot or too cold. Even feeling too cold can worsen hot flashes when you go indoors, in my opinion.
  10. Keep the body well-hydrated. First of all, drink water, but keep in mind that tap water is not as hydrating as fresh spring water - read more here. Also, change your table salt to Himalayan pink salt, which can actually help with hydration - more here.
  11. Eliminate all dehydrating drinks and foods from your diet, especially anything sugary (dehydrating), caffeine, alcohol, processed grains and flours, simple carbohydrates, etc. Depending on the person, you may also have to eliminate sugary fruit. Whenever I drank even a little bit of alcohol, the next day my face would have a more reddish complexion and I would get hot flashes a lot more easily.
  12. Dr. Robert Morse is of the opinion that hot flashes are a calcium deficiency symptom. Eating calcium-rich foods or supplementing with calcium may thus be useful. But just popping a calcium-pill will not do, and can cause calcification of the body with serious consequences. Good and bad forms of calcium are discussed here: Calcium Toxicity.
  13. You may consider wearing foundation cream occasionally to reduce redness and anxiety, even though it's not a long-term solution since it may make the skin and flushing worse in the long-term due to chemicals.
  14. Hot flashes can be brough on by changes in temperature. If you have been outside in the cold, or otherwise in a cold room or environment, and find yourself somewhere warmer, this change can trigger hot flashes. Therefore keeping yourself warm at all times can help, even though it may be difficult to avoid exposing your face to cold weather, especially in the winter.

Long-term Natural Remedies for Hot Flashes:

  1. Consider that you may have rosacea - there are many natural remedies.
  2. Take steps to avoid Inflammationinflammation in your body, as this may cause rosacea, hot flashes, and similar symptoms.
  3. Exercise. Exercise has been shown to be very balancing to the hormones. You could try doing physical work for a while for a living instead of other type of work, since keeping your body moving all day would have great benefits to balance hormones, eliminate hot flashes, strengthen the liver and kidneys, drain lymph, etc. In the old days, people used to do more physical work which would have provided a clear health benefit. Consider: waitressing, construction, yoga, fitness instructor, tour guide, etc. Or start a running club, a hiking club or a foraging club for your local area. You could also volunteer to work on organic farms all over the world, to become crew in a sailing boat, or join various charity work camps abroad or locally.
  4. Strengthen the liver and the kidneys, as these organs are closely linked with the fluid balance or imbalance of the body. Use herbs, proper hydration, plenty of movement and exercise, fresh lemons, and plenty of antioxidants to strengthen these organs. Liver weakness is specifically linked to anger as well in Chinese Medicine so strengthening the liver will make you more happy and vice versa.
  5. Avoid anything that causes frustration or anger in your life, since stress causes hormone imbalances and many other physical and mental problems. Perhaps the no. 1 health advice, before diet, exercise or anything else, is to eliminate stress and ensure you are happy in your day-to-day life, because this has a much more far-reaching influence on your health than you probably realize. Spend 15 minutes each day writing down your frustrations and brain-storming solutions for them. Don't be afraid to think outside the box or to make big changes in your life if needed.
  6. Read: The Female Hormone Imbalance Diet. Natural Remedies for Menstrual Cramps also addresses hot flashes.
  7. Do plenty of parasympathetic nervous system -activating things, because stress is linked to sympathetic nervous system overactivity. Even pleasurable activities can sometimes stress the body if there is not enough time to rest.
  8. Strengthen the adrenal glands and address adrenal fatigue or adrenal insufficiency, which is a very common problem these days.
  9. Good quality (organic ideally) Vitex berry essential oil has been reported to help with hot flashes caused by menopause, e.g. in 'Medical Aromatherapy' book by by Kurt Schnaubelt. Keep in mind, however, that this herb can also cause reduced sexual drive. It is also called agnus castus or chasteberry tree.
  10. Doctor Sutter at suggests that parasites in the liver are behind hot flashes.
  11. Not that according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) hot flashes can be linked to exhaustion and too little energy in the body. In such a situation the body can be weak and unable to hold onto heat energy - the heat escapes in an uncontrolled way. This makes sense especially in cases if your hot flashes are combined with feeling very cold and shivery. Please consult a Chinese Doctor if you suspect this may be the case and/or consider that you may be burned out or physically and mentally exhausted.

Hot Flashes and Anxiety

Hot flashes are a typical cause of anxiety, and once the hormones are balanced and hot flashes are history, the anxiety will naturally lessen as well. Sometimes, however, you may feel that anxiety itself is a separate, though linked, problem. In this case, please review the article on "anti-anxiety diet conclusions" (link below) and also the "natural remedies for anxiety" in the natural remedy library.

Books Related to Hot Flashes:

Book: 'The Vitamin Cure for Women's Health Problems' by Helen Saul Case and Andrew Saul:

Book: 'Sacred Woman: A Guide to Healing the Feminine Body, Mind, and Spirit' by Queen Afua:

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