Toothache Home Remedies

Toothache home remedies. Toothache is most often caused by inflammation, so anything that helps to reduce inflammation should help to reduce toothache. Antioxidants are one of the main fighters of inflammation, and so is adequate fluid intake.

In this article, home remedies for acute toothache are discussed, and towards the end, strategies for long-term solutions to eliminate toothache are proposed.

toothache home remedies, garlic, ginger

Consider natural antibiotics and natural antivirals as toothache home remedies. Anything with an anti-inflammatory or anaesthetising action may also be of tremendous help.

Toothache Home Remedies

To ease the pain of toothache:

  1. The combined effect of the full Bob Beck Protocol, i.e. using the electro-magnetic pulser (EMP) on the tooth, drinking silver colloids and blood electrification can provide the most effective remedy for toothache. I have witnessed this many times myself. The pain can go away so effectively that you may forget to go to the dentist to have your tooth fixed. Of course the tooth should be fixed so that the problems won't worsen.
  2. Chew cloves, as they combine anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antioxidant and anaesthetic properties and can be very effective in quickly helping or eliminating toothache. If you can't chew them, try making a paste by mixing ground cloves with olive oil to place on the tooth.
  3. Very tough exercise can help reduce the pain temporarily, e.g. Kung Fu.
  4. Grounding is generally helpful in eliminating pain, although I don't know if it works for toothache specifically. It probably does.
  5. Chew garlic.
  6. Chew fresh ginger root.
  7. Salt and pepper paste, formed with water, has also reported to help when positioned directly on the tooth.
  8. Other things that may help are raw onion, cinnamon, asafetida, salt water, and an ice pack.

To prevent and eliminate toothache long-term...

Care for your teeth. In the book: 'Successful Self-Dentistry' Nadine Artemis explains that the teeth are nourished from the inside, so what you eat has a fundamental impact on your dental health. She advices against the use of toothpaste, which has fluoride and other chemicals to harm your teeth and overall health. She recommends brushing your teeth with [aluminium-free] baking soda instead and using various essential oils eliminate bacteria and improve gum health, etc.

Keep in mind that bacteria living in the teeth and gums has also been linked to more serious conditions, such as heart disease, so good dental hygiene is important for overall health, and not just for tooth health.

Further Toothache Remedies:

To nourish your teeth from the inside we recommend a mineral-rich diet with plenty of fruit, vegetables and berries, as well as supplementary trace minerals. Some our our favourite products are as follows:

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In addition, avoid inflammation-causing foods, use essential oils to kill bacteria and viruses living in your mouth and gums, and follow the recommendations in the books below.

Of course we recommend that you use these recommendations only as addition to your dentists' recommendations and if in doubt, please discuss with your dentist and tooth hygienist first. These remedies are not a substitute to regular dentist visits.

Further Toothache Remedies:

Read: "Vitamin Deficiency Underlies Tooth Decay" (external link).

Books: 'Holistic Dental Care' and 'Successful Self-Dentistry' by Nadine Artemis.

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