Trauma Release Exercises Testimonial

Testimonial on trauma release exercises, IBS-like symptoms and anxiety, as kindly submitted by a reader of this website, to help others who are battling similar health challenges.

Richard Harris' Testimonial

My journey with TRE UK began on September 20th, 2014, with Caroline Purvey at the Bromley workshop (London). At that point I was suffering from very high anxiety problems, panic attacks, etc.

Approaching it with an open mind, Caroline runs the group through the basics of TRE and the impact 'held energy' has on the body and mind. It all seemed to make sense in relation to my own symptoms and feelings.

At the first session of TRE, Caroline demonstrated pre-trigger exercises before I followed. Then the real magic began, 30 minutes of really good tremors followed, the body takes over, and I followed Caroline's advice and allowed my body to do what it needed to do. After the group discussed their own experiences, of which mine were feelings of exhilaration and a real sense of a high.

During the second session, I experienced more relaxed breathing. Overall after four and a half hours, I left Bromley feeling totally revitalized and much happier.

I now had the knowledge to continue the practice at home, which I have been doing.

After a few home sessions of TRE, I started to experience the detox process, which Caroline explains will happen, so it's nothing to be worried about. For me I felt a sense of sadness, followed by tears (even though I didn't know why I was upset), but all these symptoms flushed through very quickly and I felt much better after. As Caroline explains, emotions may surface and the body is releasing what it no longer needs. Don't allow the detox process to deter you from continuing your own TRE journey. Detox can flush out the body after a few days, even weeks, just allow the body to heal from within. Caroline is always on hand to advise and help you through.

I began to know my own limits, on how much TRE was enough for me to do on a weekly basis. I now do one session a week of 20 minutes, which allows the continuation of detox and helping to ease my own anxiety. Panic attacks are now very rare, and very brief if they do surface. For me personally I feel TRE has helped me get back to a calmer state of body and mind. Caroline is a wonderful woman, you will only benefit for her guidance. You have more to lose by not attending, this experience will change your life.

- TRE Testimonial by Richard Harris, London, UK, as published on TRE UK Testimonials page.

Anxiety, IBS-Like Symptoms and Diet

Email received from Richard

Let me begin by saying, this is an amazing website, with so many insightful views and articles regarding our own inner health and how the food we put into ourselves has an overall effect on our performance as people.

I came across this helpful website, and the very friendly Ulla, when searching the internet for potential effects of foods on the body, as primarily I suffer from general anxiety disorder.

So the below is my own personal experience with certain foods I've found can have an impact on the digestive system, which in turn could trigger or fuel the anxiety condition I have.

The first time I considered that food may be having some kind of impact on me, was a pattern I noticed the morning after eating my favorite meal, spaghetti bolognese. The following mornings would be met with strong belly pains, bloated feelings, and the occasional bowel cramping. Two days followed of not going to the toilet. Constipation was unsettling but once this passed the feelings all subsided.

I've still not found a pasta substitute as yet, but have just bought gluten-free pasta to see if this helps.

However, just reducing the size of the meal seemed to help quite a bit as well.

The feelings and symptoms I am having seem similar to that of an IBS sufferer.

Alcohol - or shall I say too much of it - also has a big impact. A level I've found to be quite safe is 3-4 pints of beer maximum or two large glasses of wine. Getting drunk, which we all like doing once in a while, should be done with caution in the knowledge to be prepared for stomach problems the next few days.

The second food I found which may be causing me some discomfort is bread, maybe too much of it, or some kind of intolerance build up to it. On average I would eat two sandwiches a day made from 50/50 bread or wholemeal loaf. It was only in the early part of this year (2016) that I started to feel slightly bloated and discomfort in the stomach region, and so I've now cut down to one sandwich a day, no chocolate, crisps, or Muller Rice as I found that any increase in sweet snacks made my heart race for a period. So far so good with that, and I'm going to try gluten-free bread now as well.

It's all about finding the right foods that suit our bodies, as we are all different on the inside.

Any problems anybody has, I thoroughly recommend emailing Ulla, you will find her helpful and very insightful.

- Richard Harris, London, UK, written in July 2016

If you would like to contact Richard, please email:


A free journal on TRE exercises by Terry Wood can be downloaded here. This book link was provided to me by a reader, who has compiled his own 4-year experience of doing TRE into a book of 137 pages.

Trauma Release Exercises Testimonial by Ulla

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