One Week High Raw Diet Diary

This high raw diet was meant to be close to a 100% raw food diet... However, it ended up not being very successful and lasting only seven days before I fell off. Straight after I did a more interesting successful experiment on green juice fasting, however.

The main reason for 1) not achieving high energy and strength, and 2) for falling off the diet so quickly was that I had a problem with stimulants. I kept drinking green tea (caffeine), eating sugary things and in the end I ended up drinking alcohol (on day 8). All these things (for me) are part of the same problem, although for someone else they might not be such big problem at all.

The diary details what I ate, the calories eaten each day and the percentage of fat and protein, as well as my weight, exercise, thoughts, research, and how I felt day to day.

The idea is also to eat more fruit than usual, and to have large green juices every day. The majority of my meals will consist of smoothies, fruit salads, green salads, green juices, fruit pieces, and raw soups.

Generally I feel good although I have fallen back to drinking caffeine (green tea), which has a negative effect on my energy levels. Trying to wean off it now... I will perfect and tweak this diet as I go along, according to my thoughts and feelings. But the main goals are to lose weight and feel more energetic, as well as to cure my cough and strengthen my digestion and adrenal glands. The other goal is to get my body to be more alkaline.

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Day 1 - 2013 Raw Food Diary - Tue 21st May

Starting Weight: 60kg

Woke up at 11am.

Breakfast: 1/4 of a very small watermelon. (Didn't taste good, I think it was underripe.)
Endo-Dren Adrenal Glandular supplement.
Glass of live spring water.
A few goji berries (dried but live, we tested these by growing sprouts of them.)

Went running for 15 minutes, twice around the small park nearby, afterwards stretched and took a bath.

12.30am: Green juice:
1/2 bunch of romaine lettuce, 3/4 lemon, 2 apples, piece of broccoli stalk.

Snack: a few organic pecan nuts (not sure if they are raw)
Smoothie: 2 apples (organic), handful of organic sundried figs, 1 cup of frozen raspberries, 1 vanilla bean, live spring water, chia seeds, poppy seeds, seabuckthorn berry powder, goji berries, blueberry powder, pumpkin seeds.
1 tbsp of hemp oil separately.
Supplements: B-vitamin complex (including 1600% of RDA of Vitamin B12), selenium, boron, zinc.

I got a cough straight after the smoothie. This is a cough I am familiar with from before and is digestion-related. I suspect it may have been the frozen berries that caused it or the nuts and seeds. I will keep monitoring this. [Later note: it seems now that I get a cough after eating cold foods, among other things. The Chinese Doctor later advised against cold foods.]

1.40pm: a green tea.

Now I have started a sabbatical, a long summer holiday from work and will have good time to dedicate on my health and on this website.

Regarding the green tea and caffeine in it: the plan is to phase this out as soon as possible because it is clearly making me tired and not helping the recovery of my sluggish adrenal glands. The additional problem with green tea is that it seems to efficiently suppress hunger, so am not sure if I am eating enough to keep my energy levels up.

a glass of live spring water
green tea
1 capsule of adrenal glandulars

I left it too long between meals, or maybe the green tea contributed. I'm hungry now and don't feel like eating a salad or fruit. But will do anyway. Just snacked on two organic dried dates. Going shopping for food ingredients.

Had an avocado with a drizzle of olive oil and pink Himalayan salt.
Fruit salad made of: 2 champagne mangos (honey mangos), big handful of cherries, a banana, torn pieces of mint leaves, three strawberries, a dash of Himalayan salt.

I got a cough again after eating, feeling very phlegmy.

I got a sharp pain on the left side of my chest. I couldn't breathe deep in and couldn't breathe out all the way, the sharp pain would stop me. It felt like a heart problem but it could be the lungs also as some days ago I had a little similar pain on the right side. Last Saturday morning I had some carrot in a veggie sausage. I found out previously I was allergic to carrots and this causes chest pain, among anxiety and other symptoms - these symptoms can come many days later. The pain this time was more than usual, however, and quite scary, lasted for a couple of minutes and seemed to get worse if I tried to lift myself off the chair or move around. My pulse was only 65 bpm afterwards (normal) so nothing in the fruit salad caused an intolerance reaction. I still feel a bit dizzy now, afterwards, as I write this.

[Update: Still don't know what this was but I haven't had it since. Could it have been because of sugar as well?]

7.15pm: Having another green tea, the fourth cup of the day! Feeling tired and cold and have a runny nose. But the tiredness is caused by the green tea effect, as I have been drinking a lot of it in the last couple of weeks. I also have a slight headache (caffeine detox).

9pm: A cup of cherries (non-organic), one adrenal glandular, live spring water. Not tired anymore at all.

Feeling good.
Smoothie (250ml): Strawberries, banana, mint, figs, dates, raspberries, goji berries, chia seeds, pecan nuts, walnuts, blueberry powder, sea-buckthorn berry powder, vanilla pod, maple syrup.

Total caffeine intake today: 4 cups of green tea.

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Day 2 - 2013 Raw Food Diary - Wed 22nd May

Woke up at midday, slept about 12-14 hours.

Lemon juice with live water
2 bananas
1 adrenal glandular

one week raw food diet, lemon water, lemonade
Lemon water with cayenne pepper.

Exercise: same run as yesterday

I felt a little stinging in the chest, same place as yesterday - in the early morning hours and just before running again. This continued at the beginning of the run but then disappeared. So it is not exercise-related which in my understanding means it is probably not the heart. [Later note two days later: I think it was caused by the carrot, as usual, because these symptoms did not re-appear so far.] I feel groggy because I haven't had a green tea yet. I'm sure the chest pain will disappear on this high-fruit raw food diet, however, as long as I stay away from carrots, white bread, and other allergens.

Snacks: three dates, a few goji berries.
Green juice (500ml, two glasses): Two bunches of spinach, piece of ginger, three long stalks of celery with leaves, two limes, Bragg's liquid amino acids, cayenne pepper.

Feeling very well now, even before the juice, I don't feel like I need another green tea either. I guess it is true that you eat today for tomorrow - yesterday's good eating and exercise has made me feel so much better today than yesterday.

Live water, adrenal glandular.
Feeling quite good but start needing another green tea.

A few pecans (5), walnuts (10), both organic, three dates, one banana, a green tea.

5.30pm: 1/2 honey melon. This made me cough.

Salad of gem lettuce, cucumber, okra (lady's fingers), with balsamic fig dressing (figs, cold-pressed olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper, green chilli) and with guacamole (1.5 avocados, 1/2 lemon, green chilli, shallots, tomatoes, salt, pepper).
Green tea

(I also tried to make a coconut, mint, balsamic and chilli dressing using canned organic coconut milk but it came out horrible and I didn't eat it. I guess fresh coconut milk would have worked better than the canned one.)

The salad made me cough a little bit but feeling good and energetic.

Went to bed about 1am.

Total caffeine intake today: 2 cups of green tea.

one week raw food diet, lemon water, lemonade
Green tea ruined this raw food diet experiment...

[Later addition, macronutrient ratio: 53/8/39

2099 kcal in total

91g fat = 819 kcal = 39%
42g protein = 168 kcal = 8%
278g carbs = 1112 kcal = 53%]

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Day 3 - 2013 Raw Food Diary - Thu 23rd May

Woke up at 11am after 10 hours of sleep.

Breakfast/ lunch:
1 lemon juice in a glass of live water
1 courgette (zucchini) spiralized into pasta shapes, with dressing: tomatoes (very small, approx 10), one bunch of basil, three dates, 1 lime, 1/2 cup of olive oil, salt, 1 green chilli, about 5 halves of organic sun-dried tomatoes (dry, not from oil - I try not to eat the foods stored in oil anymore as the vegetable oils go rancid very easily and become extremely toxic).
1 adrenal glandular

I got a little bit of a cough after eating, not as bad as usual though. Nevertheless feeling good. Tempted to drink a green tea but trying to avoid it until later. Feel fresh and awake this morning though.

2pm: one banana, one green tea, one adrenal glandular.

3.45pm: an avocado, three dates, banana, 1 tbsp hemp protein powder, 1 tbsp Vitamineral Greens, live spring water.

5pm: a handful of cashew nuts (non-organic, probably not raw) One weak green tea (reused tea bag), one adrenal glandular, one banana.

7pm: 300ml (a large glass) of water melon juice (about 1/3 of a very small melon).

8pm: Started feeling a little weakness in my muscles. Nothing too bad though. I drank some Himalayan salt water in case it was sodium deficiency.

[Later note: The tiredness and possibly some of the other symptoms were most likely primarily caused by too much sugar, e.g. dates and fruit juices, in the diet. A secondary problem may have been a protein/ amino acid deficiency.]

Another green tea, one adrenal glandular capsule.

I left eating too late again, was very hungry by now...
Salad with gem lettuce, cucumber, two okras, 1 tbsp hemp oil, 1/2 cup fig dressing, 1/2 cup sun-dried tomato sauce as before, salted pickled capers.

Got a cough afterwards.

11.30pm: Juice of one lemon in spring water

00.30am: Sleep

Total caffeine intake today: 2.5 cups of green tea.
Exercise: none

Total calories: 2492 kcal
1404 kcal - 56% calories from fat (156g)
939 kcal - 38% calories from carbohydrates (235g)
149 kcal - 6% calories from protein (37g)

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Day 4 - 2013 Raw Food Diary - Friday 24th May

Woke up at 11.15am after 10-11 hours sleep.

I don't know why I sleep so much these days. I suspect it is the caffeine from the green tea combined with my sluggish adrenal glands/ thyroid. Also, it maybe protein/ amino acid deficiency. And third option: detox. These are my three best guesses at the moment. Or it may just be that my body needs the rest after hard work at the office in the past few weeks. But in general I feel fine so I can't complain. I definitely like the way I feel on this diet. I'm getting less phlegmy and my face looks fresher.

[Update: The tiredness was most likely due to both, caffeine and sugar.]

Smoothie: Cup of frozen raspberries, three small leaves of gem lettuce, two whole oranges, one apple, two tbsp chia seeds, large handful of goji berries, sea-buckthorn berry powder, blueberry powder, two vitamin C capsules emptied into the smoothie, 1 zinc, 1 selenium, 1 boron capsule, 1 vanilla bean (seeds and pod - you need a power blender to pulverize the pod), two dates, a little live spring water.
Separately: Multivitamin B capsule, one adrenal glandular.

I don't think I coughed after this smoothie. I have to keep an eye on this.

2pm: One green tea.

I was feeling quite sluggish and demotivated today before drinking the green tea.

Weight: 60kg (unchanged)

4pm: One banana, 1 cup of mixed cashew nuts, goji berries, walnuts.

Still no need for green tea! Feeling good.

5pm: 150ml of fresh pink grapefruit juice.

I just calculated yesterday's calorie percentages and it seems like I got most of my calories out of fat! That is way too much fat. The main culprit was olive oil and second, too many nuts. Avocado seemed to be fine (only 147 calories from fat). So the oily salad dressings and cups of nuts should give way to much more protein from other sources than nuts and more fruit. In addition the green juices will help to provide micronutrients - will be interesting to see if the need for calories decreases when more green juices are introduced.

According to a random internet research I need 48 grams of protein per day, because my weight (60kg) x 0.8 = 48. Yesterday I got 37 grams, which would be too little, and that was mostly from cashew nuts (42 kcal), hemp protein (20 kcal) and Vitamineral Greens (15 kcal). The courgette provided 18 kcal protein, bananas 14 kcal and tomatoes 12 kcal out of the total 149 kcal of protein, everything else just providing minute amounts. Gem lettuce and cucumber would have had some protein but because they have almost no calories, it would not have figured in this calculation. So I need to find ways to increase my protein intake: perhaps by taking more Vitamineral Greens and hemp protein powder per day. I might have to start drinking one raw egg per day, which would provide approximately 78 kcal, 5.8g fat, 0g carbs and 6.5g protein. I don't know how Bragg's liquid amino acids would help because on the label it has 0 calories and 0.31g protein per 1/2 teasp...

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Low Fat Raw Food Protein Sources - Raw Food 2013

Jameth Sheridan says in a You Tube video that the biggest threat to veganism is fruitarianism. He explains that primarily fruit diet will not provide enough protein and the deficient fruitarians often end up becoming meat eaters and feeling much better. Another dig he has at fruitarians is the necessary B12 supplementation which he claims many prominent fruitarians keep quiet about.

Some low-fat raw vegan protein sources: many vegetables, juiced grasses, raw green powders, sprouts (e.g. alfafa and mung bean sprouts), sea weeds, wholefood protein powders, such as "Green Sage Protein" or "Warrior Food" by HealthForce Nutritionals.

The only sources I found now, as a result of my quick research, that had more protein than fat in them, were spirulina, chlorella, and nori seaweed. All nuts and seeds had more fat than protein, including chia seeds. Raw egg white also seems to have more protein than fat but I don't want to throw out good food, i.e. in this case the yolk. Keep in mind, also, that one fat gram has slightly more than twice as many calories as one protein gram so it will all add up quickly. (1g of fat = 9 kcal, 1g of protein = 4 kcal, 1g of carbohydrates = 4 kcal.)

7.40pm protein snack (37g protein):
1 teasp of Vitamineral Greens (1g), 1 heaped tbsp of hemp protein powder (5g) in a glass of live spring water.
Two raw organic eggs (13g) mixed with a little water, 1 teasp of olive oil, cayenne pepper, Bragg's amino acids, and salt - drank straight in a glass.
1 tbsp spirulina (18g) mixed with spring water.

I don't think I coughed after drinking these so they must be easy enough to digest...

But the last two protein sources tasted horrible! So I can't see how this could be my daily source of protein. Unless I found a way to mix them into something good tasting in a smoothie or a sauce. Spirulina can be mixed/ 'hidden' into raw chocolates but I don't fancy eating those every day because of the fat, and also because of the caffeine in chocolate.

I was hungry before drinking the protein 'snacks' but now I'm not hungry at all! I also kind of feel a little more energetic straight away (liquids absorb into the system quickly). In any case, it will be interesting to see if I feel more energetic tomorrow because of the additional protein today.

If I want to stay raw vegan, I will probably start relying on raw vegan wholefood protein powders to get my protein, taking larger amounts per day than I have so far.

Alternatively, I may in the long run include a little cooked fish and possibly even cooked organic meat into my diet. For now, however, I will stay raw.

The main challenge for tomorrow and for the future days on this diet will, however, not be protein, as I can just keep gulping down spirulina juice for now until I order more products for variety. The larger challenge will be eating enough calories without relying on fats. The fruit quality is not that amazing in England, especially in the winter, but I will try a few days of fruitarianism now to see how I feel.

As you know, I am taking vitamin B12 in a supplement since this nutrient is hard to get on a fruitarian diet (you can get it in nutritional yeast, for example, but you have to make sure it absorbs as well). Some say vitamin B12 comes from the soil on unwashed vegetables but our world for the most part is not clean enough to eat this way, even if perhaps in the past people did use to eat like that.

I think in the long run it is more likely that I will go back to eating high quality cooked carbs, such as brown rice, quinoa, amaranth, sweet potatoes, yam, and eddos, but only after I reach my ideal weight. Right now I will not eat these, however, as I want to stay away from fattening carbs. Cooked carbs, especially ones with starch, will put on weight more quickly and possibly also in a different way from raw carbs. So I will have to ensure enough calories in other ways. This will possibly be quite challenging without eating much fat. Although drinking fruit in juice form will make it easier and also micronutrient-rich green juices may reduce the calorific need.

In addition, I will sprout quinoa and millet to add to my smoothies, for additional calories and a bit of protein as well. For example, twp tbsp of raw quinoa will provide 94 kcal, mostly from carbs but also 3.6g protein. Two tbsp of raw millet will provide 114 kcal and 3.4g protein.

I'm still of two minds whether grains should be eaten at all and, in addition, whether they should be eaten raw. But for now I will include some in my diet in moderation. Quinoa and millet are not grains, however, but grain-like seeds. But one could also have raw, soaked oat groats for breakfast (raw porridge) which definitely are grains - gluten free though, mind you. So a cup of raw unsoaked oat groats (making two cups when soaked) would provide: 600 kcal, 10g fat, 104g carbs, and 28g protein. Quite an good option for low-fat raw food diet for easy calories and a decent amount of protein, too, to start the day. Two cups might be too filling and difficult to get through on one go, however, and half of the amount may be more appropriate.

9pm: I am craving either a beer or green tea to wake me up as I am starting to feel a little tired and would like to keep working on the website. The low energy levels mean difficulty in concentration which, in turn, means difficulty in motivation and enjoyment of the task. I'm not sure how to tackle this yet - I may do trauma release exercises or just relax and read for the rest of the evening - although reading might make me even more sleepy... I would like to have a weak green tea but this will cause me to go to sleep very late as I will still be wide awake way past midnight. It would be nice to wake up early tomorrow...

A fruit salad: about 6 strawberries, a handful of red grapes (with seeds), one sliced apple, 2 tbsp of maple syrup.

The salad made me cough again.

Midnight: Going to bed. I didn't feel the need to drink green tea anymore after the fruit salad, that seemed to perk me up a bit. But I feel quite phlegmy now and I wonder if it is the eggs. It could also be detox.

I have only taken one adrenal glandular today because I am running out of them and have ordered more. So I will ration them and only take one per day until the additional supplements arrive. It's probably good to take a break of them anyway.

Total caffeine intake today: 1 cup of green tea (phasing out).
Exercise: none (I didn't feel like running in the rain!)

[Later addition, macronutrient ratio: 40/15/45

1735 kcal in total

87g fat = 783 kcal = 45%
65g protein = 260 kcal = 15%
173g carbs = 692 kcal = 40%

Too much fat! Good amount of protein.]

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Day 5 - 2013 Raw Food Diary - Sat 25th May

Weight: 59kg.

Woke up at 11.40am, feeling tired. Didn't sleep very well because a loud party at early morning hours next door kept me awake. But still, I slept 11 hours - why do I need so much sleep? I feel groggy now that I woke up as well.

I also woke up at night with a chest pain, the same place again, on the left hand side. It wasn't as bad as on the first day of this diet and went away quite quickly. I also feel very phlegmy this morning and at night there was thick phlegm stuck in my throat, I couldn't get it to move. Also my eyes are a little red now and my nose feels very congested.

I wonder if all this mucus is caused by the eggs I had yesterday? Or the cashew nuts, which were not organic? Or just too many nuts? Or are these detox symptoms? It is very annoying anyway - no more raw eggs or too many nuts for a while. I also have a cough this morning.

On the positive side, my weight is falling off despite eating a lot of fat, I've lost one 1kg already.

Juice of one lemon in water.
3/4 cup soaked oat groats (1.5 cups after soaking) blended with three dates, and with half a banana and two tbsp of maple syrup on top.

Went running, twice around the little park. It felt a lot harder than usual, I felt exhausted afterwards. Then I did the trauma release exercises, and stretching.

Protein drink:
Live spring water with 1 tbsp of hemp protein powder and 1 tbsp of spirulina.

I have a slight caffeine headache developing now. Will drink a green tea. I also have slight throat ache, which is a classic detox symptom. Yep, I think today is the start of the detox symptoms, although I don't think they will get too bad, based on my previous experience. Having said that, this is the 'cleanest' diet I have ever done so far! ...apart from the 7-day live juice fast two years ago, because everything (99%) is live (I'm not even drinking pasteurized juices) and because I am completely dairy and gluten free, as well as striving to meet my protein needs and eat low-fat.

The funny thing is that I haven't got the dairy and gluten withdrawal symptoms that I got when I did the dairy and gluten free diet trial. There has been no dizziness. The dizziness must have been caused by one of the gluten-substitute foods that I was using, instead of the detox itself.

I feel a little achy and fevery now, I think it must be the feeling of toxins being pulled out of my cells! I hope so at least, it's a nice thought. [This is my classic low blood sugar feeling.] Since I am not working now I can pay a lot more attention to my diet and detox symptoms. I think previously I was right to quit the diet experiments and learn more about underlying conditions, but I also think that I may have been expecting results too quickly, and not allowing for the fact that the detox symptoms will keep coming and going for quite a while. I have also now realised that the detox symptoms in most cases are probably not hugely dramatic, at least not most of the time, just nagging little feelings of unwell. Although specific substances like caffeine [and sugar/ processed carbs] can of course cause quite severe symptoms when its use is discontinued.

2pm: Fruit salad: 12 strawberries and a handful of red grapes.

2.40pm: 3/4 cup of green tea
4pm: cup of green tea

Green juice: 1/2 lollo rosso lettuce, 1/2 cucumber, three large stalks of celery with leaves, big piece of ginger.
Watermelon juice: 1/4 of a small (20cm diameter) watermelon.

I got a slight cough after drinking the juices.
I also feel very slight nausea now sometime after drinking the juices. I think it is the combination of green tea and strong green juice on a fairly empty belly... I will eat a salad soon with a little bit heavier dressing, that will help.

Snack: half a banana.

Salad: green lettuce, piece of cucumber, one apple grated, pickled jalapeno pepper slices, 1/3 cup of fig and balsamic dressing (figs, olive oil, green chilli), 1/3 cup of sun-dried tomato dressing (tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, olive oil, basil, salt, lemon).

Got a cough again after eating the salad.

Went to bed: 10pm, reading, fell asleep about 11pm.

Total caffeine intake today: 1 + 3/4 cups of green tea (phasing out).
Exercise: 15 minutes running

[Later addition, macronutrient ratio: 61/8/61

1650 kcal in total (slightly too little)

58g fat = 522 kcal = 32%
31g protein = 124 kcal = 8%
251g carbs = 1004 kcal = 61%

Too little protein, otherwise a good balance of macronutrients.]

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Day 6 - 2013 Raw Food Diary - Sunday

Woke up at 11am, slept about 12 hours.

Juice of one lemon in live spring water.

12 noon, breakfast salad:
Green lettuce, four cherry tomatoes, a piece of cucumber, can of tuna in brine (salt water), hemp oil, vinegar, pink Himalayan salt, black pepper.
Supplements: thyroid glandular, B-vitamin complex, selenium, boron, zinc, 2x C-vitamin with bioflavonoids.

I decided to try eating tuna with my salad, to get additional protein easily. I will see tomorrow if it affects my energy levels. But I got a much worse cough than usual straight after eating the salad, so I don't think it was a good idea. The tuna tasted pretty rough anyway, since I wasn't using the one in oil. It seems that canned tuna is only edible when you mix it with oil and/or other sauces and spices. I think I've gone off it now.

[I later found out I had a food intolerance to at least one tuna brand: John West.]

Going running in the sunshine. (...)
Did three laps around the small park this time, the last one partly walking. Stretching, shower, and then out to the park to get some sun on my skin!

Spirulina smoothie:
one banana
half a pineapple cubed
2 dried dates
1 tbsp spirulina
1 teasp liquorice powder (although 1/2 teasp would have been better)
1/2 teasp Fo-ti root (He Shou Wu)
1 teasp burdock root powder
1 heaped tbsp chia seeds
2 tbsp crushed almonds
live spring water

This smoothie was surprisingly nice! Drank it at 1.45pm. The taste of other herbs and the sweetness covered up the spirulina flavour quite well. And the main benefit is also that the spirulina doesn't become clumpy like it does when mixing it straight with water... yuk, disgusting. So this is the way to eat spirulina, from now on, in a smoothie!

In addition, burdock root adds iron, chia seeds additional protein, and liquorice is good to strengthen the adrenal glands (but only in moderation).

So I went to the park for an hour to sit in the sun, and then headed to the Inspiral Lounge Cafe in Camden, which serves raw and vegan food. The place is good, though a bit scruffy, as it is part of the crazily busy Camden Market, by the lock. The food is nothing to shout about but you can get smoothies, special teas, such as reishi mushroom, Cordyceps mushroom and other medicinal mushroom teas. You can also get freshly pressed juices - and you can take people with you as they serve coffee, vegan hot food, salads and alcoholic beverages as well. If you go through the building you can sit outside by the canal and in the evenings there are DJ's and live acts. So the atmosphere is quite nice, though be prepared for hippified attitude and certain amount of crowdedness and scruffiness, London-style.

I had a raw vegan cheeze and tomato pie with live kombucha (fermented probiotic drink), a green tea and raw chocolate cake. The food wasn't amazing though, the pie didn't taste very good and although the chocolate cake looked good, it tasted quite strongly of coconut oil and was too rich to finish the whole piece. Nothing like the amazing food in good raw food restaurants like SAF [now closed] in London or Cafe Gratitude in California.

But what is also nice about the place, on the other hand, is that you can buy teas, many different types of raw crackers and kale crisps, and also raw pesto, etc., and the prices are not that high.

Anyway, then I walked with a friend around the market and had another green tea outside, and also got some frozen berry purees, superfoods and bee pollen from the Wholefoods at Parkway.

Now it's 9.45pm and I'm tempted to drink another green tea or have a beer - as usual in the evening (!) I feel like a cold coming on, though, with some throat ache, a slight a headache, and red eyes. I've been coughing a bit all day too. I don't know if it is because the green teas I drank outside were too strong (they were super-strong).

Went to bed 00:30am

Total caffeine intake today: 2 cups of green tea.
Exercise: 15 minutes running

[Later addition, macronutrient ratio (based on estimated ingredients of the caf food): 29/12/59

2525 kcal in total (too much)

165g fat = 1485 kcal = 59%
74g protein = 296 kcal = 12%
186g carbs = 744 kcal = 29%

Too much fat and more than enough protein; way too little carbs.]

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Day 7 - 2013 Raw Food Diary - Monday - One Week Raw Food Diet

Woke up at 11.45am after about 11 hours' sleep, drank some live spring water and went for a run in the park. Ran a bit longer distance than usual and kept running all the way, two laps, no walking. For me this is quite an achievement, although it is not a long run. Total running time was between 15-20 minutes. Nice sunny weather for running, too.

Had the same spirulina smoothie for breakfast/ lunch as yesterday (at 1.15pm), except less liquorice, only 1/2 teaspoon, no almonds, added Siberian ginseng powder, 1/2 teaspoon, 1 tbsp pumpkin seeds, and added bee pollen, 1 tbsp. Siberian ginseng is also a herb that supports the adrenal glands [not Panax ginseng, too strong].
Also took one thyroid glandular.
Juice: 6 black grapes, 1/2 bunch of mint, 1 long stalk of celery with leaves, 1/8 of a small watermelon with skin, little parsley, some pineapple. A very tasty, refreshing juice!

Still don't understand why I need so much sleep. But I think it's best to just let myself sleep as much as I naturally feel like I need to. It just feels like such a waste of good holiday time! But it is very likely that it is related to detox or just body resting after lots of work. The grounding sheets might make me sleep deeper too, and perhaps there is some catching up to do from over the years. On the other hand, it could be that I am missing a vital nutrient and lacking energy because of that. For now, I will just keep going with the diet while continuing the research on how to make it better and better. I am also starting to monitor my nutrients using an online nutrient calculator, which might help to figure out some deficiencies.

I woke up very thirsty this morning, so maybe last night's red eyes and cold symptoms were partly to do with dehydration - since I just drank green teas and not much else after three o'clock all day.

2pm: Regardless of sleeping a lot, I must say that I do feel my energies during the day are getting better. The running helps a lot, as does the clean diet. Now I feel quite energetic and upbeat even though I haven't had a green tea yet. Still gonna drink one now to avoid a headache later.

3pm: green tea (loose leaf)
4pm: second green tea. The loose leaf tea is a lot weaker than very dry and pulverised bag tea...

4.40pm: Two dates.
6.20pm: One avocado with a tbsp of olive oil drizzled on top and 1 teasp salt. Juice of three oranges. One thyroid glandular supplement.

I started feeling very irritable suddenly. I didn't take it out on anything or anyone but I just felt really angry inside, for no real reason. This could be emotional detox or just the fact that I was hungry. After I ate the avocado I immediately felt better and then the little left-over stressed out feeling lifted slowly.

[Update: Letting myself go without food for too long, as well as eating sugary foods, and caffeine, will all cause low blood sugar symptoms in me and, thus, among other things, irritability.]

7pm: Feel ok, slightly anxious/ irritable. I think I need to take tonight easy and not push myself to do anything useful.

7.30pm: Smoothie: 1 cup of mixed frozen berries (cherries, blackberries, raspberries), 4 tbsp goji berries, 1 tbsp maca powder, an apple, 2 tbsp sea-buckthorn berry powder, 1 tbsp bee pollen, 1 teasp poppy seeds, 1 tbsp chia seeds, 1 tbsp almonds, live spring water.
One green tea.

I got a cough again after drinking the smoothie. I think when the smoothie is cold my throat may react worse than usual.

Nutritional Calculation

I have just calculated the nutritional values of what I ate today. I started using quite a detailed system called Nutri-Flow. Unfortunately this system is only available in Finnish at the moment, but there are probably other websites providing a similar service in English.

The feedback so far is quite useful, although the recommendations are based pretty much on the standard food triangle, which is currently hotly debated. Anyway, I use the analysis on what I ate and make my own mind up about the recommendations.

The other problem is that not all the food ingredients I use are listed on the Nutri-Flow system, especially not most of the superfoods and Chinese herbs.

Calories: 1249 kcal (out of the recommended 2091 kcal)
Fat: 51.7g = 465 kcal = 37%
Protein: 19.1g = 76 kcal = 6%
Carbohydrate: 176.9g = 708 kcal = 57%

So I seem to get way too few calories but I feel completely full now. Of course some calorie sources were not calculated, such as chia seeds, maca, black berries, pumpkin seeds, bee pollen, etc., so in reality I'm not as far off (and considering I slept through all morning as well...).

My ratio of macronutrients today was 57/6/37 (carb kcal %/ protein kcal %/ fat kcal %)

By comparison:
Fruitarian (Dr. Douglas Graham) recommendation is 80/10/10. [Too much sugar.]
David Wolfe recommends starting with 33/33/33 and adjusting according to how you feel.
Nutri-Flow recommends between 56/12/31 for my age and weight.
Dr Mercola recommends 37/30/33.
Dr. Fuhrman says we should not worry too much about macronutrients, as long as we keep our fat consumption between 10 and 25%. He focuses on the importance of MICROnutrients instead, and not eating too many calories.

In any case, the end result seems to be that I get too little protein. Although Dr. Fuhrman would disagree, it seems according to all the other recommendations I get too little (although the calculation did not allow for chia seeds and bee pollen, so I might actually be ok).

Also, Nutri-flow highlights that today I got:
- too few omega 3s
- too few essential fatty acids
- too little B12, selenium, D-vitamin, calcium, zinc and phosphorous

To correct that, I will take my B12, selenium and zinc supplements as usual. I think green vegetables have a lot of calcium so I'm not too worried about that. I just didn't have a green juice today.

Vitamin D I get from the sun, though probably not enough. To supplement this from foods, it seems I should eat more: sun-dried Shiitake mushrooms, mackerel, salmon, herring, sardines, tuna, cod liver oil and eggs. I had tuna and eggs recently, so am not worried right now. But vitamin D is very important (it is a hormone, not a vitamin), so I will have to remember to make sure I get enough if I remain on a near-vegan raw food diet for a long time. Until now I have just thought that trying to be outdoors on sunny days and using the sunbed in moderation during winter would be enough. But it is probably not... But then I was eating a lot of sushi last year, fish as well, and eggs... Hmmm...

Some of the top sources for phosphorous are: rice bran, oat bran, pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, tahini, Brazil nuts, pine nuts and flax seeds. And I did eat pumpkin seeds today (not included in calculation) so I should be fine. I eat many of the other foods on this list regularly too.

The biggest worry should probably be omega 3s and essential fatty acids. When I get back to eating flax seeds, will this be enough? (I ran out of them temporarily.) Quick research seems to suggest that flax seeds may be enough. There are different types of essential fatty acids, i.e.: 1) ALA's, which can be derived from: green vegetables (Brussels sprouts, kale, spinach, lettuce) and can at least partly be converted to 2) EPA and 3) DHA by the body - the other two types of essential fatty acids. EPA and DHA can also directly be obtained from fatty fish. My problem with fish oil supplements, however, is that the oil is quite likely to be processed and potentially rancid. So I'd rather avoid those. I think, for now, I will rely on flax seeds and see how the nutrient calculation comes out in the next few days/ weeks and also see what my next live blood analysis picture looks like.

Apparently there are more vegan sources of Omega 3s (ALAs) as well, these are: chia seeds, walnuts, Brazil nuts, hazelnuts, pecans, sesame seeds, tahini, hummus...

But I also need to learn to get enough zinc, calcium and selenium from the food, instead of taking supplements (vit B12 I will worry about later as it is a little trickier).
Zinc foods = pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds, cocoa powder, peanuts, salmon, shrimp, sesame seeds, chickpeas, egg yolks, mushrooms, spinach, kidney beans [cannot be eaten raw, very toxic], brown rice, flax seeds, beef...
Selenium foods = Brazil nuts, shellfish, tuna, halibut, anchovies, sunflower seeds, shrimp, lentils, cashew nuts, mushrooms...
Calcium foods = camu camu berry, carob, cashew nuts, chia seeds, amaranth, celery seeds, thyme, savoury (a herb), dill, marjoram, rosemary, sage, oregano, poppy seed, basil, sesame seeds, tofu, almonds, flax seeds, dark leafy greens, turnip greens, dandelion greens, kale, mustard greens, collard greens, Brazil nuts (I refuse to list dairy products here!)...

9.15pm: I feel ok now but my belly still feels too full! Sun is only setting now and it is a beautiful summer evening, with people playing summery music outside.

I have some phlegm (mucus) in my throat again - I wonder if it is from eating the nuts and seeds?

Going to be at 1am.

Total caffeine intake today: 3 cups of weak green tea.
Exercise: 20 minutes running

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Day 8 - Cheat Day

Tuesday 28th May, 2013

Today ended up being a cheat day.

I made the mistake of letting myself get hungry. I thought I would take a day off the running, because it was raining again outside and because I had to get on with doing job applications. So I just had a green juice (lettuce, celery, parsley, lime) for breakfast and a handful of walnut and about six dates.

Mistake #2: I let myself run out of fruit and veg. So a combination of postponing going to shop so as to get on with work instead and letting myself get hungry, was what made me fall of the diet.

Then I drank three green teas while working on the computer.

That set me up for a disaster because the green tea in an almost empty belly made me not feel the hunger until it was too late, but it effected me quite strongly, giving me a slight headache and a feeling in the stomach that I needed something heavy to eat. And before I knew it, it was four o'clock and I was feeling weak, not having eaten almost anything all day.

I should design some kind of a fall-back plan for situations when this happens: i.e. have some 'fast food' in the cupboard that I could eat, which would still keep me on the diet.

What would be better though, would be to always dedicate myself to do my exercise and go shopping for food every morning, before doing anything else. Ideally I would even do this on work days.
On the other hand, having a fairly hearty (raw) breakfast and staying away from teas would probably serve me best. So for tomorrow morning I am soaking some oat groats to have raw oat porridge.

So while I was drinking green teas and getting hungry, my boyfriend was making fish and prawn pie in the oven so I couldn't resist but had a plateful of that (ingredients: salmon, prawns, mash potato, cauliflower, tomato, a little buttermilk, salt pepper, spices).

Then I had a tub of Onken strawberry yoghurt (has sugar in it), a large biscuit, some organic pasteurized apple and cranberry juice, and two beers.

I will return to the diet tomorrow.

Went to bed at 10.30pm.

Total caffeine intake today: 3 cups of green tea (weak green tea)
Exercise: none.

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Day 9 - Cheat Day - One Week Raw Food Challenge

Wednesday 29th May

Ok, back on track [or so I thought]. Woke up at 10am and went for a run in the park, same as on Sunday, 20 minutes running on grass and pavement, no walking. Running felt easier today than last time, perhaps because I had some seafood protein yesterday?

Weight: has gone back to 60kg straight away after eating potatoes and drinking beer yesterday.

Raw porridge: 1 cup (before soaking) of oat groats mashed with 3 dates, and strawberry puree from frozen on top, with half a banana sliced.
One glass of pasteurized organic apple and cranberry juice.
Live water, thyroid glandular.

Feel quite mucussy today because of the dairy yesterday...

Snack: Green tea, half a banana.

Lunch: Smoothie: banana, 1.5 cups frozen raspberries, 1 tbsp chia seeds, 3 tbsp goji berries, 2 tbsp brown flax seeds, 2 teasp poppy seeds, live water, 1 tbsp maca powder.
Thyroid glandular.

Dinner: Courgette raw food 'pasta' with sun-dried tomato marinara, ingredients: angel-hair courgette shapes; sauce: cherry tomatoes (600ml), 6 sun-dried tomato halves, 3/4 juice of lemon, 1.5 green chillies, 3 dates, oregano, Jordanian thyme, 1/4 cup of olive oil, salt.

8pm: Just had another green tea, feeling tired again despite the tea.
Another thyroid glandular (third).

9pm: Protein smoothie:
Banana, 1 tbsp of spirulina, 1 teasp hemp protein powder, 1/2 teasp liquorice root powder, 1 teasp burdock root powder, 1/2 teasp Siberian ginseng powder, 1 teasp Fo-ti, live spring water.

In the evening: three glasses of 'spritzer': half white wine, half sparkling water.
Live spring water.

I got tempted to drink wine because it stimulates my mind and helps me focus. It also wakes me up. At the same time I am doubting this diet because of the protein deficiency problem.

Later Update: I'm fooling myself quite a bit here. I was correct to doubt the diet but protein was not the primary problem. During this diet I clearly had a big stimulant problem: I kept having caffeine, sugar and, in the end, alcohol. These constant stimulants would not allow my body to heal and have energy. I also would have needed to overcome these stimulant-addictions to feel healthy and balanced, and to be able to stick to the diet!

I think there may be two reasons why my energy levels don't reach high levels: one is sluggish thyroid and/or adrenal glands, which I am addressing through the glandulars. The second may be protein deficiency. I wonder if I should include animal protein in my diet for a while (non raw) as the two nutritionists recommended. It seems a little difficult to get all the protein from raw vegan foods and to take large doses of the same powder every day doesn't seem ideal. I am considering moving back to the 50/50 raw/ cooked plan and have the diet perfect in every other way, just not 100% raw. I could then return to the raw trials once I tested whether this approach got my energies up.

Total caffeine intake today: 2 cups of weak green tea
Exercise: 20 minutes running.

Day 10 - 2013 Raw Food Diary - Wednesday 30th May

Woke up at 10.30am. Already regretting the alcohol yesterday. Although it wasn't much, it affects my mind and makes me feel a little down. I feel dehydrated, also.

Breakfast Smoothie: Banana, cup of frozen mixed berries, 1 tbsp bee pollen, 1 tbsp goji berries, live water, 1 tbsp chia seeds, 1 tbsp sea buckthorn berry powder, 1 teasp poppy seeds,

Juice (300ml): watermelon with the green rind, pear, lettuce, ginger (very nice juice!).

I think I have a 'brain allergy' or sensitivity to alcohol, especially wine. It may be some specific chemicals in it. I get so easily so badly affected by it.

Went for a run, 20 minutes like yesterday, did some stretching and arm, back and stomach exercises afterwards. Felt a lot better after exercise.

I decided to give up this diet again, so soon. I feel that I have to strengthen my body more before cleansing with raw foods. I will continue to eat approximately 50% raw but add a variety of protein sources, i.e. some organic red beef, fish and seafood, tofu, lentils and beans, all cooked. Once I am confident that my protein deficiency is gone, I will gradually return to raw foods and near veganism.

I also find that the diet change is too sudden, and I find it hard to enjoy eating this way.

In addition, I start feeling anxious after few days on the raw food diet. On Monday - Day 7 - I started feeling increasingly vulnerable in my mind, anxious, a bit stressed out, not so happy, and irritable. This might be emotional release but it might just been too sudden. I would rather 'clean' my emotions slower. I want to enjoy this summer holiday, not feel physically tired and mentally vulnerable.

I don't doubt the power of raw foods, as I have in the past got some pretty amazing results with it. But the emotional symptoms were still there at those times as well. So if I am to succeed on raw foods long term, I think I have to not run before I can walk. I will now stick to a healthy 50% raw food diet, with green juices and fruit, but also include protein sources, as listed above, cooked vegetables, very small quantities of high quality carbohydrates, lentil soup, etc. I will stay dairy free and seek to stay away from alcohol as much as possible. I will also be gluten free. Continuing on the exercise, I will run every day, hopefully increasing the running time every once in a while. I had one weak green today, so I am almost phased out by now.

I won't keep a diary now because I feel a little confused and I don't think it will make a very interesting diary. I will return here to report on any new realizations/ achievements on my nutritional journey, however, and eventually announce here my next raw food trial.

I know I will get to ultimate health eventually, I just need to take it gradually and slowly, if I am to make it a permanent lifestyle change.

Update - Carbohydrate Intolerance

Saturday 8th June, 2013

I have had some time to reflect on the diet. I have been trying to eat protein on most meals and at points feel that it is giving me more energy. I'm not sure though, I have to wait and see.

But I have now decided on a next test I want to make - as I think the weakness I keep experiencing in the mornings and sometimes during the day might be due to carbohydrate intolerance. I will thus try for two weeks to stay away from processed carbs and sugar as much as I can - even fruit juice! I will go to Finland on a holiday in 1.5 weeks so not sure how good I will be able to be during holidays, but even reducing carbs I should feel a difference.

To be clear: I don't think good quality carbohydrates are bad for you. But, I have a reason to believe I may be intolerant at least processed carbs, possibly even to good quality ones. If this is the case, then I should be able to bring my body into balance by refraining from carbs for a while. Eventually, I should be able to increase good quality carbohydrates and do juice fasts again, although if I really am carb intolerant, it is probably not the wisest thing to do.

These are the reasons why I have come up with these latest thoughts:

1) Both the live blood analyst and the hair mineral analyst half a year ago said that I was carbohydrate intolerant.
2) I keep feeling this weakness in my body almost regardless of the diet and also have many other carb intolerance symptoms, including becoming tense and irritable if I let myself get too hungry.
3) When I tested my blood sugar levels during the juice fast and the raw food diet, I had no blood sugar spikes. All normal levels. Thus I didn't think that I had any problem with insulin or blood-sugar related issues. But now I am finding out that your blood sugar may not spike at all while you still get the symptoms of insulin and blood sugar imbalance. So measuring the blood sugar doesn't necessarily prove that there is not a problem. That's why, I think the only way to find out if I really do have this, is to try a low-carb diet out for a while.
4) I remember feeling good on the McCombs Diet many years ago, which cut out all sugar. I also got lasting weight loss and other benefits on that diet. I generally felt very good. I was still eating fruits (but not fruit juices) on that diet, however, which I may include this time too.

Depending on how this experiment pans out, I will decide on the next step in my diet. Is it possible to eat low carb and return to raw foods? I don't know. This may be another underlying problem I have to address first. But I will keep to my green juices and salads in any case, and learn raw food soup recipes. And keep making smoothies with Chinese herbs. In any case, I will write an update on my findings here soon.

One positive thing to report on, however, is that I have naturally started waking up earlier now, today I woke up at 8am. I think it has to do with the thyroid glandular but possibly the higher protein intake as well. But I am so happy that my morning fatigue is lifting! I also improved my sleeping environment so that I get a more restful sleep, which is an important contributor I'm sure.

Update - Green Juice Fast Starting

Saturday 9th June, 2013

Today I decided to start a green juice fast!

The problem with eating meat and not having clear rules is that it quickly deteriorates into 'anything-goes-diet'. I think for me - personally - it is better to start the diet strict and then add one food item or food group at a time to the allowed foods list.

Anyway, the green juice fast is an interesting one since I can combine enough protein and eating low carbohydrate easily into the juice fast.

So am having mostly green juices but also will take some supplements, perhaps additional protein in the form of bee pollen, sprouts, chia seeds, etc, as well as oils and flax seeds for Omega 3s. I will mix or blend these into the juice after pressing the juice with my low-speed Omega Juicer at home.

This will be an all-live juice fast. Read the diary here:
Live Green Juice Fast - Part Three of the 2013 Raw Food Diet

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