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I am writing this on a Saturday, feeling hangover and tired. I am really looking forward to feeling good and balanced again on this high raw diet! I have gained some weight again and weigh 60kg (132 pounds, 9.4 stones), now. My ideal weight is about 55kg (121 lbs, 8.7 stones). Today especially my face is looking quite puffy because of the alcohol last night and I have a slight headache. My belly is too fat and bloated again and my chin is looking fat too!

In eight weeks I have a 2-3 month sabbatical from work and I want to be feeling well and healthy by that time. I also want to get fit for the summer! During the (hopefully) three months I will be able to write many more articles for this website and I'm really looking forward to sharing a lot of the information I have learned, especially in the form of book summaries but other articles too.

In these diary notes I will try to not explain the same things twice, so to understand the reasons for doing certain things, it is best if you read the diary in time order and also read the introductory article: 2013 Raw Food Diet. However, if something needs clarifying or if you have suggestions, you can contact me via the contact form, in Facebook, or write a comment at the end of this page.

If you're a raw foodist, get in touch! I would love to hear about your experiences.

If you're thinking of transitioning into raw foods, or have health challenges, feel free to ask questions.

Day 1 - High Raw Diet

Monday, 25th March 2013

First day on the raw food diet and I'm feeling very happy about it! The workday went quickly, and I had no problem with not drinking teas as I drank sparkling water instead. I eventually ran out of sparkling water though and had to drink some tap water as well.

I naturally woke up at 4am and wasn't sleepy. I fell back asleep for maybe 15 minutes before my alarm clock rang at 6am and then kept sleeping and snoozing the alarm until 6.30m. I still had plenty of time, however, so I did the trauma release exercises and made vegetable pate from soaked nuts and seeds, a green smoothie for breakfast, and a huge salad for lunch. I ended up being a bit late for work in the end. I currently cycle 2x 30mins (to work and back) every day.

1 heaped teaspoon (tsp) of Vitamineral Greens powder* and 1 heaped tsp of hemp protein powder mixed in a glass of water.
Smoothie: From frozen: chopped lettuce, broccoli and celery (I froze these as I had too many instead of throwing away before going on holiday), tap water, maca powder, 1/2 lemon, 1 apple, turmeric. This was a bit of a rushed smoothie and didn't taste very nice!

Vitamineral Greens:
* HealthForce Nutritionals' Vitamineral Greens (VMG), ingredients: nettle leaf, carob pod, alfafa grass, dandelion leaf, barley grass, oat grass, horsetail/ shavegrass, ginger root, barley grass, parsley leaf, wheat grass, american basil, chickweed, holy basil/ tulsi, moringa leaf, yacon leaf, shilajit, spirulina, chlorella, kelp, lavar, dulse, bladderwrack, alaria, nori, (enzymes:) protease, amylase, lipase, cellulase, bromelain, papain, alpha, calactosidase, probiotics. Organic, wildcrafted, truganic. Truganic supposedly means beyond organic quality but it has TM trademark symbol behind it so I'm suspicious. Vitamineral Greens seems to be a brilliant product, however.

11am snack: Raw chocolate mousse from yesterday, made from raw cacao beans, avocado, maple syrup (not raw), cashew nuts etc. Yummy, satisfying and filling.

12 noon: 2 heaped tsp of zeolite clay mixed in with sparkling water - it made a huge fizz and completely cancelled out the bubbles in the water! It made fizzy water into still water in no time. Strange. I am drinking this clay (made by HealthForce Nutritionals) because it is meant to pull out (chelate) heavy metals and radiation from the body.

Salad with plenty of green lettuce, purple grapes, a little hummus (not raw), chillied olives (probably not raw), one grated apple, some vegetable pate (not very nice), etc.

Is Raw Food Difficult to Digest?
The salad felt like it was hard to digest - I could feel it sitting in my belly quite long after. I also got very thirsty after eating it - I keep having this problem with large lunch salads, still not sure why this happens. I assume it is digestion related. Could it be true what they say that raw food is difficult to digest? And if so, how do I strengthen my digestion (also called 'digestive fire')?

Victoria Boutenko says you can improve your digestive strength by drinking green smoothies, whereas Tonya Zavasta says fasting will achieve a slower, and thus more efficient metabolism, with the effect that nutrients from food can be better assimilated. In other words this means stronger digestion.

I left out afternoon snacks because I didn't feel like eating the vegetable pate. It really wasn't very nice.

Glass of smoothie left over from the morning.
One cooked sweet potato with raw toppings: salsa (cherry tomatoes, onion, coriander a.k.a. cilantro, chilli, lemon juice, salt, black pepper) and cashew nut cream from frozen, made from coconut oil, vanilla, cashew nuts, maple syrup (I used Viridian coconut oil which seems to work because it has a very mild taste compared to other supposedly raw coconut oils I have tried to use. I can only conclude that the other coconut oils must be rancid because they have such a strong smell and taste.)

The dinner was amazingly tasty! The nut cream melted like butter on the warm potatoes and the combined flavours of sweet potato, spicy salsa and the sweet cashew cream worked together amazingly! A brilliant dish and all invented on an impulse. The cashew and coconut cream tasted better on the potatoes than real butter! I used quite a bit of pink himalayan salt on the potatoes which made it nice too.

Supplements I'm currently taking: C-vitamin, B vitamin complex, zinc, omega 3, selenium, boron, digestive enzymes. I also took a double dose of Floravital iron supplement today because of just coming off my period. Some of the supplements I take out of their capsules and empty into my smoothies etc.

Bed time, 10.20pm...

Day 2 - High Raw Diet

Tuesday, 26th March 2013

1 tbsp of each: Vitamineral Greens + hemp protein powder in water
Juice of one lemon in water ("lemon juice")
Smoothie, similar to yesterday's but with linseeds as well (flax seeds)

AM snack: banana, JustJuice pineapple juice

Little bit of cooked yam, with raw salsa and raw cashew cream toppings
Green salad with marinated mushrooms and onions, red pepper, cold pressed hemp oil. All raw.
Both of the dishes had plenty of fresh chilli in them...

PM: Didn't have any snacks because I ran out of cash and couldn't get my card to work. I was feeling quite hungry all afternoon, drinking only tap water. Stayed late at work.

Zeolite Clay Heavy Metal Detox
Drank some HealthForce Nutritionals' ZeoForce zeolites clay in the afternoon...
It is meant to detoxify heavy metals, some chemicals and radiation out of the body. According to the company, zeolites are alkaline and negatively charged, thus attracting positively charged toxins to itself and chelating them out of the body.
David Wolfe also highly recommends zeolites in his Longevity Now programme.

9pm: at home, drank a glass of leftover smoothie from the morning, took supplements.

No dinner, but made a fresh coriander, spinach and lemon juice.

The thyroid glandular supplements arrived today, the previous bottle got lost in the post. I'm glad to get back on these supplements after some three weeks' pause, as before they seemed to give me plenty of energy and make me feel calmer.

Went to sleep at 11pm.

Day 3 - High Raw Diet

Wednesday, 27th March 2013

Felt tired this morning...

Smoothie, similar to yesterday's.
Vitamineral Greens (VMG) and hemp protein powder.

Morning snack:
Sparkling water, pineapple.

Amazing raw cashew nut salad dressing
The salad I had for lunch was really amazing! So tasty because of the cashew nut dressing. I soaked some cashew nuts yesterday but was rushing this morning, so instead of looking for a recipe I just quickly threw together the soaked organic cashew nuts, lemon juice, little bit of Bragg's liquid amino acids (not raw), hemp oil, olive oil, Himalayan crystal salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper and tap water. It tasted so good with the salad - quite sweet and very creamy.

With the dressing, I had a green salad with cherry tomatoes, grated apple, pineapple slices, fresh basil, small pieces of dates and hummus (not raw).

By the way, in this diary everything I ate is raw unless otherwise labelled.

Afternoon snack: an apple.

I got a slight headache at 5pm but it quickly went away. Perhaps a detox symptom?

No noticeable difference yet from taking the thyroid glandular supplements.

Fresh green juice, made of plenty of spinach, celery and pumpkin, as well as some ginger, and leftover green cabbage, stalk of broccoli, lettuce and courgette (zucchini).

Can micronutrients make up for calories?
Even after the juice full of micronutrients I still feel like I really need some calories. I really can't be asked to make a proper dish now, however, so I will just walk to the shop and get some pineapple juice. That should take my hunger away. [Later note: I didn't go to the shop and I actually started feeling quite full after about one hour.]

Dr. Robert Morse
Was listening to Dr. Robert Morse on YouTube while working - he has very interesting things to say about the raw food diet and healing through natural foods. He used to be a strict fruitarian for many years and now eats a 80% raw diet with an emphasis on a lot of fruit. He says that fruits are the most cleansing foods, but they have to be as fresh as possible.

Detox fatigue starting: I should have had more snacks with me to work today, been quite hungry. I was also quite demotivated at work, which is a sign of concentration problems. I am also surprised that I was so tired this morning, as just before starting this diet I started waking up early quite easily. Is this because of detox or am I missing something - like animal protein - in my diet? I was protein and omega 3 deficient based on the live blood analysis three months ago but I've been eating powdered green superfoods for this reason and taking omega 3 supplements. Very important for me to try and remember to get enough proteins, though. Today I got some from the cashew nuts at lunch as well.

Robert Morse says, however, that we actually need amino acids, not proteins. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. But now I'm confused what the difference is apart from that because many websites say that meat has amino acids whereas Dr. Morse says that meat is protein and thus harmful, whereas amino acids are more useful for us and can be obtained, for example, from vegetables.

Grounding/ Earthing
Perhaps the most interesting thing I've been learning about recently has been grounding (also called earthing), and how it allows you to attract negative ions from the earth to yourself. The earth has an endless supply of negatively charged particles, which are essential to our health, explains the inventor of grounding: Clint Ober... Positive ions are caused by computers, air conditioning, pollution, etc. and also antioxidants in food are characterized by a negative charge. So, according to Dr. Mercola, electron deficiency syndrome is a result of us being disconnected and insulated off the surface of the earth. Grounding mats fix this, and allow our bodies to efficiently fight all types of inflammation and pain, as well as sleep better and have more energy. You can see Dr. Mercola's interviews with Clint Ober on YouTube for more information.

Went to bed 11pm. Full Moon.

Day 4 - High Raw Diet Testimonial

Thursday, 28th March 2013

Beautiful sunny weather this morning.

I woke up at 4.50am naturally and didn't feel sleepy any more. (The sun rises at 5.40am in London at the moment.) However, although my mind felt energetic, my body felt a little tired, so I lay in bed until my alarm clock rang at 6am and meditated, and did 'I love you' mantra, which works nicely if any negative feelings come up in the meditation. This is the Hawaiian ho'oponopono method. Sounds mad but it is a surprisingly effective method.

Then I napped a bit and finally got out of bed at 6.30am.

I felt a craving for fruit juice and luckily my organic fruit delivery from Abel and Cole was waiting by the front door of my flat. So I immediately made a juice out of four mandarins and two apples. It tasted sooo gooood. Refreshing, nourishing, and quite filling.

Detox Symptoms
I am definitely detoxing. I think the tiredness may be linked to it but also, I've had strange (bad) tastes in my mouth last night and this morning, and my tongue feels coated. Yesterday morning when cycling to work I had the taste of blood in my mouth, and yesterday the back of my mouth (area behind the teeth on the right hand side, roughly where the throat connects to the ear) started hurting, feeling inflamed and, again, I had the taste of blood. This morning it is still hurting and now my ear and throat are starting to hurt too. It is almost like a gum infection but more at the back. I've been flushing my mouth with a mixture of salt water and tea tree oil, to clean and disinfect it.

Generally feeling quite tired and demotivated this morning.

Thyroid Glandular Supplements
Also, I am taking a glandular supplement from Analytical Research Labs called "Thyro-Complex". It has 900mcg iodine from Kelp (600% of RDA), 60mg raw thyroid concentrate, 30mg raw adrenal conc, 10mg raw pituitary conc, 10mg raw spleen conc, and 180mg kelp per capsule. All hormones have been taken out of the glands before making them into the supplement. It seems, however, that I may get puffy eyes from taking these, similar to hypothyroidism! This is very strange because if anything, the capsules should speed up thyroid function, not slow it down. I also get a strange feeling of energy from time to time, similar to caffeine, where your body can be tired but your mind is not sleepy.

I think it might be an overdose of iodine, since yesterday I took three capsules of thyrocomplex, making the iodine dose 1800% the recommended daily dose (RDA) - I hadn't taken note of this since the nutritionist said before that 4 capsules a day was fine. But I just found this in a forum on the net:

"Iodine definitely hurt me as well. Intense hypothyroidism, loss of body hair and scalp hair, intense fatigue.

"It definitely wasn't detox symptoms, Iodine was making me hypothyroid and I am still very sensitive to it even though my thyroid is usually fine these days. I don't think it's safe for everyone."

I will continue taking these for a couple of days but if my eyes keep going puffy or I get other symptoms of thyroid imbalance (whether overactive or underactive), such as fast heartbeat, I will stop taking them and change to Endo-Dren, which is an adrenal glandular, without the thyroid bit. They seemed to work well for me before and bring on quite a few benefits. You can read more about this at my hair mineral testing report. I found out that I suffer from adrenal insufficiency and the glandulars helped with that.

The glandulars sound horrible but many naturopaths and at least one extreme raw foodist (Dr. Robert Morse) support taking them for quick recovery of glands (though obviously following tests and as recommended by a naturopath). All the hormones have (supposedly) been removed from the glands so it is not hormone therapy, which can be quite harmful and shut down the gland activity.

I will try to do salt water and coffee enemas tonight, I think my body needs it, to ease detox.

Lymphatic Cleansing
I am also very interested in the importance of moving the lymph while detoxing, as Dr. Robert Morse talks about it. He says it is easy to clean the blood but lymph is a lot harder to clean. He thinks it is one of the most important things to pay attention to when attempting to cleanse and detox. I haven't quite got to what he recommends for cleansing the lymph yet, apart from eating plenty of freshly picked fruit (or as fresh as possible) and exercising. I know he also sells his herbal tinctures and the "Lymphatic System I" herbal tincture includes: Chaparral Leaf, Poke Root, Platain Herb, Echinacea Angustifolia Root, Red Root, White Oak Bark, Prickly Ash Bark. I have never heard of any of these herbs but there are also Lymphatic System II, III, IV. He sells them online at 'Dr Morse's Herbal Health Club', also known as 'Nature's Botanical Pharmacy'.

AM snack at work:
A banana

Salad from Marks & Spencer, It had spinach, cherry tomatoes and cabbage in it. I had some hummus (not raw) with me from home so I added that as well as freshly squeezed lemon juice. I threw away the dressing that came with the salad as it was made of bad quality oil and was probably full of sugar as well. I am committed to eating non-rancid cold pressed oils during this diet as much as possible and avoiding ones that are not stored in dark bottles or are otherwise suspect.
Fresh lemon squeezed in tap water.

PM snacks:
Apple and mango juice (pasteurized, not raw)
Berry smoothie (pasteurized, not raw)

Just had a small plate of cooked red (wild) rice for dinner, together with Bragg's amino acids (not raw), soya sauce (not raw), pink Himalayan salt, black pepper, cherry tomatoes, dates, together with a carton of apple and rhubarb juice.

Definitely detoxing now, feeling tired and had a bad taste in my mouth, headache in the afternoon and the work day went very slow. But at least I have four days off work now to exercise, move the lymph, make juices, eat well and detox (Easter break).

Went to bed at 10pm.

Day 5 - High Raw

Friday, 29th March 2013

Woke up at 9am with the same strange feeling of my mind being completely awake but my body feeling very tired. I suspect this has to do with the thyroid glandulars. I couldn't sleep anymore, though, so I got up. I feel quite good this morning, just drank the rest of yesterday's apple and rhubarb juice and now I'm going to have the green powders, a banana, and some supplements. Then I will do a salt water enema and coffee enema, and trauma release exercises. Later, a smoothie with berries and some kind of nice salad with cashew nut dressing.

I ordered an earthing sheet, also called a grounding sheet, from Groundology.com. They claim to be the official resellers of Clint Ober's products. A half sheet, which wraps around part of your bed costs £110 and I also got a socket tester for £8, to make sure that the plug by our bed is properly grounded. Grounding is meant to help with all kinds of inflammation and pain, high blood pressure, arthritis, multiple sclerosis (MS), sleep disorders, and many other problems. It is also meant to undo the tiredness caused by what Dr. Mercola calls "electron deficiency syndrome" - the fact that our electrical selves get hurt by all the harmful frequencies of computers, electrical wiring, etc. Also, positively charged particles are created by pollution and air conditioning in the air, which further disrupt the healthy negative charge balance in our bodies. The ground offers an endless supply of negative charge and particles, to instantly bring our bodies in balance. This is also meant to help with jetlag and have an antioxidant effect in the body. These free electrons offer health benefits by fighting free radicals, which are negatively charged particles, in addition to rapidly correcting the unnatural charges caused in our bodies through wearing shoes, living above ground, asphalt, electrical wiring, etc.

You can listen to Clint Ober's book "Earthing" for free here: Groundology.co.uk/earthing/earthing-book

12 noon: took a salt water enema, and afterwards it made me feel really nice, like some weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Following up with a coffee enema for heavy metal detox and liver cleanse. A good way of getting gallstones and liver stones out. [Later note: I took two coffee enemas back-to-back.]

I haven't been very hungry this morning, been just drinking pink grapefruit juice and orange juice (both pasteurized) and I had half a banana.

Later I just kept drinking apple and elderflower juice (pasteurised, not raw), vitamineral greens and hemp protein, fresh lemon water, pink grapefruit juice, orange juice and eating a little bit of mustard sprouts.

7.30pm had my first big meal of the day, a salad like this:

raw food diet, cashew salad

Ingredients: Romaine lettuce, two plums, sugar snap peas, home-made cashew nut dressing as couple of days ago, pink Himalayan salt, Bragg's amino acids (not raw), black pepper, seabuckthorn berry powder, soya sauce (not raw), drizzle of maple syrup (not raw), broccoli sprouts.
On the side: Raw crackers by SAF with olive oil brushed on top and fried organic basil tofu. The tofu is not raw but I decided that I will allow myself to eat it instead of the complex carbs because it is a good source of protein - and I am on a mission to learn to eat more protein.

Chronic Cough
I got a cough again after eating this meal although I took two digestive enzymes with it (Udo's Choice). I think this is a left-over cough from when I was eating dairy and gluten (just before the start of this trial) which are difficult to digest. I have had this cough for a very long time (many years) and it always comes after eating. My latest diagnosis is that it is related to heart-burn, because apparently that is one of the most common reasons for a chronic cough. I have no other heart-burn symptoms but apparently that is quite typical as well. I did manage to finally cure the cough during my previous dairy and gluten free diet but then it came back. My plan now is to eat easy-to-digest food, take digestive enzymes, and stay away from gluten and dairy (as well as obviously processed foods etc.). I believe this will have a good chance of curing the cough.

I've been feeling quite energetic today and had no headache. It was a beautiful, sunny day as well. I hope I get my earthing sheet tomorrow, so that I can start the earthing trial!

Evening drink: Fresh spinach, lemon and ginger juice

Went to bed at about midnight.

Day 6 - High Raw Diet Diary

Saturday, 30th March 2013

Weight: Unchanged.

Ok, earthing sheet arrived today and I got some interesting feelings out of it straight away. I will start another post which will detail my experiences with the earthing/ grounding. But on the high raw diet front...

I ate very little this morning again, some banana, pasteurized fruit juices (apple & elderflower and pineapple), some SAF raw cracker on its own.

Sodium Deficiency:
I woke up at 9.30am and my body felt tired again. I drank some salt water which helped a little. Although generally it has been said that people eat too much salt, good quality natural salt is not as bad, such as sea salt or pink Himalayan salt (important also not to have any added anti-caking agents). Also, raw foodists tend to eat less salt, even to the point of reaching sodium deficiency. David Wolfe wrote somewhere that including celery in the raw food diet is important to ensure enough sodium in the diet.
There is also a bigger reason why I drink salt water every once in a while. It is because of the adrenal insufficiency (mild version of adrenal fatigue) I have. Dr. Wilson in the "Adrenal Fatigue: 21st Century Stress Syndrome" advices that the salt balance in the body is often disturbed with sluggish adrenal glands and drinking salt water may help. I have noticed that it seems to help with the muscular weakness I experience sometimes.

"Whenever your adrenals are down you're gonna feel neurological weakness all through - that's chronic fatigue."
- Dr. Robert Morse

Chronic Fatigue and Muscular Weakness
I think what I have been feeling in the last half a year has perhaps been chronic fatigue in terms of muscular weakness... and the salt water seems to be helping. As did the adrenal glandulars - not so sure of the thyroid glandulars, though.

Between the small breakfast and the small dinner I had:
Freshly made green juice out of: half a bunch of romaine lettuce, half a bunch of coriander (cilantro), 1/4 cucumber.
SAF raw cracker with a little basil tofu on top (not raw).
Hemp protein powder and Vitamineral Greens.
A banana.

Throat Infection
I coughed up some tonsil stone type stuff from my throat - I think this is a long term infection related to the throat ache I now have. It must have been dormant for a while since I had problems with tonsil stones before but not for a long time now. The cleansing diet must have brought the dormant infection/ problem to surface and it is being cleared up now. The bad taste in my mouth is definitely related to this. I felt a lot better after coughing this stuff up and cleaning my throat with tea tree and salt water but it is not completely cleared yet.

It is 6.20pm now and I'm feeling very tired. I just came back from a walk outside. Earlier I did the TRE exercises, took a bath, and brushed my skin and took a cold shower to move the lymph. Then I took a long nap on the new grounding sheets and afterwards found it difficult to wake up. Even the walk only helped for a little while. But also the TRE felt like a quite powerful release of tension today so perhaps all these different types of cleansing and balancing my body is going through are taking their toll and it demands more sleep and rest.

Innocent smoothie (not raw), ingredients: grapes, bananas, pomegranates, orange, blueberries, lemon, acai berries.
Juice of two pink grapefruits.
Three SAF raw crackers with hummus (not raw) and fresh red pepper.
Lemon water.

I started coughing as soon as I ate this although I took a digestive enzyme. Maybe the crackers are too hard to digest - probably the nuts and seeds they use were not soaked...

Sugar Balance
It is difficult to be a raw foodist without eating plenty of fruits. In fact, I don't think it is adviceable at all - unless you're able to maybe eat huge amounts of berries. But on the other hand, adrenal gland weakness often means impaired ability of the body to handle sugars. So I'm wondering whether I am harming myself by drinking lots of fruit juice. I will have to buy a blood sugar meter to monitor my blood sugar to find out. They are not expensive, for example the Accu-Check brand has some for £13...

Stimulating Foods
On the other hand, Dr. Robert Morse has a different but clear explanation on what I'm experiencing:

"...we tend to blame the fruit but I can tell you this: when you come off of stimulating foods and you go on raw - those with weak adrenal glands are gonna feel more tired even though you're eating foods that 1) the sugars are more dynamic and 2) the magnetic energy is way out there... [but] a lot of people feel terrible. A lot of my clients come and say "I gotta have a piece of meat for energy". What does that tell you? They have extreme adrenal weaknesses. Their nervous system is weak and they've been propping themselves up with epinephrine [adrenaline]. They've been giving them a shot of epinephrine but through the meat. And when you take the meat away there is no more epinephrine and the adrenals go [tired]. Your nervous system drops. Well, you gotta build it up, you gotta build your adrenals up."
- Dr. Robert Morse on You Tube (robertmorsend's channel)

This sounds about right although my stimulants previously weren't meat but white flour and other blood-sugar spiking simple carbs, etc. White flour and sugar are stimulants because they spike the blood sugar quickly, which, in turn, causes secretion of stress hormones by the adrenal glands. You experience this as short-lived boost of energy and stimulation of the brain, followed by a low. That's when people tend to reach for another stimulant: e.g. coffee or a piece of cake. This, in the long run, is extremely straining for the adrenal glands.

Anyway, now it is 9.30pm and I'm still feeling very tired. The throat ache is coming back and so is the bad taste in the mouth. I also feel like I have some temperature - general flu-type weakness. I think I need a good night's sleep. Hopefully I feel better tomorrow and I may have to take some more enemas to help with the detox. I should remember to drink a lot more water too.

Went to bed at 10pm and fell asleep quickly.

Day 7 - High Raw Diet Diary

Sunday, 31st March 2013

Woke up at 10.15am, after 11 hours of sleep! (Clocks went forward - to summertime - last night.) I don't know if this had to do with the grounding sheets or with detoxing but either way I must have needed the sleep. I slept very well and had lots of quite vivid dreams. And I feel well this morning. Not super-energetic but rested and all the cold symptoms are pretty much gone. Back of the throat still feels funny but not nearly as bad as yesterday.

I wonder if this throat clearing up has to do with the fact that I've stopped the constant drinking of hot teas.

Breakfast: Green juice: Bok choy (greens), celery, lemon, ginger, apple, pear.
Half a banana, supplements (as usual).

Three SAF raw crackers with hummus and red bell pepper
Hemp protein and vitamineral greens
Two mandarins

3pm Lunch:
One boiled sweet potato with raw cashew-coconut cream (dairy-free) and with salsa + avocado.
Glass of raspberry and apple juice (pasteurized and thus not raw).
Glass of tap water with pink Himalayan salt.

high raw recipe, sweet potato salsa, cashew nut butter

I've been gradually starting to feel weak again, the usual achiness in the muscles. Perhaps it is the lack of stimulants and adrenal fatigue Dr. Morse spoke of, or perhaps general detox symptoms - i.e. toxins moving out of the body. I will take a salt enema in the hope that I feel better afterwards, and if it works, I can conclude that the weakness is due to detox (enema speeds up the removal of toxins).

5pm: Well, the enema definitely helped - I feel normal again. Weakness gone, throatache a lot less. Still not 100% in terms of energy levels, slightly sleepy, but a lot better than I was. This concludes that at least to a large part the weakness/ tiredness and flu-like symptoms must be due to detox and toxins being flushed out of the body.

8.30pm: I think this time I'm on the right track with this diet. After the water enema I felt good and took two coffee enemas again. I drank plenty of tap water and some lemon water after the enemas to help the liver continue the detoxification. I think for now I can stop doing coffee enemas, however, because no more gall-/ liver stones seem to come out. I guess one stage of detoxifying my liver is complete!

The reason I think I'm on the right track is because my body is clearly detoxing, but not too harshly and I seem to be able to control the 'healing crisis' with enemas, rest and drinking a lot of water.

I am completely free of stimulants this time (apart from a little caffeine from raw chocolate nibs and some maple syrup as well as salt, which are not very harsh), which makes me happy. My natural energy levels are being restored by the glandulars strengthening my adrenal glands and thyroid. Additional strength may be due to the increased protein intake and omega 3 supplements. My eye whites are already starting to look more white and clear - something which has not happened previously. The grounding sheet seems to enable me to rest better and hopefully performs the way it's claimed to: reducing inflammation in my body, stimulating/ strengthening the parasympathetic nervous system and reducing stress from external electromagnetic frequencies. In addition being dairy and gluten free allows me to detoxify all the mucus from my body, and I am also overcoming my heart-burn -related cough by eating easy to digest food, taking digestive enzymes and probiotics, making fermented foods, soaking all the nuts an seeds as much as possible before eating and eliminating all harmful fats.

I am completely free of stimulants this time (apart from a little caffeine from raw chocolate nibs and some maple syrup as well as salt, which are not very harsh), which makes me happy. My natural energy levels are being restored by the glandulars strengthening my adrenal glands and thyroid. Additional strength may be due to the increased protein intake and omega 3 supplements. My eye whites are already starting to look more white and clear - something which has not happened previously. The grounding sheet seems to enable me to rest better and hopefully performs the way it's claimed to: reducing inflammation in my body, stimulating/ strengthening the parasympathetic nervous system and reducing stress from external electromagnetic frequencies. In addition being dairy and gluten free allows me to detoxify all the mucus from my body, and I am also overcoming my heart-burn -related cough by eating easy to digest food, taking digestive enzymes and probiotics, making fermented foods, soaking all the nuts an seeds as much as possible before eating and eliminating all harmful fats.

I have high hopes now for how this diet experiment will turn out!

11.30pm: Still feeling good. Just had some more water and raw chocolate mousse. This dessert was so much better than chocolate from a shop! I love it. Recommended for anyone, raw foodist or not, and is especially convenient as it is dairy and gluten free! This is healthy enough dish to have for breakfast. Chocolate for breakfast! What lovely decadence ;)

Heavenly Raw Food Dessert Recipe - Chocolate Mousse with Raspberries:

raw food dessert, chocolate mousse with raspberries

Makes two small portions

1/2 ripe banana
1/2 ripe plantain (plantain has to be black on the outside to be ripe)
1 avocado
3-4 dates
4 tbsp of maple syrup (or more, to taste)
5 tbsp of raw cocoa nibs
1/2 teasp of cinnamon
pinch of salt (or more, to taste)
1/2 - 1 teasp vanilla essence (or fresh vanilla seeds from the pod)
Fresh raspberries

1. Grind cocoa nibs to fine powder in a coffee grinder, mortar & pestle, or similar.
2. Process all ingredients together with a food processor except raspberries. I guess you could mash everything together by hand by cutting everything into small pieces first and then using a fork - but it would take longer time and you would probably have to pre-soak dates in that case to soften them. I use my new Omega Juicer's 'nut butter' function to slowly press everything into mousse. Blender will not work for such a thick mix.
3. Taste and add flavour if necessary, mix again.
4. Spoon on a plate, decorate with raspberries, sprinkle cinnamon and drizzle maple syrup on top.

Went to bed at 2am. Wasn't feeling tired at all. Maybe my energy levels are rising.

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