Live Blood Test Results

My blood test results from December 2012, as shown by the live blood cell analysis (a.k.a. dark field microscopy). This is a naturopathic assessment where you can view the quality/ health of your own blood on a computer screen. You literally see your cells floating in the blood plasma.

In my case it was quite a shocking experience, and others I have spoken to have felt the same! Expecting my blood to be quite healthy, minor problems was the most I thought I would face.

This post reflects the initial scare I got from the analysis and I later learned in an email exchange with my blood analyst that the blood picture can change quite quickly, even daily, depending on how stressed out you are, how well you've eaten, etc. Especially the acidity of blood can change quite quickly. Despite this she did say that in my case there were markers in the blood to show that the acidity was a longer-term problem.

My live blood test results also indicated a mold infection, the red blood cells were very clumped together (rouletting) indicating an acidic blood pH and the white blood cells, also, were in very weak shape and fuzzy-looking. In addition to this, manually breaking the red blood cell on the glass microscope slide revealed loads of (intracellular) bacteria that were released from inside the cell.

The dry blood test result was more healthy but some problems were indicated there, also. Below are the screen shots and a short explanation of what the related findings were.

Keep in mind that I have seen various allopathic doctors regarding different little health complaints over the years and they always reported my blood test results to show perfect health and couldn't find anything wrong with me! But those blood tests were quite superficial - looking for diseases in the body, rather than imbalances which could lead to disease.

This is how Katrin Hempel, the blood analyst I saw, explained it to me:

"... we did not find the actual mold in the blood, but the bigger whitish particles were what we call 'symplasts' - structures that indicate there is an aspergillus infection in the tissues."
live blood test results, yeast, aspergillus mold, live blood analysis
This image shows 'symplasts' of the mold aspergillus present in the blood (large white blobs). In addition, the red blood cells are sticking together, which shows acidity in blood (low blood pH).

Aspergillus mold, suspected to be present in my lung and/or sinus tissues, can cause lung infection. It seems, thus, that I have finally found the cause of my chronic cough. It is apparently not, after all, an allergy that causes the cough but a real infection.

[Later note: I later began to suspect that the cough was caused by acid reflux instead because acid reflux is apparently one of the most common causes of chronic cough. And it can apparently quite often not have any other symptoms. My lung x-ray taken after these blood test results came back clean, showing no infection. If anything, I have 'stealth infection' - a hidden one. Whether the cough is caused by acid reflux or aspergillus infection or both is still unclear but lately I am attacking the aspergillus with blood electrification and by drinking ozonated water, and I have been feeling stronger. I will write updates on the aspergillus here: Natural health remedy library: Aspergillus.]

The fact that the red blood cells are sticking together shows that the cells have lost their negative charge and become positively charged. This equals many things...

Firstly, it means that the body is overloaded with toxins and has become acidic. This, in turn, creates a good environment for the fungus and other pathogens to grow in the body.

And what creates a vicious circle is that the fungus itself creates waste and excretes toxic, acidic waste into my system, as well. So even with my efforts of eating alkaline foods, as long as the fungus is present, acidity will be more difficult to overcome. The acid blood invites the fungus to grow, and the fungus, in turn, creates more acidity.

Secondly, when the red blood cells are sticking together, their surface area decreases, which makes them less able to carry oxygen and nutrients. This will inevitably affect my energy levels and deprive my body of nutrients.

Here we have another image from my live blood test results, a shot of the red blood cells clumping together and demonstrating an acid body pH:

blood test results, live blood test, blood ph, live blood analysis

The white blood cell in the screen shot (below) is very undefined, fuzzy, and weak. Healthy white blood cells, by contrast, have strong cell membranes, are clearly defined and floating freely, active.

live blood analysis, blood test results, weak white blood cell
White blood cell showing a weak immune system (above).

Weak white blood cells are incapable of properly clearing out infection, parasites, fungus, viruses and other aggressive organisms in the blood. The solution is to strengthen the immune system, which can be done by promoting healthy bacteria (gut flora) and increasing the intake of antioxidants, among other things. Effective elimination of toxins (sweating, enemas, dry brushing, drinking plenty of water, etc.) and certain vitamins and minerals will help the detoxification organs to function more effectively as well.

The next image was another shocker. The finding of aspergillus mold was quite an unpleasant surprise, although not something that cannot be cleared. The next one, however, was more worrying...

blood test results, bacteria inside cells, nanobacteria
Katrin Hempel, the naturopath, took a pen and broke some of the blood cells on the microscope slide to see what would happen. She concluded first of all that the cell membranes were quite weak but also, that lots of bacteria came out as she broke the cell!

The reason these bacteria worry me is that I have read a lot about how difficult it is to destroy dangerous bacteria living inside the cells. One of the methods to destroy these bacteria is to try to get oxygen into the cell.

A lot of what I write here is my understanding of the problems, and recording my first reactions. Please note that the naturopath herself might have different views on many of these topics and she, especially, did not mean to shock me but was very professional, calm and matter-of-fact in her explanation of these things. So in this article I record my reactions and my understanding.

For example, regarding the intracellular bacteria in my live blood test results, Katrin had this to say:

"... the bacterial forms inside the cells is nothing that unusual [...] it's part of the pathogenic higher developmental cycle, due to higher acidity levels in the system."

So the way I understand it, Katrin Hempel is of the opinion that once I get my blood more alkaline, the bacteria will be reduced inside the cells.

However, I'm not sure that it is necessarily such a straightforward task to eliminate these bacteria. Although I am relieved by her reassurance that it may actually be easier than I think.
However, as far as I know, there is only a limited amount of research about these intracellular bacteria, yet we do know that some of them cause cancer, among other diseases. They can also be called intracellular parasites (parasitic microorganisms, microparasites) and they are capable of living and reproducing inside the host cell. Thus they can also go undetected by the immune system.

Also, some intracellular bacteria may not cause symptoms in the beginning, during the incubation period, when they are gathering their 'troops' to prepare for an attack!

Personally, although not suggested by Katrin Hempel, I feel that a view of my blood shows that I might be headed for cancer, as well as other diseases, if I continue my lifestyle with no changes.

Oxygen is one of the main things to keep the cancer cells at bay, and acid blood a perfect environment for healthy cells in the body to turn cancerous. But of course there are many other contributing factors and cancer, itself, is still only partially understood as a disease.

Katrin also warned against blood sugar imbalances (which might lead to diabetes), but I am less worried about that, since I believe that diabetes, at least type 2, can be easily cured by a well-balanced raw food diet (as shown in the documentary: 'Raw for 30 Days').

But of course blood sugar problems visible in my blood test results are important to address especially because otherwise one's daily quality of life can suffer greatly. And since I have a fungus living in my body, I have to stay away from all kinds of sugar (even fruit!) until the fungus is starved (it eats sugar).

dry blood test results

Apparently my dry blood test results (above) were not too bad:

"The dry blood sample - was overall ok, the whitish/yellow areas indicate oxidative stress, depending on where they are in the sample, one can draw conclusions about the health of multiple systems, yours showed lymphatic congestion."
- Katrin Hempel

London Natural Therapies: Live Blood Analysis

I got my live blood test results done at the London Natural Therapies centre, on Harley Street. The street is right next to Regent's Park and is known for its private medical practitioners. You get many types of private doctors there, from plastic surgeons and the worst quacks to some of the most skilled and cutting-edge therapists.

Although I've heard bad reports from friends who visited other live blood clinics on Harley Street, I would definitely recommend the services of London Natural Therapies.

If your therapist is willing to answer your initial questions by email, gives satisfactory answers, and feels like she/he has an approach you can respect and feel in tune with, you've probably found a good one.

For example, I contacted Katrin Hempel by email to enquire about prices and to explain that I was interested in a diet-based approach to healing instead of one relying on expensive supplements and treatments. She was very understanding and helpful in this respect.

Katrin Hempel looked very healthy and was able to answer all my questions without a blink. The amount of information I got was definitely worthwhile. The consultation lasted about one hour and I was able to ask some questions and get further clarification of my blood test results by email afterwards.

By contrast, anyone who is likely to just drown you with information, without stopping to answer your questions to make sure you understand what is being said, is probably NOT worth your time!

The clinic itself was in a huge Georgian house, with a grand English staircase and double-height ceilings. Her practice was one of the rooms on the second floor, which was a smaller room in the house but beautifully decorated and with comfortable leather seats. The setting definitely adds to the experience.

When having your live blood analysis done, you must be able to trust your therapist, in my opinion.

What I learned from the experience was that although live blood analysis is potentially a fairly exact science, the results can be quite interpretable.

If your analyst is a vegan, he/she may recommend a vegan diet. If she is a mixed eater, like Katrin, they will most likely recommend a mixed diet to be safe. The bottom line is, no-one knows what a perfect diet for a human being is... although there are many interesting testimonials from people who found something that worked for their specific body. Of course these testimonials are all quite different.
But don't choose your therapist necessarily according to a similar eating plan. Email a few different people, explain what you want to get out of the visit, and see which one seems most helpful and interesting.

So, I found that Katrin Hempel actually advised me against eating too many raw foods and also recommended that I eat more animal protein, including organic red meat once a week! She explained that in her view many vegetarians she had seen were deficient in iron and proteins, as well as had a problem utilising Omega 3's from plant-based sources.

I have had a tendency towards anemia before. But since my blood cells were too stuck together to be able to see whether they were deficient in iron, I think the recommendation to eat more meat was just a precaution, and to make it easier to eat less carbohydrates (carbs are sugar and feed the mold).

In any case, I think I will eat a little organic beef to see if it impacts on my energy levels, especially because my hair mineral analysis also indicated the need for iron.

To be clear, I believe it is quite possible to get all the iron you need from vegan sources, but sometimes it may be easier to just eat a bit of meat. Once I have cleared out the problems visible in my blood test results, and also addressed the issues detected in my hair mineral analysis, I will return to raw foods and keep monitoring how it goes.

Katrin Hempel at London Natural Therapies said that in her experience, raw food diets and juice fasts are great for cleansing, but should not be continued in the long run. From my personal experience I could probably agree at least to the degree that I think being 100% raw for a length of time takes quite a bit of effort to make sure that no deficiencies develop. And one of the major challenges is a strong digestive system. For some people the digestion of raw vegetables can pose a significant challenge.

However, this doesn't take away from the fact that the best I ever felt was during a juice fast. So my plan is to try a few different things and see. It is quite a steep learning curve for me at the moment.

Interestingly, both therapists recommended a dairy and wheat-free diet. So I will continue with my ongoing dairy- and gluten-free experiment, albeit sporadically until the Christmas holidays are over. From the beginning of January I will stick to my new diet more 'religiously'.

After my visit, Katrin Hempel sent me a useful summary and explanation of the blood test results, our discussion, the recommended supplements to take and recommended dietary advice. She also sent me many useful links to places, e.g. where I could buy raw milk products online. I also received a list of alkaline foods and a link to how to make kefir - home-made, cheap probiotic.

If you get a live blood test done, however, I have to warn you: You will most likely be overwhelmed with the amount of information. So take your note book with you, if not a recorder, and make sure in advance that the person you're seeing is willing to answer questions and explain the blood test results in a way that you can follow. Also ask them in advance whether they are willing to give you screen shots and type out your diagnosis and treatment plan. Apparently many of the less good/ cheaper analysts will not do this.

Live Blood Test Results - Healing Programme

The question now, then, is how do I tackle these problems visible in my live blood test results? I have broken down my thoughts into a few separate sections below. And while many of these solutions are based on Katrin Hempel's recommendations, many are also not, but are based on my own research.

Zinc Deficiency Visible in the Live Blood Test Results

Both the live blood test results and the hair mineral analysis revealed a zinc deficiency.

The blood analyst explained that zinc is essential for mucus membrane healing and for the immune system.

I have ordered the supplement she suggested: Bonusan Zincmethionine 15mg.
Dosage: 2 tablets per day, to be taken first thing in the morning and just before bed at night.

What I found out about zinc since then, also, suggests that it is another very common deficiency in the Western World and most people would likely benefit from zinc supplementation.

[Later note: Hair mineral analysis also put me on zinc supplements. Vegetarians especially are often deficient in zinc. Deficiency has especially important role in poor mental health, according to orthomolecular medicine practitioners.]

Aspergillus Fungal Infection

The aspergillus mold detected in my blood test results is a type of parasite. Whereas most people who ever took antibiotics/ pain killers/ birth control pills suffer from a similar infection, called candida albicans, it seems that the McCombs Diet I did four years ago had cleared most of the candida effectively from my blood (although a little was still visible). But perhaps because of the lack of probiotics in my diet, a mold, aspergillus, managed to establish itself in my system.

Aspergillus is a lung infection and is most likely the cause of the chronic cough I have been struggling with.

This is quite a complex problem as this mold eats sugar and proteins off my system, which may, in turn, cause nutritional deficiencies. It also excretes toxic, acidic waste constantly, causing an overload of toxicity and lack of oxygen in the blood cells. All bad bacteria, viruses, fungi and molds love sugar and cannot handle exposure to oxygen.

This problem goes hand-in-hand with the weak white blood cells detected in the live blood test results, which indicate a weak immune system. A strong immune system is necessary to enable the white blood cells to attack the mold and carry it out of the body.

The mold, by the way, was a problem that the hair mineral analysis was not able to detect so kudos to the live blood analysis in this respect.

As a solution to this problem, I will first attempt a fairly simple cure and if, after two months, the infection is not cured, I will probably go on another McCombs Diet, which is a fast and effective way of clearing out yeast from the body. My initial enquiry to Dr. Jeff McCombs revealed that his plan should be effective against aspergillus also.

I will have to study the difference between yeast and mold further, however, before I can come up with clearer solutions to this problem. Apparently candida is a yeast, whereas aspergillus is a mold, and there are differences between the two.

But as a first effort, I will stay on a dairy and gluten-free diet, which helps the body clear itself of mucus. Wheat and dairy are not health foods and will burden the system.

I will also endeavour to take Bob Beck's blood electrification every day at home for 0.5 - 2 hours at a time. I will also buy his magnetic pulser (from Sota Instruments, to try to reach the areas of the lung which have less blood flow. Both of these methods are meant to clear the blood of all bacteria, parasites and fungi very effectively. I have a good opportunity to put this to test with a repeat blood analysis in some months' time.

I will write a separate article about the blood electrification - it is a vast topic.

I have also ordered 'Klosterfrau Melissengeist' from Germany, which is a mix of essential oils in an alcohol solution, which can be taken internally and has been reported to have stronger antifungal and antiviral properties than antibiotics. I can't take much of this, however, because a weak liver was also indicated in the blood test results and alcohol will not agree with the liver.


I will definitely take the nutritionist's advice on making plenty of kefir at home, although I will make water kefir probiotic instead of milk kefir.
She mentioned that this is a more effective probiotic than the capsules one can buy at a store. Apparently the capsules are able to effectively kill mold but they cannot establish and reproduce in the gut the way that more natural probiotics, i.e. those in fermented foods, can. So I will take both, water kefir (and perhaps kombucha), which is extremely cheap to make, as well as probiotic supplements.

I am currently looking into the best probiotics to buy and one interesting development are the 'effective microorganisms' (EM) by the Japanese professor Teruo Higa. I am reading his book "An Earth Saving Revolution: A Means to Resolve Our World's Problems Through Effective Microorganisms (EM)".

He claims to have found strains of bacteria which are able to dominate and control both the good and bad bacteria in the body, causing these opportunistic lifeforms to coexist and work for the health of the body. So far he has many products available for clearing out toxins in nature and agriculture, as well as for promoting better quality crops.

I emailed Ken Rohla regarding human use of these probiotics, as it wasn't clear to me from Dr. Higa's book or the website where the research on this stood at the moment. This is what Ken Rohla responded:

"[Teruo Higa invented] the Effective Microorganisms [..]. You can brew gallons of your own very inexpensively. [...] The SCD ProBio Balance [...] is fine for human consumption, it's just not made in an FDA approved facility so the manufacturer can't state it's for human consumption. But I've been consuming it for many years, no problems. The microbes will eat and kill any pathogens that won't kill them, and the manufacturer has to grow them in sanitary conditions so the culture doesn't get contaminated, so it's safe."

For now, I have ordered both, the probiotics the nutritionist recommended: Lactobacillus GG (Culturelle), as well as the SCD Probio Balance and water kefir grains for making my own - very cheap - probiotics.

For a classic, and very enlightening, explanation about candida overgrowth, I recommend Dr. McCombs' 'Lifeforce Plan' -book.

Update: Aspergillus Progress

A little over two years later I had completely forgotten about aspergillus, since doctors and nutritionists didn't seem too worried about it or make too big fuss about it. Now, in February 2015, however, I have started to take the aspergillus mold fight more seriously. I have found out that this nasty mold excretes nerve-toxins, which may be the cause of my recent problems with anxiety, hot flushes and heart palpitations. The other symptoms I still have that do get better with diet, supplements and herbs but which I haven't been able to completely eliminate are: a chronic cough, numb and stuffy feeling sinuses (sinusitis), mucus problems and fatigue. I am not sure if the menstrual cramps are linked to this also - they seem to be caused by inflammation so I guess eliminating the aspergillus infection would help with this aspect as well.

So now, thanks to an email from a nutritionist lady in Switzerland, I will take some isopathic remedies to eliminate aspergillus, and I will also begin to drink ozonater water, which someone said gave him instant energy and helped eliminate his aspergillus.

For updates on the progress, please read: Natural Health Remedy Library: Aspergillus. You can also read the following for further information: parasites, viral infections, bacterial infections, mycoplasmas.

Weakened Immune System Evident in the Live Blood Test Results/ Antioxidants

What I am still quite confused about are the reasons behind my weak immune system.

For example, my hair mineral analysis indicated a weakened thyroid function. Does the weakened immune system cause insufficient thyroid function? Or does the zinc cause weakened thyroid function and thus weakened immune system? Or does weakened thyroid function cause zinc deficiency? Furthermore, is the fungal infection a cause of the weak immune system or is the ultimate cause of all these problems the lack of nutrients and antioxidants in the diet? Or perhaps the stressful lifestyle I have been leading in the past is the ultimate cause of these health imbalances?

What is certain is that I need to eat more antioxidants, since these will help the white blood cells do their job better. And although I feel that I have eaten quite a few super-antioxidants recently, it seems I have to eat more.

The best sources of antioxidants I have found are chaga mushroom tea, broccoli sprouts, and all colourful vegetables and fruits. Vegetable juices, thus, will be a part of my daily diet from now on. Berries, also, have plenty of antioxidants in them.

Alcohol consumption will, however, undo much of the beneficial effects of antioxidants. The mold, also, greatly increases the body's need for antioxidants.

Often there is confusion about how much is too much antioxidants. You often hear people mention that the kidneys cannot take too many. However, I believe that this is the classic problem of lab testing being performed on the synthetic version of the nutrient, instead of using the natural source. According to Dr. Mercola, at least, one cannot easily overdose on natural sources of antioxidants.

Live Blood Test Results: Vitamin C and Omega 3 Deficiency

I would love to understand why I have these deficiencies. Perhaps it is just the lack of availability of these nutrients in my diet. It is confusing, however, since I have been taking flax seeds (linseeds) quite regularly as part of my smoothies and have also, perhaps a week before my blood test, started to take quite powerful vitamin C supplements. So I am quite confused about this one but will keep taking these in the hope that as my immune system and nutrient absorption (digestion) improves these levels will also naturally stabilise.

Katrin Hempel responded to this as follows:

"You were vitamin C deficient because your body has high requirements at the moment, so the amount you were taking wasn't high enough. Also vegetarians/ vegans are often low in Omega-3 fatty acids, as the fatty acids in flaxseed oil is ALA, which the body needs to convert to EPA/DHA (whereas in fish oil it is already EPA/DHA that is present). The conversion step does not work very well with many people, especially vegetarians/vegans are often having problems with that, as their enzymatic conversion of that step does not work properly, leaving them deficient in EPA/DHA."

Regarding vitamin C, I think it is important to keep in mind that there have been reports about the synthetic version of the vitamin being toxic (Brian Clement) and possibly cancer-causing. To be safe, it would be best to get this vitamin from as natural source as possible.

On the other hand, 'megavitamin therapy' is worth looking into, as very large doses of vitamin C have been reported to be surprisingly effective for certain allergies, mental disorders, colds and flus, as well as many other health problems. The recommended daily amounts (RDA's), by contrast, have been shown to be overly cautious and to be enough to only prevent the very worst kinds of deficiency diseases, such as scurvy.

I am also confused about the Omega 3's because I was hoping that the flax seeds I have been consuming were enough. However, as Katrin Hempel pointed out above, it may be harder for the body to make use of the plant-based source. I am wary, however, of taking fish oil supplements because of the mercury that might be present. Katrin Hempel, the live blood analyst, recommended a product called 'Blue Ice Royal' cod liver oil, which is supposedly free from heavy metals and solvents. It does look promising but the price is also quite high. Also, I wonder how they know that the product is free of heavy metals. So I haven't made up my mind yet whether to order these, although the product description seems impressive.

Bacteria Inside the Red Blood Cells

The live blood test results also showed bacteria inside the red blood cells (as shown in the image at the beginning of this article).

I am currently researching this problem and I didn't get a clear recommendation from either of the two naturopaths as to what I could do about it. Of course I haven't got a clue of what specific bacteria these are.

Bob Beck blood electrification, so far as I know, cannot effect microorganisms inside the cells.

I think antioxidants may be able to help with this. Also, the Budwig Diet, mainly promoted as a cancer cure, claims to be able to transport oxygen inside the cells, which will then destroy these bacteria. The Budwig Diet recommends mixing cottage cheese with ground-up flax seeds or flax seed oil in great quantities for this purpose.

Also, I am now drinking living water from a spring in Wales, which gets delivered to my home. Live water is, according to some reports, meant to have a smaller molecular structure than tap water and therefore be able to transport oxygen into the cells.

Katrin Hempel implied in her latest email to me that I should not worry about this too much until I get my blood alkaline again. That might solve a big part of this problem.

Later Update: Researching this further, I found out that there are very many types of intracellular pathogens, also called microparasites, some of which can live both inside and outside of the hosts cells, and some of which can only reproduce inside the hosts cells. These pathogens include: some bacteria (e.g. mycoplasmas), some fungi, all viruses and some protozoa. Note that at least some part of the Bob Beck Protocol, such as the silver colloids, have been reported by individuals to be effective in eliminating a specific intracellular parasite, namely mycoplasma fermentas. There is reason to believe, therefore, that these remedies may be effective against the other ones as well.

"Keep the blood [...] clean with medical oxygen/ozone and the organs and cells quickly follow. Without all the garbage inside us, we usually return to the natural health we had as children, before the dirt piled up inside us with age and gave the bugs and cancer cells a place, and a reason, to grow."

Toxic Liver Visible in Live Blood Test Results

Apparently my high alcohol intake when young coupled with the years of smoking in the past and plenty of birth-control pills have taken a toll on my liver - this was evident from the live blood test results.

I have now began taking some liver-strengthening herbs and will also start taking coffee enemas much more regularly. In addition I will include fresh lemon mixed in water every morning as the first drink, as this is supposed to have a powerful liver cleansing effect.

I also [later] started taking some animal-based glandular supplements which were recommended by my hair mineral analyst, which included ground-up and dried liver. The supplements are hormone removed and based on the idea that animal liver tissue will include many of the same nutrients our human livers needs to rejuvenate themselves. And I did think I started getting clearer (not as red and yellow) eyes when I was taking these. Toxic liver is said to show up as yellowness in the eye-whites. My eyes also look a bit glazed sometimes and this is maybe due to the liver as well.

I will return here to report on the results and follow-up live blood analyses, to see if and how I managed to get my liver back to strength.

Alkalizing My Body

The acid blood visible in the live blood test results needs to be countered with alkaline foods. I received plenty of good advise from the naturopath.

I have researched this further and written a full article on this:
The Truth About Alkaline and Acid Foods - Clearing Out Confusion

The Limits of the Live Blood Test/ Shortfalls

[Later update:] I am in the process of beginning a new raw food diet now - against the naturopath's recommendations - which will take into account what I learned from my live blood test results. However, I also did a hair mineral analysis, which revealed similar, but different things about my health... The most important thing that the live blood analysis was unable to diagnose was the fact that I had something called adrenal insufficiency. This is a milder version of adrenal fatigue, and it most likely behind many of the symptoms I am experiencing: notably fatigue. If the live blood test results did reveal this, as Katrin Hempel suggested in a later email, there was too little time in the session to discuss it, and it also was not mentioned on my report.

I also went for x-rays of my lungs after I received these live blood test results and the NHS doctors found absolutely nothing wrong! The doctor even opined that if I had aspergillus, it would show up on the x-ray. Katrin Hempel had adviced me against x-rays because of the radiation's weakening effect on the immune system. When I emailed Katrin about the x-ray results, this was her response:

"Regarding the lung xray. Well, as mentioned, there were aspergillus symplasts in your blood, indicating that this might be related to your lung problem/ persistent cough. However even if you have the symplasts in the blood, that doesn't mean there would necessarily be an active infection with aspergillus visible on x-ray..."

And Will Houghton's (the hair mineral analyst's) response was:

"On your lung x-ray I think they are probably both right [the NHS doctor and Katrin] - you may have a small detection of aspergillus infection but it's not widespread enough for the conventional blood tests to detect it. However the results of the blood analysis should be a little warning sign that you need to keep going with a healthy regime so that your immunity can take care of this one on its own."

So, in conclusion, I think I panicked a bit and thought I had a lung infection. I'm sure that it was not Katrin Hempel's intention at all to scare me, she was very calm and matter-of-factly at our meeting.

However, the reality is that my cough seems very likely to be due to heartburn now, or acid reflux. The fact that digestive enzymes before the meals makes the cough go away seem to indicate that the cough is digestion-related. An NHS (government) doctor (the same one that sent me to the xrays) was the one that suggested my cough may be heartburn. And I now think he was right. So strictly speaking, neither the live blood test results nor the hair mineral test results were able to point this out to me. However, both did point out impaired and weakened digestive system.

(Update: I eventually ended up thinking that the aspergillus was a major problem in my body after all, even if it didn't show up in the lungs. Read above in the 'aspergillus' chapter for reasoning. The cough seems digestion-related too but the ultimate cause may be aspergillus, or combination of both.)

I feel it was very beneficial to do both, the live blood analysis and the hair mineral analysis at the same time, to get a more complete understanding of the causes of my symptoms, the problems, and my overall health. I cannot say yet if following the advice of the blood analyst only would have overcome all my health challenges. I will speculate on this later when I have finally cured all my little health complaints. The information was very useful although I did feel that the session was too short for me to be able understand the live blood test results and what they meant well enough. The follow-up emails helped enormously, though, and so did the other test results.

Did I Manage to Cure Myself?

I will now embark on the 2013 raw food diet and will offer more detailed explanations on the diary notes (at the link above) regarding my progress in tackling these issues detected in my live blood test results.

I will retake the live blood analysis sometime in the future and return here to show the new - and hopefully improved! - test results. Before the next test I will do Bob Beck's blood electrification every day (for 2 weeks to 1 month) prior to the test, to see if its effects can be seen in the results.

Related Links, Katrin Hempel's website explains more about the different services offered and also about her background as a naturopath.

I asked her where I could learn more about the live blood analysis and she recommended this book: "Introduction to Darkfield Diagnostics: The Examination of Native Blood According to Prof. Dr. GŁnther Enderlein" by Cornelia Schwerdtle and Franz Arnoul.

I found an interesting article explaining why live blood analysis is not better known and accepted as medical treatment:

Under "normal" conditions physicians generally believe human blood is "sterile." The idea of bacteria living in the blood normally is largely considered medical heresy. [...]

However, in view of recent studies, it is clear that bacteria do exist in human blood. Furthermore, bacteria are large enough to be observed microscopically. [...]

German zoologist Gunther Enderlein (1872-1968) devoted many years to the dark field microscopic study of the blood. The complicated "life cycle" of these blood bacteria is described in his book Bacterien-Cyclogenie (1925).
A controversial blood test is named after Enderlein; and in 1993 a bi-lingual German and English translation of his research was published entitled: Blood Examination in Darkfield: According to Prof. Dr. Gunther Enderlein. The book is heavily illustrated with color photos of bacteria in the blood. Although it is a difficult read due to Enderlein's complex terminology of the various pleomorphic blood forms, it is considered an essential work for practitioners performing the highly controversial "live blood cell analysis" of human blood. Enderlein believed that the sterility of the blood was an invalid assumption on the part of medical science. He claimed the blood elements of all vertebrates, up to and including man - even the healthiest - have been subjected to a massive infestation of primitive-phase "endobionts". [...]

Other controversial researchers who made outstanding contributions to the study of pleomorphic microbes in human disease include Raymond Royal Rife, Wilhelm Reich and others."

- Alan Cantwell: All Human Blood Is Infected With Bacteria

The other, related health treatment that I have used with very good results has been blood electrification.

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