Benefits of Raw Food Diet

Raw food diet benefits experienced by different people. I keep a list of benefits that I have personally experienced so far here and you will also find benefits that other people have reported.

Raw Food Diet Benefits I Have Experienced So Far

Raw food diet benefits I have personally experienced so far (some of these were also due to quitting caffeine):

  • More energy
  • No energy slumps during the day
  • No need for caffeine in the morning to wake up
  • Fast weight loss
  • Flat belly
  • Better skin
  • More youthful appearance
  • Much better ability to concentrate at work
  • Feeling more clever and remembering things better
  • Better conversation skills
  • Cycling is much easier
  • Much happier and more balanced moods
  • Less stress
  • Period (menses) pain drastically reduced and period length went from some 8 days to 3-4 days
  • My ears stopped hurting when flying (they used to hurt a lot)
  • Sometimes nature seems to be radiantly beautiful
  • Work days go quicker and weekends last longer (very strange but true - probably has something to do with better concentration ability)
  • Better self-awareness
  • Sometimes other people get inspired to be healthier by my example, which makes me happy
  • More inspired thoughts
  • Joints seem to loosen and flexibility increase
  • Money saved
  • Sex feels better
  • Easier to have better self-discipline
  • During the juice fast my slight but constant dry cough disappeared (and came back after)
  • Lots of time saved from cooking and washing dishes
  • Occasionally nice 'sparkling' feelings inside the body
  • Good messages to the subconscious mind, which reads your actions and behaves accordingly: the message that your body and life are valuable (since you are making an effort for them). This generally makes you feel better about yourself and more motivated.
  • Life feels more exiting and I feel like a better person.
  • Better intuition and I feel more lucky.
  • Food cravings disappear/ 90% reduced.
raw food diet benefits

Benefits of Raw Food Diet Reported by Others

Excess weight loss
Improved digestion
Shinier eyes
Changed eye colour
Better intuition
More energy
Happiness that wasn't there before
Better complexion (the 'raw food glow')
Improved athletic performance
Reduced blood pressure
Diabetes reversed
Painless child birth
Spiritual and religious benefits
Feelings of lightness
Many diseases reversed
Food cravings disappeared
Less waste (raw foods have less packaging)
Easier to eat healthy
Good conscience from helping to heal the world
Became more lucky, more synchronicity
Able to relate to more people than before

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