Fried Plantain Recipe

Fried Plantain Recipe

Extremely quick, cheap, satisfying to the taste-buds and nutritious snack. Plantain is surprisingly filling and quite sweet, a taste which goes well with the salt and black pepper taste. The plantain softens and the flavour develops into a sweeter one when frying. However, I have also made a raw version of this dish, by ensuring that the plantain is completely ripe (black on the outside) and then just mashing it with a fork and enjoying it with salt and pepper. The texture is more pleasant when frying, but for a raw foodist it can be an equally quick and easy, filling and satisfying snack. This fried plantain recipe works very well as a side dish to meals as well.

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Cost: £0.65 (GBP)
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Yield: 1 side dish-size serving


Plantains, ripe: 2 whole
Salt: to taste
Black pepper, freshly ground: to taste
Olive oil: as needed


  1. Choose plantains that are black on the outside, otherwise they are not ripe. Yellow plantain with black spots works for frying but ideally the plantain would be completely black on the outside. This is important especially if doing this as a raw food dish. Ensure that there is no mold on the plantain, however.
  2. Cut plantain as shown on the pictures below and remove pieces from the skin.
  3. Fry in a little oil on the frying pan, on medium heat, with black pepper and salt. (Don't burn them as I did - see picture above.)
  4. Enjoy as a quick snack on its own or as a side dish!

ripe plantains image
Plantain has to be black on the outside to be ripe, unlike bananas. I used the plantains in this picture for the recipe but ideally they should have been even more ripe, i.e. completely black on the outside. Ensure there is no mold, however.

cutting plantain image
How to cut plantain: First cut it in half lengthwise, with the skin on.

how to cut plantain image
How to cut plantain: Next, cube the plantain on the skin before removing the pieces.

I learned this quick snack recipe from my boyfriend, and it has been a favourite snack ever since.

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