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As I learn about properties of different herbs and foods that heal I will make notes here. This page is a work in progress...

When thinking about healing foods, it is of course important to remember that what you leave out can often be as important as what you add, and just drinking a cup of herbal liquorice tea, for example, is unlikely to make any difference to how you feel. But taking a variety of medicinal foods and herbs in large enough doses and regularly, especially if combined with a detoxification plan, can have a huge impact on your health.

Most natural herbs and healing foods act subtly, so if you combine the herbs with a daily diet of large amounts of stimulating foods, e.g. hormone-laden meat, soft drinks, alcohol, caffeine, quick sugar fixes, such as pasta, cakes, white rice, etc., you are unlikely to feel the effect of the herbs. These stronger substances will override the effect of the herbs in many cases. Many of these foods and herbs have been shown by various doctors, researches, health professionals and therapists to have strong healing powers, however, and I have provided sources of the information in the articles about the individual foods linked to here.

The list here is still brief and I am unable to give dosages because everyone's body and conditions are different. Sometimes general dosage instructions are included in a quote. The purpose of this list is to inspire you and empower you to take responsibility for your own health. There is much that can be achieved with herbs and foods, which work with the natural healing powers of the body. To be absolutely safe, check with your doctor and herbalist before using any of the information contained in these articles. If you are willing to take responsibility for your own health, use the below as inspiration, then research further, experiment and listen to how your body and mind feels.

For best results, I recommend cutting out or reducing all stimulants (except any medication you may need), including white flour and sugar, eliminating processed foods and eating a diet of wholefoods, unprocessed and as fresh as possible.

Apart from the healing power of foods and herbs, another good piece of news is that this approach is generally very cheap - health can be affordable!

Majority of this information is not - as opposed to much of the other information on this website - based on my own experience. Thus I cannot say that the information is true. This is just my own ongoing research into herbs that I am personally trying or planning to try, and I share it here with you in the hope that it is useful.

I generally buy my herbs from Tree-Harvest Ltd here in the UK. They don't have a website but you can order a catalogue by telephone or by email: 01297 552 977 or
Tree Harvest is based in Devon and has Organic Certification UK2 according to their letterhead.
In the USA, many recommend Mountain Rose Herbs for wholefood herb orders.
For other countries, the internet is a good source of information on wholefood dealers and if you can't find anything in your country, many companies also ship internationally.

If you are pregnant, you will have to be very careful with these herbs as well as any kind of detoxification because whenever you are detoxifying, the toxins will usually enter your blood stream first before being eliminated. And while you are pregnant, you obviously share your blood with your baby, who is a lot more sensitive than you are to the influences of toxins, as well as herbs and other substances in the blood. Detoxing before getting pregnant is fine and advisable, as long as you don't do anything to harm your own health. During breastfeeding you have to be especially careful too. Read about these herbs and consult your doctor during these special times. Research into Traditional Chinese Medicine in general is also recommended, as their knowledge of herbs is thousands of years old.

Foods That Heal - A-Z - Articles

Acerola Berry for Vitamin C
Aphrodisiac Plants
Aronia Berry
Astralagus for antioxidants
Bee Pollen
Broccoli Sprouts - a super-antioxidant
Cocoa Nibs for Magnesium
Chaga Mushroom - a super-antioxidant
Chia Seeds for protein
Chinese Knotweed > See 'He Shou Wu'
Chlorella to protect against radiation
Fo-ti Root > See 'He Shou Wu'
Goji Berry
He Shou Wu - One of China's four great herbal tonics
Grapefruit Seed Extract
Kefir - Homemade Probiotic
Kelp to support the thyroid
Maca Root
Mexican Wild Yam (processed) for natural progesterone
Milk Thistle
Pumpkin Seeds
Purslane for Omega 3s

Reishi Mushroom
Quinoa for protein
Rhodiola Rosea for Anxiety
Salt (Natural) - Benefits
Schizandra Berry to support the liver
Spirulina for protein, make-up and super-antioxidant, etc.
St Johns Wort
Turmeric for antioxidants
Valerian Root for Anxiety and Insomnia
Wheatgrass Juice

This list is work in progress.

Foods That Heal - by Theme

Aphrodisiac Plants and Herbs
Foods That Increase Serotonin

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