End World Hunger with Raw Foodism...

I will start with a provocative statement:
There is way enough food in the world to feed everyone. This is absolutely true. The main problem we have is that the efforts of fair food distribution are being misdirected.

The first point I want to make: don't trust charities! Check their backgrounds and accounting out before you make your mind up about them.
Most of them today, very unfortunately, are businesses, which operate for profit. In practice this often means that most of the money donated to these charities go to businesses in Western countries, which then charge over the odds for providing a basic service, for example, to feed children in Africa.

A lot of the money never gets to Africa.

It is also too often not in the charity's interest to end world hunger, since that's what they make their money from in the first place. Now, I'm not saying all charities are like this but unfortunately many are, so do your research and demand open accounting.

For more information on this problem, read, for example: Graham Hancock's book entitled: 'The Lords of Poverty: The Power, Prestige, and Corruption of the International Aid Business' (the image link will take you to Amazon preview).

But there are some good news to come so read on...

Before we get there I have to briefly mention couple of other problems. Firstly, we need political will. There are many bottom-up solutions that we, as societies together, can make to ensure that no-one goes hungry.

The quite obvious first solution to world hunger would be to drastically reduce meat consumption. One cow eats some 20x more than a human in its lifetime but provides only enough food for a few meat-based meals (when slaughtered). If the same area was planted with fruit trees, edible grasses, or vegetable gardens, many more people could be fed with the same piece of land than could be fed when a cow occupies it.

Solution to end world hunger #1: Drastically reduce meat consumption

Secondly, if land was in large part used for sustainable (biodynamic) farming practices instead of commercial and toxic industrial farming practices, the benefits for the soil and the environment would be obvious.

But the benefits for the people eating the food, as well as for the farmer, would be even greater. Fruit trees and vegetables grown in healthy soil have all the necessary minerals in them, in sharp contrast to most of the plant food we eat today, which is often quite devoid of minerals.

Better soil means stronger plans, which means much better resistance to bugs, and drastically longer shelf-life. But to get these benefits the farmer has to be willing to go beyond organic and study volcanic rock dust-supplementation as well as traditional methods of building the soil.

Non-organic mass-farming and the accompanying mono-crop farming of vegetables and fruit quickly depletes the soil of minerals and spreads toxins in the environment and the food source, as well as serves to efficiently pollute the oceans and other natural waterways. Depleted soil means less harvest, or completely dead soil where nothing can grow, and this, in the long term, can contribute to world hunger.

Ok, so where are the good news?

Well, it could in fact be fairly easy to end world hunger with the help of raw living foods, if enough people understood the big picture and would be willing to take action.

Firstly, why are the charities shipping cheap, processed, nutrient-depleted quick-fix foods to places like Africa, instead of investing the money to plant fruit trees or other crops in these villages? The quality of the food is extremely important, if you're trying to bring health to malnourished populations - surely bringing health should be the goal?

Have you heard of the charity which ships cows to Africa? Why not send seeds for sprouting instead? It seems that sprouts may be the best food to combat world hunger because they include in them a huge amount of the nutrients the body needs...

"Sprouting offers the most concentrated and truly natural sources of vitamins, chelated minerals, enzymes, and amino acids (protein) known to the human race. [...]

"Pound for pound sprouted lentils and bean sprouts contain as much protein as red meat, yet in a digestible form without the fat, cholesterol, hormones, and antibiotics that are found in meat. As well as an abundance of hunger-cutting protein, sprouted beans also replace calcium that is often lost through diets high in animal protein. [...]

"Dr. P. R. Burkholder of Yale University showed that when oats are sprouted, the vitamin B2 (riboflavin) content increases by 1300 percent, vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) by 500 percent, and folic acid by 600 percent. Because of these enormous increases over the vitamin content of dried grains and seeds, Dr. Burkholder recommended the wide-scale use of sprouts as food in the West. [...]

"Pound for pound you won't find a cheaper food on the planet - guaranteed!"

- Chris Simms of MK Raw (link to the original article below)

I believe that wide-spread use of sprouts in diets at all levels of society would firstly help to combat malnourishment and associated health problems, and secondly, provide a powerful tool towards ending world hunger.

end world hunger, raw food

Solution to end world hunger number #2:
Send sprout seeds!

In fact sprouts are the perfect survival food, with plenty of protein (bioavailable amino acids), minerals, natural sugars and life force. Sprouts are also among the highest natural sources of vitamins and they include female and male hormones as well. Sprouts of course have only a very miniscule amount of plant fats in them, which means that in the long term, some additional source of fat would be needed. But it seems that sprouts could go a long way towards combating world hunger.

You will of course need a clean water source to grow sprouts, which would be a challenge in some areas. But to survive, all people need a clean drinking water source anyway.

An information-packed article on sprouting here (quotes above): MKRawpt.com: "Sprouting Foods - For Perfect Health & Wellbeing".

Two of the most nutritious sprouts Chris Simms recommends in the above article are mung bean and alfafa. He also recommends sprouting adzuki, soy, wheat, oat, barley, lentils, parsley, chickpeas, buckwheat, chia, fenucreek, mustard, pumpkin, radish, sesame, sunflower, almonds, quinoa, brown rice and rye. Almost all seeds, beans, and nuts, according to Chris, can be sprouted.

Do keep in mind, however, that the seeds must be 'alive' for them to sprout. Some nuts and seeds, even if labelled 'raw', may have been processed or dried using heat. Heat will quickly kill the sensitive enzymes in the plant, with the result that it won't sprout. Also, some sprouts taste bitter, so for best results keep them away from direct daylight or even sprout them in a dark cupboard for the first two days, to improve the flavour. Experiment with different sprouts and tastes, to find the ones that suit yours. Alfafa seeds are easy ones to start with, their flavour is quite mild, whereas broccoli sprouts (very nutritious!) and mustard sprouts taste spicy, for those who, like me, like spiciness.

The next important point towards combating world hunger, that I would like to make, is that farming all over the world could be made more efficient. Currently many farmers are in a vicious cycle of relying on pesticides and insecticides, and on the companies that sell those. One could say that these companies are in the business of creating world hunger. These chemicals cause the crops to grow weaker and deplete the soil of nutrients. This, in turn, causes even weaker crops and an increased need for pesticides and other chemicals. GMO (genetically modified) crops pose an even more serious problem and a human health hazard. Monsanto, as a company, is probably doing more to spread world hunger than anyone else, through promoting GMO seeds and foods.

By contrast, "wild foods" harvested from wild nature or biodynamic foods grown with sustainable methods in mineral rich soils don't need preservatives because they are not domesticated but naturally strong enough to survive!

If natural, mineral-rich foods are more filling, again less food is wasted, and more progress is made on ending world hunger!

The direct conclusion out of this realisation is also that if and when you eat mechanically farmed, mineral-deficient foods, you need to eat more to satisfy your body's energy and nutrient needs! For example, a non-hybrid wild banana is rumoured to be so filling, that it is a meal enough on its own! Unfortunately I haven't had the good fortune to taste one yet but apparently you recognise it from the larger seeds it has on the inside. I have spoken to some people who ate those somewhere in Asia.

Solution to end world hunger #3:
Waste less food

Natural, wild plants, which have not been domesticated and bred over hundreds of years - like potatoes and carrots have - are much more nutritious, filling, and able to defend themselves against pests, than industrially farmed foods.

To end world hunger, support companies with the best, most mineral-rich plants. You can use a refractometer to test the mineral-content of your fruit and veg.

Check out "high brix gardening" for information on how to grow super-mineralised, strong plants.

In addition, we in the industrialised countries have food addictions to deal with, which make us overeat. You can read in my book review of "Eat for Health" by Dr. Joel Fuhrman about true hunger and how this is different and much easier to control than addictive food hunger.

Needless to say, our efforts should be concentrated in feeding true world hunger and not the world hunger for addictive substances (in foods). One of the most addictive and harmful substances is sugar.

What plants need, in addition to biodynamic methods of gardening, are nature-like conditions, i.e. mineral-rich soil (volcanic rock dust), probiotics in the soil, as well as the usual, i.e. moving air, sunlight or grow lights, etc.

And while vertical gardening is becoming popular, as it provides a solution to growing your own food even if you have no outdoor space and live in a small city flat, everyone who can afford clean water can now grow a large portion of their own food for little money. A little study of the types of plants suitable for your personal needs, how to set up vertical growing walls, and time-planning in terms of watering and harvesting, will go a long way towards reducing your food bills and combating world hunger. In addition to this, roof top gardening is slowly but surely becoming more popular. To start overcoming world hunger by setting an example, or to start overcoming personal hunger, start by growing some spinach, brussels sprouts, radishes, kale, turnip greens, lettuce, rainbow chard, and other fast growing plants (first harvest normally in 1-2 months but with careful harvesting you can keep the same plants growing and producing new leaves constantly).

The idea to end world hunger number #4:
Do away with industrial farming and the food will go further, grow bigger and better, nourish people more, and less of it will be wasted because of much longer shelf-life!

The idea to end world hunger number #5:
Learn to forage for wild foods in the forests and the natural countryside near you.

Wild food foraging has always been present in human culture, in the form of picking berries and mushrooms, and fishing from the sea, etc. But what is gaining popularity now is learning about the edible herbs and roots of plants that you can pick in your natural environment. On the other hand, the lack of wild foraging in modern life could contribute greatly, in my opinion, to not only world hunger but also to nutritional deficiencies.

But even if industrialised countries would be more efficient in terms of the land-food ratio, and more land would be available for planting, the problem of unequal distribution remains and that land would probably not get used for feeding hungry children in poor areas and countries. Nevertheless, the example of efficient food utilisation needs to be set to make a counter-argument to industrial farming and GMO lobbyists.

As I live in central London, even if I did have a garden I would be suspicious of contamination in the soil, for example from military waste from the war years, bacteria from urban rats and foxes (with diseases), and toxins from possible past industrial activities. Thus I could use raised beds with clean soil for gardening. But I can also, in addition, take the train to the nearby Epping Forest, and as long as I have a bicycle with me, I can cycle along the roads in the forest to find good spots to pick natural plants. And it is a nice relaxing day trip!

Keep in mind, however, that I don't recommend harvesting plants from city parks or along roads because they may be contaminated, e.g. with heavy metals from the car exhaust. And I know that not everyone lives within travelling distance from clean natural environments... but as long as you have postal service and clean water, you can order sprout seeds online and get sprouting. If you can afford to travel out to the countryside every once in a while, you can wild forage.

Combat world hunger, calm your nerves and save money by wild foraging in the nearby countryside!

And to set an example to improve the land-food ratio of your country, save money, obtain better than organic crop and reduce world hunger: start your own, indoor or outdoor garden. If you have little space and are only able to spend little time at home, in addition to sprouts you can google for easy, fast growing plants. I would recommend starting with wheatgrass (though you need a juicer), pea shoots, herbs, nettles, hemp plants (where legal), spinach and other leafy plants.

You can plant seeds of fruits and vegetables that you've eaten, but this is better done with organic seeds. Keep also in mind that they will need longer time to go through the full growth season and they will either need sunlight or grow lights. Grow lights don't have to be expensive though, so growing tomatoes etc. in the winter should not be a problem at all as long as you have the patience and a little knowledge of the type of plant you are growing.

That's all I have to say, for now, about world hunger and how to end it. On a personal level this is what you can do:

  1. Spread the word about these solutions to end world hunger. And research further solutions.
  2. Eat majority plant-based and if you can afford it, support biodynamic farmers - set an example.
  3. Find good charities and lobby them. Research all charities and their accounts before giving them the time of the day.
  4. Grow sprouts in large quantities (I mean bucketfulls.)
  5. Grow your own food using volcanic rock powders, probiotics, etc. to mineralise the soil and yield a crop vastly more mineralised than any organic produce (but use organic seeds).
    For more infomaton on how to do this, listen to this 2-hour talk by Ken Rohla, Beyondrawfood.com: "How To Make Your Own Nutrient-Dense High ORMUS Probiotic Antioxidant Superfoods".
  6. Set up a company transporting sprouts and sprouting equipment to areas where there is malnourishment. (Note, many inpowerished parts of Western cities might need this form of charity, too...)
  7. Plant fruit trees.
  8. Take trips to nearby forests and countrysdie to wild forage but study which plants to pick first to be safe (e.g. books and the internet).
  9. Increase the amounts of plants you grown in your home gradually.

The largest challenges to overcome world hunger, however, are the rogue charities themselves, the pesticide companies, and any other organisations linked to these, which may well include government bodies. Research, research, spread the word. And always fight for more equality in the world.

How Else Can Raw Foods Benefit the World?

Interesting question... Let's take the problem with depleting energy sources and crude oil, for example.

Did you know that coconut oil and other vegetable oils are an equally good power source as crude petroleum oil? Really. Cars can drive on it (diesel engines) and some islands in the South Pacific are already using it. Philippines in fact are in talks with the USA to start exporting it as biofuel.

Although one could say that this has nothing to do with a raw food diet in itself, the point I am making here is that the raw foods themselves can provide solutions in more ways than just eating them. The solutions to world problems and world hunger are popping up everywhere, the word just needs to spread further and faster.

Of course there are other sustainable energy sources too, such as various other biofuels (including manure), wave power, small windmills for personal use, not to mention the many scientific attempts to tap into the zero point energy.

Cheap or free energy would go a long way towards ending world hunger as well as poverty and inequality in general.

Raw food can empower people. Another obvious point.

Imagine the energy (physical and mental) of people saved if many of the 'lifestyle' diseases were obliterated by the mass-consumption of raw foods.

Imagine a world where most of us grew at least some of our own plants, got super-mineralised, spend some time in nature wild foraging, ate majority fruits and vegetables with some wild fish and humanely grown, grass-fed, organic meat; where charities concentrated on results instead of profit; where fruit gardens and orchards were grown on previously desert land just with a help of simple water pipes and irrigation systems; where farmers would redirect their energies towards high-quality products instead of mass production; and where our bodies were stronger and diseases hugely diminished; nature slowly recovering from the aftermath of toxic pollution and world hunger rapidly diminishing.

Many of the reported diseases regularly cured on raw foods are: obesity and related illnesses, high blood pressure and heart disease, diabetes, cancer, common colds, depression, etc. If we add fasting to the protocol, even more diseases have been reported as cured and with better results, including arthritis, premature aging and many addictions. What a change this would make to the world and its societies - how much sadness, stress, money-problems, arguments between relatives, fear, worry and bad vibes could be wiped off of the face of the earth? Not only could illnesses be cured but general cooked-food -induced fatigue, laziness, depression and brain-fog could be lifted. People could actually start having the time and energy to have constructive hobbies, activities, social events and interests in their day to day life. Adhering to the raw food diet can empower people both on a personal and societal levels.

The raw food diet can drastically reduce our reliance on allopathic surgery and drugs. End of big bad pharma. End of fraudulent cancer charities. Point made.

If diseases even in poorer countries and poorer areas can be reduced by growing sprouts and other nutrient-dense raw foods, as a result a healthier community can have more people able to work towards new solutions to bring food and end poverty. Perhaps real solutions to world hunger will, in this way also, start gradually emerging.

Our bodies can be protected against many environmental pollutants when the immune system is strengthened with raw foods but also there are wholefood natural medicines which can further protect us, for example: spirulina is said to efficiently detoxify radiation from the body and thus protect us against the nuclear fallout and chlorophyll in all its forms is able to pull heavy metals out of the body.

In addition, Japanese professor Teruo Higa claims to have developed bacteria that can eat and neutralize radioactive waste and also: bacteria that can eat plastic! Other bacteria have been mentioned as being able to eat oil and thus have been suggested for use in cleaning up oil spills. If certain areas of the world could be cleaned up from various types of contamination and used for cultivating plants instead, another promising help towards ending world hunger would be born!

This project used UV-lights to clean up an industrially polluted river (and is now a UNESCO world heritage site): Wadi Hanifah in Saudi Arabia

Back to foods, though: Raw foodist mentality and information sources can also help to combat different toxins in the body, such as chemtrails, electromagnetic pollution, etc.

Raw food diet and fasting also efficiently clear out old wastes such as drugs, energy blockages, and xenoestrogens, to name a few, from our bodies. See these videos to begin to explore this further:

Ken Rohla, Beyondrawfood.com: "How to Neutralize Radiation and Chemtrails From the Sky, Your Garden, and Your Body"

Daniel Vitalis: "Looking for Some Inexpensive Radiation Detoxification?" on Danielvitalis.com

Okay, now we are starting to get to some wild ideas...

What are the mental/ psychological benefits of the raw food diet? There have been many reports on improved moods, mellow vibes and a natural high, as well as many examples of cured depression, when the body is fed high-quality nutrition and brought back to optimal balance. This kind of balance is something of much higher order than what much of the Western healthcare system aspires to or even is aware of.

Admittedly, there are also many reports on reduced joy of life and energy on a raw food diet. I have personally gone through many different stages of healing on my way to the raw food diet, and am still experimenting with and using other alternative healing methods and dietary choices to support raw foods. But I also keep experiencing many benefits. And at least a raw food diet has never outright caused depression. I think that any time the body is deficient in essential nutrients, hydration (water), lifeforce energy, minerals, positive thoughts and vibrations, it can produce many symptoms, including problems of the mind. And also on a raw food diet, you have to make sure that you receive all the nutrients (e.g. omega 3s and protein can initially pose a challenge if you're not careful).

That is why it is so important to be disciplined on a raw food diet and ensure that you eat enough, eat a varied diet and ENJOY the tastes of the foods you eat. Feeling deprived is not good for the mind whereas excitement of the new lifestyle is!

I, personally, discovered improved moods quickly on a 100% raw food diet. My mind felt more at ease and more balanced. I seemed to worry less. In my case, the diet seems to both put things into perspective and to help concentration on what is essential.

And this is only the very beginning. Have you seen the move "Limitless"? That's where I think we could end up as world society as a whole if we could use all our skills, intuition and enthusiasm to purify, mineralize and begin a new era of understanding and practising health. And we could do it all by relying purely on raw foods and some other cheap health practices. And without the drug pushers.

There is a community of raw foodists living in Israel, who call themselves the Africal Hebrew Israelites. Their home has also been called the 'village of peace' as apparently, they have not only unusually good health but also "...no weapons, no locks on doors, no perversion, no homelessness, no starvation, and no crime. The results are unprecedented." - Zakhah: The Joy of Living Live

I have, in fact, written my own list of the various ways diet affects moods here: How to Control Anger/ Cures for Moodiness

Could it be that fresh, clean, unprocessed, raw foods are able balance our minds and emotions in way that a non-competitive, peaceful human is brought into existence? It is a wild thought but one that has been entertained before. Dr. Philpott puts forward an argument in his book 'Brain Allergies' on how food and chemical intolerances, coupled with mineral deficiencies are the cause of a majority of mental illnesses. Another interesting read on the same topic is the book: 'Diet, Crime and Delinquency' by Alexander Schauss.

If the world can eat healthy, perhaps better moods and self-confidence will result in more equality and fairer distribution of food. And thus we could bring an end to world hunger. Reducing mineral deficiencies holds a lot of promise for better societies.

Expanding on the previous paragraph and just as one example, consider the power of chlorophyll. It is sunlight stored in the green of the plant. When humans soak in sunlight, they 'photosynthesise' as well. But the plant can do that for you...

The benefits of chlorophyll are endless. Basically it is able to help transport oxygen into your cells. If the cells do not get enough oxygen, in order to survive, they have to start using sugar as fuel, instead of oxygen. This means that they turn from aerobic to anaerobic cells.
Understand, however, that this is a survival mechanism of the cells, necessary in the absence of oxygen. However, anaerobic cells have another name: cancer cells. In limited amounts the body can replace them or even convert them back to aerobic cells but when the amount of anaerobic cells gets out of hand, the result is malignant growth, i.e. a tumor.
In addition, anaerobic cells produce lactic acid, among other toxins, which get dumped into the body. Lactic acid, specifically, is very acidic. Thus the connection between an acid body and cancer has been made numerous times. Apparently, cancer cells also thrive in an acidic body. This is because the body needs oxygen also to transport acid toxins out, which, in turn, causes the body to become more alkaline. And, incidentally, it is also oxygen which helps to convert cancer cells back to aerobic, or healthy cells.

Now, we can see why the fact that oxygen is not only breathed in but also transported into the cells by the body is crucial for cellular health, for the ability to maintain an alkaline body ph, and for the body to stay non-toxic. It is also absolutely crucial for energy. You see, the cell needs oxygen to transform glucose (sugar) into energy in a healthy way. If this happens without oxygen, energy results as well but the body toxifies rapidly, as seen above, which again depletes energy. So for healthy, energised cells, the best thing seems to be chlorophyll as it helps to transport oxygen into the cells.

But the benefits of eating greens (chlorophyll), an alkaline body, and oxygenated cells go way beyond energy and preventing disease. This also improves moods and according to many, creates quite a distinct "natural high".
Keep in mind, however, that we are talking large amounts of chlorophyll every day here. It seems from various testimonies that chlorophyll can make people generally more happy and less argumentative.

David Wolfe explains that the body being alkaline really just means that it is capable of holding lots of natural electricity. He explains this in one of the videos on his website ("Master Cleanse Programme Upgrade"). And the body's electricity is vital for everything. For example, the correct electromagnetic charge is required to hold nutrients suspended in blood (as colloid). But this requires much more explanation so I will soon write it into another article. Meanwhile, consider these quotes:

"I would go so far as to say that if a community, a country, or even the world consumes chlorophyll consistently (1-2 times a day): we would see an end to world famine, dis-ease and war."
- Queen Afua

According to David Jubb, each of our cells contains very small biological units called "lifecolloid", which have a specific electrical charge. If the cell's function is compromised (e.g. with too little oxygen), the lifecolloid turns into a dysbiotic lifecolloid, which cannot function in an optimal way. This becomes very interesting as we move into a better understanding of what David Jubb actually means by lifecolloid. According to him, it consists of biophotons, which are miniscule sources of light in the body!

Perhaps part of the world hunger is hunger for this light! I.e. cellular hunger for more alkalinity, hydration, and nutrition to be able to receive the light. Again, nutrition and health is more important than just being able to feed people (with low-nutrient food). This kind of hunger can even exist in people who overeat.

I have written more about biophotons in the following book review, which also includes links to recent scientific articles on biophotons: Barbara Wren: Cellular Awakening

To read about the relationship between alkaline body and negative ions (negative electrical charge): The Truth About Alkaline and Acid Foods - Clearing Out Confusion.

And it gets crazier. According to David Jubb's speculations, biophotons are the missing link between matter and energy, body and spirit. They are able to tap into the zero point energy of the universe and draw not only actual energy to each individual cell but also bring in information: universal wisdom, intuition if you like. Look out for my (up-and-coming) summary/ review of David Jubb's book for more explanation on this, as it is obviously beyond the scope of this article!

But this explains why oxygenated, well-hydrated cells could be even more important for energy, as malfunctioning cells would have a diminished light source in them.

Benefits of Raw Food Beyond the Physical Body

David Wolfe explains - in more esoteric terms - that raw food opens up your connection to the universal energy:

"When you naturalize your diet, you automatically tune into a different energy band of life. You allow more information from your higher self to penetrate your conscious mind. And what you consider reality will change. Naturalizing your diet aligns and strips away chemical debris and toxins from the endocrine glands allowing insights from infinite intelligence to flow more clearly into your thoughts. [...] When you eat raw plant foods, your instincts become stronger. Your intuition becomes more reliable - clearer - and decision-making becomes effortless. [...] ... the only thing we have which is not an illusion is our intuition."
- David Wolfe: Sunfood Diet Success System, p. 83.

If this is true, the implications of such a simple thing as eating a specific diet are immense. Basically, IF it is true that raw foods first of all contain universal energy/scalar energy (and thus wisdom) in themselves - as appears on Kirlian photographs - and IF they are also able to increase our existing energy vibration and open up energy centres (such as the third eye), THEN what this basically means is that by just eating raw foods we will immediately start realising a paradise on earth (and a solution to world hunger). We would be guided by our higher selves and whatever universal energy connection these are capable of.

Vibrating on a higher level would also indicate better luck and we would draw towards ourselves all kinds of amazingly good things, people and situations. And if we set our intention correctly, we would become a powerful tool to end world hunger.

Is it possible that raw food is able, energetically, to improve our vibrations and manifestation powers and bring all the benefits of the Law of Attraction within easy reach of us all? This is what David Wolfe seems to indicate.

In a way, judging from the amazing discoveries I have been exposed to in the recent years (of which this article only scratches the surface) I begin to feel that it may indeed be true that a big awakening is happening on the planet, and raw foods may well be a large part of that change.
Nevertheless, I remain sceptic until I experience it myself - thus my various Raw Food Challenges.

I think it is enough to end world hunger if we can change the distribution of food and reduce meat consumption, as well as increase equality in the world even to a small degree. But if even some of the claims made of raw food nutrition are true - in terms of healing diseases, increasing energy, and improving spiritual abilities - then healing world hunger and other problems suddenly seems quite easy and possible.

"Within three months of eating raw foods, I knew I had found a great key that could open and create many doors. I felt as if a great secret of the ages had been revealed. For me, it was an earth-trembling discovery. [...] Within three words - raw plant food - is a major key to unlocking humanity's dormant powers."
- David Wolfe, as above, p. 13

I will leave the rest of the thought-process on how the raw food diet can end world hunger to your imagination! But there is a lot of interesting potential to explore within the raw food lifestyle, for sure.

I hope this article has demonstrated that ending world hunger might be easier than we think and provided some concrete tools to begin to make this change. Let's end world hunger once and for all. And in your meditations, visualize world abundance, instead of world hunger ;)

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For additional inspiration, specifically on indicating why the benefits of raw foods may be as extreme as many seem to claim, consider the benefits of just drinking natural (live and unprocessed) spring water, discussed in this article: Live Spring Water Benefits.


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