Are You Healthy Quiz

How to know if you are healthy?

If you score 100% yes's on this test, you are enjoying radiant, vibrant health!

How good is your health and would you benefit from raw foods? The conditions the questions below relate to are often regarded as normal part of everyday life. They are, however, signs of imbalances in the body, usually easily corrected, yet if left unchecked, can develop into more serious illnesses and conditions in the future.

Please note that a raw food diet has been reported to provide a full or partial solution to all these ailments and below I only list more specific solutions, instead of mentioning the raw food diet every time.

Please make sure that you study each solution properly before attempting it as it is beyond the scope of this article to explain these things in detail. The points made in this article/ questionnaire are correct to my own personal knowledge and beliefs but since I am not a licensed medical professional, it is best you take this as a rough guide to perform further study on. The points are very generalized and may not hold true in every single person's case.

If you have any reason to worry about your health, please check with your doctor before following this advice.

Q1: How many bowel movements do you have per day?

- 3 times > Healthy colon
- Less than 3 times > Constipated

Solution 1: Eating more foods with fibre (fruits, vegetables, whole grains) and eliminating foods with no fibre as much as possible (white flour products, white pasta, meat, dairy). Taking colonics and/or enemas.

Q2: Do you have a bowel movement first thing in the morning after waking up?

- Yes > Healthy
- No > Constipated

Solution 2: as above.

Q3: If you eat beetroot, does the purple (or red) colour show up in your urine?

- Yes > You have weak stomach acid
- No > Healthy. Strong stomach acid and able to assimilate vitamins and other nutrients.

Solution 3: Read Victoria Boutenko's book: 'Green for Life', drink green smoothies, eat or drink fresh lemons. Study how to increase hydrochloric acid in the stomach.

Q4: Do you have unpleasant body smells (e.g. sweat)?

- No > Healthy
- Yes > Toxic body

Solution 4: Raw Food Diet, fasts, elimination of toxic foods, including majority of cooked foods. Short term natural solutions: use baking soda mixed in with water as a mouthwash and for other body smells, drink live green juices (chlorophyll deodorises).

Q5: Would you consider yourself to have plenty of energy?

- Yes > Healthy
- No > Overworked body, toxicity, imbalances

Solution 5: Monitor your pulse to test for and eliminate food intolerances. Ensure you get two bunches of green leafy vegetables in a day (easily done in juice form), eliminate processed starches and all stimulants, transition to a raw food diet, limit your fat intake even from raw foods, eat plenty of sprouts, do the spit test in Q11 to check for Candida overgrowth, read my article: High Energy Raw Food Diet.

According to Dr. Wilson, 60% of people living in industrialized countries suffer from adrenal fatigue or adrenal insufficiency. This condition, as well as sluggish thyroid function and/or toxic liver can cause quite severe tiredness which won't become evident at normal doctor's checks. Best way to test for these is the hair mineral analysis. One can also do a spit test to check the health of the adrenal glands. Hair mineral analysis will also be able to determine other causes for tiredness such as anemia or other mineral deficiencies. Omega 3 oils, good quality air (oxygen and positive ions), protein and enough calories are also important for energy.

Also, try using magnesium oil on the skin after bath (available at most health food stores) to eliminate tiredness caused by magnesium deficiency (most people suffer from this).

To rule out some basic reasons for tiredness: See a doctor to ensure that you don't have an underlying illness, take blood tests and determine any imbalances or nutritional deficiencies, ensure you sleep enough, eliminate noise in your sleeping environment (use earplugs if necessary), have regular sleeping times (importantly, don't sleep during the day apart from possible 15-minute power naps), eliminate alcohol and heavy meals late in the evening, consider side effects of any medication you are on.

Q6: Are your eye whites bright white colour?

- Yes > Healthy
- No > Toxic system

Solution 6: Cleanse your body through a raw food diet, especially the liver. Take liver strengthening herbs and possibly also liver glandulars (if recommended by a nutritionist). Take coffee enemas. See above link for monitoring your pulse to eliminate food intolerances, mineralize by swimming in the sea and by taking minerals. Drink plenty of water and start each day with lemon juice mixed with water, which helps to clean the liver. Make sure you drink enough water eliminate stimulants and processed foods as much as possible, especially alcohol and medications. Smoking also affects the liver negatively.

are you healthy, raw food diet

Q7: Do you get uncontrollable hunger, strong cravings (especially for foods like pasta, white bread, mash potato and alcohol) irritability and mood swings when hungry - and do you tend to overeat?

- No > Healthy
- Yes > Habit of eating addictive foods and resulting imbalances, spikes in blood sugar levels. Consequent fatigue and stress hormone production, food intolerances.

Solution 7: Eliminate all processed starches and alcohol from your diet, drink plenty of green juices and other liquids (e.g. water) during the day, eliminate all sources of caffeine, eat a balanced raw food diet, rule out food intolerances (a very common problem), ensure you eat a little bit of protein with your meals.

How to Control Cravings, or
How to Control Sugar Cravings

Q8: Is your urine a strong colour and smell?

- No > Healthy
- Yes > Dehydration

Solution 8: Drink enough water or vegetable juices and smoothies, ensure plenty of water-rich foods in your diet throughout the day. Reduce diuretics, such as caffeine and alcohol. Switch to live spring water instead of tap water, ideally, because it is more hydrating.

Q9: Do you get tired after eating?

- No > Healthy
- Yes > You are eating difficult to digest, sickness-causing foods

Solution 9: Ensure that whenever you eat sugar or carbohydrates you combine them with plenty of fibrous foods. Eliminate processed foods, limit the intake of meats and ensure fiber with meat meals. Take digestive enzymes just before each meal. Make kefir at home for probiotics or take other probiotics regularly (and for a long time) to strengthen your digestion. Home-made fermented foods and living juices are some of the easiest things to digest. See also Solutions 1, 7 & 10.

Q10: Do you get energy slumps various times during the day which can't be explained by a natural reason (such as physical straining, eating very hard-to-digest foods, being too hot, lack of fresh air, exhaustion from work or from lack of sleep, depression or boredom)?

- No > Healthy
- Yes > 1) Blood sugar highs and lows and consequent stress or 2) Adrenal fatigue, thyroid sluggishness, toxic liver etc.

Solution 10: Ensure that you don't eat any foods which cause spikes in blood sugar (processed carbohydrates, caffeine), see also solutions 1, 7 & 9. Do hair mineral analysis to determine the health of your adrenals, thyroid, liver etc. Work with a nutritionist to get these imbalances corrected and read books about them.

Q11: If you spit in a glass of water first thing in the morning, before eating, drinking, or kissing, and leave the spit in the water for 2-15 minutes, does the spit remain clear and dissolve in the water or does it have strings travelling towards the bottom of the glass? Alternatively, does the saliva get cloudy and sink to the bottom of the glass or create cloudy specs suspended in the water?

- Clear spit dissolving in the water > Healthy
- Not clear spit > Overgrowth of Candida Albicans in the system

Solution 11: Explore different ways to get rid of candida. Dr. Douglas Graham claims that a fruitarian diet (80/10/10) gets rid of candida problems quicker than anything - however, it has been reported that the problems return when quitting the 80/10/10.

The next quickest way to get rid of candida that I have come across is Dr. McCombs' Lifeforce Plan (or McCombs Plan), which involves a significant investment in vitamins, undecenoic acid, and strong probiotics. It is a very efficient plan, however, which will take 6 months to complete. You can eat meat, brown rice, eggs, fruits, vegetables, tea and coffee, and you can smoke, but you will have to eliminate all forms of concentrated and processed sugar, including fruit juice, alcohol, all grains except brown rice and wholegrain rice cakes, all nuts and seeds, and dairy. For more details read Dr. McCombs book: Lifeforce Plan, it is an oldish classic.

Also, eating coconut oil has been mentioned to help against candida.

Q12: Are you hyperactive or have you been diagnosed with ADHD?

- No > Healthy
- Yes > Too much sugar and processed carbohydrates in the food, food or chemical intolerances, possible B-vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Solution 12: Eliminate, first of all, soft drinks. Ensure that you don't eat any processed sugars, eat a healthy and balanced diet to ensure enough nutrients (ideally a raw food diet). Get to know your pulse to eliminate food intolerances. Ensure you eat mineral-rich food and possibly supplement with B-vitamins and multi-mineral liquids. You can do a hair mineral analysis to determine vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Q13: Do you have period (menstrual) pain and long, heavy bleeding?

- No > Healthy
- Yes > Hormone Imbalance

Solution 13: Read: How to eliminate menstrual pain naturally

Q14: Do you find it difficult to concentrate through the day without drinking coffee/ caffeine, without having bisquits/ cakes/ sugary snacks or without drinking soft drinks/ energy drinks?

- No > Healthy
- Yes > Caffeine addiction, other stimulant addictions and/ or blood sugar swings

Solution 14: Raw Food Diet, see also Solutions: 1, 7, 9 & 10. Slowly reduce and eventually eliminate all stimulants. Important to do slowly, however, because it can take a while for the brain chemicals/ receptors to adjust.

Q15: Is your tongue coated (not pinky red)?

- No > Healthy
- Yes > Mucuous in the system, clogged up colon.

Solution 15: Quite dairy, which is very mucus forming. If it doesn't solve the whole problem, eliminate gluten as well and cleanse your system through a raw food diet, fasts, colon hydrotherapy (colonics) or home enemas. Ensure that you are not constipated (see Solutions 1 & 2).

Q16: Are you unable to spend time on your own without distractions, do you tend to overconsume alcohol and/or recreational drugs and do you keep yourself busy all the time to avoid an anxious or empty feeling?

- No > Healthy
- Yes > Anxiety, blocked emotions, trauma, suppressed feelings, caffeine consumption, food intolerances.

Solution 16: Eliminate caffeine as much as possible, stop any eating any processed foods, monitor your pulse for food intolerances.
Trauma Release Exercises (TRE, read David Berceli's book "The Revolutionary Trauma Release Process"), start a high-energy exercise routine, drink plenty of green juices to reduce addictive tendencies, try the "Emotional Freedom Technique" (EFT, read a book by Gary Craig on the topic, for example). Take ecstasy (in a country where it is legal) and contemplate any traumatic and stressful past experiences while under the influence, in a relaxing setting, as some people have reported that this benefits healing traumatic experiences. Of course, taking drugs is not healthy but this might work as a solution for extreme problems.

Also, read: My 30-day Trial of Trauma Release exercises and How to Control Anger/ Cures for Moodiness.

Q17: Are your under-eyes constantly black?

- No > Healthy
- Yes > Exhaustion and/or overworked adrenal glands (adrenal exhaustion/ adrenal burnout)

Solution 17: Plenty of sleep, reduce sources of stress in your life, eliminate caffeine, nicotine, sugar (except from fruit and sprouted grains), alcohol and if possible, all drugs (prescription and recreational). Also eliminate chemical, low-quality vitamins and supplements. Research adrenal supporting/ adrenal building foods and enzymes.

Read James Wilson's book: "Adrenal Fatigue, the 21st Century Stress Syndrome". Do a hair mineral analysis. You can also read Dr. Stephen Cherniske's book for ideas on what supplements to use to support the rebuilding of adrenal glands but the first book is more comprehensive.

Q18: Are you overweight, with puffy skin and is your skin tone pasty white or unusually pink?

- No > Healthy
- Yes > Constipation (or alcohol addiction)

Solution 18: See solutions 1, 7, 9 & 10. Read also: Raw Food Weight Loss.

Q19: Do you regularly get ill and do you get prescribed antibiotics from time to time?

- No > Healthy, strong immune system
- Yes > Weak immune system

Solution 19: Strengthen the immune system by building Bob Beck's blood electrification machine, drink high-quality colloidal silver, use a magnetic pulser, purify your body through raw food diet, fast, and ensure enough nutrients in your food, walk barefoot on natural ground (to get grounded), exercise, drink plenty of fluids, ensure you are not constipated.

Q20: Do you regularly consume pain killers to combat pain?

- No > Healthy
- Yes > Imbalances in the body or toxicity

Solution 20: Raw Food Diet, walking barefoot (grounding), deep breathing, fasting, the pulse test for food intolerances. Also check with your doctor for any more serious problems.

Q21: Is your nose constantly blocked, is your sense of smell hindered?

- No > Healthy
- Yes > System blocked with mucus

Solution 21: Eliminate dairy, read Arnold Ehret's "Mucuousless Diet Healing System", detoxify the body. Eliminate allergies and food intolerances.

Q22: If you fast on vegetable juices for a day without eating solid foods, do you get detox symptoms (e.g. headache, weakness, irritability, diarrhea, belly upset, extreme hunger, bad breath, etc.)

- No > Healthy, clean body
- Yes > Toxic body (humans were not designed to eat every day)

Solution 22: Transition slowly into a raw food diet and when able, undertake a series of short juice fasts (juice feasts). Detoxify your body through other means as well, such as enemas, etc.

Q23: Do you have high blood pressure?

- No > Healthy
- Yes > Bad diet or food intolerances.

Solution 23: Raw Food Diet, see movie: "Raw for 30 Days". You can see snippets of the movie on You Tube, as well as testimonials from people who balanced their blood pressure very quickly with a raw food diet. Monitor your pulse using the Pulse Test and eliminate food intolerances.

Q24: Do you feel unhappy for no good reason?

- No > Healthy
- Yes > Imbalances in the body, toxicity, lack of nutrients, side-effects of medication, or consumption of depressants, such as alcohol or some recreational drugs. Addictions, trauma.

Solution 24: Raw Food Diet, plenty of chlorophyll (at least two large dark green juices per day), ensure a nutrient-rich diet, detoxify via raw foods and fasting, eliminate alcohol and drugs, speak to your doctor about the side effects of your medication, use magnesium oil on your skin after a shower/ bath, eliminate nicotine, see Solution 16. Learn trauma release exercises and overcome your addictions.

Q25: Do you feel that your intuition guides you and you have good luck in life?

- Yes > Healthy
- No > Blocked "third eye" energy meridian

Solution 25: Study how to unblock the "Third Eye" naturally. Do not take DMT or large amounts of Ormus Gold as these will throw you off balance. Seek to open the third eye through fasting, visualisations, energy work, eliminating toxins, such as fluoride, decalcify the system.

Q26: Do you often have nightmares?

- No > Healthy
- Yes > Low energy vibrations

Solution 26: Seek to bring yourself to a higher vibration level. Read "Ask and It Is Given" by Esther and Jerry Hicks, don't eat heavy foods late in the evening, ensure that your sleeping environment is comfortable and there is plenty of fresh air, eat high-energy (fresh and raw) foods (see images in David Wolfe's book: Sunfood Diet Success System), swim in the natural sea, spend time in nature, exercise and get your body moving, ensure plenty of fresh air in your house, avoid stressful, tiring and boring situations in your life, laugh, create a relaxing environment at home, study how the energy meridians in the human body work, avoid horror and scary movies which shock your subconscious mind, read about how the subconscious mind works (e.g. the Genie Within by Harry W. Carpenter), spend time with uplifting people if you can, spend time with animals.

Q27: Do you have diabetes, prediabetes or insulin resistance?

- No > Healthy
- Yes > Body out of balance

Solution 27: See Solution 23.

Please note that I am in the process of preparing articles on each of these solutions, with more information. Meanwhile, you can contact me via the link at the bottom of the page, in the comments or via Facebook. My book summaries also have plenty of useful information and inspirational quotes.

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