Raw Food on a Budget, Week 3

Third week on a raw food on a budget experiment. The detailed budget is given below, together with daily diary notes relating to detoxification and health benefits.

A summary of each day of this diet is provided here: 100 days raw food summary.

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Day 15 - Raw Food on a Budget

17th October 2011, Monday

I am at my ideal weight now, it is interesting to see what will happen from here. If I lose more weight I will be below my teenage weight (I am 32 years old now). I would prefer to keep my weight at this level or slightly higher.

Weight: 52kg

- Juice: 1 bunch of romaine lettuce (89p), 2 small apples (20p), 1 lemon (13p).
COST: £1.22

- Smoothie: 1/2 avocado (17p), 1 apple (25p), 2 dates (10p), 3 tbsp black currants (free, picked from the forest in Finland), a banana (22p), water, 1 teasp raw honey (21p).
COST: 95p

- 10x Brazil nuts (16p)
- 3 apples (30p)
- lemon water with juice of 1/2 lemon (13p)
COST: 59p

- Salad: 2 cups of mixed leaf green salad (67p), 1 mango grated (79p), 30g cashew nuts (71p), 2 tbsp nutritional yeast (2p), 5 cherry tomatoes (95p), himalayan sea salt (2p), black pepper (2p), 2 tbsp capers (30p), 1 avocado (33p), squirt of lemon (7p).
COST: £3.88

TOTAL COST FOR DAY 15: £6.64 ($10.58, €7.76)

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Day 16 - Raw Food Challenge

18th October 2011, Tuesday

I am reading about the benefits of fasting and getting excited about the coming week (not least because I will be on holiday)! I am sure that I will have plenty to write about during the live juice fasting week. If the fast works out well for me and my energy levels increase, I will keep doing it regularly, either at change of seasons, or even a day every week or a week every month. My future fasting endeavours will depend on the results I get during this initial trial. I will keep reporting on the fasts in the 'Juice Fasting' section of this website.

I don't think the fast will be difficult because green juices seem to keep hunger and, anyway, they say you get used to it in a couple of days. However, depending on how I feel, I will continue the fast 1-7 days. I make no promises but definitely aim for 7 days.

My energy levels were good today, I was not hungry, but had some detox symptoms of slight diarrhea and some spots on my skin [spots due to cheese]. Soon I will be over my record raw food length and journeying into 'uncharted waters'...

Later note: I drank a lot of caffeine, so the energy levels were due to 'fake energy' that would result in tiredness later.

Workdays do seem to go faster, perhaps this is a side-effect of being able to concentrate better.

Budget Calculation, Day 16 Raw Food Diet

Morning weight: 52kg, evening weight: 53kg

- Juice: 1 broccoli (59p), bunch of spinach (59p), 2 stalks celery (10p)
COST: £1.28

- 4 x green teas (free, at work)
- 1 banana (22p)

- Smoothie: banana (22p), apple (10p), 1/2 cup blueberries (free, from Finland), 1/4 cucumber (30p), 1/2 avocado (16p).
COST: 78p

- Salad: 2 cups of mixed green baby leaves (67p), 1/2 red bell pepper (30p), 1/3 cup of nut 'cheeze' (49p), 2 tbsp raisins (19p), 1 tbsp capers (15p), dash of soya sauce (2p), olive oil (13p), juice of 1 lemon (25p), 4 okra (8p), 3 sundried tomatoes (27p), 2 dates (10p).
- Handful of cashew nuts (30g) (71p)
- Juice of 1/2 lemon in water (13p)
COST: £3.49

TOTAL COST FOR DAY 16: £5.77 ($9.20, €6.73)

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Day 17 - Raw Food on a Budget

19th October 2011, Wed

Woke up tired again like yesterday morning. It was probably because I went to bed at 1am and had my alarm ring at 6.30am. But the green tea and lack of iron supplement might be contributing.

[Later note: Green tea makes me hugely more tired in the mornings. I later became happily caffeine free again. You can read why here: "Benefits of Quitting Caffeine"]

Later note: Notes for the rest of the day seem to be missing - I remember that I was at points struggling to find time to write this diary while also working and calculating budgets for each meal. Perhaps my life was too stressful at this point, considering that I was very low on money as well.

How Much I Spent, Day 17 on Raw Foods

- Smoothie: a banana (22p), 4 tbsp blueberries (free, from the forest in Finland), water, apple (10p), 1 teasp raw honey (21p), 1/2 cup of mixed green leaves (15p).
COST: 68p

A free salad at work. I had two small salads from Marks & Spencer, one 'superfoods salad' and one 'tomato salad'.

- 10 brazil nuts (16p)
- 4 mandarins (95p)
- 4 green teas (free, at work)
- 1/2 litre bottle of sparkling Perrier mineral water (60p)
COST: £1.71

- A handful of cashew nuts (71p)
- Smoothie: a banana (22p), an apple (10p), 1 cup of frozen mixed berries (60p)
COST: £1.63

TOTAL COST FOR DAY 17: £4.02 ($6.41, €4.69)

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Day 18 - Raw Food on a Budget

19th Oct 2011, Thursday

[Later Update: Again, I unfortunately ate carrot which I later found out I had a food intolerance to...]

This morning my face looked like I was detoxing: it was puffy and wrinkly!

[I later discovered the puffiness was a symptom of inflammation, which was probably caused by the cheese I ate on Day 17. Some people can tolerate raw cheese better but the fact that I don't seem to tolerate it well points to a pathogen hiding in my body, perhaps aspergillus mold, perhaps candida, ebstein barr virus or another bacteria/virus 'stealth infection'.]

Also I have been having spots recently and my skin is generally in worse shape than usual. They say that when you transition to raw foods you are going through a phase when your looks get worse. A part of purification.

Later note: This could be due to detox or because of less than ideal diet and lifestyle. Dairy cheese usually gives me spots.

But generally I feel well, I went to lunch with work mates today and I drank a 'Naked' superjuice, although I suspect it was probably pasteurised. So not strictly speaking raw food. But there were no additives or sugar added, just pure juices. It was a Vietnamese restaurant so I had a salad with red chilli and soya sauce.

I feel it's very easy to eat raw food now. The main problem is that I get lazy and don't eat proper breakfast or don't eat enough sometimes. For example tonight I couldn't be bothered to make dinner because I was tired, so stayed hungry instead. But I have the same problem when I eat cooked food: Sometimes I get lazy and - instead of staying hungry - I would eat things like toast or take-away junk. But I am getting better at being disciplined and learning. I think trying to stick to specific eating times would help a lot.

I don't have a problem drinking my smoothie at work or going out with people anymore, I know I will always find something to eat. Today I was quite lucky, finding many things, but if I hadn't, I could have drank sparkling water and eaten bananas or whatever fruit I could find.

I get very slight cooked food cravings but it is all about the attitude. I am kind of past the phase were this gets boring now and it has become a habit. (Although they say that a habit takes 30-days to form so I suspect it will get even easier after.) I don't even think about it that much, it is becoming automatic. I am dedicated to the 100 days and excited about it, so it is easy to stay in the right mindset. And the mindset is key. The fact that I have transitioned slowly and read copious amounts of inspiring raw food books makes it much easier. But if you are struggling with staying in the right frame of mind I would suggest visualising yourself as having all the benefits you want to achieve and getting yourself in an excited state of mind every day. And making up positive affirmations.

I don't feel self-conscious about drinking my smoothies or talking about the raw food diet at work anymore. Generally people are surprisingly understanding and some even get interested in the topic. Some are already wanting to try it out and others thank me because they wouldn't have known about the topic unless I told them. Some just laugh, of course, but I laugh with them. After all, it is a very radical diet!

My period (menses) lasted only four days, the last two being minimal flow.

Expenditure, Day 18 Raw Food Diet

Breakfast (8.15am):
- Smoothie: 1 banana (22p), 3/4 apple (8p), 1 cup blueberries (free), 1 cup fresh coriander (cilantro) (30p), 1.5 teasp bee pollen (17p).
COST: 77p

- Smoothie: 1.5 bananas (33p), 1/4 apple (5p), 2 dates (10p), 1/2 cup coriander (15p), 1.5 teasp raw honey (31p), piece of courgette (zucchini) (15p), 2 teasp cacao nibs (66p).
- Small salad at a Vietnamese Restaurant: iceberg lettuce, red pepper, carrot, soya sauce, red chilli (£4)
- 'Naked' superjuice (£2.50)
COST: £8.25

- 4 green teas (free and 2p)
- 2x mandarins (50p)

- 4 olives (25p)
- 2x 'Naked' raw cereal bars (£1.20)
- Juice of one grapefruit (50p)
COST: £1.95

TOTAL COST FOR DAY 18: £11.49 ($18.55, €13.11)

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Day 19 - Raw Food on a Budget

20th Oct 2011, Friday

- Smoothie: 1/2 banana, 1/2 avocado, 1 tbsp bee pollen, 2 tbsp goji berries, 4 romaine lettuce leaves.

Unfortunately I lost the notes of the rest of the day... the file got overwritten. I was able to recover most of the week from my hand-written notes, so the totals for the week are correct, but couple of bits were missing as I had written them directly on the computer :(

Raw Food Diet Day 20

21st Oct 2011, Sat

- 1/2 block of raw (unpasteurised) buffalo mozzarella cheese (£3.25)
- Some other cheese
- Smoothie: an apple, 4 romaine lettuce leaves, etc.
- 2 green teas

L (4pm):
- Smoothie: a banana, an apple (10p), 1 tbsp cacao nibs, 1 tbsp goji berries, water, 4 romaine lettuce leaves (20p), 2 dates (10p).

Unfortunately I lost the notes of the rest of the day...

Analysis, Day 20 Raw Food Diet

I'm getting bad skin with lots of blocked pores but it is probably because I have eaten a lot of fat....

[Later note: Again, would have probably been a lot better NOT to eat any dairy, whether raw or not. Read more here about the "Benefits of Quitting Dairy". I later found out that quitting dairy cleared my cough and phlegm.]

Raw Food Diet Day 21

22nd Oct 2011, Sun

- Raw porridge: 1 cup soaked oat groats (36p), 1/2 tbsp cinnamon (2p), 1/4 cup dates (30p), handful of raisins (28p), 2 tbsp maple syrup (72p).

- 6 green teas (12p)
- 4 olives (25p)

- apple 'pancakes', cashew kream, raspberry 'jam': super-yummy! from Ani Phyo's recipe book...
(1 apple (15p), 1/2 cup flax meal (80p) (ground brown flax seeds), 2 tbsp maple syrup (72p), 1/2 cup water > dehydrated. 1 cup of frozen raspberries (60p), 1/4 cup of dates (30p) > mixed into jam. 1 cup cashew nuts (£1.20), 1/2 cup coconut oil (£1.75), seeds of 1 vanilla bean (£1.99), 1/2 cup filtered water, cinnamon (2p), maple syrup (72p))
COST: £8.25

- Raw pizza*: (1.5 slices) (£1.09)

(* Raw pizza: Tomato pizza crust: 1/2 cup flax (linseed) meal, 1.5 cups tomato, 1/2 teasp sea salt, 1 cup water, 1 cup whole flaxseed (linseed). Smoky mole sauce: 12 sundried tomato halves, soaked, 1 green chile soaked, 1 tbsp lime juice, salt, 1/2 avocado, 0.75 teasp cumin powder, 3 tbsp raw cacao powder, 1/8 cup olive oil, 1.5 dates, soak water from tomatoes and chiles. Toppings: pineapple, coriander, mushrooms marinated in soya sauce with rosemary, tomato.)

Total Expenditure, Week Three, Raw Foods on a Budget

Total spent in Week 3: £60.76 ($98.07, €69.31)
Average per day: £8.68 ($14.01, €9.90)

A brief summary of each day of this diet is provided here: 100 days raw food summary.

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