Raw Food on a Budget, Week 1

The first week of this raw food on a budget trial is detailed below. Diary notes on detoxification and health benefits, as well as budget is below.

A summary of each day of this diet is provided here: 100 days raw food summary.

Initial costs:
A small blender (£23 from Amazon)
A juicer (£20 from Argos)
A coffee grinder for grinding seeds and nuts into powder (£10)
A sprouting jar
OBH Nordica dehydrator (€35 euros) (not crucial)

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All the exchange rates are calculated at the time of writing. Because the pound is quite strong compared to the dollar and the euro at the moment, however, and because food prices in the USA especially are considerably lower, it may make sense to just replace the pound symbol with a dollar or euro symbol, e.g. £2 = $2 = €2... This may be more likely to reflect local prices.

I shop at the local corner stores, and online at GojiKing.co.uk, which seems good value. Whenever I can I order nuts in bulk and organic. I try to avoid shopping at Tesco's or other supermarkets because their fruit has absolutely no taste and I suspect it doesn't, in that case, have many minerals either. Sometimes I shop at Marks&Spencer's close to work but find that the local corner shop beats them in quality and price every time.

Preparation for the Raw Food Challenge

The weekend of the 1st and 2nd October was spent slowly preparing, 'descending' into the diet. I ate large amounts of green juices, raw green soups (made of coriander, tasty!) and lots of fruit. I also went to buy some young coconuts (jelly coconuts) from Brixton Market.
I stopped drinking green tea, so no hot drinks or caffeine in any form. But I included some non-raw comfort foods into the two preparatory days (before day 1), to help ease into the diet and to help the first days without caffeine.

[Update: You can read my report on the huge benefits of quitting caffeine here: Benefits of Quitting Caffeine.]

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Day 1 of 100% Raw

3rd October 2011, Monday

I was very hungry today as expected and had to eat lots of fatty foods to feel satisfied and to be able to concentrate at work. I started getting quite restless at some point in the afternoon, contemplating pastas and teas, but it passed within a couple of hours. My body felt like it needed either green tea or junk food (especially starchy carbs)! But I didn't give in and felt fine quite soon after.

I have to find a way to spend only about half of what I spent today, while ensuring enough calories and nutrients! Quite a challenge. I have to think about this one. But leaving out the nut snack (impulsive purchase), using normal tomatoes instead of cherry tomatoes, and leaving out the wheatgrass powder should help a little bit. Perhaps I will have to leave the morning juice out and just have it every other day or so. Let's see.

[Update: I would definitely NOT recommend leaving out the morning juice. That is the most important part of the diet. If I wanted to spend less than this on 100% raw food diet I would eat less cashew nuts and cherry tomatoes (the expensive items) and focus on cheaper alternatives. I would eat more greens because the micronutrients in them make them surprisingly filling. If you find that eating so much fresh fruit and vegetables is too expensive, you should consider the benefits of NOT eating 100% raw but HIGH-raw, including easy, non-gluten sources of calories, such as quinoa, millet, sweet potato, and yam, which are easier eaten in their cooked form.]

I feel extremely happy that I made it through the day - I know from experience that tomorrow will be easier (today wasn't too hard at all, as I allowed myself to indulge on fatty foods). I feel quite energetic now but will take a hot bath and go to bed early, knowing that my body has quite a bit of detoxing to do.

Bedtime: 10pm

Later note: Looks like I had a fair amount of protein this day, from greens, nuts and seeds.

Starting weight: 57kg (9 stones or 126 pounds)
Exercise: 1hr total of cycling to work and back every weekday
Supplements: A vegan, non-raw iron supplement (Floravital) because I had a low ferritin level in blood tests (26g/L).

Finances: I counted my budget for the next 3 weeks (until I get money again) and after paying my rent and bills I have a maximum of £5.72 per day left, which will be spent on food. Thus I cannot spend more than this per day!

Detox: I drink plenty of water and take a long hot bath daily to help my body flush and sweat out toxins.

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Day 1, Raw Food Budget

- 10ml Floravital (iron supplement) (38p)
- Juice: 1 bunch of romaine lettuce (99p), 2 apples (26p)
- Smoothie (500ml): 2 bananas (58p), 3 romaine lettuce leaves (15p), 1 tbsp linseeds (flax seeds) (12p), 1 tbsp pumpkin seeds (7p), 1/2 apple (6p), 1 tbsp wheatgrass powder (52p), tap water
COST: £3.13 ($4.84, €3.66)

Snack (11am):
Half a honey melon (75p)

Lunch (12.30pm):
- Smoothie: 1.5 bananas (44p), 1/2 apple (6p), 1 sundried tomato (9p), 1 tomato (13p), 4 romaine lettuce leaves (20p), water
COST: 92p

1 bag of cashew nut and raisin mix (£1.79), 2 small bananas (44p), plenty of tap water
COST: £2.23 ($3.45, €2.61)

Dinner (7.30pm):
- 10ml Floravital iron supplement (38p)
- Sundried tomato marinara with raw 'pasta': 1 large courgette (59p), 2 cups of cherry tomatoes (£1.23), 1/4 cup of cold-pressed (extra virgin) olive oil (32p), 1/2 lime (13p), 2 dates (10p), 3 sundried tomatoes (27p), fresh rosemary (free from a friend), dried basil (2p), dried thyme (1p), pink himalayan salt (2p), plenty of homemade cheeze (mixed cashews and nutritional yeast) (36p)
COST: £3.43 ($5.30, €4.01)

TOTAL COST FOR DAY 1: £10.46 ($16.18, €12.25)

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Day 2 - Raw Food on a Budget Diary

4th Oct 2011, Tues

I felt very good today, woke up before the alarm clock and didn't feel hungry or restless at all. Energy levels were good throughout the day, probably because I'm free of caffeine and the green juices and smoothies might have helped as well.

[Later note: Green juices especially have a HUGE impact on energy levels and moods.]

I was having a conversation with someone on a raw food blog, who was very excited about greens, sprouts and sea vegetables. Apparently they give him energy beyond anything he experienced before and now he eats barely anything else.
The idea sounds credible, as other raw foodists swear by greens as well (Victoria Boutenko and Supa Nova Slom, among others). I think I can already feel the effect of the greens (been eating plenty of them for four days now and feeling energetic).

I managed to spend less money but I'm still not on target. Reducing the quantity of fruit eaten helps to save money straight away. Dinner was quite indulgent so it should be easy to make something cheaper tomorrow.

Another interesting note: Someone on a blog recommended not having too many sugary fruits for breakfast so I left out the bananas, apples and dates this time from my morning smoothie, adding more greens instead. It seemed to keep hunger longer since I didn't have to have a snack in the morning at all. Sugary fruit versus greens seems to be the confusing question in the raw food world right now - which is the better energy source and which should the majority of a daily meal consist of? I tend to go for the greens, from my experience so far, and because of the fact that I live in Northern Europe where the quality of fruit available is not great.

[Later note: I later experimented with low-carbohydrate diets and eating very little or no fruit. I found out that this was not an ideal diet for me as I began to lose energy. For more information, read: Carbohydrates Increase Energy.]

[Later note: The flu-like symptoms may have also been caused by fruit, as I was for long intolerant of fruit (until later, once I began to clear the aspergillus mold infection from my sinuses.)]

Whether fruit or greens can stop me losing too much weight is yet to be seen.

[Later note: I think the trick for not losing too much weight is to eat ENOUGH of all the good things. Yet to be proven in my trials, however. Follow the progress on this topic here: "How to gain weight on raw foods."]

Sleeptime: 10pm.

Later note: Looks like I had a fair amount of protein this day, from greens, nuts and seeds.

Day 2, Costs

Breakfast (8am):
- 10ml Floravital iron supplement (38p)
- Smoothie: 2 big bunches of parsley (32p), small piece of green chilli (1p), 1/2 lime (13p), 1 tomato (13p), 1 tsp organic cold-pressed coconut oil (17p), 1 tbsp hemp seeds (13p), water.
COST: £1.27 ($1.96, €1.47)

Lunch (1pm):
- Smoothie: 4 romaine lettuce leaves (20p), 1 tbsp pumpkin seeds (7p), 1 tbsp linseeds (flax seeds) (12p), small piece of green chilli (1p), 1 sundried tomato (7p), water.
- 1 very ripe plantain mashed (33p).
COST: 80p

- Organic almonds (about 30) (75p), 1 small banana (22p), lots of tap water.
COST: 97p

- 10ml Floravital iron supplement (38p)
- Courgette 'pasta' with home-made raw pesto sauce: 1 small courgette (42p), 1/3 cup parsley (8p), 1/3 cup rocket (rucola) (9p), 1/3 cup basil (18p), 1/3 cup pinenuts (80p), little bit of garlic (1p), some lime juice (7p), cold-pressed olive oil (13p), pink himalayan salt (2p), soya sauce (1p), cayenne pepper (2p), 1 tomato (13p), 1/2 avocado (40p).
COST: £2.74 ($4.24, €3.17)

No green tea or hot drinks or caffeine of any kind.

TOTAL FOR DAY 2: £5.78 ($8.93, €6.70)

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Day 3 - Raw Food on a Budget Experiment

5th Oct 2011, Wednesday

I spent way too much today! Cashew nuts, mango and strawberries were the main culprits...

I got into snacking this morning and although my energy was fine in the afternoon, I had a slight headache, sore throat and a feeling of a cold coming on during the lunch break and in the afternoon. Cycle ride and nice cold soup for dinner helped.

Restlessness was back, I felt quite irritable all day, more than usual.

[Later note: Amazingly, I found out during my later juice fast that I had an intolerance to carrots and celery. Carrots would cause me many symptoms, including rapid heartbeat and irritability. Celery would give me flu-like symptoms and a weak feeling.]

I also got a strong feeling of thirst after my lunch smoothie, which wouldn't go no matter how much water I drank. In fact I still have it now while writing this (10pm). I often get the same strong feeling of thirst after eating a mixed salad (no salt or spices involved). Have to research what it might be.

[Later note: I think live spring water would have been more hydrating than the tap water I was drinking. Also, the dehydration might be a detox symptom, I might just need to drink more water when detoxing. The thirst was most likely, however, a sign of difficulty with digesting so much fiber, as I later gathered from my many experiments.]

Generally I feel well but have to budget better!

Later note: Had cashews and almonds mainly for protein, as well as greens and some seeds. I don't know if this gave me enough protein and enough essential amino acids for the day...

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Day 3 Raw Food Budget

Breakfast (7.20am):
- 10ml Floravital (38p)
- Juice: Half a pack of fresh baby spinach leaves (75p), 2 carrots (14p), 3 celery stalks (30p).
- Smoothie: 1/2 bunch parsley (35p), 1 stalk celery (10p), 1 carrot (7p), 1/2 lime (7p), ginger (2p), water.
COST: £2.18

Snacks: 30 almonds (75p), 1.5 cups strawberries (£1), tap water.
COST: £1.75

- Smoothie: 1 banana (22p), 2 cups of spinach (75p), 1 tbsp flax seeds (linseeds) (12p), 1 tbsp ground (raw organic) cacao nibs (33p).
- 1 small mango (£1.33)
COST: £2.75

- 1 very ripe plantain mashed, with salt and pepper (tasty!) (33p).

- Cold soup: 1 bunch coriander (79p), 1/2 tomato (25p), 1/2 avocado (50p), 1 cup cashew nuts (£1.20), juice of 1 lemon (25p), some grated daikon radish (12p), piece of a green chilli (2p), soya sauce (1p), big knob of ginger (2p), 1/2 cup olive oil (53p).
- 10ml Floravital (38p)
COST: £4.07

TOTAL COST FOR DAY 3: £11.08 ($17.13, €12.84)

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Day 4, Raw Food on a Budget

6th Oct 2011, Thursday

I was a bit lazy today. Had some cravings... No sign of a cold anymore. Not the most energetic day, although I woke up early, 4.30am, with a feeling that I had slept enough. I didn't get up but went back to sleep though :) lazyness.

[Later note: I didn't have big enough breakfast, thus tiredness and cravings.]

Did not feel very good after eating the heavy dinner [Nori Rolls] with unsoaked pumpkin seeds. It felt like it just sat in my belly for hours making me uncomfortable. Perhaps soaking the seeds might make it better or perhaps this dish was just too dry and heavy. I also woke up quite hungry the next morning.

[Later note: I found out that eating too much fiber - like the daikon radish in the nori rolls - generally caused many problems for me. Read more here: Fiber Can Cause Dehydration.

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Day 4 Budget

- 10ml Floravital (38p)
- Smoothie: 2 kale leaves from frozen (15p), 1 handful of cucumber chunks (11p), 1 banana (20p), water.
COST: 84p

Snack: 1.5 cups of strawberries (£1), almonds (50p).
COST: £1.50

- Smoothie: Cup of fresh coriander (26p), 2 dates (10p), 1 carrot (7p), cayenne pepper (2p), 1 tbsp coconut flakes (5p), juice of 1 lemon (25p).
- Mashed plantain with salt and pepper (33p).
COST: £1.80

3 small bananas (66p)

- Floravital (38p)
- Nori rolls*: 3 sheets (£1.89)

(*Nori rolls, four sheets: 4 nori seaweed sheets (52p), 1 cup pumpkin seeds (42p), large chunk of ginger (4p), soya sauce (4p), wasabi powder (11p), 1 sprig of spring onion (9p), half of a large daikon radish (47p), 1/4 cup cashew nuts (30p), salt (2p), pepper (2p), 1/2 clove garlic (1p), piece of red pepper (10p), piece of a peach (30p), piece of an apple (8p), water - COST: £2.52)

TOTAL COST FOR DAY 4: £7.07 ($10.91, €8.12)

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Day 5 - 100-Days on Raw Foods

7th Oct 2011, Fri

An experiment with green tea: it seems that it keeps hunger very well. I didn't feel like snacking at all when drinking it, I wasn't hungry all day. But it really didn't make me feel well either. I get the annoying 'caffeine' feeling, from when I've drank too much caffeine: uncomfortable belly, numb mouth with no taste, general tenseness (especially in the neck, teeth and head), slight headache.

Let's see how difficult it is to stop green tea tomorrow again... Hopefully I haven't ruined my weekend!

[Later note: it is very dangerous to overlook hunger by drinking green tea or by other means. Healthy hunger is a sign that our body needs minerals and nutrients, MORE than it needs calories, as Dr. Joel Furhman argues in his book: "Eat for Health".]

[Later note: I realized later that caffeine even in very small amounts causes me to get very dehydrated and my system to go out of balance.]

I must have been quite hungry today, though, because when I did start eating in the evening I felt - and still feel like - I needed endlessly more food. But I also feel much more tired than the last couple of evenings. I think it's the caffeine. I bet I will wake up tired tomorrow too.

Apart from that the experiment is going well. I am 5% through! ...It's a start. I still spend too much money on average per day but this was expected in the first week, while getting used to the diet. Today it was easy to spend little, though, because of the green tea. But the tea doesn't work for me and I'm also worried about eating too little. So bye-bye tea for now (again) and up the budgeting challenge!

I have taken a week off work to do a 7-day live juice fast, starting on the 29th October. That's three weeks away. I am excited about this as I have never done a fast before! Until then I try to keep eating as many greens as I possibly can to cleanse and to keep my energy levels up. Hopefully that way I won't get horrid detox symptoms during the fast.

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Day 5 Budget

- 10ml Floravital (38p)
- Smoothie: Banana (22p), 1/2 apple (10p), 2 florets of broccoli (9p), 2 romaine lettuce leaves (10p), 1 tbsp of coconut flakes (5p).
COST: 94p

[Later note: Raw broccoli should be avoided since it can suppress thyroid function and cause hypothyroidism, according to reports.]

3 green teas (free at work), tap water.

- Smoothie: banana (22p), 4 lettuce leaves (20p), 3 broccoli florets (14p), some coconut meat from a fresh young coconut (10p), 1/2 apple (10p), tap water.
COST: 76p

- 10ml Floravital (38p)
- 1 sheet of nori rolls (63p)
- Sundried tomato marinara 'pasta': 1 courgette (72p), 3 tomatoes (26p), 5 sundried tomatoes (dry, not with oil) (45p), 3 dates (15p), 1/4 cup olive oil (27p), 1 lime (35p), cheeze (made from cashew nuts and nutritional yeast, yummy!) (12p), pink himalayan salt, fresh rosemary (free), dried thyme, dried basil, black pepper, cayenne pepper (spices altogether: 8p), water.
COST: £3.41

TOTAL COST FOR DAY 5: £5.11 ($7.95, €5.94)

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Day 6 - 100% Raw

8th Oct 2011, Saturday

I felt very energetic all day. And I think it was at least partly because of the green juices. Went to bed at midnight but still didn't feel tired at all. No problem falling asleep though.

Later note: For best results on a raw food diet, it would be advisable to leave out all dairy, even though the cheese I ate here was raw. Read more here: "Benefits of Quitting Dairy". One could then reintroduce dairy and see if there are any negative symptoms. Also the raw chocolate bars and other processed snacks are not really a health food - so ideally would avoid those too, and especially avoid those if you want to save money. Carry your own home-made raw food snacks with you instead.

Later note: On the other hand the cheese may have provided protein in easy-to-digest form, which may have helped with energy levels this day.

Later note: I had celery this day, which I later found out I had an intolerance to.

Day 6 Raw Food Diet Budget

Brekkie (11am):
- 10ml Floravital (38p)
- 1 raw 'Naked' cereal bar (£1.10)
- Green olives (£1.10)
COST: £2.58

Lunch (1pm):
- Juice: 1 bunch of romaine lettuce (99p), 1 apple (24p), 2 stalks of celery (10p).
- 10ml Floravital (38p)
- Smoothie (3pm): 2 bananas (44p), 1 mango (£1.30), 1/2 apple (12p), 1/2 peach (13p), 3 dates (15p), 1/4 pack of frozen raspberries (63p).
COST: £4.48

- 1/2 'Conscious' raw chocolate bar (£1.50), unpasteurised raw cheese (Reblochon) (£1.32).
COST: £2.82

Dinner (8pm):
- Green juice: 1/2 bunch of spinach (39p), 1 gem lettuce (50p).
COST: 89p

Evening drink:
- 1/2 lemon in water (13p).

TOTAL COST FOR DAY 6: £10.90 ($16.95, €12.66)

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Day 7 - Raw Food Challenge

9th Oct 2011, Sunday

Slight diarrhea today but not too bad. Probably a detox symptom, my body clearing me out!

Later note: The diarrhea might also have been due to having eaten too much raw vegetable fiber for many days now.

I slept a long night last night, felt quite groggy after waking up, especially after a very hot bath. Walking outside and drinking green juice helped to perk me up, though. Green juice also really seems to help with cravings! I might try to have only green juice for breakfast tomorrow and see if it carries my hunger through the day.

My throat was quite phlegmy today, probably because of the raw cheese and raw (but processed) chocolate bar. But I think treats, especially at the beginning of the diet, make easing into and sticking to it so much easier. This weekend I've felt that sticking to raw is very easy for me and it feels natural. Having slowly transitioned over the last year (and longer) has obviously helped to make it easier.

[Later update: I found out later that dairy doesn't suit me and causes a lot of mucus. But on the other hand I think the added calories and fat from cheese maybe made me feel stronger at this point of the diet. Next raw food diet should be higher calorie, ensure enough good fats and dairy free.]

I am not sure if indulging in raw treats has made it easier or more difficult. It helps to think that you can snack on cheese and chocolate in a healthy way but at the same time the heaviness of these foods might slow down the detox and make the disappearance of cravings for cooked food take a lot longer.

[Later note: Unfortunately the truth is that you can NOT know what is in those snacks and whether they in fact are raw or organic even if they claim to be... They are also probably difficult to digest and often include a lot of sugar. Sugar feeds parasites which everyone has... And the word 'raw' is not regulated, so they can call raw pretty much whatever they want. These probably also cause cravings, so best to avoid and make your own ones instead - will save a lot of money that way too.]

One thing I have noticed for sure: green juices definitely help fight the cravings and they do give more energy. Although it is an investment, I will try to keep having 1-3 green juices every day! I'm excited about this! Read my book review on Victoria Boutenko's 'Green for Life' for lots of inspiration on the amazing things a glass of green smoothie can do for you, whether you are a raw foodist or not!

I was disappointed that I couldn't find 'kombucha' tea at the Stokie 'Wholefoods' yesterday. But I reminded myself again of the fact that a trip to Wholefoods always means expensive prices and inevitably indulging in some raw treats. Although it can be fun, best to avoid it most of the time and stick to ordering online as much as possible. I am definitely fast running out of money now - and it will be two weeks before I get paid again (!) - so the second week, starting tomorrow, will have to be a lot more strict. But I will not let myself be too uncomfortable as the idea of this diet is to transition comfortably. I congratulate myself on sticking to 100% raw for now, and try not to push myself too far too quickly. Enjoyment is key to being able to stick to this in the long term. So fat foods, treats, spending a little too much in the beginning, etc. are secondary for now. But eventually I want to also learn to not eat late in the evening...

Thoughts on carbohydrates: apart from eating copius amounts of fruits, raw foodists can apparently get carbs from certain live grains, notably millet and quinoa. I have by now given up on the idea of eating only fruits for carbs. I make sure to include fruits in my diet but because of the cost and the availability of good quality fruit in Northern Europe most of the year are serious challenges, and also because the majority 'fruitarian' (Natural Hygiene) diet has been discredited by many contemporary raw foodists, I will try to find a different way of balancing my carbohydrate needs, while not eating too many fatty, heavy foods, and keeping my calorie intake at a healthy level and keeping my energy levels very high.

Thus I am now sprouting millet, which I should be able to try out tomorrow, as well as eating whole oat groats and later, quinoa. Quinoa and millet at least don't have any gluten or other allergens like there are in wheat, and as long as they sprout well they are live and not processed.

[Later note: I HIGHLY recommend sprouting these as well as other seeds, such as broccoli, as a part of a low-budget, high-nutrition raw food diet.]

I will soon add calorie, carbohydrate, fat and protein counts to my daily meals, using the calculation tool at Nutridiary.com, although I expect this week to lean heavily on the fats side. My scales recently broke and I threw them out but once I get to use scales somewhere I will give you an update on my weight, as I expect it to drop on raw foods even while eating fats, based on previous experience.

Weekends seem longer and I seem to achieve more when I'm on raw foods. Also, my mind is already starting to feel more balanced, happier and relaxed. I focus on and enjoy the moments more. The feeling is still quite subtle but since I've had it before on raw foods I recognise it quickly this time and can enjoy it more consciously.

Later note: This day I got protein from oats, greens, sweet potato, cheese, and cashew nuts.

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Day 7 Costs

Breakfast/lunch (11am):
- 10ml Floravital iron supplement (38p)
- Raw porridge: 1 cup soaked oat groats (36p), 1/2 tbsp cinnamon (2p), 1/4 cup dates (30p), handful of raisins (28p).
- Juice: 1/3 white cabbage (10p), 1/4 lime (7p), 1/2 bunch of romaine lettuce (50p), 1 stalk celery (5p).
COST: £2.06

- 8x Sweet potato cakes with spinach and marinated mushrooms* (£2.86)
- Unpasteurised (raw) cheese (Reblochon) (£1.32)
- One weak green tea out at a cafe (£1.50)
- 1/2 raw 'Conscious' chocolate bar (£1.50)
COST: £7.18

(* 10x Sweet potato cakes: 1.5 cups sweet potatoes (23p), 1.5 cups cauliflower (69p), 1 cup cashew nuts (£1.20), 1/2 sprig of spring onion (5p), olive oil (16p), water, salt (1p), little bit of fresh parsley (2p), cayenne pepper (2p). Marinated mushrooms: 2 cups of sliced mushrooms (82p), shouy soya sauce (6p), 1/2 teasp fresh rosemary (free), 2 tbsp olive oil (16p)(marinate for a few hours for a cooked texture). 10 leaves of spinach (16p) (for dehydrating over) > COST: £3.58)

- Green juice: 1/2 bunch of lettuce (65p), 1/2 beetroot (7p), 1 apple (13p). COST: 85p
- 10ml Floravital iron drink (38p)

Evening drink (midnight): 1/2 lemon in water (13p)

TOTAL COST FOR DAY 7: £10.60 ($16.29, €12.16)

Total Spent on Week 1

Total spent in Week 1: £60.87 ($94.68, €70.70)
Average per day: £8.70 ($13.53, €10.11)

A brief summary of each day of this diet is provided here: 100 days raw food summary.

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