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Day 24 - Raw Food Challenge

pea chutney, protein chutney, raw food
A protein-rich chutney can be made from green peas. Very tasty with salad and surprisingly sweet! Recipe here.

Tuesday, 27th Jan 2015

Woke up at 8.30am.

Breakfast: Green juice made of beetroot, lettuce, spinach, pear, lemon.
4mg of creatine, 2,000mcg B12, iron, limcomin, paramin.

Felt quite fresh all morning, eating easy-to-digest foods.

Snack: Peanut-chilli butter (not raw) with one apple sliced with two digestive enzymes.

I had to eat the peanut butter because I started getting a red face and feeling like I needed to eat something quick. Didn't feel like eating any fruit or vegetables. Since yesterday I don't feel like drinking smoothies because I worry that they don't digest properly (since I can't make them that tasty without sugary fruit or dates).

Banana and an avocado with salt.

4.30pm: Ate a banana.

5pm: Feeling very confused about what I should be eating now. I have a heavy feeling in my belly and feeling of something stuck in my throat again. I'm seriously thinking about quitting this raw food challenge now because my eating options seem so limited and I'm not feeling that well most of the time. But I want to make sure that I have the best possible diet to get all the benefits.

Maybe tomorrow I won't take any supplements and will try to stay away from nuts.

Drinking fo-ti, ginseng and raw licorice tea, as well as chaga mushroom tea.

The problem I have now as well is that I lose my appetite for greens and feel like I need fruit, or something fatty like an oily dressing or nuts. But I can't have greens all the time (don't feel good) and I don't believe grains is the answer since they seem to be quite starchy and bad for you. I may quit this diet tomorrow and introduce some cooked foods.

I might be able to stick to this diet if I had olive oil. Maybe it would be worth doing it that way.

Today my face is starting to look younger - I'm happy about that.

7.30pm: Had a salad: rocket, mixed baby greens, one avocado, pinenut and raisin pickle, sweetcorn, cherry tomato, nama shoyu (raw soya sauce), olive oil, Bragg's liquid amino acids, salt, hemp seeds.
1 tbsp of wheatgrass in water, 2 digestive enzymes.
My nose is running afterwards.

I feel ok now but my throat still feels like there is a problem with indigestion. It feels like a lump in the throat again. I also have some headache but that is due to lack of yoga! (Stiff neck.)

I think as long as I can eat oil I can stick to a low-sugar raw food diet no problem.

Snacked on another banana and two figs.

Did yoga, spine twist, muscle exercise, 5 Tibetan Rites, and a little trauma release exercises (TRE). My headache went (as usual) as a result of the exercises.

I felt a bit stronger than usual when doing the exercises (is this due to eating raw foods or the creatine or both?)

I went to bed at midnight.

Day 25 - Raw Food Challenge - Last Day

Wednesday, 28th Jan 2015

Woke up at 9.30am, don't feel very well-rested. Feel tired and a bit phlegmy. I also feel slightly nauseous and can't decide what to eat. I feel like I want to eat some eggs or toast or something a bit filling.
Drank 1 tbsp of wheatgrass juice in water.

11am: B12 (2,000mcg), iron.

I feel phlegmy today. Maybe it's starting to clear since I haven't eaten nuts?

11.30am: Had a 'Wake Up' guarana drink (has gluten).

I've been feeling tired most of the last three weeks on this diet and I'm tired of it. I can't get as much work done on the website as I would like to. My motivation, ability to concentrate and focus is low. I feel lazy and not very proactive. I even keep sitting in a lazy way and generally feel out of energy - not always badly but also not normal levels of energy. I keep feeling a bit down too. So as a result I am falling for desperate measures of drinking stimulants.

Too often on this diet I am not treating my taste buds enough and as a result, I don't think I get enough saliva to help digest the food properly.

I am wondering whether I should start the adrenal glandular supplements again to have more energy.
I feel a bit better after drinking 'Wake Up'.

12.30pm: Another cup of Wake Up.

It's a real shame that I can't afford a dehydrator now because it would be so great to have some crackers! And they take so long to make using the oven as a dehydrator - and you can only make a few at once. And raw crackers are too expensive to buy ready-made online.

Next time I start a raw food challenge I should make sure that I have a good quality olive oil and a dehydrator before starting. I should also make sure that I get into a habit of soaking/ dehydrating nuts, seeds and any grains (if eating).

Now I feel again that I can't wait to eat some cooked foods and try to eat some animal protein to see if it makes a difference. I don't particularly like the taste of meat but I want to see if it makes a difference to my energy levels.

However, there are clearly many benefits of this raw food diet. These are: reduced menstrual pain, no more cough, weight loss, softer skin, more flexibility, more balanced moods (not always but often), looking younger.
In addition the low-sugar regime is again, as usual, proving successful in reducing anxiety and low-blood sugar symptoms.

I just wish that I wasn't so tired all the time. A month is a long time to feel less than optimal and almost constantly demotivated and tired.

Acid Reflux on Raw Foods?

I again have the feeling as if there is something stuck in my throat and at the top of the windpipe/ top of the lungs again - and I don't know why - I haven't eaten any difficult-to-digest foods today.

I seem to often have digestion problems during this raw food challenge, and I wonder whether it's because of the non-raw nuts. Or maybe certain types of raw foods can be difficult to digest too? Maybe a living food diet would be better...

12.50pm: I drank 1 tbsp of bicarbonate soda in a small glass of water to test whether this feeling is related to acid reflux. It made me burb a few times straight away.

1pm: I'm still burbing and it feels like it may be helping a little bit.

Apparently the burbing is a result of the gas that is released from the reaction of the stomach acid and bicarbs. They say this reaction may cause gas and bloatedness too. NaHC03 + HCl => NaCl, H20, C02. In other words: Sodium bicarbs and hydrochloric acid combine in a chemical reaction and produce: sodium chloride (a.k.a. salt), water and carbon dioxide (gas).

So the burbing itself doesn't prove anything about acid reflux - just that there's some hydrochloric acid in my stomach as there should be.

Apparently acid reflux can be otherwise without symptoms (I don't have a burning sensation) but just cause throat problems, need to clear the throat, coughing, and a sensation like there is something stuck in the throat.

* * *

By the way, I am definitely not dehydrated these days as my wee keeps coming out almost clear.

I now have a headache again. From not enough yoga and too much sitting at the computer.

1.20pm: Took another teasp of bicarbonate soda in water. I got no burbing this time. Maybe the acid is gone. But the stuck feeling is still in my throat. This would point more to general digestion problems than acid reflux, in my opinion.

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