Raw Food Challenge

25-day raw food challenge continues...

Day 3 - Raw Food Challenge

6th January 2015, Wednesday

Woke up late again: 11am.

Breakfast: Green juice made with kale, lemons, apple, cucumber, celery.
Took a hot bath.

brussels sprout heads, raw food challenge
On day 6 I juiced some brussels sprout heads, which I found from the small local farmer's market.

4pm: Smoothie: Fresh raspberries, green lettuce, pumpkin seeds, black sesame seeds, chia seeds, banana, two dates, water, turmeric.

5pm: Avocado, pint of water.

Today I feel good and haven't felt sleepy or tired (maybe because of the long sleep I had). Can't say that I have any cravings but I also don't have much appetite. I don't want to force myself to eat more than my body signals me to as I want to be more in tune with my body's messages than I have done during my last raw food trials.

I woke up with thick phlegm in my throat and I'm quite sure it's because of detox (mucus starting to move) and not because I've eaten anything phlegm-causing.

I'm coughing a little through the day but no headache or jaw tenseness now - generally feel good though not too energetic. My head is starting to feel clearer. No hunger feelings.

Ate an apple, a banana and two dates as evening snacks.

Went to bed at 11pm but didn't fall asleep until 1am.

Something gave me slight heart palpitations - I suspect the dates. I found it difficult to sleep. 3ml of valerian root together with 2-3 drops of angelica essential oil on my forehead and temples helped and I fell asleep.

Day 4 - Raw Food Challenge

7th January 2015, Wednesday

Weight this morning: 55.5kg

When I woke up this morning, about 9.30am, I didn't feel very well rested and I felt some acid coming up my throat. Not sure why.

I have decided to not eat the dates anymore because I suspect that they are not raw. They are semi-dried, and bought from Tesco's, so I suspect that they have been heat-dried. So the sugar in them is not raw sugar, and it may well have given me heart palpitations last night - which is a typical sugar intolerance (carbohydrate sensitivity) symptom for me.

12.30am: Had my first meal: an apple and 1.5 bananas cubed.

Generally I have been feeling good this day, but quite phlegmy, especially the throat, and a stuffy nose as well.

Ate an avocado (tasted metallic).
Supplements: Took B12 (2000mcg), iron, C-vitamin (ascorbic acid, 4g) in a pint of filtered tap water.

Feeling good but slightly tired. Every time I take these supplements (during this raw food challenge) I seem to feel tired afterwards. It could be a coincidence, or maybe they are too concentrated while eating raw foods.

Smoothie: 1tbsp spirulina powder, one lemon, water.

Was starting to feel hungry so had this smoothie. Now I'm developing a slight headache, maybe because it's quite cold indoors again. The cold seems to affect my neck. When the neck is already stiff the cold makes it worse and then the headache appears. Hot compresses, massage and/or using bongers on the upper back help, as well as specific kinds of careful stretches. (But note that this depends on the person: Some people with a lot of neck tension and shoulder tension get worse from trying to stretch. The nerves might be irritated, for example.)

So I banged my upper back with bongers a little bit but now I feel very tired. I think it's a combination of detox, not sleeping very well (although I sleep a lot of hours), lack of sunlight (the skies are grey for the most part this time of the year here in the UK) and the coldness (also indoors).

I'm very tempted again to drink a hot tea but I want to try and stay away from it for a little while, and then bring it back in and see how I feel. On one of my earlier raw food challenges my mouth ended up feeling really fresh when I wasn't eating hot foods or drinking hot drinks.

I can't say yet that I would have gotten any unusual benefits from being on this diet so far - apart from the fact that I am losing weight. Except one notable difference, perhaps my mind is already starting to feel a bit more upbeat and stronger. And a strange thing: I am having a lot of dreams again, more than usual - not really good or bad kinds of dreams - I would say they are more 'confused' kinds of dreams.

4pm: I am sitting by the heater and my face is going very red again. Feeling cold and the red face seem somehow to be linked in my case.

I feel quite phlegmatic and out of energy. Maybe I should be going for a run or something to help my body detox and move things around. The Chinese Doctor also said that exercise and movement is very important energy-wise to bring 'heat' into the body, whereas raw foods are 'cold'. Note that this is not exactly the same meaning as the word 'cold' has in Western cultures. It is Chinese traditional terminology, referring to types of energies.

4.20pm: Getting maybe a very slight low blood sugar feeling. Not sure.

5pm: I must say, I am already doubting this diet. But I will stick to 25 days no matter what.

I think that on juice fasts I was feeling better by day 4 already. I do get very slight mental benefits - feel a bit stronger - but in other ways I feel worse than usual. I hope it's just detox and will pass (but detox on a juice fast should be more severe than on a raw food diet). The only difference I can think of is that juices are easier to digest than non-juiced raw foods.
I have a feeling in my throat, like a lump stuck there, and also around my solax plexus area - the same stuck feeling I was complaining to the Chinese Doctor about previously. The throat problem may be just phlegm loosening but on the other hand I feel as if the food I have been eating is maybe not digesting very well.

I made a juice because I thought that at least it will be very easy to digest. Approx: 500ml of lettuce, celery, apple and clementine juice. (Note: I have been peeling all the apples during this raw food challenge because they look shiny and probably have wax on them - I usually don't peel apples.)

If the raw food diet doesn't prove to work for me this time, it may be because 1) it's cold 2) I don't have access to fresh good-quality fruit (the fruit shipped here from Southern countries may be unripe) and 3) I haven't been exercising enough to keep 'heat' energy in my body and to keep lymph moving.

7pm: Had an avocado and some water. The avocado had a horrible taste to it - very metallic! It was Tesco's "ripe and ready to eat" avocado. I haven't noticed this before when eating those.

Took a walk outside (earlier) and afterwards I don't feel so cold anymore.
Just did some gentle exercises: Five Tibetan Rites, a few yoga movements and the 'Spine Twist'.

Some of the yoga poses felt a lot easier than usual... Quite exciting! I have noticed before on raw foods that I get more flexible, maybe that's what it is this time as well. This will inspire me to exercise more and see what changes!

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